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2017 NBA Mock Draft by ASaintsFan - 5.20
Published at 5/20/2017 5:53:58 PM

lottery only mock that may or may not end up accurate because it's more of a what I would do type mock than predicting what teams will actually do though I won't try to predict trades

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Round 1

Round 1: 1-15
1. Celtics: Markelle Fultz, Point Guard, Washington

I think Boston will end up trading whoever is picked here in some package for a star player that would include Fultz, Bradley, and either Crowder or Brown(though probably Crowder). However, even if they don't trade it, I believe they will take who they believe is BPA. With Fultz's scoring ability he could play the 2. Him or Bradley would be a dynamic 6th man.

Celtics's Needs via ESPN's RPM

2. Lakers: Lonzo Ball, Point Guard, UCLA

Some people think the Lakers should trade this pick, but I say keep building a young core that rises to the top as Curry and the Warriors start to age. Boston probably wouldn't pick Lonzo because, despite being 2 inches taller, he wouldn't fit in as a SG as well as Fultz does. It would also give the Lakers a nice, young core of Ball, Russell, Ingram and Randle to build around, to go with Zubac and Clarkson who give them some depth and versatility with their lineup(s).

Lakers's Needs via ESPN's RPM

3. 76ers: De'Aaron Fox, Point Guard, Kentucky

One of my favorite players in the draft if not my favorite. An absolute competitor on both ends of the court, with great athleticism who knows how to run an offense. Would be a nice addition to the lineup and would give the classic two guys who can run the offense dynamic that most good teams have. Fox, Covington, Simmons, Okafor/Embiid and any other added decent young talent put around them could make a good young team that makes Embiid's comments about coming up when the Cavs get old look a lot smarter than it did at the time.

76ers's Needs via ESPN's RPM

4. Suns: Josh Jackson, Small Forward, Kansas

Before making this mock, I had to look him up because I was hesitant to put Jackson this high. Apparently, teams don't view the incident he had as a big deal, so I'll place him here. He's a good, athletic wing who will fit in nicely with the high level shooting of Booker and rest of the uptempo young Phoenix attack

Suns's Needs via ESPN's RPM

5. Kings: Jayson Tatum, Small Forward, Duke

The Kings need as much help as they can get. Outside of Buddy Hield's flashes of good play last season, there isn't much going Sacremento's way. Enter Tatum, a good scorer with range on his shot that may not be the most athletic but is a baller. Plus, Aaron Aflalo, no offense to him, is not a small forward even though that's basically where he started last year.

Kings's Needs via ESPN's RPM

6. Magic: Jonathan Isaac, Small Forward, Florida State

Here's where I break off from the main mock draft. I understand why they'd pick a stretch PF but they need someone who can shoot. Enter Isaac, one of the most intriguing players in this draft. He's got a KD type frame and good perimeter skills, and posts up well enough that he can play the 3 or 4, though you'd like to see him put on some size. With Orlando, however, he may not need to because, with the Biyambo-Ross trade, Gordon is playing the 4, where he should be. Thus, this makes Isaac the small ball four and someone who, if he has a good camp, may push for Ross's starting spot.

Magic's Needs via ESPN's RPM

7. Timberwolves: Lauri Markkanen, Power Forward, Arizona

No offense to Gourgi Dieng, but he'll always be at best a mid-level starter at the PF position. The TWolves need shooting and it would be nice to get a PF to start over Dieng who could provide quality minutes for their second team. Enter Markkanen, who I don't know a ton about so I'm not sure if he could start over Dieng, but at the very least he would provide a good shooter for the TWolves offense.

Timberwolves's Needs via ESPN's RPM

8. Knicks: Malik Monk, Guard, Kentucky

The Knicks need help all over outside of Porzingis. Melo is gonna be traded, it's a matter of when not if, DRose and is a FA's, Lee has underwhelmed, and Noah has fallen off a cliff since winning DPOTY and finishing 4th in MVP voting a few years ago. Monk is a good 3 level scorer who would be a good second option for Porzingis and probably a steal at this juncture

Knicks's Needs via ESPN's RPM

9. Mavericks: Zach Collins, Center, Gonzaga

The Mavs have a decent roster, but the bigs are aging. Zach Collins is a bit of a unknown as he mostly came off the bench this past season but has skills in the post and can develop into a good player.

Mavericks's Needs via ESPN's RPM

10. Kings: Dennis Smith, Point Guard, N.C. State

Ty Lawson and Darren Collison are both FA's this year and Smith is probably BPA here. If the Kings hot on both of these picks, they may have some hope in the future. Maybe.

Kings's Needs via ESPN's RPM

11. Hornets: Justin Jackson, Small Forward, North Carolina

Justin Jackson is the type of player who will be ready to play day one. He can play the 2 or the 3 and is a good scorer. Also, he can take MKG's spot in the starting lineup or come off the bench and provide some good scoring at the 3 spot which the desperately need when Batum is at the 2/on the bench.

Hornets's Needs via ESPN's RPM

12. Pistons: Frank Ntilikina, Point Guard, France

Reggie Jackson was benched this year and is notoriously a ballhog. Ish Smith is not the long term solution at the position either. Enter Frank, a player who won't be ready to play right away but is a true point guard who can defend multiple positions, both thing the Pistons would definitely love to have.

Pistons's Needs via ESPN's RPM

13. Nuggets: Donovan Mitchell, Guard, Louisville

The one thing Denver needs is better defense, and what better way to do that than by picking someone from Louisville who's known for that. Mitchell is 6'3 with a 6'10 wingspan. This makes him slightly undersized and his offense can be streaky, defense will be his calling card and that's exactly what Denver needs especially on the perimeter.

Nuggets's Needs via ESPN's RPM

14. Heat: O.G Anuoby, Guard, Indiana

The Heat were one of the hottest teams to finish the season last year, barely missing out on the 8 seed(and to be honest, if them and Chicago made it with Indiana out, I think it makes the first round in the east that much more interesting). With that in mind, Miami can afford to take a bit of a risk here and either go with a high upside foreign player or take the biggest question mark from the college ranks.If he booms, Miami pushes themselves up a few spots in the east. If his injuries get to him, they had a solid team anyway.

Heat's Needs via ESPN's RPM

15. Prospect not selected

Round 1: 1-15

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