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NFL Power Rankings: Week 5 - Top 10
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  1. Green Bay Packers (4-0) - Previously: #1 - It wasn't the blowout performance I was anticipating, but Aaron Rodgers' Revenge Tour is now complete. He beat the Seahawks and 49ers, two teams that have knocked him out of the playoffs recently, as well as Alex Smith, who was chosen way before him in the 2005 NFL Draft, in consecutive weeks. This is huge for Rodgers, who holds grudges like no one else. As I said on the podcast, I could see Rodgers being like Steve Buscemi in Billy Madison, sitting in his parents' basement, looking at his revenge list while smearing lipstick on his face.

    Oh, and by the way, here's a crazy stat I saw: Rodgers could throw 61 interceptions on his next 61 passes, and he'd still have a better career interception percentage than Colin Kaepernick.

  2. New England Patriots (3-0) - Previously: #2 - So, the Patriots were on a bye, and yet NFL kickers had their worst week yet? How interesting. It's almost as if Tom Brady went around the entire country and deflated all of the kicking balls. I'm not saying he did, but would it be totally implausible if he made 12 clones of himself and dispatched each of them, as well as himself, to all 13 Sunday locations to take the air out of the balls? Yeah, I know, definitely a strong possibility!

  3. Cincinnati Bengals (4-0) - Previously: #4 - The Bengals have burned professional bettors twice in four weeks. The sharps were heavy on the Raiders in Week 1 and the Chiefs this past Sunday, yet Cincinnati spoiled their day. As we've seen, there isn't much wrong with the Raiders, and I have to believe that Kansas City isn't that bad, so the logical explanation is that the Bengals are much better than we all thought they were.

    Andy Dalton is playing great, and he has plenty of weapons to work with. The main difference, however, is the offensive line. In a league in which half of the quarterbacks don't even have a full second to fire a pass off without getting drilled, Dalton is enjoying all the time in the world. With that in mind, how smart were the Bengals to spend their first two draft picks on linemen this past spring? Even if some of their blockers get hurt, they'll be fine.

  4. Arizona Cardinals (3-1) - Previously: #3 - I'm not going to drop the Cardinals too far for Sunday's loss. Some fluky turnovers, as well as one of the worst officiating calls I've seen in a very long time, did them in. I think they win that matchup more often than not, though it's worth noting that the St. Louis squad we saw Sunday is much better than the one that sputtered in the first three weeks. Todd Gurley is an animal. One NFL team told us prior to the draft that they saw him as the next Jim Brown, so it's not a surprise that he's off to such a strong start.

  5. Atlanta Falcons (4-0) - Previously: #10 - The Falcons were lucky in their first two games. They could have lost to both the Eagles and Giants. However, they're much different now, thanks to Devonta Freeman, who has inexplicably transformed into Jamal Anderson after looking terrible in his first 18 career starts. Now, Matt Ryan doesn't have to do everything because Freeman is suddenly great.

    My theory? Simple. Taking after his best friend Tom Brady, Freeman has begun deflating footballs. I expect Roger Goodell to suspend him shortly despite having minimal proof. In fact, the Wells Report 2.0 may just point to this Web page as its sole piece of evidence.

  6. Seattle Seahawks (2-2) - Previously: #5 - I can't even talk about that blown cover. I know I got lucky with Baltimore on Thursday night, and this one sort of makes up for it, but it's still crushing. Anyway, check out my NFL Game Recaps for analysis of the Seahawks-Lions game, including my thoughts on Batted Ball-gate.

  7. Denver Broncos (4-0) - Previously: #6 - As I said on the recaps page, Peyton Manning looks like a dying animal. Seriously. It wouldn't surprise me if animal control showed up during a game, put a collar around him and dragged him off the field.

    The defense is carrying Manning right now, but that will be no bueno come playoff time. Manning will then choke in glarious fashion, going something like 13-of-30 for one touchdown and four interceptions, and then we won't have to see him again until September, save for the billion times we'll watch him on TV in his many commercials.

  8. Carolina Panthers (4-0) - Previously: #9 - Maybe I was just hearing things, but the play-by-play announcer in the Panthers-Buccaneers game called Jameis Winston "Cam Newton" a couple of times, and vice versa. I don't know who that guy was, but he needs to get his privilege checked. Not all quarterbacks of color look the same, bro.

    They definitely don't play the same, that's for sure. Newton was fine, but that's all he had to be because his defense completely abused Winston. Carolina's defense is roaring right now. Yes, I know, inferior competition and all, but how potent will this unit be when Charles Johnson and Luke Kuechly return?

  9. Buffalo Bills (2-2) - Previously: #7 - I wrote this last week: "It's amazing how great the Bills can look when they're not committing two penalties on every single drive."

    Ha! So much for that. The Bills imploded for the second time in three weeks. Doing so once is somewhat understandable, but twice? They need to calm down and stop playing like idiots because they are a talented team that is highly capable of making a playoff run if they play to their potential.

  10. Minnesota Vikings (2-2) - Previously: #8 - The good news is that Teddy Bridgewater was awesome in the second half, misfiring on just two passes. The bad news is that the offensive line blew and ultimately cost the Vikings a victory. The incoherent preseason Minnesota play-by-play guy constantly called the Vikings' offensive line the "Minnesota Moving Company," so he must be devastated right now that his nickname isn't living up to its reputation. But don't worry, incoherent Minnesota play-by-play guy, as mentioned earlier, half the quarterbacks in the NFL right now have terrible protection.

NFL Power Rankings: Week 5 - Bottom 10

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3) - Previously: #31 - What I wrote last week: "Marcus Mariota has now outplayed Jameis Winston by a wide margin in two of their three games. Not good, Bucs, not good." I guess we can say three of four weeks? Because whatever Mariota did during his bye week was sure as hell better than what Winston did on Sunday.

Speaking of which, how dumb am I for dropping the two units on Carolina? Ugh. Sounds like it's time for...

The Adventures of Derek Anderson's Magic Flask!

Me: I'm totally going to rebound this week! Panthers for two units.

Jameis Winston: That's not nice.

Me: Sorry, Jameis. But your team sucks, and you have no homefield advantage, yet Vegas has yet to account for that, so the spread should be like -6.

Jameis Winston: Ah well met, good chap, well met.

Derek Anderson: Heeyyy guuyyyyysss whhyyy dodonn'ttt weee commememeboorattee thissis twwowo-unnitt bebertttt wiitth soommee dririnkss hic!

Me: I have no idea where you came from, but sure, why not?

*** 10 minutes later ***

Me: Whaazzzz I thinknkinn I cannan't beetttt twwowo unnitsss agaisnnst yeyeww I looovvee yyewww mmananann.

Jameis Winston: I loovveee yyewww toooo goododdd chhahappp hic! Ohh mmanannn whaatt coolloror jjeersseeyyss dodooo I throowowo to aggaiiannn hic!?

Me: Bblleuuuuee Ii thinknk I'mm oggnnana bebetttt fiifvee unnitrss oonnn theh Chiiefsss hic!

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-3) - Previously: #30 - How sad is it that the Jaguars can't even beat Matt Hasselbeck? If they can't overcome Hasselbeck, how the hell are they ever going to defeat Andrew Luck? Luck could be playing with just one arm, shouting, "Tis merely a flesh wound!" and yet Jacksonville would still lose.

30. Chicago Bears (1-3) - Previously: #32 - Jay Cutler is so bad that he wins when his team is trying to lose. Amazing. Anyway, here's the Cutler meme of the week:

And now we know why Cutler actually tried hard against the Raiders. He was taking a picture with kitties before the game, and if there's a single thing Cutler sort of, kinda, maybe cares about in this world, it's kitties.

29. San Francisco 49ers (1-3) - Previously: #28 - "I can now be myself." - Colin Kaepernick, this offseason upon learning that Jim Harbaugh was not coming back.

Yes, I quoted that last week, but I wanted to bring it up because Clay Matthews was heard shouting, "You ain't Russell Wilson, bro" at Kaepernick during the game. This actually happened. And Kaepernick probably thought, Yes, I know I'm not Russell Wilson, silly goose - because I'm being myself right now!

28. Cleveland Browns (1-3) - Previously: #29 - Was there a more Cleveland Browns loss than Tramon Williams being offside on a missed, game-winning field goal? Good grief.

The Browns should just stop trying to win and embrace the losing. In fact, they should build a museum in their stadium called the Browns History of Great Losers Hall of Fame and enshrine all of the most disappointing players and coaches they've ever had. If they do this, I'm sure they'll ask Williams for his cleats, since something of his needs to be in there for sure.

By the way, here's my ballot for the innagural class of the Browns History of Great Losers Hall of Fame:

Tim Couch, QB
Courtney Brown, DE
William Green, RB
Brady Quinn, QB
Trent Richardson, RB
Chris Palmer, HC

Did I miss anyone worthy of being in the first class? Let me know.

27. Houston Texans (1-3) - Previously: #25 - I'm beginning to think this whole Ryan Mallett-Brian Hoyer experiment isn't going to work out. By the way, here's a picture of J.J. Watt trying to carry his team against the Falcons:

26. Washington Redskins (2-2) - Previously: #26 - I'm proud of Kirk Cousins for not imploding like he did last year following a humiliating loss to the Giants on a Thursday night. He played quite well, particularly on the game-winning drive. That said, I can't say I trust him very much yet. It's not exactly a challenge battling a Philadelphia defense missing multiple starters.

25. Oakland Raiders (2-2) - Previously: #22 - What's worse: A) The Raiders losing to Jay Cutler, or B) the fact that I said that the Chargers (with their banged-up offensive line) were worse than Oakland.

As dumb as my statement was, it has to be A. You can't lose to Cutler. The man smokes cigarettes during games!

24. New Orleans Saints (1-3) - Previously: #24 - Nothing bad to say about the Saints this week, though that wouldn't be the case if I actually bet money on the Cowboys on Sunday night. What a terrible beat.

Anyway, let me just mention that I posted a grade for the Dolphins firing Joe Philbin, which you can read by clicking the link.

23. Tennessee Titans (1-2) - Previously: #23 - The Titans were on a bye... and you know what? I almost forgot the Jim Irsay segment.So, here were some memorable tweets from Jim Irsay during the game:











NFL Power Rankings: The Rest:
11. New York Giants (2-2). Previously: #18
12. San Diego Chargers (2-2). Previously: #11
13. New York Jets (3-1). Previously: #13
14. Indianapolis Colts (2-2). Previously: #14
15. Kansas City Chiefs (1-3). Previously: #15
16. Dallas Cowboys (2-2). Previously: #16
17. Baltimore Ravens (1-3). Previously: #17
18. Philadelphia Eagles (1-3). Previously: #12
19. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2). Previously: #19
20. Miami Dolphins (1-3). Previously: #20
21. Detroit Lions (0-4). Previously: #21
22. St. Louis Rams (2-2). Previously: #27



Fantasy Football Studs and Scrubs

Top Fantasy Quarterbacks:
  • Philip Rivers: 23-of-38, 358 yards. 3 TDs, 0 INTs.
  • Sam Bradford: 15-of-28, 270 yards. 3 TDs, 0 INTs. 1 carry, 14 rush yards.
  • Josh McCown: 32-of-41, 356 yards. 2 TDs, 0 INTs. 1 fumble. 1 2-pt conversion.
  • Drew Brees: 33-of-41, 359 yards. 2 TDs, 0 INTs.
  • Kirk Cousins: 31-of-46, 290 yards. 1 TD, 0 INTs. 1 rush TD.
  • Russell Wilson: 20-of-26, 287 yards. 1 TD, 0 INTs. 10 carries, 40 rush yards.
  • Eli Manning: 20-of-35, 212 yards. 3 TDs, 1 INT.
  • Blake Bortles: 28-of-50, 298 yards. 1 TD, 0 INTs. 4 carries, 31 rush yards.
  • Nick Foles: 16-of-24, 171 yards. 3 TDs, 0 INTs.
  • Andy Dalton: 17-of-24, 321 yards. 1 TD, 0 INTs. 3 carries, 16 rush yards.

  • Top Fantasy Running Backs:
  • Devonta Freeman: 14 carries, 68 yards. 3 TDs. 5 catches, 81 rec. yards.
  • Jeremy Hill: 9 carries, 40 yards. 3 TDs. 1 2-pt conversion.
  • Chris Ivory: 29 carries, 166 yards. 1 TD.
  • Le'Veon Bell: 22 carries, 129 yards. 1 TD. 7 catches, 21 rec. yards.
  • Doug Martin: 20 carries, 106 yards. 1 TD. 5 catches, 37 rec. yards.
  • Duke Johnson: 8 carries, 31 yards. 9 catches, 85 rec. yards. 1 rec. TD.
  • C.J. Spiller: 2 carries, 10 yards. 5 catches, 99 rec. yards. 1 rec. TD.
  • Ronnie Hillman: 11 carries, 103 yards. 1 TD.
  • Todd Gurley: 19 carries, 146 yards. 2 catches, 15 rec. yards.
  • Adrian Peterson: 16 carries, 81 yards. 1 TD. 4 catches, 13 rec. yards.
  • Rashad Jennings: 9 carries, 38 yards. 2 catches, 54 rec. yards. 1 rec. TD.
  • Justin Forsett: 27 carries, 150 yards.
  • Terron Ward: 19 carries, 72 yards. 1 TD. 1 catch, 18 rec. yards.
  • Matt Forte: 25 carries, 91 yards. 4 catches, 64 rec. yards. 1 fumble.
  • Jamaal Charles: 11 carries, 75 yards. 6 catches, 70 rec. yards.

  • Top Fantasy Wide Receivers:
  • Tavon Austin: 2 carries, 20 rush yards. 6 catches, 96 yards. 2 TDs.
  • Vincent Jackson: 10 catches, 147 yards. 1 TD.
  • Allen Hurns: 11 catches, 116 yards. 1 TD.
  • Leonard Hankerson: 6 catches, 103 yards. 1 TD.
  • DeAndre Hopkins: 9 catches, 157 yards.
  • Jeremy Maclin: 11 catches, 148 yards.
  • Mike Wallace: 8 catches, 83 yards. 1 TD.
  • Kenny Stills: 5 catches, 81 yards. 1 TD.
  • Ted Ginn: 2 catches, 18 yards. 2 TDs.
  • Cecil Shorts: 6 catches, 87 yards. 1 TD. 1 fumble.
  • Kamar Aiken: 5 catches, 77 yards. 1 TD.
  • Riley Cooper: 2 catches, 72 yards. 1 TD.
  • Keenan Allen: 4 catches, 72 yards. 1 TD.
  • Brandon Marshall: 7 catches, 128 yards.
  • Brandon Tate: 1 catch, 55 yards. 1 TD.
  • Pierre Garcon: 7 catches, 55 yards. 1 TD.
  • Eddie Royal: 7 catches, 54 yards. 1 TD.
  • Miles Austin: 2 catches, 51 yards. 1 TD.
  • Amari Cooper: 4 catches, 49 yards. 1 TD.
  • Terrance Williams: 3 catches, 49 yards. 1 TD.

  • Top Fantasy Tight Ends:
  • Martellus Bennett: 11 catches, 83 rec. yards. 1 rec. TD.
  • Coby Fleener: 9 catches, 83 rec. yards. 1 rec. TD.
  • Gary Barnidge: 6 catches, 75 rec. yards. 1 rec. TD.
  • Ladarius Green: 4 catches, 53 rec. yards. 1 rec. TD.
  • Charles Clay: 9 catches, 111 rec. yards.

  • Top Fantasy IDP:
  • Josh Norman: 4 tackles, 2 INTs, 1 TD.
  • T.J. Ward: 6 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble.
  • Ezekiel Ansah: 3 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble.
  • Muhammad Wilkerson: 3 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble.
  • Melvin Ingram: 5 tackles, 1.5 sacks, 1 forced fumble.
  • Ryan Davis: 2 tackles, 1.5 sacks, 1 forced fumble.
  • Aaron Lynch: 4 tackles, 2 sacks.
  • Za'Darius Smith: 4 tackles, 2 sacks.
  • Jeremiah Attaochu: 3 tackles, 2 sacks.
  • Chris Baker: 3 tackles, 2 sacks.
  • Domata Peko: 2 tackles, 2 sacks.
  • Nick Perry: 2 tackles, 2 sacks.
  • Thomas Davis: 11 tackles, 1 INT.
  • Corey Graham: 13 tackles, 1 sack.
  • Daryl Smith: 13 tackles, 1 sack.
  • Lawrence Timmons: 11 tackles, 1 sack.
  • Calais Campbell: 11 tackles, 0.5 sack.
  • Anthony Hitchens: 11 tackles, 0.5 sack.
  • D'Qwell Jackson: 17 tackles.
  • Vincent Rey: 15 tackles.
  • Johnathan Cyrprien: 14 tackles.
  • Manti Te'o: 13 tackles.

  • Fantasy Scrubs of the Week :
  • Lamar Miller: 7 carries, 26 yards. 1 catch, 10 rec. yards.

  • Matthew Stafford: 24-of-35, 203 yards. 0 TDs, 0 INTs.
  • Joe Flacco: 20-of-33, 189 yards. 1 TD, 1 INT. 1 fumble.
  • Peyton Manning: 17-of-27, 213 yards. 1 TD, 2 INTs.
  • Colin Kaepernick: 13-of-25, 160 yards. 0 TDs, 1 INT. 10 carries, 57 rush yards.

  • Matt Jones: 7 carries, 11 yards.
  • Shane Vereen: 5 carries, 21 yards.
  • Carlos Hyde: 8 carries, 20 yards.
  • Arian Foster: 8 carries, 10 yards. 3 catches, 25 rec. yards. 1 fumble.

  • Marvin Jones: 1 catch, 4 yards.
  • Anquan Boldin: 3 catches, 12 yards.
  • Rishard Matthews: 1 catch, 16 yards.
  • Marques Colston: 4 catches, 19 yards.
  • Steve Smith: 4 catches, 24 yards.
  • Brandin Cooks: 4 catches, 25 yards.
  • Percy Harvin: 3 catches, 26 yards.
  • Mike Evans: 3 catches, 32 yards.
  • Stevie Johnson: 4 catches, 32 yards.
  • Golden Tate: 3 catches, 29 yards.
  • Julio Jones: 4 catches, 38 yards.
  • Odell Beckham Jr: 5 catches, 38 yards.

  • Heath Miller: 1 catch, 1 rec. yard.
  • Kyle Rudolph: 2 catches, 7 rec. yards.
  • Zach Ertz: 2 catches, 11 rec. yards.
  • Mychal Rivera: 2 catches, 12 rec. yards.
  • Maxx Williams: 2 catches, 17 rec. yards.
  • Jordan Cameron: 2 catches, 19 rec. yards.
  • Jared Cook: 3 catches, 22 rec. yards.
  • Jordan Reed: 5 catches, 37 rec. yards. 1 fumble.
  • Greg Olsen: 2 catches, 28 rec. yards.
  • Jimmy Graham: 4 catches, 29 rec. yards.
  • Travis Kelce: 5 catches, 49 rec. yards. 1 fumble.

  • Run Defenses, Pass Defense, Pass Protection:

    Something new this year - I'm keeping track of precise run defense, pass defense and pass protection rankings in Excel. The benefit to this is that it'll be broken down by week. Here are the download links:

    2014 NFL Defensive Rankings Spreadsheet (2007 Excel)

    2014 NFL Defensive Rankings Spreadsheet - (1999-2003 Excel)

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    bengalhoel (Anonymous Poster)
    2 hour(s) 30 minute(s) ago - hide
    I know you have this spoof of Emmitt Smith and how horrible he is as an announcer or on a talk show, but L.T. on the NFL network show is approaching his level and I think its time for his own column. He is bad
    0    0 Reply
    Omaha (Anonymous Poster)
    2 day(s) 10 hour(s) ago - hide

    Not a fan of either team, but Walter's bias is painfully obvious so I'll preemptively post this:

    Last year, Saints are 1-3 at the end of Week 4.  Walter keeps them in his Top 5 for the Power Rankings (becuz Sharpz...little Walt can't make an opinion without someone telling him what his opinion is first).  Walt makes every excuse in the book for the Saints, they "are one or two plays away" from being 3-1.  The Saints point differential at the time is -15.

    This year, the Eagles, who Walt has blatantly hated for years, maybe some Eagles fan beat him up in school when he was a kid, maybe he had an alcoholic father who loved the Eagles, who knows, he's from Philly but no matter the coach, the players, the QB, the Eagles are always bad according to Walt.  Eagles are 3 missed kicks away from 3-1.  Very makable kicks.  Parkey was hurt, he missed a 44 yarder. Sturgis missed a FG and a PAT today, both about 30 yards.....Will Walt make the same excuses for the Eagles that he did for the Saints last year?  Very similar scenario, and if anything, the Eagles point differential is -8, and all of their games have been pretty tight.

    Stay tuned for Walt the hypocrite folks.

    3    7 Reply
    As an Eagles fan... (Anonymous Poster)
    9 hour(s) 18 minute(s) ago - hide
    @Omaha No, no, no.  The Eagles are terrible.
    0    0 Reply
    Omaha (Anonymous Poster)
    6 hour(s) 1 minute(s) ago - hide

    @As an Eagles fan... 

    Not saying they aren't, but the Saints weren't either yet Walter felt that keeping them in the Top 5 throughout more than half the year was ok.

    They were 1-3 with worse losses to worse teams, worse point differential, yet, Walt kept saying "they are one and two plays away", "records don't matter"

    It's also funny how Walter has backed right off his "Tom Brady is done because of pre-season" bs lol.

    0    0 Reply
    As an Eagles fan... (Anonymous Poster)
    5 hour(s) 36 minute(s) ago - hide
    @Omaha I think Walt tries to not be biased (and I honestly think he does try), but ultimately fails.
    0    0 Reply
    Seriously.... (Anonymous Poster)
    9 hour(s) 16 minute(s) ago - hide
    Does anyone even read the random "Derek Anderson's magic flask" or "Jim Irsay's tweets" anymore? It was funny maybe the first, second, or possibly third time Walt did it, but now, it's just stupid.
    1    0 Reply
    Omaha (Anonymous Poster)
    6 hour(s) 0 minute(s) ago - hide


    They are so unfunny, and have been for years

    1    0 Reply
    Karensman 1 Posts (0)
    7 hour(s) 51 minute(s) ago - hide

    Attention to "Seriously" : I agree with you about some of Walt's material becoming stale. I "Seriously" doubt that anyone visits Walt's website for his comedic riffs . Walt does provide a great service with his analysis of the games. I enjoy his opinions but could easily do without his other attempts at comedy. In case you haven't noticed, Walt has not been winning very frequently lately. Perhaps his attention to the extraneous material is distracting from his handicapping ? 

        One tip I would offer Walt about his handicapping is to include more emphasis on the coaching matchups. I think his win percentage will increase if he does. Good luck this week Walter & you too "Seriously"

    0    0 Reply
    Karensman 1 Posts (0)
    7 hour(s) 51 minute(s) ago - hide

    Attention to "Seriously" : I agree with you about some of Walt's material becoming stale. I "Seriously" doubt that anyone visits Walt's website for his comedic riffs . Walt does provide a great service with his analysis of the games. I enjoy his opinions but could easily do without his other attempts at comedy. In case you haven't noticed, Walt has not been winning very frequently lately. Perhaps his attention to the extraneous material is distracting from his handicapping ? 

        One tip I would offer Walt about his handicapping is to include more emphasis on the coaching matchups. I think his win percentage will increase if he does. Good luck this week Walter & you too "Seriously"

    0    0 Reply
    Finally (Anonymous Poster)
    12 hour(s) 44 minute(s) ago - hide
    Your best power rankings for quite a while: admitted you were wrong about some things, solid explanations for all the rankings and actually quite funny. Encouraging signs this site might be getting back to its former glories - keep it up!
    1    0 Reply
    jajaja (Anonymous Poster)
    12 hour(s) 33 minute(s) ago - hide
    @Finally Well said
    0    0 Reply
    D0cuhes g0n D0uche (Anonymous Poster)
    12 hour(s) 46 minute(s) ago - hide

    Walt be copying and pasting my memes dammit

    Image result for copying memes meme

    0    0 Reply
    Tyrus (Anonymous Poster)
    12 hour(s) 48 minute(s) ago - hide

    @Bengals O-line Big Whit isn't retiring anytime soon and I expect them to try to resign Andre Smith for a middle of the road offer or just the rookie. The Bengals oline wI'll be fine..

    0    0 Reply
    sdmcc (Anonymous Poster)
    13 hour(s) 57 minute(s) ago - hide
    I think Vince Young needs to find another incoherent rambling owner to work with.. maybe he can work in Miami or San Fran.
    0    0 Reply
    Brownie (Anonymous Poster)
    15 hour(s) 9 minute(s) ago - hide
    Josh Gordon needs to be added...
    1    0 Reply
    J Painter (Anonymous Poster)
    15 hour(s) 25 minute(s) ago - hide

    You did miss a few Browns players:

    Spergon Wynn (you know the guy the Browns drafted before Tom Brady)

    Brandon Weeden

    Gerard Warren (you remember "Big Money")  

    1    0 Reply
    Wesley C (Anonymous Poster)
    15 hour(s) 43 minute(s) ago - hide
    Butch Davis needs to be in the Hall of Shame. Not only was he a crappy NFL coach, but his hire was the downfall of a potential Miami Hurricanes dynasty 
    0    0 Reply
    ifthethunderdontgetya 17 Posts (2 )
    16 hour(s) 27 minute(s) ago - hide
    I think we deserved to improve one spot for winning, Walter. You hatah!
    0    0 Reply
    coords 39 Posts (6 )
    16 hour(s) 11 minute(s) ago - hide


    As an Iggles fan I don't see why WAS deserve any credit for that win.  I mean we're bad...we are a really bad team that doesnt' know how to win

    0    0 Reply
    stows99 4 Posts (1 )
    16 hour(s) 37 minute(s) ago - hide
    Hilarious Walter. A+ material.
    0    0 Reply
    coords 39 Posts (6 )
    17 hour(s) 8 minute(s) ago - hide

    Just imagine if Petyon Manning was the spokesperson for FanDuel and/or DraftKings....television would in effect be over.

    ...or maybe Manning as a spokesperson for viagra

    1    0 Reply
    chrisjaxon 0 Posts (0)
    18 hour(s) 33 minute(s) ago - hide
    When talking about Brown's all-time loser did you miss Josh Gordon? Also Ty Detmer was the guy who couldn't even hold off Couch for the starting job. If Couch is in, the other more terrible "Couch" should be as well. 
    0    0 Reply
    Bengals O-line (Anonymous Poster)
    19 hour(s) 6 minute(s) ago - hide
    Andre Smith's contract ends this year. Andrew Whitworth, the most underrated linemen in the league, is 33. He is expected to retire at the end of this year or next.

    Drafting the most important line position, tackle, when the future of both of your tackles look short, seems smart. I'd trust the guy who put that line together to know what he is doing.
    1    0 Reply
    Timmy Hutch (Anonymous Poster)
    7 day(s) 9 hour(s) ago - hide
    Your rankings are horrible based solely on the Seahawks. They were horrendous in the first 2 weeks, and for their only win this season, beat the worst team in the league. Horrible.
    0    3 Reply
    Prof Owl (Anonymous Poster)
    7 day(s) 3 hour(s) ago - hide

    @Timmy Hutch 


    Your thinking is that the Seahawks were horrible losing away in OT against a division rival they've always had close games with? Or was it losing in a close game, again away, to the best team in the NFL that made them horrible?

    Ask a Seahawks fan to pick 3-5 games this year we stand a good chance at losing and those would be right at the top of the list. He has them about right. I'd bet on them over his 6-10 spots, and bet against them on the upper half.... 'cept maybe the Bengals, but I like the matchup there.

    1    0 Reply
    Reality (Anonymous Poster)
    7 day(s) 8 hour(s) ago - hide
    You're a @#$@ing idiot.
    0    3 Reply
    Prof Owl (Anonymous Poster)
    7 day(s) 14 hour(s) ago - hide

    "The Seahawk teams of old would've been up 31-0 by intermissiom"

    Walt I usually agree with you and defend you quite a lot but I think you're a victim of poor memory here. The Superbowl Seahawks of the last 2 years have consistently played down to their opponents, especially in the first half. They almost lost to the Redskins and Raiders last year, the Raiders at home.

    I also think you're grading the overall quality of the offense a bit too much on the horrendous playcalling in the first half. Bevell is addicted to plays that neither work to their strengths, nor have any shown any kind of success. Even so, they start the game the same way every week, throwing short passes behind the line of scrimmage for no yards. As soon as they abandon the Bevell script and Russell is allowed to throw more than 5 yards downfield, they consistently become productive.

    I'm also not sure about that Rodgers gif at the top. I frequent plenty of Seahawks sites and basically nobody is blaming the loss on the lack of Kam Chancellor. That's the line the sportscasters are pushing to oversimplify things. The stupid, avoidable penalties that ended up providing the 10 points the Packers won with, sure, but not Kam. It comes off a lot more as Packer fans reaching a little too hard to find something extra to brag about.

    3    1 Reply
    Nomo Vasio (Anonymous Poster)
    7 day(s) 16 hour(s) ago - hide

    Too much reputation going into #1 and #2. If you observe objectively, AZ is the #1 team. And Im a non bias observer.

    If you go player for player, AZ is better 9/10. Defensive is significantly better than both teams. And offense is statistically better than both teams (126 points scored is best in NFL). Arguably 2nd best HC in the NFL, so you cant say this is a fluke.

    If any of these teams were to play, I believe it would go AZ, NE, GB. Which is what the power rankings should be

    2    6 Reply
    Vikes Fan (Anonymous Poster)
    7 day(s) 16 hour(s) ago - hide
    @Nomo Vasio The Cards have also beaten arguably the three worst teams in the NFL......
    7    1 Reply
    Dro (Anonymous Poster)
    7 day(s) 15 hour(s) ago - hide

    @Nomo Vasio 

    An objective observer knows that the NFL is a QB-driven league, and the Packers and Patriots have two (of the three, the other being stuck with a wretched surrounding cast) of the superlative difference-makers at the position. That's the difference right there. Teams will suffer injuries, strange fluke performances, random turnovers, etc, but a top-tier QB helps smooth out the wrinkles.

    0    0 Reply
    stine 22 Posts (9 )
    7 day(s) 15 hour(s) ago - hide
    @Nomo Vasio No way is Arizona #1 yet. They need to earn it first. They beat the Saints Bears and SF. All of those teams suck. They need to do well against some good teams first.... There is nothing wrong with his top 5 as I see it... Besides, it is his opinion, not yours.
    1    1 Reply
    WalterDumpyDump (Anonymous Poster)
    7 day(s) 15 hour(s) ago - hide
    The main writers on this website are Bi-est and quite frankly, @#$@ing stupid.
    2    3 Reply
    Daddys nuts (Anonymous Poster)
    7 day(s) 15 hour(s) ago - hide
    love the Luke post
    1    0 Reply
    Embarrassed Dolfan (Anonymous Poster)
    7 day(s) 18 hour(s) ago - hide

    As dolphins fan, (who lives in Western New York, I've had a rough week), I was fully prepared for the Dolphins to plummet into the bottom 10.  I was actually surprised to see them not in the bottom 10.  But I reflected on it, and I think your ranking is accurate.  The Dolphins have playoff caliber talent, but bottom tier coaching (and by bottom tier, I mean it's like Jay Cutler is the coach of this team or something), so averaging it out seems like a fair spot, especially since I am still impressed with Tannehill, he is showing heart when no one else around him is, I felt like he was the only one trying on Sunday. Those picks were his first in like 200 attempts or something like that, so it's not like it's a trend. Not yet anyways.

    That having been said, if the Dolphins drop another stinker against the Jets next week, I fully expect them to be in your bottom 10 and will be disappointed if they are not.  I am actually kind of looking forward to a funny Joe Philbin meme of him getting beaten up by a midget or something because he refuses to fight back in football and in real life.  It's not like I have much else to look forward to.

    0    0 Reply
    JoffreyG (Anonymous Poster)
    7 day(s) 23 hour(s) ago - hide
    Just curious: If Big Ben wasn't out for 4-6 weeks, where would you rank the Steelers in this weeks Power Ranking?
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