NBA Power Rankings (Late March)
Published at 3/22/2017 2:55:00 PM

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Millen  Bill

1 48-38
They are most consistent team right now.
2 73-29
They would prob be number 1 if KD wasn't injured. The Warriors are on a bad path without KD, they need him now.
3 62-41
Like the Warriors, the Champs have fallen. Since the new year, this team been all over the place and even worse, they are getting fan and media backlash for resting players. Is that ok? Ask the fans paying hundreds for tickets to see their favorite player play...
4 65-35
This team is so close to being a championship team that its not even funny.
5 75-23
The Rockets (ops, I meant the "James Hardens's") are doing better and better as the season goes and can compete.
6 45-42
This team is a huge surprise to me with a great run in this 2nd half of the season. John Wall could be bringing this team "up the wall."
7 62-29
This team so far this season has been kind of.... disappointing. They could switch it up though. The playoffs is where it matters anyways.
8 49-38
The Thunder (ops again, I meant the "Westbrook's") have had a weird season but as long as they stay behind Russell, they will be fine.
9 42-40
This team has been destroyed with injuries like many other teams (Raptors and Warriors) have been. they are just staying in that playoff run.
10 24-58
This team started hot like the Clippers but it doesn't matter how you start. Matters how you finish.

11 50-38
Indiana's team is improving (a little bit) at least. PG didn't leave at least.
12 53-39
Gordon Hayward is their future and their present it looks like.
13 22-60
They don't stand out but they are there.
14 47-41
Another team that nobody knows is in the playoff picture. Thing is, they are playing really good.
15 46-36
I forget about this team sometimes but they are a true 8th seed and you never know if they can upset...
16 45-41
Nobody knows what this team can do. After a long winning streak and hard work, they are the 8th seed after being one of the worst teams in the league. With that kind of hard work, they could upset. I mean they beat the cavs before.
17 49-36
One word. Disappointment.
18 36-46
This team looked good last year but they just dont have much talent.
19 39-43
This team is the definition of up and down.
20 27-55
This team was looked at with super team potential if only they could get along. (And if Rondo was good)
21 24-58
22 27-55
Maybe getting rid of Boogie wasn't the worst thing that has happened to this org.
23 52-38
This team badly needs a wing player.
24 48-38
Future? Oh yeah!
25 29-53
Rose cant regrow.
26 21-61
Could have a balanced team in the next few years.
27 56-35
Trust the process.
28 35-47
This draft will help.
29 25-57
I honestly don't know.
30 28-54
Maybe they can rebuild... when they have draft picks... in 2 years.



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