WillDaBeast711's NBA Power Rankings
Published at 7/29/2017 8:04:02 PM

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1 73-29
The Warriors remain at the top of the NBA. They somehow managed to keep everyone from last year. Their one draft pick, Jordan Bell, is a future defensive monster. The Warriors are certainly favorites.
2 48-38
The Spurs offseason was great. They added an underrated scoring wing in Rudy Gay, and have added lots of depth at the guard spot during the last two drafts. This is a team that can take GSW to 6 games.
3 75-23
The Rockets trade for CP3 was smart. They know that Harden is getting older, so they have to try and compete with the Warriors as soon as possible. They managed to maintain solid depth in the offseason.
4 65-35
The Celtics had a phenomenal offseason. Last year, they were the #1 seed in the east, and they added Gordon Hayward. Jayson Tatum reminds me of Paul Pierce. Also, they have Brooklyns pick next year (Porter Jr./Doncic?).
5 48-38
The T-Wolves added the last piece of the puzzle when they traded for Jimmy Butler. This team is going to be exciting. The fact that Jeff Teague is the Wolves 4th scoring option shows that this team will be an offensive powerhouse.
6 62-41
The Cavs are still contenders, but aren't looking as strong as most people assume. It is certainly worth noting that LeBron was not helping the Cavs recruit this offseason. This may be the first sign that LeBron is heading out next offseason. The Cavs had an average offseason to say the least. They did nothing that will help them win the NBA finals.
7 49-38
According to my power rankings, the Thunder are the fifth best team in the west. That's only one spot up from last year. I know that they added Paul George, but the other teams in the west just look stronger. OKC MUST be strong in the playoffs if the want to keep PG13 around.
8 47-41
Milwaukee is looking like a great team. Giannis is a future MVP. Jabari is nice when healthy. Thon Maker works as hard as anyone. The Bucks may make it to the second round this year.
9 52-38
The Pelicans addition of Rondo to go along with Davis, Cousins, and Holiday was smart. The Pelicans should make the playoffs, but if they don't, look for some major changes to happen next offseason.
10 45-42
The Wizards are heading into next season looking like a strong team. John Wall is a legitimate superstar, and Otto Porter is developing nicely. If Bradley Beal stays healthy, the Wizards could be a wild card team to win the east.

11 46-36
The Nuggets were very close to making the playoffs last year. Adding Paul Millsap gives the Nuggets another awesome front court player to go along with Jokic. Also, the solid depth at PG and on the wings should cement Denver a playoff spot this year.
12 42-40
The Clippers are still looking good after losing Chris Paul. They still have Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Pat Bev adds toughness that the Clippers lacked last year. Lou Williams and Danillo Gallinari are two excellent shooters.
13 45-41
Miami's second half of last season was shocking. If that momentum can carry them into this year, then they are a playoff lock. Not getting Gordon Hayward shouldn't hurt too much, because realistically, Hayward wasn't going to Miami. Keeping Dion Waiters was smart. Dragic is underrated, but don't forget about the beast that is Hasaan Whiteside.
14 62-29
The Raptors are a talented team, but their roster just doesn't put them in contention. DeRozan is a stud, Lowry is good, but Toronto didn't add anyone that can help them contend with Boston and Cleveland in the East.
15 49-36
Portland isn't contending this year and they know it. There is reason that they traded up for Zach Collins. They need youth. However, the trade was stupid. Giles has a higher ceiling than Zach Collins, and Justin Jackson is coming off an incredible year at UNC. Lillard is 27. Even though he's entering his prime, there is a good chance that this team just misses out on the playoffs.
16 53-39
The Jazz would make the playoffs if they were in the East. However, they happen to be in the west. They still have a good lineup, but the West is so stacked that Utah will likely miss the post season.
17 35-47
Most are surprised to see LAL so high, but I think they are pretty good. Brook Lopez is under-appreciated. Caldwell-Pope is a great shooter. Lonzo is cooking in the summer league, but most important Mozgov is gone.
18 36-46
The Hornets have all star Kemba Walker, but that's about it. Dwight Howard is simply old, but he still won't take the role as a second or third option on any team. That's why he's on his third team in three years. However, like the Knicks, the Hornets may still make the playoffs.
19 22-60
Everyone knows that Memphis takes a step up in the post season, but getting there this year will be a challenge. This team has Gasol and Conley, but their third best player is Tyreke Evans. Losing Zach Randolph hurts, as he brings outstanding leadership. The West is too talented for Memphis to make the playoffs.
20 56-35
On paper the 76ers are stacked. They have a lineup of Fultz, Redick, Simmons, Saric, and Embiid. But you have to remember that this team is crazy young. I see them making the playoffs, but there are a lot of ifs. They'll make it if Embiid, Simmmons, and Fultz stay healthy, but if not look for another top 3 pick for Philly.

21 39-43
The Pistons addition of Avery Bradley was great for Detroit, even if it's just a one year rental. This team is ready to make it back to the playoffs.
22 24-58
I want the Mavs to make the playoffs just for Dirk, but it won't happen. I was surprised when Dennis Smith Jr. slid all the way to ninth in the draft. I like the team's depth at PG and SG. Harrison Barnes must prove that he is worth his contract this year, or he may be traded.
23 21-61
The Suns are currently to talented to get another high lottery pick. Devin Booker is entering his third year, and he should take a step up. Josh Jackson takes a lot of defensive pressure off of Chriss. They're playoff chances are 0, but don't expect them to be awful, unless they tank.
24 25-57
Orlando's young squad isn't great. Payton is not a good starter. Aaron Gordon is pretty much known for being able to dunk, and if anyone thinks the Nikola Vucevic is a good center, then they are wrong. I'm surprised the Spurs let Jonathan Simmons move to Orlando. That's one move I like. Also, they drafted Jonathan Isaac, who is either a superstar, or a bust.
25 29-53
A lot of drama surrounding the Knicks this offseason. They were shopping the Unicorn. They fired Phil. They traded Melo to Houston, but then they didn't. The Knicks are awful, but they actually might make the playoffs. They still have Melo and Porzingis, and the east is looking awful. there are no guarantees for Detroit of Philly. If this team wants a top 5 pick, they have to tank.
26 50-38
The Pacers aren't looking to hot. They gave up Paul George for a bag of chips and a gatorade. The only real bright spot on this roster is Myles Turner.
27 24-58
What happened to Atlanta. Remember when they were the #1 seed in the East? Remember that big win streak? First Teague left. After that, Horford left. Then Millsap left. The roster consists of Dennis Schroder now.
28 27-55
I can't believe I'm saying this, but the Kings are built strong for the future. Zach Randolph will serve as something similar to KG with Minnesota in his last years. De'Aaron Fox could be the next John Wall. Harry Giles is out of the knee brace, and without it, he was the #1 recruit last year. The Kings will be bad, but they will be good in the future.
29 28-54
This. Team. Stinks. Well, at least they will likely get a top 3 pick….oh wait.
30 27-55
It feels weird to put this team at the bottom. Everything just fell apart for this team. The management is dysfunctional. Everything is a mess in Chi-Town.


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