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2.25.17 Ryan Pace's Secret Plan Starts in Barrington
Published at 2/25/2017
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Millen  Bill

    Most experts insist the Bears main target is Jimmy Garoppolo. They cite GM Ryan Pace and the Eastern Illinois connection or his local kid connection, I don’t think so. Others will insist Pace is after one of the four top prospects in this draft. More than a few will suggest Buffalo’s signal caller or Romo. AJ McCarron is the latest flavor to be suggested, there is more speculation than Heinz has varieties of pickles. Chicago is the pickle packers capital of the world. What if I told you it will be none of these and nope it won’t be Cutler either? Mr.Pace is about to pull off a coup that will make the Arrieta, Hendricks  and Lester acquisitions a distant second as recent coups are ranked in Chitown.

     Other than left tackles and QB’s this draft is MASSIVE with the Bears and Brown’s needs. Most experts project this may be the greatest DB draft in history with a top heavy but deep list of safety prospects and a real chance that nine CB’s could be drafted in rounds one and two. Deep TE’s talent at WR and slot, DT’s and then there is that bumper crop on the edge. Bears have the extra fourth rounder and would be perfectly positioned to go from almost worst to almost first, if they did not have to give away their picks for a QB. Plus they have huge wampum for Free Agency… but leaderless won’t push the envelope will it?

   The coup is hometown Barrington native, Kirk Cousins. Sure everyone and their brother will insist IF he leaves, he’ll go to the Niners and be reunited with Shanahan and maybe he would be IF he leaves except for a couple of major factors. The first we all know and that is SF is not a contender, nor is it projected to be one anytime soon (sorry Niner fans). The second is one that most people in Chicagoland don’t even know and it is that Barrington is a very unique town. Norman Rockwell would be jealous of Barrington. If I was raising kids, Barrington would be on my very short list. Just an hour train ride from Chitown, great schools, massive estates of Barrington Hills, family, family and family and faith, there are also beautiful churches in Christian Barrington.  

The fact young Mr.Cousins moved away from Chicago for high school reminds us you can take the man out of Chicago, but never the Chicago out of the man. In fact, you can put a multiplier on a that for a Barrington native. Did you miss how fast Mr. Cousins handed off that TD ball to a family member in the stands last season? Did you see the joy on his face? I assure you “selling” Barrington to his wife would not be a challenge; the challenge would be stopping her from lobbying for it. What kid does not want to return home as the prodigal son and savior to a ravenous Bears fan base? When you’re from Barrington, these things matter.

The Bears could throw 20 million a year at Mr. Cousins. The Bears are much closer to their return to prominence than their record shows. They might not make Alston Jeffery’s seemingly absurd prediction of a Super Bowl this season so farfetched with Mr. Cousins at the helm and he knows this. Getting him for nothing but cash would be a coup that legends are made from. If Mr. Pace is not working this angle with everything short of tampering he can, I’d be amazed, because this would be a perfect storm for our Bears.

Now let’s just speculate to close. Bears could and probably would like to trade down, maybe with the Browns at 12.  The Browns could than have their cake and eat it too with taking their hometown product at one (and hometown products sell season tickets). Browns would then get Garrett, Allen or even Thomas at three. Price would be pick 33, top of the 5th and the the lesser of second rounders in 2018, but sure that is an overload of sugar for Bears fans, yet could happen. However, let’s just put that extra helping off to the side and stick with what would be, but remember we also have Grasu to dangle (Browns need a center) or move Whitehead and Long a notch over. Clearly we take Adams, Hooker or Peppers if it is safety or we take Allen or reach just a tad for the Southside home cooking talent in Thomas. Pick 36 either lands us a top TE, WR, edge or CB to go with the other stud CB we coax in Free Agency. The dominoes fall our way in rounds three through seven and pop goes the weasel!This draft is a perfect fit for the Bears and so is Barrington for Mr. Cousins. Book it Dano.  

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