JohnnyFire's Published Draft Mocks

NFL 2018

  1. 2018 NFL Mock Draft by JohnnyFire - 10.5 view
    I look forward to all of this being completely undone by the halfway point. This is based off these remaining season predictions:
  2. 2018 NFL Mock Draft by JohnnyFire - 11.7 view
    I'm working off a few assumptions here: first, that there are no projected trades just to keep things simple; second, that the rumors of Sam Darnold and Clayton Thorson returning to school are true; third, that Kirk Cousins remains with Washington; and fourth, the following remainder-of-season projections -
  3. 2018 Final Quarter Trades Mock view
    We're not doing multiple rounds here because dear god I do not have the time to handle all the intricacies of two-three rounds of drafts and moves, but even so, let's do a hypothetical trades mock! All options are on the table, and we're working off these results:
  4. Post-Super Bowl Mock 2/5/18 view
    The assumptions for this mock will follow in the descriptions for the picks, but this is where I think things will be falling at this stage.
  5. 2018 NFL Mock Draft - Three Major Trades Edition view
    Currently, we already know that one major trade has happened for the 2018 NFL Draft; the New York Jets have taken possession of the 3rd overall pick. It's also pretty much a given that the Bills are likely to move up to select a quarterback as well, given their impressive draft capital. So that leaves the question; who selects the fourth QB, and where? Let's just straight up descend into chaos here.

NFL 2017

  1. Post-FA Period 3-Round Draft view
    We're acting on all assumptions as of 9:00am, March 16th, 2017. This is usually the begin of the eschewed spin, where the free agency craze has officially settled down and the images of where teams are willing to look for their signal caller of the future become clear. So let's take a stab at this, looking at the first two rounds of the draft. No trades, besides those already in place, are made here.
  2. NFL Trades Mock view
    I'm only running one round of this because hell NO to trying to suss out full details of trade assets moving after the first, especially considering how many draft picks have moved this offseason alone. Either way, yeah, I have a sneaking suspicion some teams are going to want to make some big moves in this draft. Let's talk about them.

NFL 2015

  1. 1 Month Out Mock view

NFL 2014

  1. John's Mock 1.0 view
  2. Mock 1.0 (No Trades) view

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