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Published at 11/9/2017
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Bucks are a great thing. Bledsoe is a great addition. Idk if Giannis and Bledsoe are gonna play like we expect them to tho. 


I have a feeling that the Bears are overhyped. They aren't even good and they are overhyped. Safeties look nice. Kyle Fuller looks nice. Cohen is the greatest player on the face of the planet and I found out he could dunk, I wouldn't be surprised cuz this man can do everything. 


Idk. We better not loose beardless Arrieta and Davis. Honestly, trade J-Hey, even tho I like him a lot, for Melancon and Shark. Offer 200Ms to JD Martinez. Resign Davis at all cost. Also, big thing. Potentially trade Russ for Archer and someone. Obviously I am biased so idk. Let me know what you think of the Cubbies.

Southampton F.C.:

Still the best farm system of all time!


Hockey is all of a sudden amazing. Stamkos is the goat.

Rap Game:

Chance is still the goat. I am so excited for Eminems new album. Same with Wiz. Rae Sremmurd is pissing me off cuz I love them but they haven't released anything since Pegasus. 



MJ is still better, but that is only cuz he probably has 4-8 years left. You can't consider somebody better when his career isn't over. I hate how he doesn't try during the season, but it is smart as hell. 


I love Aaron Rodgers, but I HATE the Packers. I hate Marty Bennett too. I'm happy he got cut. I feel awful for Rodgers. He is the best QB. I'm happy the Packers suck, but at the same time, the Bears suck. SOOOO, in the end, nothing!


Fuck Detroit teams! Haha just kidding. The only team I hate is the Wings. Eminem is the best tho.

Kevin Durant:

Worst human in history. I hate this child, can't call him a man for his actions, with a huge passion. I've jokingly been calling him out on random famous peoples instas. 

Till Next Time!


11/9/2017 - Updates on life

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