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The idea is let's line up the guy on your team by each position and compare them to the rest of the league. Specifically the top player at each position as well as the 15th best starter, the 30th best starter, etc.

Wait but 'best player' how? Based on what?

This is built on top of ESPN's Real Plus Minus. An interesting stat that is meant to gauge the effectiveness of a player.

ESPN Logo Real Plus Minus (RPM): Player's estimated on-court impact on team performance, measured in net point differential per 100 offensive and defensive possessions. RPM takes into account teammates, opponents and additional factors

So what do I do now that I studied this geeked out report?
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Roster Positional Perspective

  • Strength - The team's top guy is one of the top 15 in the league.
  • Solid - The team's top guy is a viable starter, is in the top 30.
  • Concern - The team's top guy is not in the top 30 and so would be on the bench on most other teams.
  • Weakness - The team's top guy is below the overall median player for this position. Bench player at best.

Small Forward:

Robert Covington: 5.19 Rank:1
JJ Redick: 0.98 Rank:15
James Michael McAdoo: -1.00 Rank:46

For Comparison:

The Top: Robert Covington 5.19
Tops: JJ Redick 0.98
Last Starter: James Ennis III 0.00
Baseline: Darius Miller -0.54


Joel Embiid: 3.96 Rank:3
Jahlil Okafor: -0.91 Rank:48

For Comparison:

The Top: DeMarcus Cousins 6.41
Tops: Salah Mejri 1.06
Last Starter: Chinanu Onuaku 0.00
Baseline: Jonas Valanciunas -0.05

Power Forward:

Richaun Holmes: -0.78 Rank:50
Amir Johnson: -0.90 Rank:56
Dario Saric: -2.27 Rank:86

For Comparison:

The Top: Al Horford 4.62
Tops: David West 1.24
Last Starter: Dwight Powell 0.33
Baseline: Mirza Teletovic -0.17

Shooting Guard:

Justin Anderson: -1.72 Rank:62
Furkan Korkmaz: -1.74 Rank:65
Nik Stauskas: -1.91 Rank:73
Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot: -2.14 Rank:84

For Comparison:

The Top: Tyreke Evans 2.31
Tops: Devin Booker 0.49
Last Starter: Matt Williams 0.00
Baseline: Terrence Ross -1.24

Point Guard:

Ben Simmons: 1.75 Rank:10
T.J. McConnell: -0.98 Rank:40
Jerryd Bayless: -1.22 Rank:45
Markelle Fultz: -3.14 Rank:82

For Comparison:

The Top: James Harden 6.99
Tops: Malcolm Brogdon 0.64
Last Starter: Yogi Ferrell 0.00
Baseline: David Nwaba -0.56

Roster Draft Perspective

What's the draft perspective part about then?

The draft perspective part is meant to give context. Yes this is how the players are performing today but if it's a developing rookie in the upswing, or an aging superstar on the downswing it may play into how the team drafts. The Draft Perspective tries to give that context.

Small Forward



Robert Covington Age: 0
JJ Redick Age: 0
James Michael McAdoo Age: 0




Joel Embiid Age: 0
Jahlil Okafor Age: 0

Power Forward



Richaun Holmes Age: 0
Amir Johnson Age: 0
Dario Saric Age: 0

Shooting Guard



Justin Anderson Age: 0
Furkan Korkmaz Age: 0
Nik Stauskas Age: 0
Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot Age: 0

Point Guard



Ben Simmons Age: 0
T.J. McConnell Age: 0
Jerryd Bayless Age: 0
Markelle Fultz Age: 0
Jacob Pullen Age: 28


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irish 103 Posts (35 )
2 years 5 month(s) ago - hide

Man....not sure about ESPN Real Plus minus vs. the eye test.  Ish seems like a way better PG than Canaan.  

And surprised Noel isn't a bit better.  

1    0 Reply
76ers Fan (Anonymous Poster)
2 years 5 month(s) ago - hide


Got to think even though ESPN Real Plus Minus is supposed to take into account who the player is on the floor with it's still not perfect.

1    3 Reply
WFDevTeam 168 Posts (44 )
2 years 5 month(s) ago - hide


Whatever they do to account for players on the floor may not be able to factor the non players Ish was on the floor with.

0    0 Reply
DraftAPG (Anonymous Poster)
2 years 5 month(s) ago - hide

Based on the hope Noel and Joel develelop,,if they resign TRob they should have a nice rotation between C and PF

So let's grab Russel or Jerian Grant...and see we have with all these young prospects.

0    0 Reply
WFDevTeam 168 Posts (44 )
2 years 5 month(s) ago - hide
I get a kick out of the fact Covington..out of the d-league is apparently the 76ers best player
0    0 Reply
REALLY (Anonymous Poster)
2 years 5 month(s) ago - hide
@WFDevTeam ;; really? if a guy is NOT in the top30 in the league then he would sit the bench for most teams??   ...hhmmm seems to me like there are 150 NBA Starters, but you're saying if gardon haywood is the best player on utah, but is 31st-40th in the league then... he's a "Concern - The team's top guy is not in the top 30 and so would be on the bench on most other teams.?     REALLY?!?

1    0 Reply
WFDevTeam 168 Posts (44 )
2 years 5 month(s) ago - hide


I'm not sure we are on the same page.  First this report isn't the bible...and it's not perfect.  But for me i twas a starting place when reviewing a team.

I don't think our explanatory copy is completely clear... not in the top 30 for their position is what it really is.  So Haward actually is considered a Strength for the jazz

I'm open to suggestions and a debate one the categories.  This was my own concept and this is the first version 

0    1 Reply

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