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2.18.16 - Post Trade Deadline
By: coords
Published at 2/22/2016 11:28:12 PM

Before the teams have settled in after the post trade deadline adjustments...though I think the trades made will really only impact Detroit, Charlotte and the Magic

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Round 1

1. Celtics: Ben Simmons, Forward, LSU

It's popular to bash Philly and say they don't deserve Simmons...I'd argue that the losing hurts the fans the same regardless...but I do get the point. I'd also argue that the Lakers are just as shameful hiding behind the Kobe Bryant parade while they play 2nd rate basketball.

Well if justice is served the Celtics land the 1st pick via the hapless Nets and haul in Ben Simmons.


2. 76ers: Brandon Ingram, Small Forward, Duke

This actually would make me happy as a 76ers fan. We'd have to take Simmons but he'd create a second log jam at the 4 spot when there is already one at the 5 spot ...which we were hoping to alleviate by using the 4 spot.

However if we have to settle for a SF/SG with a Durant type frame and game...well things settle in nicely for Philly to make it's climb.


3. Suns: Dragan Bender, Power Forward, Maccabi Tel Aviv

In my last mock, for those that may have noticed, I had Bender going at 3...still do...just think with Porzingis' season..whoever misses out on Ingram and Simmons is going to figure why not take this season's will he actually be as good as Porzingis...odds wise I'd say no. But then again the international game is catching up.


4. 76ers: Buddy Hield, Guard, Oklahoma

76ers get the Lakers pick if it falls out of the top 3...

so a bad bounce of the lottery balls and here we are.

Even if it's a reach ma not be post March Madness. And it may not be for the 76ers...they land Ingram why not take the most NBA ready SG on the table. It even fits the tanking philosophy of getting really raw projects but then 2 - 3 years in start taking guys that will be ready long as you aren't passing up on a guy that has a super start ceiling.

And really why not Hield over say Dunn, or Murray. Guy can play and has some intangibles.


5. Timberwolves: Furkan Korkmaz, Shooting Guard, Anadolu Efes

I don't think Minnesota thought they'd be here. BPA is fine and dandy but this tier on this draft is about the same as far as anyone can tell. And they got their core of young guys in Towns, Wiggins & Lavine.

I think they are going to look for complementary talent and they already have 3 above average why not take the most skilled shooter on the board? I'm all ears for anybody who wants to break down the best shooters of this draft class.

6. Kings: Jaylen Brown, Forward, California

I think Vlade is a bit in over his head and wont' be sure what to do next. They'll want BPA but I suspect to them, they'll overrate Brown's explosiveness over Dunn's effectiveness.


7. Pelicans: Kris Dunn, Point Guard, Providence

Yes i think they are playing better. And yes they'll win more games. But so will Milwaukee and Denver. So simply going by record as of today with these three teams I have kind of grouped together.

I"m not sure what is wrong with this team. Would like it if people want to explain it. But I can't see Dunn falling further than here. And don't see any reason for the Pelicans to not draft him. In the old days perhaps they'd be looking for another big man to pair with AD...but the days of 'small ball' AD is your center. You need a S4 or SF, or slew of talented guards.


8. Nuggets: Jamal Murray, Shooting Guard, Kentucky

I can't tell how much it is due to this draft class being guard heavy vs. the league sprinting towards small ball but can't see Murray slipping past here...and can't see Denver taking one of the top bigs here.


9. Bucks: Demetrius Jackson, Point Guard, Notre Dame

This pick may make no sense but to me this is about Jason Kidd. Milwaukee believes in him, but he needs to have the PG of his team be the love of his life....and it's not going to happen..he'll never find a PG that satisfies exactly what he wants unless it was his own son and even then I'm not sure he'd be satisfied.

It's basic psychology of some sort and Demtrius Jackson is the cute waitress that just brought Kidd his beer with a nice smile and twinkle in...OK I don't like this analogy that much


10. Magic: Diamond Stone, Center, Maryland

They didn't really get better. And it's going to take some time. The Magic to me are a cautionary tale of what the 76ers don't want to be. Sure beginning of the season...what nice young players you have is what they said...but they know ...the feel it...falling into mediocrity.

Well here they are what...

My answer is Stone...they perhaps think they can move Vucevic to PF...and they just need a true 'C' which is a dated concept but they just trades away a solid stretch fits the bill.


11. Raptors: Skal Labissiere, Power Forward, Kentucky

Toronto gets Knicks 1st round pick.

Without any pressing need why not take the long term project Labissiere if he falls this far.


12. Suns: Henry Ellenson, Power Forward, Marquette

PHX gets Washington's 1st rounder

When you run out of Morris twins it's time to get some more bigs.


13. Rockets: Jakob Poeltl, Center, Utah

I'm thinking either a C or a PG . Let's figure they want to be able to move on from Howard...welll time to stock up.


14. Blazers: Cheick Diallo, Center, Kansas

Well they don't need another guard...right?


15. 76ers: Melo Trimble, Point Guard, Maryland

76ers get Heat's pick

Ish gets to groom Trimble and TJ while the 76ers officially enter phase 2

5: Embiid / Okafor / Noel
4: Noel / Saric / Grant / Holmes
3: Covington / Grant / / Saric / Ingram / Thompson
2: Hield / Stauskas / Ingram / Canaan / Thompson
1. Ish / Trimble / TJ


16. Bulls: Wade Baldwin IV, Point Guard, Vanderbilt

Kind of a sign that they are ready to move on from Rose


17. Jazz: Zhou Qi, Center, China

They'll look for highest ceiling and take a flier. I figure they figure they just need to get healthy to see what they already have.


18. Hornets: Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk, Shooting Guard, Kansas

I think they feel pretty good about Zeller, Kaminsky and that other...Jefferson....feel from the trade deadline moves they just want to load up on stretch 4's, SFs, SG's and Combo Guards...with an emphasis on shooting


19. Grizzlies: Denzel Valentine, Shooting Guard, Michigan State

Memphis has realized their C/PF play isn't worth what it used to be worth. They may lose Conley so I could see them taking best PG available. But then again if Valentine is still available...a more ready to play now prospect may be what they want.


20. Rockets: Malik Newman, Guard, Mississippi State

Rockets get Detroits 1st roiunder

these guys will take BPA. So if anybody slips who shouldn't have they'll be picked up here. Not sure Malik is that guy...all ears let me know.


21. Pacers: Nigel Hayes, Forward, Wisconsin


22. Celtics: Caris LeVert, Shooting Guard, Michigan

Celtcis get Mavs 1st round pick


23. Hawks: Troy Williams, Small Forward, Indiana


24. Celtics: Justin Jackson, Small Forward, North Carolina


25. Raptors: Damian Jones, Center, Vanderbilt


26. Clippers: Taurean Prince, Small Forward, Baylor


27. 76ers: Prospect not selected

O\KC's 1st rounder


My guess is they bundle this up in a trade or stash a player overseas. Too many incoming players as is.

5: Embiid / Okafor / Noel
4: Noel / Saric / Grant / Holmes
3: Covington / Grant / / Saric / Ingram / Thompson
2: Hield / Stauskas / Ingram / Canaan / Thompson
1. Ish / Trimble / TJ


28. Suns: Domantas Sabonis, Power Forward, Gonzaga

PHX gets Cleveland's 1st rounder

30. Warriors: Chinanu Onuaku, Center, Louisville

1-16 17-32

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