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Center Mock Selections

This new tool condenses 2018 NBA Mock Draft content from around WalterFootball.com. Below are all the 2018 NBA Mock Draft selections for the center position from Paul Banks' and David Kay's 2018 NBA Mock Draft and a summary from the WalterFootball.com 2018 Mock NBA Draft Builder.

Dave's Mock Selections

  • Rd. 1, Pk. 1 Suns: DeAndre Ayton, C, Arizona
    With the ability to operate on the block or step out and knock down jumpers, Ayton possesses the ideal skill set for a franchise NBA big man. He can be a defensive liability, but there aren't many prospects with his combination of size, skill and athleticism. He would be a building block inside to complement the talented, young wings the Suns have on the perimeter.

  • Rd. 1, Pk. 5 Mavericks: Mohamed Bamba, C, Texas
    A force in the paint as a rebounder and shot blocker, Bamba makes his biggest impact on the defensive end due to his crazy 7-foot-9 wingspan and athleticism. His all-around offensive game still needs to develop but has shown the ability to step out and knock down shots. With Dirk Nowitzki on his final legs in the NBA and no great big on the roster, a prospect like Bamba is needed on this team.

  • Rd. 1, Pk. 25 Lakers: Mitchell Robinson, C, Western Kentucky
    Instead of playing college ball, Robinson decided to spend this season preparing for the 2018 NBA Draft, which means his projectability is a bit of a question mark. Coming out of high school, Robinson was an athletic, explosive big man who ran the floor well but needed to fine tune his all-around offensive game. There have been rumblings that the Lakers promised Robinson at No. 25, but there are also questions about his maturity that could drop him into the second round.

  • Rd. 2, Pk. 4 Hawks: Mortiz Wagner, C, Michigan
    The German is an inside/outside threat who can stretch defenses with his perimeter shooting. Due to the lack of big man depth in this draft, I wouldn't be shocked if he gets snagged in the late first round though.

  • Rd. 2, Pk. 24 Mavericks: Brandon McCoy, C, UNLV
    A physical and athletic presence in the paint, McCoy is a factor inside on both ends of the floor. He is a true center, which is viewed by some as a negative in today's NBA.

Daves's 2018 NBA Mock Draft

Mike's Mock Selections

  • Rd. 1, Pk. 4 Cavaliers: DeAndre Ayton, C, Arizona
    DeAndre Ayton could be one of the first two picks of the 2018 NBA Draft, so the value is excellent, which may be said a lot in this draft as there are at least a half-dozen elite, All-Star prospects. Ayton is the best pure center in the 2018 NBA Draft and like Bagley Jr. is averaging 20 points and 10 rebounds a game. Ayton is also a very strong shot-blocker and can shoot; his true value is in his offensive potential. The Cavaliers do not have anything resembling a franchise center, and Ayton would give a young piece to add to their championship-caliber roster or be the centerpiece of a different one if LeBron James walks, which I really doubt.

  • Rd. 1, Pk. 7 76ers: Mohamed Bamba, C, Texas
    This pick was the Lakers', who it owe to the Celtics if it's No. 2-5 and to Philadelphia if No. 1 or No. 6-30, and it's looking like it will be a coin flip which franchise will get it. Bamba is probably the best defensive talent in the 2018 NBA Draft and another steal. He is one of the nation's best shot-blockers and rebounders, plus he can actually shoot a little. Bamba has to develop on the court and physically, and although I know the 76ers have Joel Embiid, they need a second center for Joel Embiid insurance. Additionally as Philadelphia does not have many needs, the team should take the best prospect, which is the Longhorn.

  • Rd. 1, Pk. 20 Bucks: Brandon McCoy, C, UNLV
    This is the first time I have had Brandon McCoy in my mock, but he is going to stay. A legit 7-footer - actually 7-foot-1 -, he is an excellent and efficient scorer, although he isn't a shooter. McCoy is still one of the strongest rebounders in the country. Add monster shot-blocking numbers and you have the big man the Bucks need. They are desperate for a starting center, and McCoy is a nice fit for them.

  • Rd. 1, Pk. 29 Hawks: Nick Richards, C, Kentucky
    The Hawks need a franchise center, and Nick Richards could be one. He is starting for Kentucky and is a big-time shot-blocker and rebounder with true center size. Richards isn't much of an offensive talent today, but he would be a nice investment for this franchise, which has three first-round picks.

Mike's 2018 NBA Mock Draft

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