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Garrick Schull's NFL Power Rankings
Published at 11/6/2017 8:21:09 PM

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Best team in football and putting up 51 points on the Denver Defense on Sunday solidified this! Remains to be seen if anyone can slow them down. Remaining matchups with the cowboys are really the only difficult games left on their schedule! I see a probable 13-3 or possibly even 14-2 record going into the playoffs.


Second best team in NFL through the first 9 weeks as far as im concerned. Defense is legit and offense is Ok. Most balanced team in the AFC. This team could win it all, however they are one Le'Veon Bell Injury away from falling back to the pack... They need to figure out how to diversify the offense more to keep Bell and Brown fresh. Right now an injury to either would be catastrophic to this team.


Brady is playing lights out. Defense is improving. Offense is probably superior to Pittsburgh but defense is still very suspect. Week 15 meeting between these will likely determine seeding in the AFC for the number 1 seed.


Great Defense and a good offense. Still not sold on this team but their performance is getting hard to ignore! They will not be passed by anyone else until they lose!


Still a great team. Only 1 game back from having the number one seed in the AFC. Cant count them out!

6 LA

Great turn around but their schedule has been extremely easy thus far. A tougher second half to the season will tell us whether or not this team is truly for real!


Quietly the running game is getting back to 2016 levels and the Dline looks legit! Games vs Philly will likely determine the division winner!


Defense is still great, though not elite. Their problem is offense. Russell Wilson has to make a play in order for them to move the ball. At this point id just have him roll out every play and run around to buy time as he is not capable of sitting in the pocket and they have no run game.


Defense is good and will keep them in games but I worry about their offense against tougher teams in the playoffs. Similiar situation to seattle but without the advantage of a mobile quarterback.

10 CAR

Similiar to Seattle this team has a great D. Especially their Dline! Cam is incredibly innaccurate but his ability to run and get tough yardage and light up the field with an occasional long bomb keeps them in contention. You have to worry about how many more years Cam can keep doing this though... He isnt getting any younger

11 JAC

Sacksonville is an appropriate name! Defense is great! Possibly the scariest defense in the league and they have a solid running game. Unfortunately their Quarterback situation blows! Bortles is a liability and i Just cant see them keeping up with the better teams come playoff time. But still this is an amazing defense!

12 WAS

Injuries will keep fans of this team saying what if? NFC is wide open this year and Cousins is still great! Defense has played well too. Lack of a true number 1 receiver and injuries are the only things keeping this from being a top 10 team in the league!

13 BUF

Buffalo is a team that is playing better than the sum of its parts. Without any true household names on the team they are still keeping pace! Could make some noise in the AFC east within a year or two if their present trajectory holds.

14 DET

Team that is good but not great on both sides of the ball. Cant ever write them off but I dont consider them contenders either.

15 SDC

Amazing pass rush and Phillip Rivers is still legit and has some good weapons to throw to but secondary and offensive line still have their issues. This is still a better team than their record would indicate. 2nd best team in the AFC West.

16 OAK

Defense is pourous but the offense is still pretty good. Lack of a true workhorse running back hurts them as does Amari Cooper's disapearance but this is still a more dangerous than most give them credit for. If they can start firing on all cylinders offensively they can beat almost any team in the league... The problem is they are not consistant and their defense especially the secondary is horrendous.

17 TEN

Everything about this team screams good but not great. They are always in contention but they just cant seem to win the games they should win. They could win the AFC south but If they do I see an early playoff exit.

18 ATL

This team has a great nucleus of all stars. But they just cant seem to make anything click offensively or defensively. However the talent is there, if they can figure things out from a playcalling perspective they could be dangerous

19 DEN

An aging nucleus of expensive defenders and receivers as well as an inability to draft Oline pieces or a QB is what is hampering this team. They either need to strike a few home runs in the draft next year or this team likely needs to be blown up. This defense is beginning to age and slow down and the offense needs to do a little more to keep them off the field.

20 BAL

Poor quarterback play, Injuries, and little in the way of Talent in the WR group is the name of the game for this team. Which is too bad since their defense is pretty good otherwise!

21 CHI

Good front 7 is keeping this team in the mix. However the lack of any real receiving threat is not making life easy on Trubisky. This team has a great nucleus and could be contenders as soon as a year from now!

22 GBP

The loss of Aaron Rodgers shows how mediocre this roster is in almost all parts. That's the beauty of having the most talented player ever to play the position. He masks alot of flaws not least of which is the Coach's inability to scheme players open on offense. This team will go as far as Rodgers will take them. If they can win atleast 2 or 3 games during his absence they may still be able to make the playoffs if Rodgers can come back they could still be dangerous in the playoffs

23 CIN

Bengals are probably better than their record would indicate... Or atleast they should be. There are talanted playmakers on both sides of the ball. But a porous Oline is hampering what could be a potent passing attack.

24 NYJ

This team is much more competitive than any one thought they would be before the season. At this point they just lack any true superstars outside of their D line and the safety position. If they can keep building for the future they may be competing for a playoff before too many years.

25 MIA

Poor pass defense and a poor running game (especially now that Ajayi is gone) all but guarantee this team will finish toward the bottom of the league standings. Still there are playmakers on both sides of the ball and they have found some ways to win some close games.

26 ARI

This team is Old and is in desperate need of a rebuild. Unfortunately they didnt take the opportunity to do so with this most recent draft. They can beat up on the dregs of the league but arent contenders at this point in time

27 HOU

The loss of Deshaun watson, JJ watt, and Mercilus has sunk this team. They were potentially a top 10 team with all 3 of these players present but as currently constituted they lack any real playmakers on defense and are hamstrung by poor quarterback play

28 TBB

Team as expected to contend. They have weapons but their Oline is terrible and Winston makes too many ill advised throws. This combined with a poor pass rush keeps them from being true contenders

29 IND

Team is awful but if Andrew Luck returns next year they have a chance in the crazy division that is the AFC south. Unfortunately for them there are worse teams than themselves so they will have to settle for something less than the number 1 pick.

30 NYG

This team needs to rebuild immediately. Defense is ok but Eli manning just cant get it done anymore. He has a terrible offensive line and a depleted corps of Wide Receivers.

31 CLE

Their defense has some playmakers which is whats keeping them from being at the bottom.

32 SFO

Team is consistantly going downhill and they work worse and worse each week. I like the Jimmy Garropolo trade but unless they are willing to play him they wont have much of a chance to beat anyone.

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