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Team Off Season Plans: New York Jets
Published at 2/24/2017
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Millen  Bill

Here we go with the owners of the 6th overall pick, the ever dysfunctional New York Jets.  This one should be fun with a lot of push back and exasperated Jets fans grieving in the comment section. So, without further adieu here we go!

New York Jets Salary Cap Space: $9 million


Key Free Agents:

1) Brian Winter OG (resigned 4 yrs)

2) Nick Folk K (cut)

3) Marcus Williams CB (RFA)

4) Ryan Clady OT (cut)

5) Ryan Fitzpatrick QB

6) Geno Smith QB

---   With limited amount of cap space the Jets are in a big crunch on what they are able to do in terms of signing their own players or other free agents. Fans are going to be restless going into this years off season with imaginations that their team is a few steps away from winning a Super Bowl, but if you take a step back this dysfunctional team is far from it. Out of these free agents they really have no need to resign anyone from this crop. In fact their best free agents are the ones they cut so we can just move on from this quickly. 

Possible Off Season Moves:

- I think it's time to cut ties with Darrell Revis he has just not looked the same to me since he won the Super Bowl with the Patriots. Is it his age dragging him down or is it because he already won and no longer cares as much. Possibly it's a little bit of both since Revis has made a ton of money and now has a ring that's pretty much everything he wanted so now he is just sitting back getting paid. If the Jets cut him they could save about $9 million that could be used else where.

- It may not sound glamorous, but I also think it's time to move on from Brandon Marshall.  I think he is one of those types where I would rather lose without him and see him win somewhere else.  In the short term he's great, but over time he grates on a locker room and team creating more distractions than it's worth. They could possibly trade him, but since they didn't give up much for him and his age is starting to play a factor as well as his off field career I do not know who would trade for him. Cutting him could save about $7 million.

- If they do that cutting both Revis and Marshall they would net back about $16 million allowing them to go out and pick up better options in free agents at areas of need.

- I would not trade for Cutler that's just a waste of time and does a disservice to the young quarterbacks currently on their roster who deserve a shot.

         Some Options:

         - Riley Reiff or Kelvin Beachum OT - The tackles for the Jets are unproven in Brandon Shell and very unreliable with Brent Qvale on the right side. Reiff or Beachum could be an upgrade to either spot for the Jets to help block for whoever their quarterback is. 

         - Robert Woods, Kamar Aiken, or Kendall Wright WR - If they cut Brandon Marshall they will need to reload in the receiver position a little bit. Eric Decker is a good receiver, but he cannot stay healthy. In their brief appearances Charone Peake and Robby Anderson looked good, but for some reason this organization does not like grooming their young offensive players. The trio mentioned in Woods, Aiken, and Wright may not set the world on fire, but they are competent veteran receivers who can work at all levels of the field. Each also has a nice amount of upside and are pretty young options. 

         - Prince Amukamara, Mo Claiborne, or Dre Kirkpatrick CB - Obviously, if they cut Revis they will be in need of at least one new corner. Possibly, two with how bad Buster Skrine has been. Amukamara is a more proven commodity, but his upside is limited. Claiborne showed life last year, but may have just been playing for the money. Kirkpatrick is another player who has not played up to his former first round selection. The last two are intriguing to me since Todd Bowles is a good defensive back coach and if this team is able to stay patient and let him coach Kirkpatrick or Claiborne can maybe develop into very good players. 

        - T.J. McDonald S - The secondary continues to garner attention for the Jets since it was definitely one of the worst in the league. Marcus Gilchrist is one of the weakest safeties in the league and former first round pick Calvin Pryor is another bad cover safety. In my opinion Pryor should be moved to linebacker like Deonne Buchannon in Arizona. McDonald is a solid albeit average safety who can play well in all facets of the game. He is still young and could continue to get better under Bowles direction. 

Possible Draft Options:

First Round: 

- Obviously, a quarterback here could definitely be in play if Trubisky fall that far or if they fall in love with Watson. Not that I am huge fan of either one of them, but they need to take a shot at a quarterback and I could understand why they would draft either one of them. However, GM Mike Maccagnan has been a best player available drafter in the first round so they may be able to avoid temptation and take a better player. That being one of the top corners or safeties at the top of the draft. I could also see them draft a running back to overtake Matt Forte who is over the hill or a receiver if they do cut Marshall. 

Second Round

- If not a quarterback in the first round they could try again in the second, but with already a 2nd rounder in Christian Hackenberg on the roster and a 3rd rounder in Bryce Petty it may just be too redundant. Also, it could cause fans to riot to see them do the same thing over and over again. Drafting a receiver here is a possibility or another secondary player.  I could also see them draft a Haason Reddick or another linebacker since their current cover linebackers are aging and provide poor coverage ability.

My Mock Selections:

1 (6) - Marshon Lattimore CB Ohio St

2 (39) - Pat Mahomes QB Texas Tech

3 (70) - Cooper Kupp WR Eastern Washington

- I did have them take a quarterback in the second round even though I did mention they might not do it. In this scenario Mahomes is possible late first round pick and I thought his value there in the 2nd was too much to pass up on. Lattimore can take over Revis' spot and they have shown to like former Buckeyes with their pick of Darron Lee last year. Landing Kupp in the 3rd can be a big steal since he does have the talent to go in the 2nd round and has some of the most reliable hands in the draft. If this is how the draft falls for the Jets it can be a nice little haul for them with players who can contribute now and continue to become better with high upsides.

Final Summary:

- I truly feel bad for Todd Bowles since the Jets are asking the world from him, but they are only giving him like an old used up Toyota to get them there. They need to let him just take the leash off of one of their young quarterbacks whether it's Hackenberg or Petty they need to see if either can be the future and stop playing around with other washed up quarterbacks ....cough cough Ryan Fitzpatrick. Along with that they need to start making smart deals and get out from under some big contracts that is eating up their salary cap. In the end it probably will not help out Bowles in the end and I can see him getting fired mid season if they get off to another slow start. Their offense needs to get more creative and explosive with younger talent in my opinion to help compliment their decent defense. They are heavily invested in the defensive line which is why their secondary has started to lag, but getting rid of Revis' big contract should give them some wiggle to fix it. In the end this dysfunctional team probably ends up in the top 10 again next year with yet another new head coach.

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