January 23, 2017
Published at 1/23/2017 1:42:58 PM

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Millen  Bill

1 73-29
I'm not sure they belong in the same league anymore.
2 48-38
I don't think they really have enough to threaten GS but in the meantime they just are rock solid.
3 62-41
I little bit of a down spell lately. Probably nothing.
4 53-39
Hey everybody's darkhorse playoff team is finally showing up.
5 75-23
A month ago I was half thinking perhaps they should be at #2 but they've since cooled down. Anderson being injured and what have you
6 42-40
Can they get healthy enough to underachieve in propper Clipper fashion by playoff time?
7 62-29
There is a sense the teams underneath Toronto in the East are coming for them. Much closer to slipping back into the grouping of mediocre Eastern teams than actually contending.
8 65-35
Wait a second...Boston found themselves a super star right smack on their own roster...he was just simply being over looked because he's 5'9? Understandable.
9 22-60
A nice solid team who has changed their stripes...but still don't have enough talent to do much beyond play solid playoff basketball that makes the better teams work for their W's.
10 49-38
While Harden for Houston has seemingly finally gotten to run his team the way he wants and is thriving Westbrook has seemed more like a martyr who eventually just wont' be able to carry the load much further.

11 24-58
Just winning regular season games like they are a real contender...but they aren't.
12 36-46
Maybe the most consistently respectable and so emerging at the top of the middling back of Eastern Conference teams.
13 47-41
After you get past the highlights where are these guys really?
14 49-36
They ride their elite back court an go as they go.
15 45-42
They are like the Blazers except Beal is always questionable.
16 50-38
Not sure about this team at all.
17 27-55
Oh Rondo. I had high hopes that this team that was zagging with mid-range type games while everybody else was zigging was going to surprise. They haven't and they won't.
18 46-36
The rebuild that just isn't as much fun as say Minnesota, or Milwaukee, or LA but quietly may be a bit further along.
19 48-38
They have the talent. You can see a good team emerging...right? right? Well maybe by the end of the season?
20 39-43
Van Gundy plus a solid PG/C combination and yet just isnt' as effective this season as of yet.

21 29-53
The Knicks seemingly have taken on Rose's personality and that's not a good thing.
22 52-38
If only they had Jrue from the out set. Oh wait a second...the West really drops off after Memphis...the 8th seed is Denver .... so all is good for these guys to make a run at the 8th seed. Just got to stay healthy.
23 56-35
With Embiid they are good. Without Embiid it's tank 4 With Simmons waiting in the wings. Things are looking up.
24 25-57
A painful bit of moralizing here speaks of a confused rebuild that lead right back to mediocrity. I'd go on but I don't want to jinx my 76ers.
25 24-58
Oddly showing some life lately.
26 21-61
Showing some flashes with Booker and now Bledsoe
27 45-41
They are bad. But Dragic and Whiteside on any given night can do enough to cost this team top level draft position.
28 27-55
Oh I've been waiting for the wheels to come off these guys since last season. Looks like if has happened but surprisingly not due to Cousins..just some bad luck.
29 35-47
What happened? They were a fun team again? They were moving on from Kobe. And now it's looking really bad.
30 28-54
As a 76ers fan I had to listen to people talk about how what Philly was doing was damaging the league. I'd argue The crime the Boston committed in stealing the soul of this franchise is way worse. BRK should be allowed to declare bankrupcy and the league ought to give them a stimulus package of one free top 10 lottery pick so they can pick themselves up.


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