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2018 NFL Draft First Round Grades.
Published at 5/6/2018
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  1. Cleveland - Baker Mayfield - D-. I think consultant Scot Mccloughan not only was drunk when making this pick, he convinced the entire front office to drink with him. He is my 4th ranked QB. I have concerns about his character, along with his ability to perform in a pro style offense. He also won’t be able to take advantage of the non-existent Big 12 defenses. They should have taken Sam Darnold. While I think Mayfield will enjoy some early success, he will flame out by his 2nd year.

  2. New York Giants - Saquon Barkley - C+. First off, I don’t have any problem with Barkley or him going this high. I do have a problem with them passing on Sam Darnold. Eli Manning is rapidly declining, and the Giants are eating shrooms if they think he can win another Super Bowl. The Giants said they don’t like any QBs in this draft, but they won’t have a chance to take one higher, barring giving up a king’s ransom, in the next 3 years. The Giants blow a great opportunity.

  3. New York Jets - Sam Darnold - A+. The Jets get the best QB in the draft. Sure the gave up a to get him, but great QBs are worth it. While his ball security is a concerns, it can be improved with coaching.

  4. Cleveland - Denzel Ward - D+. The entire Brown’s front office is drunk, there is no other explanation for this stupidity. They had two picks in the top four and failed to come away with one of the big three. Unlike Mayfield, I do think Ward is a good player, but he is not the 4th best player. The Browns should have accepted the best trade offer, and moved down. They probably could have still gotten Ward. If they took ward around 12, I will have given then an A.

  5. Denver - Bradley Chubb - A. Chubb will team with Von Miller to terrorize QBs. The Broncos could have the league’s best pass rush. My only concern is if Nelson would have been a better choice, as their offensive line is poor.

  6. Indy - Quenton Nelson - A+. The Colts top priority is to protect Andrew Luck, and Nelson is by far the best offensive lineman in the draft. Some people will claim this is too high for a guard, but it is never too high to draft a lock to be an all-pro.

  7. Buffalo - Josh Allen - B+. Allen is my second rank QB in the draft and best one available. I think he is a great fit in Buffalo, as he has the size and arm strength to thrive in the cold weather. He is a boom or bust player, but with having A.J. McCarron to allow him to sit on the bench for a year or so, will increase his chance of success. I also like the fact that they didn’t have to give up a first round pick to move up.

  8. Chicago - Roquan Smith - A-. Smith is the second best defensive player in this draft which is a steal at eight. He should be the final piece to a strong front seven.

  9. San Francisco - Mike McGlinchey - C- This is a reach. They could have had Tremaine Edmunds or Minkah Fitzpatrick. McGlinchey doesn’t even fill a need.

  10. Arizona - Josh Rosen - A-. While I’m not the biggest fan of Rosen, there is enough to like to make this a good grade. I really like the fact that Arizona got there QB without giving up to much. He will start as soon as Sam Bradford gets injured.

  11. Miami - Minkah Fitzpatrick - B+. This is a good, not great pick. Fitzpatrick will strengthen the Dolphin’s pass defense and help combat Gronk.

  12. Tampa Bay - Vita Vea - B+. This is another really good pick, it's not a steal, but Vea should immediately improve the Buccs run defense. My only concern is if Vea can contribute enough on passing downs to warrant such a high selection.

  13. Washington - Da’Ron Payne - B.

  14. New Orleans - Marcus Davenport - F. The only time a team should trade away next year’s first round pick is to move up to take a QB. While the Saints do need another pass rusher, Davenport will need time to develop. For a team that has a very short window to win a Super Bowl before Drew Brees retires, that development time is a very bad thing. To make things worse, the pick they are surrendering is from what will be a very talented draft class.

  15. Oakland - Kolton Miller. F. WTF. Another reach in the first half of the first round. At least they traded down. They could have gotten much better value and filled a need with Edmunds, James, or even Alexander. While Miller has lots of athleticism, his technique is poor, and will require lots of coaching to improve it.

  16. Buffalo - Tremaine Edmunds - A. The Bills were smart to trade up for Edmunds, as he can easily become a Pro Bowl linebacker. He is a steal at this point.

  17. Los Angeles Chargers - Derwin James - A+. Two steals in a row. The Chargers get a safety of the caliber that they could have draft last year in Malik Hooker.

  18. Green Bay - Jaire Alexander - B+. While not a steal, Alexander is good value, plus he fills a major need. I really like that the Packers were able to rob the Saints of next year’s first rounder.

  19. Dallas - Leighton Vander Esch - B. This is a solid pick. The Cowboys needed another impact linebacker so that when Sean Lee is injured, the Cowboys defense doesn’t suck. Esch could be a starter for the next 8-10 years.

  20. Detroit - Frank Ragnow C+. This is a bit high for Ragnow. I had him as a early second round pick. But he does fill a need at least, at will fit well in their system.

  21. Cincinnati - Billy Price - B-. While this is a slight reach, his value was about 10 picks later, offensive line was such a big need for the Bengals, taking an offensive lineman was a must. I wonder if they should have taken Isaiah Wynn though. Anyways, Price’s ability to play Center or Guard will be a bonus.

  22. Tennessee Rashaan Evans - A-. With Vander Esch going three picks earlier, it was necessary for the Titans to trade up if they wanted Evans. Considering that after him, there is a big drop off with the off the ball linebackers, this was a great move. Plus he fills a major need.

  23. New England - Isaiah Wynn - B+. Left Tackle was arguably the Patriots biggest need. While there is some concern whether he has the length to play Left Tackle, he can move to guard if he fails. Anyways, he should be the best Left Tackle on the roster right now.

  24. Carolina Panthers - D.J. Moore - B. After foolishly trading away Kelvin Benjamin, the Panthers desperately need a number one Wide Receiver. My concern with this pick, is that Moore is too raw to warrant a first round pick.

  25. Baltimore - Hayden Hurst - B. Hurst is my number one Tight End, as he is a complete Tight End. This is the correct range for him. I also like that they were able to trade down and still aquire the player they wanted.

  26. Atlanta - Calvin Ridley - A. Ridley is my number one rated Wide Receiver. I do have concerns about his size, but being the number two Wide Receiver should minimize those concerns should he get hurt. In two to three years, he could easily be the best number two Wide Receiver in the league. Now, if only Steve Sarkisian can learn to call plays for more that one Wide Receiver.

  27. Seattle - Rashaad Penny - F. Do the Seahawks not realize that they could have obtained him almost a round later. Penny is a power runner that doesn’t drive his legs on contact, sounds like a bust to me, and he is kind of stupid. Besides, do they not realize that their run game will continue to suck until their offensive line is fixed. Anyways,  here's a list of some of the better player that they could have obtained here: Sony Michel, NIck Chubb, Derrius Guice, Ronald Jones, Kerryon Johnson, Tave Bryan, Isaiah Oliver, Will Hernandez, James Daniels, and Courtland Sutton.

  28. Pittsburgh - Terrell Edmunds - D. Another reach. At least this one is not quite as bad a Penny. At least he fills a big need.

  29. Jacksonville - Taven Bryan - A. How were the Jaguars able to obtain Bryan at 29. He should have gone much earlier. This is a great pick for them, even though he doesn’t fill a need. In two years or so, he will replace either Malik Jackson or Calais Campbell, when they become too expensive. Plus it never hurts to draft the best available player.

  30. Minnesota - Mike Hughes - C-. I think they will regret passing on Will Hernandez. I get that it is not wise to draft a guard in the first round as talent players at the position can easily be obtained later, but it is also not wise to play an average at best Quarterback $84 million in guaranteed money. They needed to make sure Kirk Cousins was well protected, otherwise they are screwed. Plus, I think Hughes is a bit of a reach considering his character concerns.

  31. New England - Sony Michel - B+. This is a good pick. He has the versatility that Bill Belichick covats. Not only that, but he will allow the Patriots to not have to carry five running backs on the roster, as he can fill the role of two or three of them.

  32. Baltimore - Lamar Jackson - A. What a great pick. Joe Flacco is currently in decline and has been ever since he won the Super Bowl and was overpaid. Jackson will need at least a year to develop before he is ready to start. Flacco should still have just enough in the tank to allow for his development. My fear for Jackson, was that he was going to be drafted by a team that was not going to design their offensive scheme to accommodate him. I believe that the Ravens will design an offense for him.

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