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MID-Season SPECIAL I'M THE GM Draft by Grizzly - 11.1
Published at 11/2/2017 7:07:46 AM

There are obviously FOUR types of mock drafts ONE is the most common we see THE no trade draft where we speculate on who each team will pick. .Why experts favor this is always puzzling to me as there are always trades and never no trades. TWO The next most common is THE draft where we speculate who each team will pick with trades. THREE Then there is THE no trade draft where we are the GM of each team and finally the rarest draft drafts, FOUR where we are THE GM of each team and there are trades, this mock is THE fourth type. some call this trye of draft an "If I were King" draft. .

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Redskins: Lamar Jackson, Quarterback, Louisville

The centerpiece of all my trade drafts involves Cousins and the most logical place for him is Cleveland with a long(ish) three year sign and trade deal. He is a family guy and there is only one team near his home that needs a QB and it is the Browns. He already has buckets of money, won't be going to the countries most liberal town to raise his children and the Browns need (and want an established QB rather than speculate on a rookie. Price is 2018 & 2019 1st + 2018 2nd (via Texans) terms are 3 year deal with Browns option fourth year, Truly a classic win -win trade.

2. 49ers: Josh Rosen, Quarterback, UCLA

Yep I like Rosen better than Darnold (though I think Niners would take Darnold and Rosen is a better fit in NYC

3. Giants: Sam Darnold, Quarterback, USC

Sure Barkley would tempt me, but I sure would not screw around in the end because after all QB is by far the most important position also the tackles are deep this year so there is a good chance to get one early in the second.

4. Buccaneers: Saquon Barkley, Running Back, Penn State

From Colts Small trades are much better as a general rule and Tampa and the Colts should make a deal here. Why trade? Someone else could jump in and it should be obvious who Tampa is trading for. Price 2018 3rd, yes it is more than any Trade Value Chart but this is the reality (as I see it)

5. Colts: Arden Key, Defensive End, LSU

While it could be a tackle I'd pick Key here if I were King

6. Raiders: Orlando Brown, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma

I'd absolutely take a tackle here(but trading down is an option too) I don't agree with most experts (including our venerable host and Charlie) as to who that is. While I like McGlinchey, I think laying next to Nelson helps him greatly. My top tackle is Brown

7. Jets: Clayton Thorson, Quarterback, Northwestern

I have Darnold and Thorson ranked neck and neck (yep higher than most) and I even think Elway might try to get him at six (or earlier) through a trade.

8. Chargers: Mike McGlinchey, Offensive Tackle, Notre Dame

Although I'd like to pick a QB, unless I can trade up and get one of the top four I'm taking a tackle

9. Redskins: Derwin James, Safety, Florida State

From Chicago For me the toughest question so far in this draft comes here with the team I know the best my Bears. Key would have been my first choice but he is gone, I'd be quite happy with Fitzpatrick as a hybrid corner, but because this draft has an abundance of good corners through round two I'd allow the Redskins to pry this pick from me to take their second biggest need although they might take Fitzpatrick over James. Price 2018 2nd (via Browns and Texans) 2018 third (Bears give back 2018 4th)

10. Broncos: Josh Allen, Quarterback, Wyoming

Cold weather QB would be a nice fall back if they can't get Thorson

11. Cardinals: Minkah Fitzpatrick, Safety, Alabama

Bruce needs mostly a QB and could trade up for one (I would try) to get Thorson at 5 or 6. But suppose they can't they need both Oline help and a CB, though I like Webster I'd rather take Fitzpatrick who is a stud at either position

12. Bengals: Connor Williams, Offensive Tackle, Texas

I'm taking the big guy here

13. Browns: Ken Webster, Cornerback, Ole Miss

From Texans I'd run to the podium

14. Lions: Bradley Chubb, Defensive End, N.C. State

Likewise this seems an easy choice

15. Bills: Christian Kirk, Wide Receiver, Texas A&M

From Bears Seriously I could see the Bills moving to take their top receiver here and the Bears more than willing to trade down for their 2018 second and 2018 6th

16. Cowboys: Christian Wilkins, Defensive Tackle, Clemson

Witten must be replaced and the DT depth is strong in this draft so I would take either Wilkins or Payne. The other possibility is to take Guice as insurance for Elliott.

Picks 1-16

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