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The idea is let's line up the guy on your team by each position and compare them to the rest of the league. Specifically the top player at each position as well as the 15th best starter, the 30th best starter, etc.

Wait but 'best player' how? Based on what?

This is built on top of ESPN's Real Plus Minus. An interesting stat that is meant to gauge the effectiveness of a player.

ESPN Logo Real Plus Minus (RPM): Player's estimated on-court impact on team performance, measured in net point differential per 100 offensive and defensive possessions. RPM takes into account teammates, opponents and additional factors

So what do I do now that I studied this geeked out report?
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Roster Positional Perspective

  • Strength - The team's top guy is one of the top 15 in the league.
  • Solid - The team's top guy is a viable starter, is in the top 30.
  • Concern - The team's top guy is not in the top 30 and so would be on the bench on most other teams.
  • Weakness - The team's top guy is below the overall median player for this position. Bench player at best.

Small Forward:

Luol Deng: -1.26 Rank:49
Brandon Ingram: -2.54 Rank:79
Corey Brewer: -2.70 Rank:82

For Comparison:

The Top: LeBron James 4.88
Tops: Joe Ingles 0.95
Last Starter: Reggie Bullock -0.23
Baseline: Andre Iguodala -0.82


Andrew Bogut: 0.13 Rank:26
Brook Lopez: 0.11 Rank:28
Thomas Bryant: -0.85 Rank:48
Ivica Zubac: -1.13 Rank:56

For Comparison:

The Top: DeMarcus Cousins 5.21
Tops: Ekpe Udoh 1.35
Last Starter: Meyers Leonard 0.05
Baseline: Bam Adebayo -0.43

Power Forward:

Larry Nance Jr.: 1.25 Rank:16
Julius Randle: 0.04 Rank:39
Kyle Kuzma: -1.71 Rank:81

For Comparison:

The Top: Draymond Green 4.38
Tops: Nikola Mirotic 1.30
Last Starter: Trey Lyles 0.43
Baseline: Daniel Theis -0.53

Shooting Guard:

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: -0.11 Rank:23
Josh Hart: -1.09 Rank:43

For Comparison:

The Top: Jimmy Butler 5.47
Tops: Andre Roberson 0.82
Last Starter: Devin Booker -0.55
Baseline: Daniel Hamilton -1.34

Point Guard:

Lonzo Ball: 0.88 Rank:21
Jordan Clarkson: -1.48 Rank:58
Tyler Ennis: -2.06 Rank:73

For Comparison:

The Top: Stephen Curry 6.42
Tops: Shabazz Napier 1.59
Last Starter: Kris Dunn -0.15
Baseline: Derrick White -0.90

Roster Draft Perspective

What's the draft perspective part about then?

The draft perspective part is meant to give context. Yes this is how the players are performing today but if it's a developing rookie in the upswing, or an aging superstar on the downswing it may play into how the team drafts. The Draft Perspective tries to give that context.

Small Forward



Luol Deng Age: 0
Brandon Ingram Age: 0
Corey Brewer Age: 0




Andrew Bogut Age: 0
Brook Lopez Age: 0
Thomas Bryant Age: 0
Ivica Zubac Age: 0

Power Forward



Larry Nance Jr. Age: 0
Julius Randle Age: 0
Kyle Kuzma Age: 0

Shooting Guard



Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Age: 0
Josh Hart Age: 0

Point Guard



Lonzo Ball Age: 0
Jordan Clarkson Age: 0
Tyler Ennis Age: 0



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