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Thread: LT is a Jet

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    Quote Originally Posted by mpg1995 View Post
    I knew the idiot was at PJ I was just saying I have no faith in the Vikings
    Well I do and belive they have a better chance at the superbowl than the Jets

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    Quote Originally Posted by piazzajordan2 View Post
    Yeah he was pretty well known too. I don't get how Wraith doesn't know he plays running back.
    I get that much, but they have their every down back in Greene and a change of pace/Wildcat back in Washington, so where does LT fit in?

  3. When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way...

    Couldn't resist...and obviously (and thankfully) not true.


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    Why? Greene is good as a starter and goalline back, and Washington is a quality 3rd down back. Is this just in case Greene gets injured? If so, LT is really only good for around 3.0 YPC anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miamidolphin4life View Post
    Well I do and belive they have a better chance at the superbowl than the Jets
    The NFC North is a tough division. For some reason, the Loins always play a lot closer to all three teams than they should....who knows if they get over the hump with stafford yr 2. And the Vikes are no lock for the division. I'm not saying the Bears are going to win it, and at this point I would expect a Wild Card team to come out of the North. But it will be a dog fight to win this division, it almost always is. No matter what the pre-season hype says, these teams always beat the piss out of each other.

    The NFL as a whole changes greatly from year to year. And no one has any idea of what injuries are going to happen. And no one knows how last years injuries are going to impact a team. But until the draft happens I wouldn't proclaim anyone a lock for anything...even the all-mighty AFC East.
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    The New York Jets declined, we're told, the ability to match the two-year, $5 million contract that running back Thomas Jones signed with the Chiefs.

    They matched that number and added $100,000 in order to get LaDainian Tomlinson under contract.

    According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Tomlinson's two-year deal has a base value of $5.1 million. The contract includes an additional $500,000 in escalators.

    So what were they thinking? Jones rushed for 1,402 yards in 2009, averaging 4.2 yards per carry. Tomlinson, in contrast, gained only 730 yards with a per-carry clip of 3.3 yards.

    The Jets should have given the same package to Jones. In our view, they're now paying more money for a lesser player.

    Buy, hey, maybe L.T. will sell a few more of those PSLs.

  7. great LT is good but he sulks and whines when he dons't get his way. but than again everyone loves rex.

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    I think his role will be to spell Green every now and then, and to come in on some third downs. I know Washington is an excellent receiver out of the backfield but what's his pass blocking like? Also LT could mentor both the young backs. That said I don't get why they didn't just retain Jones; what was Jones like on 3rd down?

  9. Jackass. Have fun losing twice to the Patriots and missing the playoffs.

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    Good for LT. I think this is the ideal situation for him as he will get his share of carries behind a very talented offensive line.

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