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Josh Allen Scouting Report
Published at 12/28/2017
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 Josh Allen might be the most polarizing prospect in this class. From the tape I have watched on him, I can see multiple pros and cons to his game. First off he has very good mobility and athleticism for a QB of his size, which leads me to my 2nd point, his 6'6 size is good for NFL standards and he seems able to take a hit. The things that I see in Allen's game that have me questioning whether he is a 1st round pick are accuracy concerns, footwork, college scheme, staring down receivers, knowing when to leave the pocket, and feeling the blitz from the blindside. He tends to want to throw the ball before he has his feet set which is why his throws are usually off target. Wyoming's runs a shotgun spread offense which makes me wonder, if he has poor footwork to begin with, doesn't take snaps from under center and stares down receivers how is he going to succeed in a NFL offense, the only offense I see him having potential success in is the west coast were his reads are quick and to open receivers. This might be just a poor left tackle but I do feel the need to address it, Allen does do a good job of getting out of the pocket but when he stands in there to long the majority of the time he gets sacked by the blindside rusher, and Allen never sees it coming, but something that surprised me when watching Allen is he is relatively good at pre-snap line adjustments which you usually don't see from QB's in that system. Somethings I liked on Allen's tape, arm strength, ability to make plays with legs, pre-snap adjustments, athleticism, good teammate, and improvement in certain areas that I wanted him to improve on from last season. I think everyone knows about his arm strength so I don't need to get into that, he does have the ability to throw on the run which is unusual for QB's with his size (His accuracy actually seems better on the run), from everything I read he seems like he is loved by his teammates, and he improved upon not trying to make the big play every play and not throwing the ball back over the middle while on the run. Josh Allen still has a lot of improving to do, therefore I put him behind Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen, and Lamar Jackson. 

NFL COMP - Joe Flacco 

Predicted pick - Late 1st to Mid 2nd

Top 3 NFL Fits

Arizona Cardinals

Minnesota Vikings

Washington Redskins

 If I was a GM, I would not take Josh Allen to be my future QB, but he definitely has talent and could succeed in the NFL with the right coaching staff, scheme, and front office giving him time to develop.

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