Brian Robiskie Scouting Report

By Michael Pierce

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Robiskie Brian Ohio State WR 6.4
Last Name First Name College Position Final Grade
6'3" 199 4.49
Height Weight 40 Time
Q.A.B 6.5

Quick Feet 6.5

C.O.D 6.5

Flexibility 6.5

Coordination 6.5

Robiskie has good athletic ability his quickness and agility helps him to create separation when running routes. He has very quick feet which allow him to break out of his cuts with good precision and explosiveness. When catching a short or screen pass he has good change of direction to get positive yards. He has good coordination when going after a pass in traffic. Robiskie does lack some top end speed which inhibits his ability to break away deep at times.
Toughness 6.5

Clutch Play 6.5

Production 5.5

Consistency 6.0

Team Player 6.5

Pride/Quit 6.5

Robiskie's competitiveness is no question very strong. He wants to win and will do whatever his coaches ask of him to accomplish this. Robiskie has taken a back seat to the running game at Ohio State but continues to play hard every play whether it is run or pass. He is a great teammate whose only goal is to win as a team. Robiskie's production is a bit inconsistent and most of it is due to a change in Ohio State's offense this season. Robiskie is very precise and consistent when it comes to running routes and catching passes but when it comes to blocking, his technique can be a little sloppy (lunging and trouble with a moving target).
Learn/Retain 7.0

Inst/Reaction 7.0

Concentration 7.5

Robiskie is a student of the game and is very intelligent. He has absolutely benefited from his father being an NFL coach. Robiskie shows great instincts when moving through a zone and he reacts very quickly to the defense giving him the best chance to make a play. He has great concentration which allows him to make tough catches in traffic and catch the defense making a mistake.
Body Type 6.0

Durability 6.5

Explosion 6.5

Play Strength 6.0

Robiskie has good size for an NFL receiver his height definitely gives him an advantage over DB's, but he could benefit from some bulking up to make him a little stronger getting off the ball and blocking. Robiskie has very good explosion coming out of his breaks which allows him to get great separation from the defender. His lack of strength has allowed him to be good but not great at blocking; he does a good job initially but does not have the strength to sustain it.
7.5 HANDS Excellent/best hands in the draft/catches ball away from body 225 Reps:


Vertical Jump:


Broad Jump:


20 Yard Shuttle:


60 Yard Shuttle:


3 Cone Drill:


6.5 INITIAL QUICKS Good quickness off the ball and out of cuts
6.5 CLEAN RELEASE Gets into route quickly with no one in front of him
5.5 RELEASE VS JAM Needs to get a little stronger to fight off jam
7.5 PATTERNS Excellent/sharp, precise, and explosive
6.5 ADJUST TO BALL Good body control to adjust to off target passes
6.0 R.A.C Quick allows good c.o.d. can make people miss
5.0 DEEP THREAT Lacks big time speed but is adequate to get downfield
7.5 HAND/EYE COOR. Great concentration on ball and timing of hands coming up CRITICAL FACTORS
5.5 BLOCKING Inconsistent technique/needs strength to sustain blocks Size: 6.0

Athleticism: 6.5

Hands: 7.5

Competes: 6.5

Play Speed: 6.0

Instincts: 7.0

6.0 RETURN ABILITY Solid return ability doesn't have the big speed but instincts and quickness allow him to find the hole
7.0 FUMBLE/ERRORS Rarely makes mental errors and is very secure with the ball
Robiskie's strong points are his understanding of the game and his attention to being precise on every play. He has strong hands which allow him to squeeze the ball and hang on in traffic. Robiskie has great footwork and quickness which allow him to get separation from the defender with great change of direction ability. He has great character which has been instilled in him by his father. Robiskie is going to play hard on every play regardless if the ball is coming his way. Robiskie has some inconsistencies as far as production goes but I believe a lot of that has to do with the run focused Ohio State offense. He lacks the speed to run by a defender and has to rely on quick cuts and good routes to get separation. Robiskie needs to improve on his upper body strength to improve his ability to shield defenders from the ball, help him to fight off jams at the line of scrimmage, and sustain his blocks downfield.
Robiske is a good solid receiver with great intelligence. His biggest asset is his understanding of the position. Robiskie reads the coverage well and has great quickness. He runs impeccable routes with great explosion out of the cuts. Because of his technical excellence, Robiskie can make an impact sooner rather than later. Robiskie probably has the best hands in the draft and that will make him an asset immediately. Robiskie's initial quickness and cutting ability makes him viable contender for returning punts, but he is by no means just going to run away from the defense. Robiskie needs to improve his strength and blocking techniques to make him a more all around WR. Robiskie is going to fit into someone's scheme very well as a No. 2 or 3 receiver.

Numerical Final Grade Scale:

  • 7.0-7.9 - Pro Bowl potential
  • 6.5-6.9 - Highly-productive starter
  • 6.3-6.4 - Very good starter
  • 6.1-6.2 - Good starting player
  • 6.0 - Very productive backup/may develop into starter
  • 5.9 - Very good backup/special-teams player
  • 5.8 - Quality backup/special-teams player
  • 5.5-5.7 - Backup/project/special-teams player
  • - Backup/scout team

  • Individual Numerical Grade based on a 1-9 scale, 1 (not good enough for NFL) to 9 (rare quality).

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