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2017 NFL Mock Draft by CJinVic - 3.0
Published at 2/21/2017 5:01:52 PM

Version 3 Yhea that's right Watson #1 overall ! First round complete. 2nd round under construction. Intelligent comments wanted and rating appreciated.

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Round 1

1. Browns: Deshaun Watson, Quarterback, Clemson

Team Needs : QB * Edge * FS * SS * O-Line * CB * WR * DT * TE

The Browns may not be the AFC laughing stock for much longer, with 2 first round picks and 2nd round picks they should be able to find enough play makers to scratch out a respectable season in 2017/18.
I think the Browns would like to for go selecting a QB until a later pick and use there 2 first round picks on premium play makers. But in a draft with only one true QB1 IMO and several teams needing a QB selecting before the Browns #13 pick Haslam should take this guy here.
Watson is the top ranked QB on my board, his leadership and work ethic are admirable but what tilts the scale to Watson is he's a winner and that can't be taught its something in your gut that makes you dig in and find away to make it happen, Brady was a 6th round pick and a runty looking kid at his combine but has come a long way with the heart of a winner.
After demonstrating poise, accuracy and touch in Clemson's win over Alabama, I think many of the questions about Watson were answered, keeping RG3 around as a mentor is a must as he has a very similar skill set as Watson and should be a valuable asset in Deshaun's development.
Watson's ability to read defense's and adjust is one of his best trait's and his ability to use his feet to extend play's or just turn into a rusher is not unlike RG3, what sets the 2 apart is Watson's quick release and zip he can put on a pass while throwing on the move. Lets hope he learn's sliding from someone else.

2. 49ers: Myles Garrett, Defensive End, Texas A&M

Team Needs : QB * WR * ILB * 3/4 OLB * CB * S * 3/4 DE * O-Line * TE

Usually a new GM, Lynch and a new HC, Shanahan means a new QB and this should be the case in San Francisco in 2017.
Kaepernick will most likely opt out of his contract and test free agency, UFA Christian Ponder could be done due to the severity of his knee injury so that leaves only Blaine Gabbert and Thadeus Lewis both free agents.
Expect either Gabbert or Lewis to be retained, and for Shanahan to sign UFA Matt Shuab, who he had with the Texan's and the Falcon's as a spot holder. Opening the door for the 49ers to select phenom Myles Garrett.
Garrett is the consensus top talent at his position in the draft. At 6'4" 268 lbs Garrett has been described as an athletic freak, it seems every year some player gets that moniker to live up to.
Garrett possesses a combination of elite quickness, excellent strength and a highly refined pass rush tool set, that translates into the ability to change a game.
Garrett is the real deal and will give the 49ers an edge rusher they haven't had since head case Aldon Smith.

3. Bears: Malik Hooker, Free Safety, Ohio State

Team Needs : QB * S * CB * O-Line * WR * MLB * TE

Bears fans have had enough of Jay Cutler, but GM Ryan Pace will be reluctant to use his #3 overall pick on a QB in a class he has described as weak at the top. There is some talk about a trade or a free agent acquisition of an experienced signal caller which could shorten the turn around, but a QB to develop is a must somewhere in this draft, expect a QB in the 2nd to 4th rounds and a concerted effort early to fortify a poor secondary and a receiving core that could be without Alshon Jeffery due to his UFA status.
Hooker at 6'2" 207 lbs had seven interceptions; three of which were returned for touchdowns this season. Hookers combination of athleticism, range, speed and ball skills have drawn lofty comparisons from draft analysts who compare him to HOF safety Ed Reed. Adding Hooker gives the Bears a premier ball hawk and game changer in the secondary which has been missing for a long time.

4. Jaguars: Jonathan Allen, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

Team Needs : DE * S * O-Line * RB * CB * TE

The Jags get the stud they have been looking for to shore up there defensive line.
Allen at 6'3" 280 lb's is capable of lining up any where on the Jags 4-3 defense and is just as good vs the run as he is rushing the passer. Allen has quick feet and exceptional strength making him the top power defensive lineman in this draft. Allen has been compared to Seahawks All Pro Michael Bennett in stature, performance and leadership, high praise to live up to.

5. Titans: Jamal Adams, Strong Safety, LSU

( Pick from Los Angeles )

Team Needs : CBx2 * WR * FS * SS * OLB * OG * MLB* DE

The Titans made great bounds towards challenging for the AFC South title and a play-off appearance this season. The positive advancement of QB Marcus Mariota and the rushing attack of DeMarco Murray and Derek Henry look positive for the future.
The Titans defensive backfield and receiving corp are the area's to address in the first round. Staring with the corners only Jason McCourty had a decent 2016 and even that fell below his career numbers. Adding 2 coners in what may be the best cornerback class in a decade would be a solid plan. But with 2 picks in the first round ill add a polished safety who is an instant improvement over Rashad Johnson.
Adams is a physical player with excellent instincts who is pro ready right out of the box.
At 6-foot-1, 211 pounds Adams brings aggression and passion and a love of the game. His ability to cover TE's and backs on routes as well as superbly defend the run makes him an impact player that never comes off the field.

6. Jets: Leonard Fournette, Running Back, LSU

Team Needs: Every Position

The Jets are a steaming pile, and they need a major house cleaning. First cut out the cancers. Both DE Sheldon Richardson and WR Brandon Marshall should be leaders on this team but instead choose to be me first whining bitches, trade them for what ever draft choices you can get and BAM take 15.6 Million off the salary cap.
( Better yet see if Belichick wants them for Garrapollo.)
Second trim some very expensive deadwood C Nick Mangold 9.1 Mil, CB Darell Revis 15.3 Mil, LT Ryan Clady 10.5 Mil and Ryan Fitzpatrick 6.5 Mil. For those of you playing along at home that's a total of 50.5 Mil to put in your UFA shopping fund.
Now you can draft the best player available at any position through the whole draft and sign blue chip free agents to fill the gaps.
The Jets can't go wrong adding a smash mouth power back like Fournette, they can lean on the running game while Petty or Hackenberg get there feet under them, beside's adding other teams cast off runners like Ivory and Forte hasn't panned out all that well.
Fournette is a Powerful Beast, his combination of speed, size, running style, instant acceleration and ability to go through the opponent instead of around makes him very difficult to bring down and some are comparing him to AP.

7. Chargers: Jabrill Peppers, Strong Safety, Michigan

Team Needs: OT * SS * 3/4OLB * CB * OG/C * 3/4DE * WR * QB

The 3 things the Bolts need out of this draft are a LOT, Strong Safety and a edge rushing outside linebacker with speed, and at #7 overall they are all there. I'm not sure the best OLT in the league will help Rivers he just hangs on to the ball ridiculously long and Bosa looks to be the real deal off the edge so ill go with Michigan's everything man Jabril Peppers.
Peppers is an elite athlete and a gifted play maker who played all over the field for the wolverines. His ability to cover TE's and backs while supplying excellent run support and effective blitzing presence from the strong safety position are huge needs for the Chargers. Peppers speed and instincts are impressive, but what makes most scouts heads turn is his physicality, tackling ability and nose for the ball. Peppers shores up a position for the Bolts that has been atrocious since Eric Weedle left.

8. Panthers: Solomon Thomas, Defensive End, Stanford

Team Needs: OT * RB * DE * CBx2 * OG * DT * Sports Psychologist for Cam Newton

The 2016 Panthers were a shadow of the 2015 version. Cam became super Diva after winning the MVP, Josh Norman left for big cake in DC and the defensive line seemed to lose there domination in the trench's.
At 6'3" 273 lbs Thomas maybe the premier run defender in this class at his position. His explosive burst and brute strength made him all but unstoppable in 2016, blowing up protection and wreaking havoc in the backfield.
Thomas's 61 tackles and 8 sacks are just the tip of what Thomas does. His relentless effort creates so much opportunity for his teammates weather he plays on the edge or on the interior of the line. A very Panther like player.

9. Bengals: Mike Williams, Wide Receiver, Clemson

Team Needs : WR * DE * RB * ILB * OG * CB * OT * S

The Bengals and the Panthers were the 2 biggest disappointments in 2016, they went from perennial playoff participants to out of the hunt after week 10. The loss of A.J Green for so long showed how little depth the Bengals had at the receiver position and how there running game was unable to carry the team when ever it was asked too. Adding Clemson's Mike Williams should help the Bengal's offence immeasurably and give Andy Dalton one of the top one two receiver pairs in the league.
Williams stands out in a weaker wide receiver class due to his size ( 6'3" 225 lbs ) and physical receiving style, he is another in a long line of high pedigree receivers from Clemson, most recently DeAndrea Hopkins and Sammy Watkins.
Williams has incredible body control and makes the most amazing downfield catch's in the air, his leaping ability allows him to hand catch balls high above the defender in a spectacular fashion.
If you were to compare him to a receiver I think a he looks like a young Dez Bryant.

10. Bills: Mitch Trubisky, Quarterback, North Carolina

Team Needs : QB * WR * OT * CB * S * ILB * OC/G * OLB *TE

Owner / CEO Terrence Pegula and President Russ Brandon are officially driving this Bus. Gone are the brothers Ryan and there less than impressive road show, apparently with out the GM even being involved with the process. Out of the starters position is QB Tyrod Taylor who's 4th quarter collapse's apparently were the last straw for Pegula. Oh yhea GM Doug Whaley and new head coach Sean McDerrmott, you guys go get a coffee cause you aren't needed yet.
Trubisky has shown decent arm strength and a quick release, he keeps a calm demeanor when the pocket gets pressure and displays good accuracy at every level of the field.
Trubisky over his career has protected the ball reasonably, throwing 39 TD's and only 8 interceptions, but has only 533 attempts, a relatively low number for a QB being drafted this high. Trubisky has a very similar style and skill set as Derek Carr, and should he turn out to be that guy I'm sure Bills fans will be very happy.

11. Saints: Reuben Foster, Inside Linebacker, Alabama

Team Needs : DE * ILB * CB * QB * FS * OLB * OT

The Saints have been looking for a field general MLB for a long time and have suffered through some of the worst imposters. Foster will replace a once reliable James Lauranitis who has finally fell victim to father time.
Foster brings a wisdom to the position well beyond his years, his ability to set the defense and bring adjustments at the line through his quick decision making is a huge asset.
Athletically he has sideline to sideline speed and tremendous upper body strength which helps him fend of blockers and get to the ball. An excellent wrap up tackler with great coverage instincts that will improve a Saints defense that was already coming around thanks to a very good 2016 draft.

12. Browns: Derek Barnett, Defensive End, Tennessee

Pick from Philadelphia

Team Needs : WR * Edge * FS * SS * O-Line * CB * DT

The Browns got there QB with there #1 overall pick but probably struggled with leaving edge rusher Myles Garrett on the board, but 6'3" 258 lb Vols Jr Derek Barnett should take a bit of the sting out of the selection.
New DC Greg Williams will likely abandon former DC Ray Horton's 3-4 defensive scheme and install his 4-3 hybrid defense that was so dominating for the Rams.
During the 3 years Barnett was with the Vols he racked up 33 sacks and 56 tackles for loss and showed he could play 3 downs for them amassing a whopping 197 tackles. Barnett may not be the edge rusher Myles is, but he suites 4-3 end to a tee the package as a whole is pretty impressive.

13. Cardinals: Marshon Lattimore, Cornerback, Ohio State

Team Needs : CB * QB * OG * WR * OT * ILB * DT * DE

The Cardinals like the Giants are going to have to face the facts that there aging QB's are going to need to be replaced soon. Palmer will be 38 in 2017 and there has been a significant drop off in his performance, with only 33 year old career back up Drew Stanton behind him Bruce Arians is going to have to start grooming a QB for the future no matter how much he hates using high picks on rookie QB's.
Arians avoids the situation until later in the draft and takes corner Marshon Lattimore to play across from Patrick Petersen. The Cardinals tried Justin Bethel, Brandon Williams and Marcus Cooper on the other side with little success.
Lattimore at 6'1" 195 lb's has all the tools to be the #1 corner taken, he has excellent speed and the agility to stick to his man without taking penalties. Lattimore is best in man coverage and doesn't seem to need over the top help due to his tremendous athletic ability and speed.

14. Colts: Dalvin Cook, Running Back, Florida State

Team Needs : 3/4OLB * RB * CB * FS * OT * OG * ILB

The Colt's offense seems to get bogged down when they need to rely on their running game, Frank Gore will be 34 and is no longer an every down back and Robert Turbin has shown some ability, but when the opportunity arises to get a true franchise rusher like Dalvin Cook the Colts will and should go for it.
The Colts do need a pass rush specialist at 3/4OLB and offensive line help but those will have to come later.
Cook has explosive speed and agility similar to that of Chris Johnson allowing him to get through cracks quickly and into the next level of a defense.
At 5'11 215 lbs Cook use's elusive jump cuts and sudden acceleration to separate from tacklers and is almost uncatchable from behind, expect a 4.3 - 40 or better at the combine. If speed kills, Cook is an assassin.

15. Eagles: Jalen Tabor, Cornerback, Florida

(From Minnesota)
Team Needs : RB * CB * WR * OT * OG * DT * ILB * DE

With RB Dalvin Cook going one pick before them to the Colts, the Eagles decision is much easier. Philly's pass defense has been an issue for the last few season's and adding as much talent as they can through the draft and free agency will be a goal of GM Howie Roseman.
Tabor has proven he is one of the top corners in a very talented class, he excels in man and zone coverage and shows off the length, athleticism and instincts teams covet in corners. Tabor using his outstanding instincts and high-end playmaking ability in the secondary racked up 104 total tackles, 28 passes defended, eight interceptions, four sacks and three touchdowns across 37 games with the Gators, a very impressive body of work in the tough SEC.

16. Ravens: Takkarist McKinley, Outside Linebacker, UCLA

Team Needs : 3/4OLB x 2 * RB * CB * WR * OT * OG * DE * TE

The Ravens missed the play offs and that doesn't sit well with management and ownership. Baltimore requires elite pass rushing if there 3/4 base defense is to work and with Terrell Sugg's turning 35 and Elvis Dummerville 34 both are showing signs they are past there best before dates. Adding youth at 3/4 OLB would not only lower positional cap hit but add speed to a position that needs it.
McKinley is an explosive edge rusher, and they simply do not come much more athletic than McKinley, a former high school track standout who evolved into the most feared pass rusher in the Pac-12 in 2016.
McKinley at 6'2" 258 lb's registered career-highs in tackles (61), tackles for loss (18), sacks (10) and forced fumbles (three) over the regular season, dominating opponents with an explosive initial burst, bend off the corner and a relentless motor that projects very in Harbaugh's 3/4 defensive scheme.


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