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Center Mock Selections

This new tool condenses 2016 NBA Mock Draft content from around WalterFootball.com. Below are all the 2016 NBA Mock Draft selections for the center position from Paul Banks' and David Kay's 2016 NBA Mock Draft and a summary from the WalterFootball.com 2016 Mock NBA Draft Builder.

Dave's Mock Selections

  • Rd. 1, Pk. 9 Raptors: Henry Ellenson, PF/C, Marquette
    Outside of Jonas Valanciunas, the Raptors don't have a whole lot of depth or talent inside. Ellenson's multi-dimensional offensive attack would add some diversity and needed depth to the Raptors' frontcourt.

    Toronto owns the Nuggets' pick (via New York) from the Andrea Bargnani trade. Go here to see all of the outstanding 2016 NBA Draft Trades.

  • Rd. 1, Pk. 10 Bucks: Jakob Poeltl, C, Utah
    With O.J. Mayo, Jarryd Bayless and Grevis Vazquez are all heading for free agency, guard play should be a priority for the Bucks this summer. I have had Denzel Valentine being the pick here for a while, but he is a bit of a reach at this point with so many post players available. Poeltl is a skilled big man, but also brings good size and physicality inside to provide some frontcourt depth in Milwaukee.

  • Rd. 1, Pk. 18 Pistons: Cheick Diallo, C, Kansas
    Diallo struggled to find steady minutes at Kansas, but plays with terrific energy, attacking the glass and using his athleticism to his advantage on both ends. He is a project big man, but the Pistons could use some depth inside.

  • Rd. 1, Pk. 19 Nuggets: Thon Maker, C, Australia
    The Nuggets can roll the dice with their third pick of the first round. Making his biggest presence on the defensive end, Maker is still a work in progress offensively and a high-risk/reward pick.

    Denver owns the Trail Blazers' first-round pick from the Arron Afflalo trade. Go here to see all of the outstanding 2016 NBA Draft Trades.

  • Rd. 1, Pk. 20 Pacers: Ante Zizic, C, Cibona
    Zizic brings a solid combination of efficiency on the block and rebounding to the floor. He is likely to come to the NBA right away, which would be helpful for the Pacers, who have a couple of free agent big men this offseason and could use some depth as well as better talent inside.

  • Rd. 1, Pk. 21 Hawks: Ivica Zubac, C, Cibona
    With Al Horford likely heading for free agency, the Hawks could use depth inside. Zubac has great size and a developing skill set to match.

  • Rd. 2, Pk. 7 Rockets: Diamond Stone, C, Maryland
    Stone is a skilled big man on the offensive end, but he needs to become more aggressive on the glass.

  • Rd. 2, Pk. 9 Pelicans: Stephen Zimmerman, C, UNLV
    Zimmerman is a skilled 7-footer, though he needs to become more physical.

  • Rd. 2, Pk. 14 Hawks: Chinanu Onuaku, C, Louisville
    A shot-blocking, rebounding presence, Onuaku is still developing his offensive game.

  • Rd. 2, Pk. 15 Celtics: Zhou Qi, C, China
    Qi's size alone is intriguing, but he is also skilled for a big man. Qi is rail thin though, which is a concern for his potential transition to the NBA.

  • Rd. 2, Pk. 18 Bulls: A.J. Hammons, C, Purdue
    Consistent effort has been a concern, but Hammons has the size and good skill on the block, yet can also step out on the perimeter and knock down jumpers.

  • Rd. 2, Pk. 23 Nuggets: Georgios Papagiannis, C, Panathinaikos
    Papagiannis' size alone is attractive for the next level, but the Greek big man is a project.

  • Rd. 2, Pk. 29 Kings: Joel Bolomboy, PF/C, Weber State
    Finishing third in the nation in rebounding this past season, Bolomboy also boasts a solid inside/outside game.

  • Rd. 2, Pk. 30 Jazz: Zach Auguste, PF/C, Notre Dame
    After a breakout junior season, Auguste developed into a second-round prospect due to his size and skill.

  • Rd. 1, Pk. 11 Magic: Henry Ellenson, PF/C, Marquette
    I think that Ellenson is one of the five best players in this draft, so this would be an excellent choice at No. 11. The Magic could use an offensive big man who can shoot, and Ellenson is a nice fit with their best player, center Nikola Vucevic. They have few needs, but power forward is their weakest position, so this works well for them.

Daves's 2016 NBA Mock Draft

Mike's Mock Selections

  • Rd. 1, Pk. 13 Suns: Jakob Poeltl, C, Utah
    The Suns have Alex Len and Tyson Chandler, but Len has just one season left on his rookie contract and the team is very likely to trade Chandler, so taking Jakob Poeltl would be smart, more so as he is easily the best prospect available - I have him ranked seventh. He is an excellent scorer, rebounder and shot-blocker who was one of the best players in the country this season. I just cannot find a fit for him in the No. 7-12 range.

  • Rd. 1, Pk. 19 Celtics: Thomas Bryant, C, Indiana
    The one thing the Celtics lack after a superstar is a franchise center, and with so many excellent centers in this draft and so many picks, they could find theirs. Bryant should probably go to school for a second season, as he would have a chance to play a bigger role for the Hoosiers and improve his stock, but that is doubtful. Regardless, the talent is there for a 17-point, 10-rebound per-game starting center with the ability to shoot the ball.

  • Rd. 1, Pk. 28 76ers: Cheick Diallo, C, Kansas
    This is just the Sixers taking the best prospect with one of their three (possibly four) first-round draft picks, and as Diallo started the season as a lottery pick, they would be smart and lucky to get him here. Diallo was hurt by a ridiculous NCAA investigation that cost him half the season, and the repercussions have caused him trouble getting into Kansas' stacked forward rotation. Regardless, he fits the Sixers as he is a power forward, which they really don't have - Nerlens Noel is a center - and would be a perfect fit with Jahlil Okafor because of his defense and athleticism.

  • Rd. 1, Pk. 30 Warriors: Jonathan Jeanne, C, France
    The Warriors don't have any needs, so taking a 7-foot-4 teenaged center to develop in Europe for a few seasons sounds smart. This is a Spurs type of move, and the Warriors just have no roster spots for a rookie. Jeanne would probably be the tallest NBA player right now and his game is a lot like Kristaps Porzingis, as he is a scoring and shooting big man with shot-blocking skills. Jeanne can also rebound which means he knows how to use his ridiculous size, and as he is just 18, he would give the Warriors an excellent project.

Mike's 2016 NBA Mock Draft

5 Most Commonly Picked Players
Jakob Poeltl, C, Utah, Soph.
Appears on 175 mock drafts

Featured Writeup:
I believe that the Bucks should trade back, accumulate more assets, and draft Wade Baldwin later in the first - he just fits what the Bucks look for and need too well. However, if they stay here, I think that Poetl should be the target. They should take a long and hard look at Skal, but Poetl's production and higher floor makes him the selection here. Poetl doesn't have star potential, but is well-rounded and should be a solid starter in the NBA. To maximize his potential, Jakob needs to learn to play tougher when he gets to the NBA, especially because he's strictly a 5.
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Henry Ellenson, PF, Marquette, Fr.
Appears on 175 mock drafts

Featured Writeup:
Toronto needs a power forward who can score and preferably space the floor a bit. Ellenson fits the bill, but his 3 point shooting percentage at Marquette was very disappointing (below 30%). I believe that playing alongside an outstanding point guard like Kyle Lowry would help Ellenson's efficiency considerably. His lack of elite athleticism and defensive struggles have lowered his stock a bit lately, but I think his offensive game fits what Toronto needs them most: frontcourt scoring. Deyonta Davis and Skal are interesting picks that I could see at this venture, especially considering Ujiri's audacity when drafting. With that said, Ellenson has the most polished offensive game and best scoring track record of the three.
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Cheick Diallo, C, Kansas, Fr.
Appears on 151 mock drafts

Featured Writeup:
Toronto acquires an athletic energizer to replace Bismack Biyombo at this point. Some mocks have Diallo going higher than 27, so, in addition to providing depth and upside, this pick also offers good value. Although Diallo is still very raw, his work ethic and character should serve him well as he develops his overall game in Toronto. His shot blocking, rebounding, and overall energy should make him a useful reserve during his first year in Toronto.
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Damian Jones, C, Vanderbilt, Jr.
Appears on 127 mock drafts

Featured Writeup:
The Celtics need a true rim protector and should address this need at some point during the draft. Damian Jones underwhelmed me for the most part as a collegiate player. After reviewing some game tape of his, I've come to the conclusion that he is the softest big man in this class. His athleticism and size would suggest otherwise, but I believe he busts. However, the Celtics have the ability to take a risk like Jones and hope he can develop into the basketball player his physical profile suggests.
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Diamond Stone, C, Maryland, Fr.
Appears on 122 mock drafts

Featured Writeup:
They didn't really get better. And it's going to take some time. The Magic to me are a cautionary tale of what the 76ers don't want to be. Sure beginning of the season...what nice young players you have is what they said...but they know ...the feel it...falling into mediocrity. Well here they are ...now what... My answer is Stone...they perhaps think they can move Vucevic to PF...and they just need a true 'C' which is a dated concept but they just trades away a solid stretch 4...so fits the bill.
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