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Nick Knourek's 2017 NFL Mock Draft 1.0
Published at 3/2/2017 12:30:09 PM

2017 NFL Mock Draft w/ full descriptions for 1st round. Will be updated.

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Round 1

1. Browns: Myles Garrett, Defensive End, Texas A&M

Last year the Browns struggled to stop the run game against their opponents, not only that they struggled on the pass rush. Now unless some sort of video is posted of Myles Garret smoking marijuana from a gas mask, it is almost certain that he will go 1st overall. With Myles Garret, the Browns will instantly improve the pass rush but that does not help their offensive problems as well.

I've read many mocks having the Browns selecting a Quarterback 1st overall, though there is a good possibility that the Browns will select a Quarterback 1st overall, I don't think that any of the Quarterbacks are that good to go that early. But I do know for sure that the Browns will select a Quarterback somewhere in this draft unless they fix that problem in the free agency or by acquiring Jimmy Garapollo. However there have been speculation of the Patriots keeping Garapollo for themselves. So in that case I have the Browns picking up a Quarterback next round.

Now back to Myles Garret. I recently watched some highlight reels that have impressed me. He has freakish athleticism and body control for his size. Sudden first step, but the quickness of his second and third steps are just as effective, using long, strong strides. The downside of him is various moves in his pass rush arsenal, but his move-to-move transition requires polish to better counter. Overaggressive and needs to maintain proper position vs. the run to contain the edge and keep the ball carrier inside. Otherwise I think that he is a great talent and will succeed in the NFL and is a great fit for the Browns defense.

2. 49ers: Mitch Trubisky, Quarterback, North Carolina

In my opinion I think that Trubisky is the best Quarterback in the draft. I know that I said that I don't think that any of the Quarterbacks are good enough to go this early but when the 49ers are on the clock next round there won't be any instant starter Quarterbacks left on the board. So I think that the 49ers will jump the board here and draft Mitch Trubisky.

The 49ers have had Quarterback problems for the last few years now and I think that is one of the few reasons why they are not an elite team anymore. Now I am not saying that drafting Mitch Trubisky will instantly make them elite again, it will take at least three years for that to happen. I just think that he will make a great Quarterback in the future. I also was a little hesitant having the 49ers select Trubisky instead of the mobile Quarterbacks such as Kizer or Watson to fit their 'roll-out' play style. However, I think the 49ers will make huge changes in there play style come the next couple years. They have a new coaching staff which I think will be the start of their change.

Some people are saying that Trubisky had a one-year-wonder type season though that may be true he does have some crucial strengths that he'll carry with him into the NFL. He is a tall, solidly built passer. Outstanding athlete with the mobility and body strength to escape pressure and extend plays. Efficient pocket movements to climb and delicately operate amidst backfield pressure with his eyes downfield. Quick to reset his feet, set and fire. Slightly above average arm strength and controls his ball speeds well. People have compared him to Andy Dalton, but I have him like an Alex Smith type of Quarterback.

3. Bears: Jonathan Allen, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

The Bears have a strong interest in drafting Trubisky in replacement of the infamous 'Debbie Downer' but Trubisky was taken 2nd overall by the 49ers. Though I don't think that the Bears will give up drafting a Quarterback just yet. I don't think they'll take the risk on drafting Kizer, Mahomes or Watson now not saying that there is a risk drafting them I just think that Jonathan Allen is just to great to pass up.

I didn't watch to much of the Bears playing last year so I am not going to make my own opinion about them. However I have heard that the Bears pass rush was not up to expectations last year. Now because of that I do believe that drafting Jonathan Allen is a safe selection for the Bears instantly improving the pass rush.

Now from watching Allen's tapes I realized he can play inside and outside on the D-Line making him a versatile player that they can use at either defensive tackle or defensive end. But I did notice that is a bulky and not very agile at the start of the play. However, his strength really makes up for his weaknesses and I think he'll at least be a decent player come the next few years.

4. Jaguars: Solomon Thomas, Defensive End, Stanford

Thomas is a young and ready player that I am confident will be very successful in the NFL. On top of that the Jags need help at the lineman spot to improve their pass rush that was almost non-existent last season so this is all around a reasonable pick for the team. The Jaguars are a young talented roster that just cannot win games. It is time to store confidence in this unit and start rolling next season before it's too late.

In my previous mock drafts I the Jags picking Fournette. That would be an excellent pick for the Jags but I don't think they really require a running back just yet. Instead I think that the Jaguars will attend their needs at D-Line early on in the draft.

Like I said earlier I am confident that Solomon Thomas will make a great NFL player early on. Thomas sports a power-packed frame with excellent overall weight distribution including broad shoulders and heavily muscled limbs that serve as a testament to his commitment to the weight room. He possesses excellent initial quickness to slip gaps, exploding off the ball and showing good core flexibility and strength to get skinny and fight through tight spaces.

5. Titans: Reuben Foster, Inside Linebacker, Alabama

Almost all of the mock drafts I've seen have the Titans selecting Jamal Adams or Malik Hooker. Not me, and I have a great reason for it. Last year Titans Safety Rashad Johnson left the Cardinals to test free agency and got picked up by the Titans. This year the undrafted star Tony Jefferson will test free agency. Now let me remind you that Tony Jefferson was ranked a top 5 safety last season from multiple sources. Now some of you may be wondering why would they pick up Jefferson. Well it's pretty obvious. Both Jefferson and Johnson played together and developed a close friendship. To improve team chemistry I strongly believe that the Titans will offer up Tony Jefferson a contract.

If signed, the Titans will focus on their next need early on in the draft which is an inside linebacker. Now in my previous mocks I had Reuben Foster falling to the late first round due to concussion concerns but not in this case. The Titans will watch him closely at the combine and will possibly draft him regardless of the addition of Tony Jefferson or any safety for that matter.

Other than Injury concerns, Reuben Foster has developed authentic strengths over the years. Foster offers prototypical size for an inside linebacker role. His greatest attribute, however, is his pure explosiveness. Whether it be his outstanding sideline-to-sideline speed or the impact he generates with his collisions. He may end up being the best player in this draft. And with this playoff contender team with a young talented roster. I wouldn't be surprised if they appeared in a Super Bowl the next couple years

6. Jets: Marshon Lattimore, Cornerback, Ohio State

After the incident with Darelle Revis, I would say it is unlikely to a see him return for another season. This instantly creates a need for the Jets. I understand that they have needs at Running Back and Quarterback. But I think they have will have a more sense of urgency at the Cornerback position. This is because Revis is the Jets only reliable Cornerback over in New York.

I was a little hesitant on which Cornerback the Jets would select. It was really between Humphrey and Lattimore. I ended up choosing Lattimore because of his speed and his ability to move his hips to stick with the Receiver. I believe that Lattimore will turn out to be a good player for the Jets sometime in the future.

7. Chargers: Jamal Adams, Strong Safety, LSU

A lot of people have the Chargers picking up Malik Hooker but that's only because Jamal Adams goes before him. In this case Jamal Adams falls to the seventh overall and the Chargers pick him up over Malik Hooker due to his upcoming surgeries that will keep him out this off season.

Every since Eric Weddle left the Chargers, they've been shorted of talent in the secondary. Jamal Adams is an instant starter and an instant impact for the Chargers meanwhile if they'd pick Malik Hooker they would be uncertain about his health and future even though I think they realize that Hooker is better than Adams. Their just going with this safe selection by drafting Jamal Adams.

Adams shows rare key and diagnosis skills. He is hyper-aggressive in run support, flying upfield and slipping past blockers to provide the Tigers with almost another linebacker at the point of attack. This selection would really pan out for the Chargers.

8. Panthers: Mike Williams, Wide Receiver, Clemson

I might change this pick because of combine results but for now I have them picking Mike Williams over Leonard Fournette. The Panthers still have Jonathan Stewart, he may not be great, I don't even think he's good at all. But they need a Receiver more than a Running Back right now.

Ted Ginn may not be in Carolina for long and because of that the Panthers will look for a Receiver in this round. Offensively the Panthers struggled last season so I am confident they'll give your friendly neighborhood 'dabber' a Receiver to compliment his stats and improve the offense for the following season.

Williams has a flexible body control to effortlessly turn and adjust to the ball with a defender on his back. Strong-strider and accelerates well in his routes to trample corners. Large catch radius, using his length to pluck above his head or extend for diving grabs. Quick reflexes and sticky hands to make catches away from his body look easy. Trustworthy in contested situations, showing toughness, focus and finish.

9. Bengals: Corey Davis, Wide Receiver, Western Michigan

Besides from A.J. Green the Bengals Receiver Corps is pretty weak and Andy Dalton's stats have been dropping lately and that may be why. So I don't see why they wouldn't use this selection on one of the top prospects in the draft.

This Bengals offense has potential, good Quarterback, good Running Backs, great Tight Ends, decent O-Line and barley decent Receiver corps. So the addition of Corey Davis really makes sense to me.

Davis is an athletic route runner with the lower body coordination to burst in/out of his breaks. Smooth release and route acceleration to achieve proper depth. Polished footwork and hides his intended path. Quickly shifts his gears after the catch to regain his momentum, showing the balance and vision to create as a ballcarrier.

10. Bills: Deshaun Watson, Quarterback, Clemson

The Bills with no doubt are heavily looking for a Quarterback for this upcoming draft. It is most likely that Deshaun Watson will be on the Board at number 10. Tyrod Taylor may not be on the team next year and if so I don't know if he'll start next season.

Deshaun Watson fits this Buffalo scheme just perfectly and in all honesty I don't see him in any other uniform. This would be a great pick for the Bills and a Quarterback for the future would be perfect for the Bills right now.

The first thing that stands out about Watson is his remarkable athleticism. He is a fluid athlete with the vision, elusiveness and speed to make even well-coached defenses look silly. Even better, Watson looked no worse for the wear following the knee surgery, demonstrating the flexible joints and explosive acceleration that often takes a year (or more) to return. He shows impressive spatial awareness, recognizing when defenders are near and either sliding or running out of bounds to keep himself from absorbing unnecessary hits.

11. Saints: Leonard Fournette, Running Back, LSU

Yeah, call me crazy, I've got Leonard Fournette dropping out of the top ten. Then again the combine has yet to come around and after the combine this mock may change. Now by far the biggest need for the Saints is practically all of defense. But if Fournette is on the board by the 11th pick, I am sure the Saints will pick him up.

Running Back may not be the biggest need for the Saints but they could most definitely use some depth at the position as both Thomas and Hightower are getting older. Drafting Fournette is a great move for the Saints they'll get a potential All-Pro instant starting running back for the future.

The most physical finisher at contact I've scouted at the position, delivering punishment with an impressive combination of violence, power and determination. Lowers his pads and looks like a hammer in search of a nail. Runs with outstanding balance to keep or regain his momentum while putting tire tracks on defenders. Consistently picks up yardage after contact. Controlled, athletic movements in the backfield with the cut-and-accelerate skills few players his size possess. Fournette can be the best running back in the last decade.

12. Browns: Malik Hooker, Free Safety, Ohio State

In this mock, Browns will stick with improving their defense in the first round. Drafting Malik Hooker at twelve is a wise idea from the management. Even though his rookie season may be impacted because of surgeries that will keep him out for a couple months he will be a huge impact to the Browns secondary.

Hooker is a gifted athlete with impressive blend of burst, body control and reflexes. Outstanding play speed, covering a lot of green. Magnet to the ball due to his cover awareness, field vision and range. Transfers weight to smoothly open his hips, turn and run without gearing down. Impressive lower body explosion and leaping skills. Unique timing/anticipation to break on the ball and make plays most defensive backs don't. Elite ballskills with the innate ability to find, judge and disrupt the catch point. Long arms and strong hands to finish interceptions - finished second in the FBS with seven pick-offs in 2016.

13. Cardinals: DeShone Kizer, Quarterback, Notre Dame

Carson Palmer did not preform up to expectations last season and this following season may be his last. Some mocks predict the Cardinals picking up a receiver, I completely disagree with that. The Cardinals have very talented receivers that are young and who want the ball such as John Brown, Jaron Brown and J.J. Nelson. All good receivers behind Fitzgerald.

Kizer may not exactly be the perfect fit for Arizona's 'pocket-style' offense but Bruce Arians is the best Quarterback coach there is. Let me remind you, Arians was the Quarterback coach for Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger all in their rookie year. So expect Kizer to play in that style of offense if he is drafted by the Cardinals.

Kizer has above average arm strength with easy velocity to make every NFL throw. Comfortable downfield passer, delivering with proper touch and trajectory. Efficient set-up with an elevated, natural release. Loose athlete with functional movements within the pocket to shuffle, slide and easily shift his weight. Veteran pocket movements and poise, keeping his vision downfield. Not a twitchy mover, but nimble for his size with the mobility to beat defenders with his open-field quickness.

14. Colts: Derek Barnett, Defensive End, Tennessee

The Colts have a lot of team needs. Such as Guard, Tackle, Running Back, and Outside Linebacker. Erik Walden is almost 32 years old and wasn't very productive last season. Trent Cole is still good but he's almost 34. Derek Barnett can replace one of these two in the near future.

In my previous mocks I had the Colts selecting Dalvin Cook. But I think Gore will still be around for two seasons until then the Colts can focus on other needs.

Barnett has a stout body type with broad shoulders and well-distributed mass. Natural flexibility to dip, stay low and get underneath blockers. Great snap anticipation to time up his get-off. Not an elite speed rusher, but controls his momentum well in short spaces to make stops. Flashes violence in his hands to free himself from blocks. Uses body position and pad level to leverage blocks. Persistent effort in pursuit to chase down ballcarriers from the backside. Extremely alert football player with above average run awareness, seeing through blockers to locate the ball.

15. Eagles: Marlon Humphrey, Cornerback, Alabama

The Eagles need Wide Receivers since Jordan Matthews is their only good Receiver. Now that both Mike Williams and Corey Davis are off the board the Eagles may look in the other direction for players. The Eagles literally have poop Cornerbacks and it is time for an upgrade over there in Philly.

The Eagles overall have a strong defense with the support from Jordan Hicks, Malcolm Jenkins, Fletcher Cox, and Brandon Graham. But they could really use support at Cornerback to make that defense an elite one.

Humphrey boasts an exciting combination of size, straight-line speed and physicality for the position. Possesses a broad-shouldered well-built frame with long arms well-suited to press coverage. Shows balance and provides a pop with his initial jam, showing good extension and body control to harass receivers off the snap. Isn't reliant on the jam, showing enough flexibility and balance to open his hips, turn and accelerate down the sideline with even the speediest of receivers. Good awareness, including in zone coverage, where Humphrey shows a feel for routes developing behind him while keeping his eyes trained on the quarterback.

16. Ravens: Taco Charlton, Defensive End, Michigan

Taco time! Why do they call him Taco? Can anyone answer that for me in the comments?

The Ravens struggled last season with the pass rush and they are missing talent at the defensive end position with starter Lawrence Guy not preforming well at all. They can really use the talent from Taco Charlton to buff their line up.

I've seen mocks with the Ravens selecting a lot of different players but I am really confident with my pick.

Powerful upper body and uses his reach to extend and put blockers on skates. Heavy hands to control the edge and quickly reset his eyes to find the ballcarrier. Expanded his pass rush diversity as a senior, forcing holding penalties with his combination of upper body violence and lower body agility. Initial burst to win gaps and force his way through the shoulder of the offensive tackle. Continued effort from snap to whistle, showing sustained hustle in pursuit. Endures, doesn't wear down and can be an every-down player. Showed gradual improvement the past four seasons, finishing strong as a senior.


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