TheVlah's Published Draft Mocks

NFL 2018

  1. 2018 NFL Mock Draft by TheVlah - 10.31 view
    First mock of the year. Draft order is based on current record, any ties have been randomly ordered. Let me know how bad/good it is or what I need to know about your favorite team in the future in the comments!
  2. TheVlah's Post-Superbowl 2 Round Mock view
    Picks do not take into account any free agency additions and rankings are based on my own personal positional rankings. Let me know in the comments how badly I messed the draft up for your team, or in the rare case 2 people on the internet actually agree; positive feedback is also accepted.
  3. TheVlah's Middle of the Combine Just for Fun Mock Draft view
    I don't think it will happen, but Saquon Barkley dominating the combine got me to start thinking about what the draft could look like if he was drafted first overall. This is the result. Because this wasn't a serious mock and I didn't feel like thinking long and hard about it, only some quick blurbs about reasoning for the descriptions and I threw in a few (3) trades and made the following assumptions: 1) Kirk Cousins signs with the Vikings 2) Case Keenum signs with the Broncos Note: all Trades that involve solely draft picks (2 of 3) are made based on Jimmy Johnson's draft pick value chart and can be found here: The other is based on my personal guess and opinion on fair value As always let me know how bad (or good) you think it is in the comments and what you think should change and why.
  4. TheVlah's Post-Combine 2018 3-Round Mock Draft view
    Now that the combine has finished up, I figured I should make another, more serious, mock draft before free agency (also I was bored at work and had some time). A few trades have been added that I added for additional fun for me and to try and add a little realism while making this, and I stuck with just 2 conditions: 1) Kirk Cousins joins Minnesota and 2) Case Keenum joins Denver. The next draft likely won't be until after the first few days of the free agent frenzy so rosters can start taking shape. - As always, let me know what you like and what you don't like in the comments, and what I should know about your team and why!
  5. 2018 NFL Mock Draft by TheVlah - 4.16 view
    Last Mock before the Draft on Thursday. Put in a few trades and selections are based on my own personal rankings of prospects and mostly on team need with value added in. I can't follow each team perfectly so let me know the reasoning for your ratings in the comments below!

NFL 2017

  1. TheVlah's Pre-Free Agency Mock Draft view
    Just a quick 3 round mock draft before free agency officially begins as rumors are swirling. Will do a full 4-rounder at the end of the main free agency period. Got lazy and didn't put reasonings behind round 2 or 3 picks, will put those in the next mock. These picks are based on my personal opinions and rankings. As always I'm no expert on each team so let me know why your team should do something else instead in the comments!

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