Grizzly's Published Draft Mocks

NFL 2018

  1. Yogi's 2018 Jellystone Picnic Basket NFL Mock by Grizzly - 8.3 view
    Its almost more about the draft order at this point. Charlie and Walt for in depth prospect opinions I'm the amateur! Your opinions are always welcome (even from Packer fans) 2018 mock 1. PS Thanks for the cash from the mock contest last year!
  2. 2018 Glacier Bear Mock by Grizzly - 10.8 view
    2 rounds with a few round 1 trades . As always opinions and comments are welcome. Yet if you are looking for detailed info see Walt and Charlie's mocks. This is a PROJECTED DRAFT as opposed to if I was the GM for each team. DRAFT STRENGTHS: QB, OT, DT, WR; CB. DRAFT WEAKNESSES: TE, LB, G. C, Edge. All other positions fall into my average range. DRAFT ORDER As we move deeper into the season DRAFT ORDER is based on current record with my opinion on ties. you will find my top four prospects at each position here as well
  3. MID-Season I'M THE GM Draft by Grizzly - 11.1 view
    There are obviously FOUR types of mock drafts ONE is the most common we see THE no trade draft where we speculate on who each team will pick. .Why experts favor this is always puzzling to me as there are always trades and never no trades. TWO The next most common is THE draft where we speculate who each team will pick with trades. THREE Then there is THE no trade draft where we are the GM of each team and finally the rarest draft drafts, FOUR where we are THE GM of each team and there are trades, this mock is THE fourth type. some call this trye of draft an "If I were King" draft. .
  4. 2018 NFL Mock Draft by Grizzly - 11.4 view
    Hybrid order, 1st round trades ( Bears 1&2) ,THREE ROUNDS Cousins related article found here:
  5. 2018 NFL Mock Draft by Grizzly - 11.19 view
    The key to this draft is (and has been) who gets Cousins. INCLUDED ARE ODDS TO TRADE. Expect this draft to have more first round trades than perhaps ever. Hybrid order
  6. 2018 NFL Mock Draft by Grizzly - 11.26 view
    2 Rounds 1st round trades, hybrid order .Cousins continues to be the key to this draft. Manning .
  7. 2018 NFL Mock Draft by Grizzly Week 14 view
    3 rounds, trades, Comments and suggestions always welcome Sure I'm from Chicago and just like you with your team I homer it (a bit)
  8. 2018 NFL Mock Draft by Grizzly - Week 15 view
    3 round draft I'M THE GM (for every team), trades. Draft Analysis: The key to this draft few are addressing is Cousins. Washington slit their own throat and even for a Bears fan that is sad to see. I explain exactly why Cousins goes to the Browns in my article and this changes the Browns fortunes dramatically for the future. Browns, Bills and Jets are loaded. POSITION ANALYSIS: OFFENCE QB Unique quality and depth will again define why it is by far the most valuable position in the game. RB A very deep quality draft with little separation after Barkley. WR Though light at the top tier (Ridley) this draft boast excellent potential to the large group on the second tier with 8 -10 prospects. TE is average quality yet also quite deep with most talent bunched in the second tier. OT an exceptionally deep and gifted class where quality can be found easily through 3 rounds. OG Outside of the lonely maestro at the top (Nelson) the class is average to above average. C, the class is slightly below average General comment There is plenty of bunching in this draft with little separation and plenty of what flavor would you like despite its deepness that will save or slay a few GM's...................................................................... DEFENSE: DT My God what a class of talent with no less than 6 having potential Pro Bowl caliber, and there is depth behind the 6 (or 7). Edge, though fairly deep (2 rounds) and bunched, talent for the gifted minor can be had through 4 rounds. Interior LB yet another class of potential monsters with excellent depth through 4 rounds. The 4 -3 OLB class is below average with limited depth. Corner is another very deep position with talent in the eye of the beholder. Teams should find talent through 5 rounds. Safety is exceptional at the top (2), strong on the 2nd tier (3 or 4) and deep through round 5. ............................................................... BEARS OUTLOOK: Did I mention I am a Bears fan and biased? Nope you won't find a bad draft for the Bears anywhere in my mocks. Yes it was painful for me to do my best for the Packers.. especially this week where they have a higher than normal position. Despite not having the ammo of some other teams Bears can have a great draft because of their position and bullying that. It is a bit chancy and nope, the press won't be kind to Pace day 1 (if he takes my advice) However if he tries my gambit the risk verses the MASSIVE reward is nominal. Bear Down ! PS, You'll notice I am not evaluating the prospects, if you want that there are others (like our host and Charlie) to read.
  9. Week 16 view
    3 rounds, trades
    Sure, we all see Cleveland is going to have a franchise changing MONSTER DRAFT....Realistically just how good could it be? This Bears fan mocks it for you....NOTE, no Browns are not my second favorite team (or even in the top 10)

NFL 2017

  1. 2017 NFL Mock Draft by Grizzly - 10.5 TWEAK view
    2017.1 Panda Bear draft ,.Two rounds... Not that I need to remind anyone, but I AM a Bears fan....:-) BEARS TRADES ONLY. For me it is almost as interesting to pick the draft order,, BEARS HAVE 5 PICKS IN THIS 2 ROUND DRAFT.. I am also OPEN to suggestions, make your case logically and I might edit your suggestion in !
  2. 2017 NFL Mock Draft by Grizzly - 10.18 view
    PANDA draft 2 . 7 Two rounds... Not that I need to remind anyone, but I AM (still) a Bears fan....:-) BEARS TRADES ONLY DRAFT. For me, (at this stage) it is almost as interesting to pick the draft order,, BEARS HAVE 5 PICKS IN THIS 2 ROUND DRAFT.. I am also OPEN to suggestions, make your case logically and I might edit your suggestion in
  3. 2017 NFL Mock Draft by Grizzly - 12.16 view
    3 Round / 1 predraft Trade/ 1 draft trade/ Himalayan Brown Bear Draft/ Hybrid order (Full BEARS draft in comment on round 3)
  4. 2017 NFL Mock Draft by Grizzly - 12.22 view
    Hybrid order/ 2 Trade/ 3 round Draft (seven rounds for Bears) Analysis: Obviously if the draft fell out like this it would be a Jellystone picnic basket for the Bears....and granted (like ANY mock) it is highly speculative and usually biased towards the mocker's home team (as in this case) . I have labored over each pick after studying the needs from 4 sources and avoided any blatantly HoMER picks (example Allen falls to Bears at 30) Comments (other than Bears) are at a minimum because Walt and Charlie's expert opinions hold more weight than mine. Suggestions are always welcome !
  5. 2017 Atlas Brown Bear Mock Draft by Grizzly - 1.8 view
    3 round hybrid order (25-32) ONE Trade (all Bears selections 1-7) Light comments as Walt and Charlie have those...:-) Suggestions welcome!
  6. 2017 NFL Mock Draft by Grizzly - 1.14 view
    3 round / 1 Trade/ (7 round for Bears only) Limited comments because you can get those from Walt and Charlie. Suggestions and comments welcome.!
  7. 2017 NFL Mock Draft by Grizzly - 1.28 view
    3 rounds ( 7 for Bears) / 2 Trades/ Minimum comments as Charlie and Walt have those/ Suggestions and comments welcome
  8. 2017 NFL Mock Draft by Grizzly - 4.6 view
    I've been working on my four rounder but it is complex (imagine that!) Here is a quickie two (with trades) for your consideration. As always my Bears do well and your comments and suggestions are welcome. Player commentary is limited as Walt and Charlie are the experts (I just stir the pot)

NFL 2016

  1. Mock Grizzle view
    Feel free to vent or fail me ...because I'm having fun! Full 2 Round with trades....
  2. 2016 Pre Combine Mock 2.25 view
  3. 3.14 Black Bear Special view
    NOTE: I use Draftek's Trade Chart NOTE I can't seem to be able to add the compensatory picks, so I added the ones after the 3'd round where I could (skipped the ones after round 4) SEE YOU IN CHICAGO!
  4. 2016 NFL Mock Draft by Grizzly - 4.13 view
    I use Drafttek's Trade Value Chart.

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