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Full first round mock V1
Published at 6/6/2018 6:34:17 PM

This time I'm going through the full first round with the mock draft.

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Round 1

Round 1: 1-15
1. Suns: DeAndre Ayton, Center, Arizona

I'm now hopping all aboard the "Ayton to Phoenix" train and now I'm starting to believe that based on that, they may decide to throw the money I thought would be used on Capela at Aaron Gordon or someone like that. As I previously stated, I believe Ayton compares favorably to a healthy Joel Embiid in terms of being able to use his athleticism at the 5 to get by guys but also post up very effectively and grab a lot of rebounds. His defense may leave something to be desired, but Ayton's size with his athleticism and overall ability make him too good to pass up

Suns's Needs via ESPN's RPM

2. Kings: Mohamed Bamba, Center, Texas

The big surprise of the second mock! However, the recent reports that his 3/4 court sprint time was faster than both John Wall's and Russel Westbrook's in addition to his record breaking wingspan leaves me thinking the Kings will say to themselves that he has too much ability to pass up, especially with mister trade master himself wanting in on this guy.

Kings's Needs via ESPN's RPM

3. Hawks: Jaren Jackson, Power Forward, Michigan State

And we finally have a pick where it's the same as last time! Jackson may never fully develop into a star, but as a 4 next to John Collins he's a great fit. His three point shot, athleticism, defense, and shot blocking are all things that make him very intriguing.

Hawks's Needs via ESPN's RPM

4. Grizzlies: Marvin Bagley III, Power Forward, Duke

Once again I have the Grizzles swinging for the fences, but this time instead of MPJ I have them taking Bagley, whose athleticism is off the charts but other than that he has to figure some things out. Other than Trae Young, however, his name may be the biggest ticket draw in the draft because he was a star at Duke so basically everyone already knows who he is, in addition to being a bit of a home run pick.

Grizzlies's Needs via ESPN's RPM

5. Mavericks: Michael Porter Jr., Small Forward, Missouri

The Mavs go for the swing of all swings for the fences and take MPJ with the 5th overall pick. Concerns about his handle, defense, and injuries are all red flags with him, but he also has the best potential of anyone in this draft to become a guy who creates his own shots and can

Mavericks's Needs via ESPN's RPM

6. Magic: Luka Doncic, Small Forward, Slovenia

I'm also going to buy into the reports that Doncic is slipping on draft boards. My reasoning is, however, that teams are worried about the possibility of him deciding not to come over and play right away. At some point, however, some team will decide the reward combined with need for a primary ball handler will outweigh the risk and decide to draft him. That team, to me, would be Orlando who desperately needs wing play in general. Whether they bring Gordon back or decide to let him go and play Isaac in his place, this team needs better shooters and play makers on the court; Doncic, if he comes over, provides both.

Magic's Needs via ESPN's RPM

7. Bulls: Wendell Carter Jr., Power Forward, Duke

The Bulls don't have many options here, as they like Dunn at point guard, the 2-guard crop in this draft doesn't have any real stars, and their reported main target in this mock draft is on his way to Dallas, so they select the center that's been compared to Al Horford and pair him with Lauri Markkanen to form and interesting and versatile front court.

Bulls's Needs via ESPN's RPM

8. Cavaliers: Collin Sexton, Point Guard, Alabama

Mister Woj bomb has reported that LeBron will not give a say in this pick and let the front office decide for themselves what direction they'll go, Personally, I believe they will draft with the belief that LeBron is gone and will take potentially the best 2 way point guard in the draft class. He needs to work on consistency on his outside shot, but his athleticism and intensity of play make him an electric player

Cavaliers's Needs via ESPN's RPM

9. Knicks: Trae Young, Point Guard, Oklahoma

The Knicks get the guy they've been linked to since the start and don't even have to move up to get him. While I do believe there is a link between the Knicks and Mikal Bridges, if Young is available I don't see them passing him up. With this move, Trey Burke is either on his way out or moves to a sixth man role while Young, being the polarizing prospect he is, probably draws big crowds to Madison Square Garden

Knicks's Needs via ESPN's RPM

10. 76ers: Mikal Bridges, Small Forward, Villanova

The Colangelo mess leads me to believe that he won't be making this pick, but that David Griffin will. In that case, Philly gets a local 3&D prospect to fit next to Simmons and, potentially, LeBron afterward. Bridges and Covington would be a terror on defense when on the floor together, and his athleticism for the role he plays makes him very intriguing, even though he probably will never be more than a solid starter and borderline all defensive team

76ers's Needs via ESPN's RPM

11. Hornets: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Point Guard, Kentucky

The rationale for this is the same one I gave last time: Kemba is the only point guard they have under contract, and SGA gives them both depth at the position now and insurance for if Kemba leaves. SGA's size and ability to get to the basket make him another point to guard to watch out for as a two-way guy.

Hornets's Needs via ESPN's RPM

12. Clippers: Kevin Knox, Small Forward, Kentucky

Knox is another 3&D guy, but he's more raw than Bridges is which is why he probably slips further than Mikal. That being said, the Clippers need an infusion of youth on the wing and this is probably the best option for that at this junction; either him or Miles Bridges.

Clippers's Needs via ESPN's RPM

13. Clippers: Robert Williams, Power Forward, Texas A&M

With the second of back to back picks, the Clippers take a bit of a risk with Williams, who will be an athletic big and rebounds well but has other serious questions. That being said...he is a Louisiana hooper so I hope he pans out.

Clippers's Needs via ESPN's RPM

14. Nuggets: Lonnie Walker IV, Shooting Guard, Miami

With this pick, Denver continues their trend of making decisions with little regard for defense. Walker definitely has potential on that end, but his main calling card is definitely his scoring abilities.

Nuggets's Needs via ESPN's RPM

15. Wizards: Mitchell Robinson, Center, Western Kentucky

The Wizards roll the dice here big time with Robinson who hasn't played organized basketball since graduating from Chalmette High School. That being said, if he pans out and becomes the guy who got a top 10 ranking in his recruiting class, the Wizards have themselves a steal and possibly a guy to finally push Gortat out of town.

Wizards's Needs via ESPN's RPM

Round 1: 1-15

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