MockDraftMan14's Published Draft Mocks

NFL 2018

  1. May Mock 2018 view
    The draft ended a week ago, and in my limited scouting, this is the mock I came up with. The order is how I picked the games, but I will be wrong (I had a Cardinals vs. Bengals Super Bowl last year!) so do not complain.
  2. June Mock 2018 6/ view
    Another month of scouting done, but not much has changed. Haven't rewatched many of the players because I've been focusing on new prospects, so this isn't too big of an update. Rate and comment please!!
    Hey guys, I'm bored and an idiot so I decided to do a 7 round mock draft before the season even starts! This is basically just to show team needs and how I have players ranked. This is going to be the second round, with the rest coming up when I finish them. Please rate, comment, and enjoy! The order is based on the preseason power rankings. NOTE: For some reason, my first round didn't save, so I am going to have to do it again really quick. Sorry!
  4. SEVEN ROUND PRESEASON MOCK- Round 1 redo view
    Sooooo my first round didn't save yesterday, after I put in about 3 hours of work into it. I'm sorry the quality of this one isn't gonna be good, but I don't have all the free time I'd like to with school. Making mocks locked yesterday so I'll do as much as possible today. Please rate and comment!
    Okay, here's round 3. Please rate and comment!
    I have a lot of time today, so let's get number 4 in! Please comment and rate!
  7. 2018 NFL Mock Draft by MockDraftMan14 - 11.7 view
    Based off of the current order and my own scouting. Please rate and comment!

NBA 2017

  1. Mock Draft 4/9 view
    This is the 1st of the year
  2. NBA Mock 6/21 view
    I'm not too big on the NBA draft, but am gonna do my best mock with the knowledge I have. Comment what could be changed, I have only a day!

NFL 2017

  1. Mock Draft 8/24 view
    I'm sorry for the lack of analysis, but I didn't have much time because of school and wanted to try and get one mock out for the month. Comment any questions or things you see wrong.
  2. Final NFL Preseason Mock Draft 9/5 view
    With the NFL season about to begin and college football underway, it is time for the final preseason mock.
  3. Mock Draft 1.0: 9/18 view
    My first mock of the official season. The order is based off of my week 1 power rankings, so everything will change soon.
  4. Mock Draft 10/22 view
    First 2 round mock, please leave ratings and comments!
  5. Mock Draft 12/7 view
  6. Mock Draft 12/13 view
    Update for 12/14. I had more time this week, so I got to explain. Please rate, comment, and enjoy :)
  7. Mock Draft 12/21 view
  8. Mock Draft 12/28 view
    Please rate and comment any things you like or would like to see fixed or changed!
  9. Mock Draft 1/3 view
    The top 20 picks are set. Please rate and comment!
  10. Post-Senior Bowl, Pre-Combine Mock view
    Based on the Senior Bowl, here is my mock for in between it and the combine
  11. Post-Combine Mock 3/6 view
    After all of the drills, here is my new first round
  12. Mock Draft 3/15 view
  13. 2017 NFL Mock Draft by MockDraftMan14 - 3.28 view
    There have been rumors of Carolina potentially moving up to the #2 pick, and I've included that trade.
  14. 2017 NFL Mock Draft by MockDraftMan14 - 4.4 view
    I will continue to update this mock every time I hear a rumor or news significant enough to warrant change. Minor changes

NFL 2016

  1. Mock Draft 12/22 view
    My first mock that I am putting on this site. Please comment and rate. There are no trades, so some players may fall below their value, especially quarterbacks.
  2. Mock Draft 12/28 view
    This will contain the first 2 rounds, and I will make a second one with the 3rd round.
  3. Mock Draft 12/28 Con't: 3rd round view
    This is a continuation from the other two rounds. Rate and comment plz!
  4. Mock Draft 1.2.1: (1/22 update) view
    I made one big change, causing everything else to change as well. This is a little different. Added in the Super Bowl teams because why not (not a prediction of who wins, just in record order).
  5. Mock Draft 2.0 view
    The Super Bowl is finished and the order is finally set. Please comment and rate, and do so based on all picks, not just your teams.
  6. Mock Draft 3.0: 2 rounds view
    I haven't done anything in the NFL draft world in quite some time, so please don't get angry with my picks. Tell me what's wrong.

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