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Season Predictions: New York Jets
Published at 7/26/2017
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Season Summary:

Let me start of by saying I live in the New York Tri-State area and the Jets fans are an awful bunch of sad fans. I get it though your team cannot get in the way of its self and continues to disappoint you. However, those who call in to sports radio stations are the whiniest bunch of people who just cannot understand reality and think this is a quick turn around. First off, it starts up top with owner Woody Johnson who is a money grabber and headline seeker not a true owner who wants a team to be successful. He is just looking for ways to be in the media whether its with a loud mouth coach in Rex Ryan or a pretty boy quarterback in Mark Sanchez. Plus, he continues to hire people who have had no success or understanding of leading team. However, I do believe the current hire ups on the team with GM Mike Maccagnan and coach Todd Bowles deserve more time rather then always looking over their shoulders. In Bowles defense the management has been awful until Maccagnan arrived and maybe now he can get some support to actually rebuild this team. 

Let's start off by saying I believe this team is going to be god awful offensively to the point where they will struggle to get over a 100 yards some games. Barring a sudden turn around from Christian Hackenberg who I think is a lost cause since his last year at Penn St. He is one of those guys who was a highly touted quarterback and believed he should be treated as such and never took responsibility to get better. Granted I respect the kid for sticking it out at Penn St during their whole dark ages, but coach Franklin helped hide his inability to get better. He is a statue in the pocket and has an inability to make proper reads. Combine that behind the Jets' shaky offensive line that is a recipe for disaster. Along with no true go to running back or receiver to dump the ball off to this would be tough for even some top notch quarterbacks let alone one with so little experience. 

Their defense should still be solid however, with the bulk of their talent on the defensive line. As long as the guys up front control the line and can disrupt quarterbacks enough it will allow their leaky secondary to look much better. I actually loved their draft and did not mind them double dipping on safety at all landing potential studs in Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye. In the case of Adams at the very least he can provide some much needed leadership in the locker room that has been missing for awhile.....or was it since Brandon Marshall arrived. Plus, they have some upside players as well with Darron Lee, Lorenzo Mauldin, and Jordan Jenkins at the linebacker spot. 

In the end, this is going to be a trying year for them and will most likely end with a record around 2-14 or maybe better or worst depending on other teams' injuries. Of course, Hackenberg can shock the world, but most likely he probably will not even be able to beat of Josh McCown until the veteran predictably gets an injury. 

Rookie Predictions:

1 (6) - Jamal Adams S - I was actually hoping the Bears would draft him, but in the end I can understand why they took a shot at a quarterback instead. Adams should turn into a very good player for the Jets with his versatile style of play and ability to be a good voice in the locker room. They smartly traded away the bust Calvin Pryor to make room for him and his fellow rookie Marcus Maye who can make a once nonathletic bunch into one of the best young duos in the league. 

2 (7) - Marcus Maye S - The former Gator was a vastly underrated prospect the whole time leading up to the draft in my opinion. More people were talking about his teammates Teez Tabor and Quincy Wilson than the more reliable and consistent player. Maye may be a bit undersized, but paired with Adams who can play the run the two can be a good tandem together. These two may not produce the wins right away for the Jets, but like the foundation of the Seattle defense being in their safeties this can be the Jets building blocks for a championship defense. 

3 (15) - ArDarius Stewart WR - He's already injured go figure. If he can get back to being healthy he can see a ton of snaps his rookie year on a team with no other options on the outside. I am not ready to say Stewart will be a go to option,, but I can see him having a nice career as a secondary option and one you can move around a lot. In the end, I can see him having a similar career to Emmanuel Sanders albeit not as dynamic as an option speed wise, but he can work those underneath options like Sanders can. 

4 (35) - Chad Hansen WR - I love mid round receiver picks since there is very little worry if he busts like so many first round receivers do, but if they pan out you look like a genius. That's what Maccagnan has done here and with Stewart hurt it may allow Hansen to steal more reps in camp. He is a bigger receiver with some nice down field speed who can be a consistent chain mover. At the worst, I can see him being solid special teams contributor on the coverage unit. 

5 (6) - Jordan Leggett TE - Not a bad late round flier on a player with huge upside. Leggett had potential to be a high round pick, but his inconsistent play and unwillingness to put in the work caused him to slide. However, at 6-5 and with a solid 4.71 forty time he has the upside to take the risk drafting. If he pans out he will give the Jets their first true tight end option in over a decade. 

5 (38) - Dylan Donahue OLB - Not a bad option depth wise and potentially more with a small school prospect in Donahue here. He is limited size and speed wise, but at the Combine and workouts he stood out with his fire and energy. Most likely at the NFL level he will be a rotational and versatile pass rusher for Bowles on his defense. 

6 (4) - Elijah McGuire RB - I do not understand team's fascination with small pass catching running backs. The only successful one has been Darren Sproles, but even he is on his third team and never found real success on a winning team outside of the Saints who won mostly due to Drew Brees not with Sproles. Now teams keep drafting guys like Danny Woodhead, Jacquizz Rogers, and Dexter McCluster none of whom will ever be a center piece of an offense. At best McGuire will be an oft-injured pass catcher who needs to be schemed into the offense to get touches that will in the end will be all for naught. 

6 (13) - Jeremy Clark CB - The Jets needed help at corner and in a loaded class waited until the 6th round to draft a guy nowhere close to anyone's radar on being deserved to be anything more than an undrafted player. At best he will be a special teamer with potential to be a sub package player if others in front of him falter or get hurt. 

6 (20) - Derrick Jones CB - Again, another late round corner who will have trouble making the roster. Not that one can be too upset here since both are 6th round selections, but to me even in the late rounds you should try to find players with the best upside not ones who can at least make the roster on special teams. 

2018 Offseason:

Of course finding a quarterback will be key here. Also, to me sticking with Todd Bowles is another key for this team's success and the only reason why he was undermined last season was due to Brandon Marshall's loud mouth and wanting "his guy" Ryan Fitzpatrick there who blocked Bryce Petty or Hackenberg from showing anything to allow them to have some idea of what they have coming into this year. Instead, they need to start from scratch now instead of starting it a year earlier. If either of the two young guys show promise that would be wonderful, but I truly expect them to land the top pick regardless due to their offensive woes. Fixing the line, receivers, and running back issues will be the biggest problem they must tackle next off season. 

My 2018 Mock Selections:

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