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2019 NFL Mock Draft by kkunert327 - A Mid-Summer's Draft
Published at 7/24/2018 9:53:01 AM

A fun little draft that might get your feathers in a rankle. Feel free to let me know what you think and please come with an open mind necessary to discuss a mock draft in July.

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Bengals: Ed Oliver, Defensive Tackle, Houston

- In most situations a team with the top pick would normally aim for a new quarterback. However, the Bengals are not a normal team since they are generally content with wallowing in mediocrity. Instead, I feel like they will stick with the "Grey Water Pistol" Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis for at least another season. They do benefit that this draft is loaded with talent along the defensive line that are hands down favorites to be the top prospects taken. One of them being Ed Oliver who would have been a consensus top pick had he been able to enter the draft out of high school. His size, strength, athleticism, leadership, and motor have him in the mold of a Ndamukong Suh combined with Gerald McCoy. The Bengals have two of their top d-linemen up for new contracts in Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap. Even if they do retain Atkins I think a talent like Oliver alongside him could give them one of the best interior pass rushing duos to wreck havoc on the league.

2. Cardinals: Nick Bosa, Defensive End, Ohio State

Well, it looks like the younger can have some bragging rights in the Bosa household going one pick sooner than Joey did in 2016. The younger Bosa is every bit as good and talented as his older brother and can bring the same sort of impact that can really elevate a defense. The Cardinals are in a growing period where Bradford will probably start behind a shaky line for as long as he holds up allowing Josh Rosen to deal with those issues. This roster as a whole needs a jolt of new talent to help them compete in the competitive NFC West and a talent like Bosa can help them in that direction. With a combination of Bosa and Chandler Jones can really elevate this defense and cover up their big miss on Robert Nkemdiche who has been a massive disappointment.

3. Buccaneers: Greedy Williams, Cornerback, LSU

I think the Bucs should look to upgrade the quarterback spot with Jameis Winston continuing to decline on the field and implode morally off the field just does not have the look of a franchise quarterback. However, he has one more year left on his deal and possibly one more if they pick up his option, but I doubt they do. One more try of the combination of coach Dirk Koetter and Jameis Winston is probably in the plan for another one of the NFL\'s most mediocre franchises. Instead, I think they could look to bolster their defense further by actually finding a lock down corner that they have been missing since Ronde Barber retired. Williams has the inside track as the top corner taken from the defensive back factory down at the bayou of LSU. He has the length, speed, swagger, ball skills, and physicality you want from a corner. The issue is his weight, but more and more teams seem to be unfazed by those issues since corners like Denzel Ward, Eli Apple, and others continue to be taken high in the draft despite being rather slight. Adding Williams should help them compete in the high flying NFC South better and actually give them one of the more well rounded defenses in the league.

4. Bills: Trey Adams, Offensive Tackle, Washington

The Bills currently have the worst offensive line situation in the league that I think will be the biggest cause of their downfall this year. Besides the three way quarterback battle between Josh Allen, A.J. McCarron, and Nate Peterman that has no one excited. Of course, they want Allen to win out, but his issues will only be exacerbated behind a bad o-line. I would rather have McCarron or Peterman take the lumps behind that leaky blocking unit and let Allen work in the shadows until he is ready. Trey Adams should have been a top 10 pick had he not injured his ACL last November. He should be healthy and improve his strength over the course of this season to build with his already solid technique and instincts on the left side. With him in fold kicking Dion Dawkins to right tackle should be the smart move helping them improve both tackle spots with one pick. Next up improving the interior of the line should be looked into the rest of the draft for this squad if they want Josh Allen to succeed.

5. Giants: Justin Herbert, Quarterback, Oregon

Now will the Giants look for Eli Manning\'s heir apparent? Bringing in a new running back will not solve this team\'s issues over night especially the lethargy on defense that ran rampant last season. This o-line is still a work in progress, OBJ\'s best games thus far have come in losses, and they are now moving to a 3-4 front with ill equipped talent. I would prefer if they draft a quarterback here whether it be Herbert, Stidham, Patterson, Thorson, or Lock to sit behind Manning to learn from one of the best professionals in the league. Not with just how to be a better quarterback on the field, but also off the field with teammates and the harsh media in New York. Right now, Herbert is the favorite in the clubhouse with his skills, size, and athletic talent to be the first quarterback taken. However, injuries could derail his chances as the top option, but if he stays healthy and continues to display advance touch on his passes he should be the first qb taken. My main issue with him is his lame name that does not roll off the tongue or exude a top strapping quarterback like others like Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, Jimmy Garoppolo, and others just have great marketing names.

6. Browns: Raekwon Davis, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

Just winning one game would be a win this season for the league\'s worst franchise, but I see this team being talented enough to win at least five games. I would not be surprised if they actually won more with their generally talented roster and Tyrod Taylor who has generally been a consistent winning quarterback throughout his career. With this pick they can go in many directions from another corner to a left tackle to a receiver or a safety. However, I think this draft\'s strength is along the defensive line in particular in the tackle group and landing one of them can really vaunt this young defense. Coupling a talented interior terror like Raekwon Davis with Myles Garrett, Larry Ogunjobi, and Emmanuel Ogbah will give them a very exciting defensive line to watch. Couple that with their talented linebacker core and young secondary an interior pass rush can elevate all of the guys behind him as well. I may be going out on a limb, but I think this team is going to be the cream of the crop in the AFC North in a few seasons.

7. Chiefs: Clelin Ferrell, Defensive End, Clemson

For some reason everyone see Patrick Mahomes as a better quarterback over Mitchell Trubisky, but both are unknowns in my opinion and maybe Mahomes more so since he only played one game. Who knows maybe he can turn into a dumpster fire or their poor drafting could finally come bite them in the butt. I have a gut feeling this is going to be a bottoming out season and maybe even cost Andy Reid his job after only being mediocre for the better part of his tenure with the Chiefs. I do think if they pick this high selecting a new edge rusher will be needed with Justin Houston\'s contract looking like a big albatross thanks to his injury history despite some good flashes. Meanwhile, Dee Ford\'s contract is up nor has he been that great for them over the years. Ferrell would have been a lock top 15 pick had he entered the 2018 draft and he should remain that high a year later and with more experience. He should bring a new youthful jolt on this defense that could give them a stabilizing all around force of nature on the edge.

8. Dolphins: Jarrett Stidham, Quarterback, Auburn

The Dolphins could have traded up to select a young quarterback in 2018 like the Bills and Jets did to compete moving forward, but they wisely stepped back and decided to fully see what they have in Ryan Tannehill. In my opinion, Tannehill is not a terrible quarterback, but he is not talented enough for me to fully buy into him as a franchise quarterback. If I were running the Dolphins I would take this opportunity to select a young qb to groom possibly behind Tannehill for a season and when Brady retires they have a shot like the Bills or Jets to have the next young quarterback to dominate the division. Stidham could have slipped into the first round in 2018, but smartly remained in school to develop some more in Gus Malzahn\'s system that benefits the quarterback with his wide open scheme. The former Baylor Bear has shown flashes of a talented and explosive arm to go along with impressive speed and open field vision when he takes off. He could give the Dolphins a younger, more refined, and more sturdy version of Tannehill who\'s injuries and being a former receiver in college has never been able to fully develop his skills as a signal caller.

9. Seahawks: Greg Little, Offensive Tackle, Ole Miss

I think the Seahawks will take a step back this season, but not due to their lack of talent overall. However, the talent and direction that the Rams and 49ers are taking are just that much better than them to knock them back for a season until they regroup. The Seahawks benefit from having Russell Wilson in the fold, but the roster outside of him needs a jolt of new energy. Not only that, but the team as a whole needs a new voice from the coaching staff down so I would not be surprised if this is Pete Carroll\'s last season with them. One big issue is still their o-line and Duane Brown the oft-injured veteran is a free agent after this season. If I were them I would take this opportunity to draft a new young left tackle to groom. Little is a talented blocker who has the size, athleticism, and talent to groom into a top flight blindside blocker. One that Wilson has never had throughout his career thus far.

10. Lions: Joe Jackson, Defensive End, Miami

I have a feeling that Ziggy Ansah is not for long in Detroit. Not only do they normally fail to shell out big money, but they also never really seemed in love with Ansah. His numbers took a dip last season due to the poor cast around him causing him to fight throw double blocks often, but he also never evolved as a pass rusher. I do like the interior of their line with Da'Shawn Hand in fold and A'Shawn Robinson becoming better with each season especially in terms of pushing the pocket as a pass rusher. Bringing in a talent like Jackson just makes sense even if they do retain Ansah giving them a talented line from edge to edge to compete in the competitive NFC North. Jackson has really jumped out as a top prospect after a breakout season last year displaying great speed and impressive bend for his length.

11. Raiders: Bryce Love, Running Back, Stanford

I can see them under Jon Gruden to continue to do throwback selections like last year with reaching for a weak right tackle expecting him to be a mauler. Now they can select a slight running back with a lot of grit expecting him to be a bruising bell cow style back. I do not think the duo of Marshawn Lynch and Doug Martin are for long in Oakland or Las Vegas for that matter and by next season they may come to conclusion that fixing the running game is what they need to get over the hump. It\'s not they really need to work on this defense, but under Gruden the offense will always be the more bolstered group. Love is a gritty do it all back, but his slight size and lack of elusiveness that makes McCaffrey special is not a top end running back in my opinion. However, in this weak group he is the best option and may be over drafted after another Heisman candidate type season.

12. Broncos: Derrick Brown, Defensive Tackle, Auburn

The edge rushing duo on this team could be the best in a few seasons between Von Miller and Bradley Chubb, but they are still missing that interior pass rushing presence they had with Malik Jackson during their Super Bowl run. The likes of Derek Wolfe, Adam Gotsis, and Domata Peko are just not going to get it done. Luckily, for them this defensive tackle draft is deep, talented, and contains about five top selections. Derrick Brown is one of the lesser known players among that group, but his versatility, motor, and size make him a salivating prospect. He is still very young and still very raw in his technique that could have GMs and coaches thinking they can untap a ton of potential out of him. A defensive front of Brown, Chubb, and Miller should really alleviate the youth in their secondary after letting Aqib Talib and others go over the past few seasons.

13. Colts: Trayvon Mullen, Cornerback, Clemson

I think the Colts are headed in a good direction after last year\'s strong draft and finding a few gems like Quincy Wilson in the draft prior. However, the biggest plus is the possibility of a healthy Andrew Luck behind an actually strong line that could have them return to contention. I think this weak secondary outside of Wilson and Malik Hooker is what will cause them to drag behind and be one step away from being a true contender. Drafting a top corner should be in their future this draft or another pass rusher, but the d-line is a much deeper class than the corners in this class. Mullen is a name that will pop this season behind a strong Clemson line where he can just shine in one on one coverage without much worry about being stuck out in coverage for too long. Some call him an athletic freak and if he flashes that potential he should be a lock first round pick possibly even be a better version of Mike Hughes who was a first rounder off his athletic gifts.

14. Jets: A.J. Brown, Wide Receiver, Ole Miss

A new receiver for Sam Darnold to grow with is a big need for this team. The likes of Robby Anderson, Quincy Enunwa, and Jermaine Kearse are not enough to allow Darnold to unlock his potential. Granted, I think he is a good enough quarterback to be able to work with any receiver, but with how young he is right now finding a top option could make his growth jump quicker than without one. Brown is the top option in this class right now with his athletic gifts, routes, hands, and size to be a Julio Jones type receiver. The issue is the quarterbacks throwing him the ball in what looks to be a lost season at Ole Miss could cause his numbers to dip and cause evaluators to shy away from him much like they did with Calvin Ridley. I do think Brown has been on their radar for so long that they know what he can do. A new blocker could also be in their future here, but I would lean towards a play maker for this talent-less offense.

15. Ravens: Devin White, Inside Linebacker, LSU

The Ravens are still in salary cap hell and have Terrell Suggs and C.J. Mosley up for new deals after this season. I would attempt to resign both, but I doubt they make it happen so finding a new linebacker should be in their future. Also, due to their defensive history I feel like they lean that way in the draft more often than not. I would not be shocked if White ends up shooting up into the top 10 of the draft as scouts and talent evaluators are beginning to compare him to Ray Lewis with how fast, instinctive, and violent he is as a linebacker. As quoted by a scout,
"This kid could end up being similar to Ray Lewis. I'd take White over any of the linebackers this year. He's unbelievable. Unless he gets hurt or completely shuts it down to protect himself, he'll be the first linebacker drafted next year. He's the complete package. Great character. He's the signal-caller of the defense with a super football IQ. He's big, study, and stout enough for Mike - middle linebacker; swift enough for Will - weakside linebacker -, great athlete and coverage instincts. Stacks up the stat boxes, all of them. He's fast, an explosive tackler, and [has] elite reactionary quickness."

16. Redskins: Drew Lock, Quarterback, Missouri

I think this is the draft where lower selecting teams can stash a first round quarterback for a season or two to groom unlike last year where a lot of analysts thought they would go that route. This draft is talented, but there are some talented quarterbacks in this class that could be franchise options if given time to develop. I doubt the Redskins think they are Super Bowl contenders with Alex Smith and will probably only have him for a season or two before handing the job over to a young option. One of those candidates could be the gunslinger Drew Lock who is this class' Josh Allen who is a big and strapping athlete at the quarterback position. He has the size, arm strength, and instincts to be a starting quarterback. However, his offense in college and accuracy are an issue. If given time behind Smith he could turn into a solid starter to help them compete in the competitive NFC East.

Picks 1-16

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