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2017 NBA Mock Draft by Sgbrad4 - 2.23
Published at 2/23/2017 9:29:43 PM

This is my first full 1st round mock. Please rate this draft.

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Millen  Bill

Round 1

1. Celtics: Markelle Fultz, Point Guard, Washington

Fultz can literally do it all on offense. He also has very good size so he could be a good defender as long as he puts in the effort. He has the ability to make ridicously tough shots. He reminds me of Damian Lillard with the difficult shot making but also ability to slam it down.

2. Suns: Lonzo Ball, Point Guard, UCLA

Lonzo Ball would be the 1st pick in most drafts, but just not in this stacked class. Ball has shown the ability to be an incredible floor general leading a UCLA offense to be one of the top in the nation. Ball also has been an incredible shooter at 45% and most the shots he take are from nba range. He has a very weird shooting form but somehow it works so until it starts not working, it's hard to hate on his shot. Ball is the closest thing you will get to Jason Kidd.

3. Lakers: Josh Jackson, Small Forward, Kansas

Josh Jackson is a very promising prospect. He is a good athlete so he can guard multiple positions. He can guard big men as well as guards. Jackson is a very good distributor and has been showing a good 3 as of late. He has also been a good weak side rim protector. One of the problems is that he doesn't always show great effort especially on the defensive side.

4. Magic: Jonathan Isaac, Small Forward, Florida State

Johnathon isaac is a very interesting prospect. He has great potential and is a very good athlete. I'd love to see him and and Gordon running in transition. Isaac doesn't have a high usage rating so were not sure if he will be a take over type player but that is why he will be playing next to Fournier who likes to score the ball. Isaac has the ability to shoot with a 36.6% from deep. He also has an 80% free throw so hopefully his shot should translate. The downside is his skinny Frame so he may not always be a steady option at the 4.

5. Timberwolves: Jayson Tatum, Small Forward, Duke

Tom Thibedeau has never teams that are known for their passing skills (unless if their Pau Gasoline and Joakim Noah) and Tatum could be a flat out scorer in this offense. He is a very good rebounder so he could play small ball 4 which is his preferred position I'd say. Tatum can be a secondary ball handler. He is very unselfish and has a great feel. He is very good in transition but The only problem is he plays at a somewhat slower pace. He is not a great on ball defender and he will never be a good help defender. The dream is just for him to not be a liability on Defense.

6. 76ers: Dennis Smith, Point Guard, N.C. State

The 76ers have gone BPA throughout this whole process and I believe they trust this process again. Smith has the ability to dominate in games. He is a great scorer with the ability to making difficult shots. Smith could work off the ball to Simmons even if he isn't as good of a spot up option. He could also have a 6th man role as a pure scorer off the bench.

7. Kings: Frank Ntilikina, Point Guard, France

Frank Ntilikina is a young prospect that has a lot to offer. He can play either guard role. He is a very good spot up shooter. He can also be a good defender with his length. Kings also picked an international prospect last year so maybe they have some scouts over seas.

8. Mavericks: Lauri Markkanen, Power Forward, Arizona

Markkanen could fill a Dirk sized hole if he retires. Markkanen is a very established shooter with incredible size which is similar to Dirk. He is shooting 45% from deep and 84% from the free throw line. I think it's safe to say Markkanen will thrive with Carlisle as a coach.

9. Knicks: De'Aaron Fox, Point Guard, Kentucky

The Knicks are confusing to figure out. They have been trying to go for Rubio but failed. Rubio is a very good passer but he is a plus defender. Fox is the best perimeter defender in the draft so that could be a plus to Derrick Rose's lack of well any defense.

10. Kings: Malik Monk, Guard, Kentucky

Monk is most likely the best shooter in the draft. He has the ability to completely go off although during the nights where shots aren't falling, he really can't do much. Although the Kings are so crazy, they think they have Steph Curry (Buddy Hield), maybe theyou think Monk is a Klay Thompson. With Monk, Ntilikina, and Hield, it will be hard to stop them from popping threes once their games develop.

11. Blazers: Prospect not selected

This pick is Justin Patton who is a C/PF out of Creightonn. He is an incredible prospect coming out of no where this year. He looks like a promising offensive prospect. The problem with Patton is the fact that he hasn't proven to be a 3 point shooter or rim protector. The plus tho is that he has the potential todo both. I think the trailblazers are for some solutions in the front court so this could be a very good pick.

12. Heat: Ivan Rabb, Power Forward, California

Erik Spoelstra has been a miracle worker this season. Rabb has tremendous talent altho he just needs someone to help him put it all together. Rabb is a good rebounder and promising offensive game. Rabb would be impressive to watch next to Whiteside.

13. Hornets: Prospect not selected

Robert williams out of Texas A&M. Hornets have been avoiding getting a rim protector for years. The best they've done is Roy Hibbert who can barely run anymore. Williams has been the best rim protector the draft has to offer so this can incredibly help a Hornets team that's trying to become a more elite team.

14. Bucks: Frank Jackson, Point Guard, Duke

Luke kennard out of Duke. Kennard has improved incredibly this season. I think the need for a point guard to score at will can be very important. He has a good 3 point shot 45.5% and 20.0 points per game. He has been the best player on a team that features Jason Tatum. He is not the best defender but that's why you have Giannas to do everything. Kennard is a flat out scorer so Giannis would still facilitate the offense.

15. Blazers: Prospect not selected

Justin Jackson out of UNC. He is a very promising prospect. He does not have the same youth as most these other prospects. Jackson has taken his scoring to another level this year. He is a very capable shooter and he also makes tough pull ups and floaters. His only problemishes is sometimes poor shot selection. I think it will be difficult for him to score at the next level immediately. Once he gets some experience, I think he can become a very solid scorer with some time.

16. Pistons: Prospect not selected

TJ Leaf out of UCLA. No one knows what this team is doing. If Detroit is looking to dump Drummond because he can't shoot, then Leaf could be looked to as an option. Leaf is an incredible athlete and has a good 3 point stroke. He doesn't have good length so he would not be able to be a center.

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