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The Bears got it right
Published at 5/24/2017
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Millen  Bill

     So there has been a lot of Pace/Bears bashing this off-season.  I think they nailed it this off season.  Pace signed Glennon, a QB with some upside on a team friendly deal.  It's basically a 1 year deal the Bears paid a premium in year one to get that deal.  They didnt f themselves by giving him a deal like the Osweiler deal.  They can get out after 1 year and if Glennon plays great they still have him for 2 years at a bargain price for a good QB.  Could be a nice trade chip.

     The rest of free agency was rather dull but Pace did a great job of not getting locked in to deals that will kill the Bears salary cap.  It was not a very good free agency class overall.  Everyone wanted Gilmore but i have a feeling he is not going to live up to his salary.  The Bears instead got Amukamara on a 1 year deal, Demps on a 1 year deal, and then added Marcus Cooper.  None of these deals will mess with future free agent signings.  Dion Sims is young, can block and can catch.  Sims got $6million a year for 3 years but Pace again set it up so the Bears can get out of the deal after 1 year.  

     Now to the move that is getting Pace ripped, the trade up for Trubisky.  Trubisky is accurate, has the arm to make all the throws, and has mobility.  He is a franchise QB and would have been the #1 pick in next years draft.  As far as giving up 2 thirds and a fourth to move up 1 spot who cares.  Solomon THomas, Alvin Kamara, Tedric Thompson, and a 2018 3rd for a franchise QB.  If teams were calling Chicago to get to #3 to take Trubisky then they were probably calling SF to get to #2 also.  Pace did a great job of being aggressive to make sure he got his guy.  Remember when the Bears wanted Aaron Donald and sat patiently thinking he would fall and then when the Rams grabbed him one pick ahead of the Bears Emery panicked and reached for Kyle Fuller.  

     Trading down in round 2 was ok, Pace was able to recoup a few picks from the Trubisky trade.  Shaheen was probably the best available player when you factor in upside.  I'm not going to lie and tell you I've seen a bunch of Shaheen film, I've seen the same highlight reel as everyone else.  A tight end with that size who can run like that though is worth the gamble.  Most people probably had Quincy Wilson as the BPA and he would have filled a position of need but how much upside does he really have?  He's got good size but ran a 4.54 and has a tendency to use his hands down field.  Shaheen is the better gamble, he could become a match up nightmare for opposing defenses.

     I didnt love the Eddie Jackson pick.  He is injury prone and was able to just hang out in centerfield because of how loaded that Bama defense was.  I like that he played corner and has returned punts but I dont have high expectations for him.

     Tarik Cohen, wish he was a little bigger wish he played at a bigger program and wish he had kick and punt return experience.  I still like the pick.  He has big play ability which the Bears offense doesnt have much of.  There are some Darren Sproles comparisons and if thats what the Bears get then its a steal.  Another high ceiling pick.

    The last pick was Jordan Morgan.  He showed very well at the SR. Bowl playing left guard.  Another high ceiling pick.  Morgan shows the athleticism to be a future starting guard.  For a team that had struggles finding offensive lineman its great to see the Bears grab someone with some upside to start developing behind Sitton.

    I think Pace did very well this off-season.  Getting a franchise QB makes it an A+.  Then not locking up future cap space to sign overrated players this off-season was great.  Now they can clear cap space if needed for next season without carrying a pile of dead money.  

   Next move should be to lock up Charles Leno.  Leno has shown improvement and while he's not great he is better than what a lot of other teams are throwing out there at LT.  Sign Leno now and get a bargain.

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