Last update: Tuesday, April 13, 2010.

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  1. San Francisco 49ers: Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Anthony Davis: 42.4%
    - Earl Thomas: 27.1%
    - Dan Williams: 13.6%
    - Brandon Graham: 6.8%
    - Charles Brown: 5.1%
    - Mike Iupati: 3.4%
    - Maurkice Pouncey: 1.7%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    Rphx88: Anothy Davis has got to be the pick for the 49ers. They added an impact player on the defensive side of the ball so why not add an impact player on the offensive side of the ball. More importantly Davis will be an impact player in a position of need. He projects as a right tackle in my book but could develop into a solid left tackle if needed.

    PiazzaJordan2: The Niners should draft Anthony Davis. The Ravens were a top 5 team last year with Gaither and Oher healthy. And the Broncos were a top 10 team when Clady and Harris were both healthy. And the Niners were a top 10 team when Staley was healthy. Imagine what the Niners can do with 2 elite o-linemen. I think they have to start in the trenches. They have a handful of QB's. They have a handful of RB's. Singletary can draft defensive players later and develop them. I think Anthony Davis is easily the pick.

    DPalmeri49er: I just don't See SF drafting an OT here despite it being the biggest position of need. Anthony Davis has been doing everything wrong during the evaluation process and has bust written all over him and Charles Brown doesn't represent value and also doesn't fit in to Mike Singletary's mauler mold.

    I think that Mike Iupati is an option here but with Brandon Graham still available I think he will be the choice. San Fransisco needs a more consistant pass rush which will in turn take pressure off of the secondary. Graham looks to be a perfect fit for the 49ers 3-4 Defense and with the addition of Grahem and Haden in the same draft you could be looking at one nasty SF defense which is exactly what Samuri Mike wants.

    I know OT is a big need but I just see the 49ers waiting till round two to grab a prospect who doesn't come with such a high bust possibility (I am aware that I am in the minority as far as SF fans go when it comes to this pick).

    Blazedestin: Anthony Davis is lazy and lethargic, two horrible traits to have if your coach is named Mike Singletary. The 49'ers are incredibly thin up the middle of their passing game. They need safety help badly. They could go with Taylor Mays, but their run support is fine. Earl Thomas is a great, rangy safety who can cover deep and allow a player like Dashon Goldson, who's best near the box, to switch to strong safety.

    Forty9rlifer: How is Dan Williams still available? someone please explain that? If he was still there at 17 then there is no doubt he is by far the BPA at a position that the 49ers have a NT that is franchised this year and wont be getting a long-term deal. This is a NO BRAINER! Anthony Davis blows, if the pick had to be offensive line it would be Mike Iupati.

    Lanki: The 49ers already picked Joe Haden in this mock draft. Because six of their games are against the offenses of Bradford/Clausen, Leinart/possible Eagles QB, and Hasselbeck/Whitehurst, this pick should not be Earl Thomas or Taylor Mays, even though it is tempting. Therefore, the 49ers should draft a RT in Charles Brown. Anthony Davis will also look attractive; however, he is reported to have a bad work ethic, which is not the trait of a "winner" that Mike Singletary is looking for. The in-state Charles Brown should be the pick for the 49ers.

    VikingFan173: The 49ers need to address their OL with one of their 1st round draft picks, getting Haden is a huge upgrade to the secondary and while getting another defensive playmaker like Earl Thomas could tempt Singletary he'll take Anthony Davis who will take over RT and provide an upgrade especially to the running game.

  2. Pittsburgh Steelers: Mike Iupati, G, Idaho

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Mike Iupati: 44.1%
    - Earl Thomas: 19.1%
    - Dan Williams: 16.2%
    - Kyle Wilson: 10.3%
    - Maurkice Pouncey: 8.8%
    - Devin McCourty: 1.5%
    - Taylor Mays: 0%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    VikingFan173: The Steelers hope this is how the draft plays out. They have Mike Iupati and Maurkice Pouncey two dominant interior lineman and the second-best safety fall to them at No. 18. The Steelers discovered that with Polamalu injured he couldnt cover up some of their pass defense breakdowns, so Thomas would be an amazing tandem with Troy and he would play FS, however the Steelers have struggled running the ball since Tomlin took over so getting a good guard like Pouncey or Iupati is an option. In the end I think they draft Mike Iupati, especially with Ben Roethlisberger's future in doubt they may have to return to a power running offense.

    Trisoman: Steelers have always gone with a Best Player Available type draft - Evander Hood being drafted despite massive holes on their O-line proves the point. The problem though is that we don't have the Steelers' big board to work with, so we have to project a little. I'm just gonna say Iupati - the Steelers did resign Ryan Clark and if they don't know it by now, they need to fix that excuse of an offensive line.

    Steelers43: I think the suprise pick could be Brandon Graham. James Harrison started to show his age last season, plus he is a smaller guy and the way the LT hang on him its adding up. Pair Woodley and Woodley Jr. (Graham) at oppostite ends and see who can get to the quarterback first. This will also help the secondary.

    Dorkvomit: As a diehard Steeler fan, I believe they should draft Earl Thomas for safety depth, they need more talent at the position, when Polamalu went down last season it was a disaster for our secondary; this pick would solidify that position and give us options in case of injury! I would also consider Dan Williams. I'm not a big fan of Iupati, his big weakness is pass protection and we can't afford Ben to get sacked another 50 times this season!

    TimakaHines: Interesting situation here. I've been shouting for Earl Thomas for some time now, and would find it hard to see us passing on him at 18. There's a lot to like with his speed and instincts, and I believe the Steelers have him coming in on April 8th and 9th for a visit. I see the philosophy in picking Iupati, but his Senior Bowl performance (the actual game; not practice) did not scream "18th overall" to me.

    Lanki: This is a tricky pick because the Steelers took Ziggy Hood last year. Dan Williams is probably the best player available, and I still think he should be the pick with Casey Hampton moving towards the graveyard. However, I do not think he will be. The Steelers just resigned FS Ryan Clark, so they may believe they are set at FS, therefore passing on Earl Thomas.

    Although the Steelers drafted G Kraig Urbik last year, I believe this pick comes down to Iupati or Pouncey. Iupati is definitely a better prospect and has a higher ceiling. He also has the size the Steelers are looking for in lineman. Pouncey offers versatility being able to play guard and center. However I ultimately think the Steelers will think Iupati is too good of a prospect to pass up on, making him the selection at 18.

    Hellohilo: All hinges on Ben's legal issues having worked out. If they don't, I think the steelers will definitely choose to upgrade their offensive line, as they'll have to worry about a possible replacement quarterback who probably wouldn't perform nearly as well as Ben does behind that line. In that case, it's either Iupati or Pouncey.

    Iupati is raw, but he can definitely step in and help the Steelers. Also, if the legal troubles keep Ben out for a significant part of the season, I think it's safe to say the Steelers would be looking more towards next year, in which case that would give Iupati a full season to learn. At the moment, it looks like Ben's status is going to be in limbo for a while, so Iupati is the pick.

  3. Atlanta Falcons: Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Brandon Graham: 76.4%
    - Earl Thomas: 7.3%
    - Dan Williams: 7.3%
    - Everson Griffen: 7.3%
    - Sergio Kindle: 1.8%
    - Maurkice Pouncey: 0%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    BobLoblaw: I went with Graham. Some guy named "SouthStands" agreed, and sent me the following analysis:

    "If they were both available, I'd be torn between Sean Weatherspoon and Brandon Graham here, but ultimately, I would decide on the latter because his positional value is higher, and Thomas Dimitroff is a big fan of positional value. Dimitroff's three first-round picks were spent on quarterback, left tackle and defensive tackle - three of the five highest positions of value. Defensive end could be next.

    With Weatherspoon off the board, my decision is a lot easier. The Falcons must upgrade their pass rush, since it produced only 28 sacks in 2009 - that's their No. 1 priority this offseason.

    I'm concerned about Brandon Graham's height (6-1), but there's no denying he's very talented. He's a tremendous pass-rusher, and he's great against the run as well. He can take Jamaal Anderson's spot in the lineup, who hasn't been very good so far.

    Other 2010 NFL Draft Possibilities:

    1. Sean Weatherspoon, OLB - A very impressive weakside linebacker. He'll probably be the pick if Brandon Graham isn't available.

    2. Everson Griffen, DE - Although he doesn't fit the personality that the Falcons look for, he would undoubtedly fill a need."

    He's pretty good at analysis.

    PhoenixRogue: Brandon Graham the beast of the Maize and Blue D-Line. This guy is undersized but he has so much explosive power he can knock off bigger targets with ease. He was a leader at Michigan and can become one of the best in the locker room. He led with TFL's and registered 10 sacks. This dude cannot be held back. Besides I don't trust players from USC. Carroll does not have an amazing track record for stars at the NFL level recently.

    KyleCleric: Both Griffen and Graham would be good picks for the Falcons. The difference though for the Falcons is between getting a No. 1 type pass rushing threat vs. getting a No. 2 type threat. Graham is potentially the pass rusher that every team needs to game plan around. With John Abraham getting into his 30s, Graham immediately can outperform his role. In the long run, the Falcons probably already have their left end and it's not Jamaal Anderson. Lawrence Sidbury could be that #2 threat by coming from the left side.

    VikingFan173: The pick comes down to Graham or Griffin, the Falcons don't take players w/ bad histories, case in point trying to get away from Dog Killer still, but anyway Graham will be the better player, and you take the best player not who fits into our scheme the best. DE is the biggest need for the Falcons as well.

    Boss Hogg Lou: I wish it would be Earl Thomas because the Falcons really need to beat the Saints. But drafting Graham allows the Falcons to throw Jamaal Anderson in the trash can, where he learned how to play DE. Hard to go wrong with either Earl Thomas or Brandon Graham. The height is not an issue, just look at the film and what he did at the Senior Bowl.

    Trisoman: Boss Hogg Lou puts it best - Graham's height really shouldn't be a problem or issue. His ferocity and drive was evident at the senior Bowl, and I am pretty sure he'll come good for the Falcons.

    Colts Homer: Quit it. Brandon Graham is the pick, people. Don't vote for Griffen. Griffen is a lazy bum like a lot of USC prospects. Graham has the potential to be the next Dwight Freeney. We all saw what he did in the Senior Bowl. With the right team, he should be amazing. The Falcons would be so stupid to pass up on him for a bum like Griffen.

  4. Houston Texans: Earl Thomas, FS, Texas

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Earl Thomas: 56.3%
    - Ryan Mathews: 17.2%
    - Kyle Wilson: 15.6%
    - Dan Williams: 9.4%
    - Devin McCourty: 1.6%
    - Brian Price: 0%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    Trisoman: The Texans' needs are, in no particular order: RB, OG, CB, FS, DT. Unfortunately, this draft has panned out in the worst possible way because the Texans have too many options here.

    While I appreciate why many are hankering for Ryan Mathews, I believe Kubiak and Dennison's Bronco roots will nullify any chance that the 1st round draft pick will be a running back. The Texans have done weirder things before, but RB is always a deeper position than people first realise.

    To me the pick really comes down to Earl Thomas and Dan Williams. We resigned Tim Bulman, we have Shaun Cody Amobi Okoye and Frank Okam. I'm leaning towards Earl Thomas on this one, especially since we haven't done anything in Free Agency to address it - we clearly will run the table on defensive backs in the 2010 draft.

    InjuredReserve: I am not necessarily confident in my choice, but Earl Thomas makes the most sense to me at the moment. The DT, CB, and RB positions all need to be addressed as well. This will be a stressful draft.

    Descendency: The Texans are two pieces short of being a playoff team last year. One was a power running back. With the way that it seems the Texans are talking, it sounds like a new mentality is being brought to this draft. I can see them going after a player like Ryan Mathews to help complete their team.

    I doubt they take a kicker in the second, but I think they will definitely try to address their RB position quickly.

    Stupac: I wonder how many times the idea of "stopping Peyton" will be mentioned as justification for picking Earl Thomas... Well, considering that no one has been able to stop Peyton Manning in the last 12 years, maybe a rookie free safety isn't necessarily the answer. Instead, I say there's another way to beat Peyton--outscore him. And to do that, Houston needs a running back who can hang onto the ball, convert first downs and punch it in at the goal line. Ryan Mathews is the most complete back in this class, and his addition (along with the healthy return of Owen Daniels) might give the Texans enough firepower to be called the best offense in the AFC South.

    CreamRanger: Trying to beat Peyton Manning can be very difficult, but one way that became apparent was to keep him on the sidelines. Picking Ryan Mathews here will take some pressure off of Slaton as well as provide for a stronger run game keeping Peyton on the sidelines by being able to pick up more first downs. In addition to having a grind-it-out run game the Texans will also have the air game open up more (scary as that may be), but this would allow less double teams on Johnson and take some pressure off of Schaub.

    VikingFan173: The Texans have a pretty easy decision at this spot, Earl Thomas should be the pick, however considering how they randomly benched Steve Slaton for fumbling a couple times, this pick could be Ryan Mathews. The other option would be to draft Dan Williams but they have invested so many top picks to the defensive line that would just be the wrong move. The Texans could also draft McCourty or Wilson to replace Dunta Robinson, however they will draft Earl Thomas to team up with free agency steal of last year Bernard Pollard to make a very scary safety combo.

    Yergsword: The Texans have really lacked good solid safety play for their entire existence. They solved half of the puzzle last year, with the late acquisition of Bernard Pollard, and they would be wise to lock down the other half by taking Thomas here. Pollard and Thomas would form a feared safety tandem that all QBs would have to account for. (Wow I made it through my whole post without mentioning Peyton Manning), Doh!!!

  5. Cincinnati Bengals: Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Jermaine Gresham: 41.4%
    - Taylor Mays: 32.8%
    - Dan Williams: 8.6%
    - Carlos Dunlap: 6.9%
    - Everson Griffen: 5.2%
    - Jared Odrick: 5.2%
    - Brian Price: 0%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    Stupac: Antwan Odom led the Bengals in sacks last year with eight, but that was in just six games before he was sidelined for the season... Aside from Jonathan Fanene (who had six) no one else recorded more than 3.5 sacks.

    Sure, the Bengals won the division. But they only beat three teams with winning records, and of course, they lost to the Raiders. My point is that not all is well in Cincinnati, and getting pressure on opposing QBs is a helluva lot more important than finding a TE.

    The Bengals have taken a USC defensive player in three of the last four drafts, and they've shown a willingness to gamble on talent above all else. Add it all up, and Everson Griffen is the pick.

    Professor: I love and appreciate Mike Mayock and the work he puts in to evaluate players and where they will land and he seems convinced that the Bengals will not pass on Gresham, but the Bengals don't value TE's high, they have Daniel Coats and Chase Coffman taking nearly 1.5 million in salary next year. Sorry Mike, but the Bengals need blocking TE's and the best blocking TE is Nate Byham from Pitt who Cincy can get much later in the draft and very cheap. They love their USC players on defense and you know Rey Maualuga, Frostee Rucker and Keith Rivers are pulling for the Safety from their Alma Mater. Mays is the pick.

    CincinnatiCyanide88: The Bengals simply do not need a pass-catching tight end. First of all, they have always used tight ends as blockers first. Second, the biggest reason they struggled at TE last year was because starter Reggie Kelly got a season-ending injury in the preseason. He'll be back and Coffman will have a year under his belt. The Bengals need a defensive playmaker as badly as they need offense. They have good players on D, but no real playMAKERS. Taylor Mays is the best option remaining for Cincinnati.

    VikingFan173: This will be a really tough decision for the Bengals. The have the option of getting a very speciman in Taylor Mays, or getting a defensive end to put some pressure on the QB, considering they love USC players(Carson Palmer, Rey Maualuga, Keith Rivers) I think they take Taylor Mays, especially considering they drafted Michael Johnson last year, and Antwan Odom will be back from his injury. Another good possibility is to draft Odrick or Dan Williams to add to Peko to make a very good DT combo, however they wont pass on Mays.

    Zoocrew58: The Bengals already have an awesome receiving tight end in Chase Coffman. The only problem is he never learned how to block in college, therefore the Bengals never put him on the field, since they tend to rate tight ends higher based on their ability to block. Due to this I simply cannot see Cincinnati taking Gresham, who is basically the same thing as Coffman in the first round. While their D Line can be upgraded, they can get decent value for this in the later rounds, like Tyson Alualu, or someone of that nature, or continue to work with the physical project of Michael Johnson. Antonio Bryant was signed, so the Bengals will not go WR in round 1.

    Taylor Mays as a big physical safety is what makes perfect sense to me, as long as OG Mike Iupati is already off the board. The Bengals coaches made it obvious last year they like smashmouth football, and Mays can help with this. Tight end can be upgraded in Round 2 with Rob Gronkowski of Arizona, (who is arguably the best blocking tight end in this draft) and the same is true for their other positions. Taylor Mays makes the most sense. (He also attended USC.)

    PiazzaJordan2: Jermaine Gresham... They need to give Carson Palmer some weapons. Antonio Bryant is highly doubtful to repeat his past 2 years performance. And Ochocinco can be covered well. And that leaves basically no one. And they say a Tight End is a QB's best friend. If Eli has the luxury of influencing the Giants draft strategies. (Nicks last year) then Palmer should easily have the luxury of that, as well.

  6. New England Patriots: Jared Odrick, DE/DT, Penn State

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Jared Odrick: 50.0%
    - Jerry Hughes: 18.5%
    - Dan Williams: 14.8%
    - Sergio Kindle: 11.1%
    - Arrelious Benn: 1.9%
    - Ryan Mathews: 1.9%
    - Demaryius Thomas: 1.9%
    - Golden Tate: 0%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    Vincent_Valour: Pick has to be Odrick; he is a true 5-technique defensive end, and the Pats would be thrilled to get a guy who fits perfectly into their scheme to replace Richard Seymour. The Chiefs reached for Tyson Jackson to fill the very same need, but the Pats won't have to do that because Odrick is good value here.

    Serifyn: The Patriots have a choice to make with this draft pick, at this point in the draft, there will no doubt be players who have slipped and will thus be great value at this point; this list could include even names such as Dez Bryant or CJ Spiller, unless one of these names falls to them, and even then I have my doubts.

    The pick will be DL/DE Jerod Odrick. The reason is simple: After Jarvis Green and Richard Seymour left, a huge void was created on the Patriots defensive line; a void which Odrick would fill perfectly. Although OLB may be their greatest need overall, Belichick isn't known for taking linebacker prospects in the first round; this coupled with the fact that he could probably pick up Ricky Sapp, Jerry Hughes or perhaps even Sergio Kindle in the second round with one of his many second-rounders means that the linebacker situation may have more flexibility than the DE position. Odrick surely will not last till the Patriots' next pick at 44.

    KyleCleric: As a Patriots fan, I would be disappointed with the Jared Odrick pick. While he likely would be an excellent 3-4 end, there are better options in the second round. Alex Carrington and Corey Wootton would not be substantially worse than Odrick at the 3-4 position. They could perhaps be better fits. For the versatility of the position, both Wootton and Carrington can play the 4-3 end position unlike Odrick. The pick that the Patriots make needs to be able to do that.

    Then of course, at 22, Ricky Sapp, Sergio Kindle and Jerry Hughes are far superior to the 3-4 options in the second round, Koa Misi and Jason Worilds. There will not be an option in the second round or later for player to fit in the SAM backer position for the Patriots. The Patriots either make that pick or they wait another year to fill the position.

    Dan Williams would also be a more interesting prospect for the Patriots than Jared Odrick. Williams could play the nose position which would allow Wilfork to move outside and be in position to attack, use his explosiveness better.

    VikingFan173: The Patriots have to be estatic, two top 3-4 defensive line prospects in Dan Williams and Odrick fall to their pick, while they both will be hard to pas up the Patriots need to adress their anemic pass rush, they have the choice between Sergio Kindle and Jerry Hughes, Hughes is the better prospect but I have a feeling Kindle will be the pick.

    Professor: The Patriots no doubt wanted Gresham with this pick. They have taken two TE's in the first round in a 3 year span from 02-04 (Ben Watson and Daniel Graham) and lost a couple of TE's this offseason including their biggest playmaker at the spot. However, in this draft he went one pick prior to theirs. I wouldn't rule out trading down as New England is known to stockpile picks.

    With three picks in the second round, New England could afford to just take best player available in this spot. The Pats are thin at LB and lack a true pass-rushing playmaker off the edge which is why they take Sergio Kindle. If not for some off the field problems, Kindle would have gone much higher than this pick and New England has shown a propensity for taking troubled players and getting them to straighten out and fly right. They not only fill a need, but potentially get a steal in doing so. They wanted Gresham, but they'll happily settle for Kindle.

    B-Game17: I like Odrick to be the pick here. Simply because I really can't see us selecting a rush LB in the 1st round. I actually can't imagine selecting one higher than the third. The only other options I can see here are Ryan Mathews and Arrelious Benn.

    SportsMaster: After viewing the choices available, it is obvious that the Patriots should select Jared Odrick with this pick. The Richard Seymour trade left a tremendous gap at his position, and Jarvis Green wasn't the answer to replace him last season. Now Green is gone, and the Pats still have a big hole here. Odrick has the size, speed, quickness, and hands to play this position. He can come to New England and play the 5-technique position, replacing the hole which Richard Seymour left. The Patriots are reportedly "very high" on Odrick, so he is definitely a possibility if this is correct.

    Belichick has consistently refused to draft a rush linebacker in the first round, and the only one I believe is worthy of drafting at this pick is Sergio Kindle. Kindle has all the right characteristics to fit in as a Patriot, but I believe Belichick will follow his history and draft a rush linebacker in the later rounds. The Pats have 3 second round choices, so a rush linebacker and a wide receiver should be two of the picks in the second round. Bottom line is that the patriots should select Odrick here over anyone else.

  7. Green Bay Packers: Charles Brown, OT, USC

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Charles Brown: 66.1%
    - Kyle Wilson: 17.9%
    - Jerry Hughes: 7.1%
    - Sergio Kindle: 3.6%
    - Taylor Mays: 3.6%
    - Maurkice Pouncey: 1.8%
    - Ryan Mathews: 0%
    - Dan Williams: 0%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    McPhee2222: For me it came down to Charles Brown or Kyle Wilson. But with all of NFC North great pass rushing, and how many sacks Aaron Rodgers took last year, Brown has to be the pick. They can't let Rodgers, even if he did cause some of them himself, take that type of a beating for another year.

    Stupac: I'm just gonna list all the pertinent names that will affect this pick, and you can sort the story out yourself: Aaron Rodgers, Chad Clifton, Mark Tauscher, Jared Allen, Julius Peppers, Kyle Vanden Bosch, T.J. Lang, Allen Barbre... Add it all up, and you have the Packers selecting the best OT available. Charles Brown.

    GBFan: Kyle Wilson CB/PR here. Ted Thompson takes defesive back and punt returner at 23 and later moves up in the second round by exchanging second-round picks and giving up a third-round pick to then acquire Charles Brown with his second pick in the draft, who should be still available in the early part of round two after pulling a hamstring on his pro day and also being that he is a good fit for only zone blocking teams like Green Bay.

    Kyle Wilson is too good to pass up here at 23 and should help right away with Green Bay's pass defense which got lit up by Minnesota, Pittsburgh and Arizona, especially after Al Harris went down with a knee injury. Tramon Williams is more suited for nickel back role and Kyle Wilson will help right away in the punt return department and play behind Al Harris, even filling in for him a lot.

    PacFaninBearland: Kyle Wilson. The words and actions of McCarthy and Thompson indicate they are thinking Super Bowl in 2010. The most critical weakness of the 2009 Packers was pass defense against the top passing offenses. The overall statistics obscured this weakness, the total failure to stop the Vikings, Steelers, and Cardinals passing attacks did not. To improve the pass defense in 2010 requires better pass rush and better coverage. Al Harris probably isn't going to be ready to start 2010. Therefore a cornerback who can at least be the nickel in September makes a lot of sense.

    PackFan22: Kyle Wilson. The ability to come off the edge and blitz, go on press coverage is unbelivable and can also come in and solve punt returning problems. Maybe not the TT type pick but can play a long time and be the opposite corner to Tramon Williams. This guy is the REAL DEAL.

    Dusty: The pick has to be Charles Brown or any other tackle with a first-round grade. Brown will probably sit at the beginning of the year and come in around mid season and start because I do not think Clifton and/or Tauscher will stay healthy all year.

    If the tackles are gone I hope the pick would be Taylor Mays. I know he has issues in coverage and with his angles, but he would be coming into a secondary where three of the members are Pro Bowlers. He would not be depended upon to be an impact player from Day 1, but could start from Day 1. Nick Collins also had issues tackling and with his angles but the Packers were able to remedy those issues. I believe if Mays goes to Green Bay he will learn from three outstanding pro players and will be an excellent choice. However, that is only if the top tackles are off the board.

    Sean McG: The Packers usually go BPA, but they also use their brains and will opt for a position of bigger need rather than the better prospect. Last year Michael Crabtree, arguably the best prospect in the draft, was on the board, but Green Bay opted to go for B.J. Raji, who was still a top prospect, however he filled a much bigger need for the team.

    In this situation, you can argue that Kyle Wilson or Dan Williams are better players here, but clearly Charles Brown offers better positional value and is more of an immediate need. I would be shocked if Charles Brown isn't taken here, especially after getting over the 300 pound mark at the combine.

  8. Philadelphia Eagles: Kyle Wilson, CB/PR, Boise State

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Kyle Wilson: 79.3%
    - Taylor Mays: 11.3%
    - Devin McCourty: 3.8%
    - Dan Williams: 3.8%
    - Daryl Washington: 1.9%
    - Maurkice Pouncey: 0%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    Mpg1995: If this is whats available I highly expect them to trade down. If any of these guys are to be picked its Wilson though. Nobody on the roster right now is a number 2 corner. Asante is the number 1 and Hanson will still be in the slot.

    Giantsfan6017: If Kyle Wilson is on the board, he will be the pick. The Eagles (strangely) traded Sheldon Brown and are now left with nothing across from Asante Samuel.

    EnglishEagle: With the top two safeties off the board the Eagles will almost certainly take Wilson. Reid and Co. have done a great job at adding question marks to the defense all of which need answering in this year's draft. The Eagles haven't drafted a linebacker in the first round since the 70s and with the 24th pick Wilson is good value at a position of need in a position Andy Reid values highly. Of course certain QB trade scenarios could change things.

    Colts Homer: It's not even a question. They traded Sheldon Brown. They need a cornerback badly. How Kyle Wilson is still on the board is beyond me. He's going to be such a good cover corner. I would hate to be a QB in the NFC East if Wilson falls into Philly's lap. Wilson will be lockdown in the pros. Bank on it.

    Professor: First off, there is no way they draft a LB. The Eagles do not value LB's high and Reid always takes LB's after the first round.

    I really can see the Eagles trade up for either Eric Berry or Earl Thomas, especially if McNabb is traded because that would give the Eagles 11 picks which is plenty of picks to make moves. On the other hand, the Eagles are not afraid to trade down if their not able to land Eric Berry or Earl Thomas. It was just reported that the Eagles brought Berry in for a visit, which is strange because there is no way he makes it out of the top 8 picks, unless of course, the Eagles have plans on trading up. All that being said, if the Eagles stand pat, Wilson could definitely be the pick.

    As far as interest in Wilson, all 32 teams had a rep for his Pro Day, but the Eagles were one of only six teams to send a DB coach to see him workout. As far as Mays, I would caution as Mays is a big hitter but is not a guy who will cover or make the smart play. Too many hitting/non-covering Safties get drafted high (Michael Huff, LaRon Landry, Roy Williams) and the Eagles prefer a Safety who can cover. Mays will not be the pick and don't be surprised to see Mays slip into the second round as more teams are starting to feel like he was a hard-hitting product of the defense around him from the year before.

    Also, you can never rule out a Dline or Oline as Andy loves taking trench players in the first and believes the philosophy that you win games in the trenches in the NFL.

    Of the choices available, Kyle Wilson is the pick although don't be suprised to see some shuffling and stockpiling in a draft that is one of the deepest in talent in years.

    Cicero: The pick has to be Wilson. He's valued as a late first round pick and the Eagles definitely do not have anyone on their roster to fill the void after they shipped off Sheldon Brown for a bag of chips.

    RazorStar: That Sheldon Brown trade really makes the move for Kyle Wilson seem prevalent. Absolutely making sure they have a guy who can tackle back there is a necessity, and you need a multi faceted corner opposite the one dimensional Asante Samuel. I just don't see any other pick making sense here at this point.

  9. Baltimore Ravens: Dan Williams, NT, Tennessee

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Dan Williams: 45.7%
    - Devin McCourty: 28.3%
    - Jerry Hughes: 6.5%
    - Arrelious Benn: 4.4%
    - Sergio Kindle: 4.4%
    - Golden Tate: 4.4%
    - Demaryius Thomas: 4.4%
    - Kareem Jackson: 2.2%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    NMD: Although the Ravens biggest need is CB the best player on the board is Dan Williams. With Kelly Gregg getting up in age, this may be the time to bring in his replacement. It may not be a hole right now but NT is a very important position and I don't think Ozzie would pass on Williams at 25.

    Vincent_Valour: The Ravens have been the best first round drafting team in recent years. The reason is they consistantly take the best player available later in the draft. They will take the highest rated player on their board, the way it falls the pick would be Dan Williams.

    Professor: Ravens biggest need is coverage. They had their sights set on Kyle Wilson, but with the Eagles taking him on the pick before they settle on McCourty. He immediately upgrades their secondary that was their biggest problem last year and would be their biggest problem hindering their run at a superbowl this year.

    RoflDogs: Webb + Fabian Washington = ACL, Webb PUP this season likely (AKA miss first 6 games)

    We don't even have an average pass rush...

    I picked Demaryius Thomas... because I didn't like any of the other players left, and we need a receiver to groom under Mason and Boldin

    Rashaun24: The Ravens have always been about tough hard nosed football, and all that starts off in the trenches. Dan Williams (if he some how makes it this far) is going to be the pick. Ozzie is a great drafter and not only is Williams BPA, but he fills a need with Bannan and Edwards leaving in free agency. Ozzie is too smart, he isn't going to let a premier NT get away in a thin class of D-lineman. While on the other hand, this draft is potentially a deep class of cornerbacks and wide receivers. So rather waste a pick in the first round on a DB or WR, where you can possibly get in the later rounds, grab the BPA in Williams.

    Yergsword: I went with Dan Williams, just may too much value at this point, and it is already sounding like this may be Gregg's last season.

    BAL_Hawk: If the Dan Williams falls to the Ravens, they will draft him. Much like Michael Oher last draft, a highly rated player falls to the Ravens in the twenties.

    Now, that's assuming they're sold on Williams. If another team wants to trade up and they're not sure about his value at 25, I would not be surprised to see the Ravens trade back and acquire draft picks.

  10. Arizona Cardinals: Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB, Texas

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Sergio Kindle: 42.3%
    - Jerry Hughes: 32.7%
    - Maurkice Pouncey: 9.6%
    - Taylor Mays: 5.8%
    - Arrelious Benn: 3.9%
    - Devin McCourty: 1.9%
    - Golden Tate: 1.9%
    - Demaryius Thomas: 1.9%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    Rockmolder: The Cardinals would really like to get a NT here. Bryan Robinson is a mediocre, aging player who lacks the prototypical NT build. Gabe Watson and Alan Branch haven't been living up to expectations. The team might do something crazy like pulling the trigger on Mt. Cody, knowing that a 3-4 won't work without that huge guy up front.

    That said, the obvious thing to do here would be to draft a DE/OLB. They lost the only guy who could actually get some pressure on the QB in Bertrand Berry. Losing Okeafor doesn't help, either. They overpaid for Joey Porter, who's not the elite pass rusher he once was, and they're going to need someone on the other side for him to produce. Sergio Kindle would be the perfect pick here. He's a natural fit at OLB in the 3-4 and both DE and OLB in the 4-3, which is great for a team that uses a hybrid like Arizona.

    Rphx88: Damn! The Cards would have been doing backflips if Dan Williams dropped too them. Although they miss out on Williams they still go defense by selecting OLB. As I see it its a toss up between Kindle and Hughes but i give a slight edge to Kindle as he has more versatility.

    Trisoman: If there was an OT on the board, I'd think the Cardinals would go for one of those.

    With the choices available though, the Cards should and will take a linebacker who can get to the quarterback. I'm a bigger fan of Jerry Hughes because he seems to have that desire which Kindle doesn't. Plus, always a big fan of the underdog (TCU vs Texas, c'mon), so I'm voting for Jerry Hughes here.

    Stupac: Between drafting Beanie Wells last year, losing Anquan Boldin this summer, and the retirement of Kurt Warner, head coach Ken Wisenhunt will finally be able to transition to a power running offense. Assuing that's the plan, Arizona needs to upgrade the interior of its offensive line. Left guard Reggie Wells is a terrible run blocker, and right guard Deuce Lutui is a restricted free agent. He'll most likely be retained, but with just a 2nd round tender, some team might take a chance on Lutui, who is Arizona's best run blocker on the inside. The jury is still out on center Lyle Sendlein. Florida's Maurkice Pouncey can play all of the inside positions and would open some holes for Beanie Wells.

    Yergsword: The Cardinals have lacked a serious pass rushing presence from the 3-4 OLB position since, well since they switched to the 3-4. While Kindle may be the better pure pass rusher, I think Hughes is a better all around OLB, so Hughes is the pick here.

    Sean McG: Arizona is one team that I really have no idea where they're going in the draft, so I'm not gonna attempt a write up. I voted Jerry Hughes because Joey Porter is already getting introuble and probably won't finish his ridiculous contract out, and they have no one rushing across from him. I chose Hughes over Kindle because I think Kindle is one of the most over rated prospects in the entire draft, his pass rush repertoire sucks and Hughes will be a beast in a 3-4.

    Professor: The Cards had their sights set on Hughes all day. Having Sergio Kindle still available changes all that as they assumed Kindle would be gone. Losing Dansby hurt their defense big time and signing aging vets Porter, Lenon and Rhodes are only short term answers and they need a pass rushing LB even more than Oline which is a much deeper position this year.

    With three picks in Rounds 2 and 3, they will certainly address the offensive line there. If you think about it, the Cardinals gave up nearly 100 points in their two playoff games at the end of the year and without Warner or Boldin in the lineup, you can be sure than the Cardinals offense isn't going to be scoring 30 pts a game as often. That means for them to succeed at all, they need to sure up a defense that is going to need to stop opposing offenses if the Cardinals are going to get any wins this year.

    Sergio Kindle is a better fit than Jerry Hughes because he would naturally fit right into their 3-4 defense, whereas Hughes has not played LB and is used to playing with a hand on the ground. Many feel that he should be able to make the transition, but Kindle would have no problem with a position he is ready to play. The only drawback on Kindle is his off the field issues and possible injury concerns. In 2007, he had an incident of driving while intoxicated of which he served a three-game suspension. Also, he suffered a concussion when he drove his car into an apartment building while texting in June of last year. Kindle then left the scene of the accident, but no charges were filed. Injury concerns include knee, neck, and ankle injuries during his collegiate career, but nothing serious.

    Whisenhunt is a strong coach that should be able to straighten out Kindle's head and add a productive OLB that will make an immediate impact on defense.

  11. Dallas Cowboys: Taylor Mays, S, USC

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Taylor Mays: 41.4%
    - Maurkice Pouncey: 36.2%
    - Nate Allen: 6.9%
    - Rodger Saffold: 6.9%
    - Terrence Cody: 3.5%
    - Arrelious Benn: 1.7%
    - Devin McCourty: 1.7%
    - Demaryius Thomas: 1.7%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    TxMayer89: The reason I chose Taylor Mays is because after the Cowboys cut Roy Williams last year, and Hamlin this year, they need a new star at one of the safety positions and Mays can certainly fill that void. Allen could be the pick here, as he fast and "One of the more underrated prospects in this class..."- Walter, but also according to Walter, "Mays has been exposed as a Roy Williams-type safety", so he may be able to fit well into the team if they use the safety positions as they did when Williams was there. I don't see them going WR with Austin and Williams, and their line was good last year and will be good this year. They could get a quality lineman in the second round if Veldheer or even if Cam Thomas falls this far. Mays will fit perfectly in Cowboys.

    FoDaddy: The value for Mays here is just astounding. I'm pushing in all of my chips and I guarantee that Mays will have a Pro Bowl in at least one of his first three years. All of the "hard hitting" safeties you compare Mays to do not run a 4.3 or 4.2 depending on who you talk to. Even though offensive line is a need you don't reach for a 2nd-round. talent when a top-15 talent is sitting on the board for another position of need.

    Pheltzbahr: His wife recognizes that Taylor Mays could be a threat to their marriage and convinces Jerry to draft an unattractive lineman.

    Artful Dodger: Pouncey has the best chance to be a Pro Bowl player of the players remaining and the one most likely to start immediately. Allen fills a need but he can be picked up in the 2nd (if Dallas moves up).

    Ninjaneer: Current left guard. Kyle Kosier only has a year left on his contract and Andre Gurode, although making the Pro-Bowl on reputation, did not play well last year at center. Pouncey could be that versatile guy on the O-line they thought they were getting with Corey Proctor. Nothing would make me happier than to get rid of that guy.

    Injured Reserve: I dont especially like Mays as a prospect, but I cannot see the Cowboys passing up on him.

    Stupac: I voted for Taylor Mays because he seems like a Jerry Jones pick, but I'd really like to see Devin McCourty here. The Cowboys have two talented corners in Mike Jenkins (criminally underrated) and Terence Newman. But Newman will be 32 this year, and his play started to fall off halfway through last season. Dallas might have more immediate needs at safety, wide receiver and the O-line, but pairing McCourty with Jenkins could give the Cowboys the best corner duo in the NFC for the next 7-8 years.

  12. San Diego Chargers: Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno State

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Ryan Mathews: 63.3%
    - Terrence Cody: 18.4%
    - Jahvid Best: 4.1%
    - Devin McCourty: 4.1%
    - Arrelious Benn: 2.0%
    - Demaryius Thomas: 2.0%
    - Maurkice Pouncey: 2.0%
    - Jerry Hughes: 2.0%
    - Corey Wootton: 2.0%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    PiazzaJordan2: They can probably get Cody in the second round. Ryan Mathews is perfect for their system, he is the pick.

    McPhee2222: With Sproles being the only rb there, Matthew would be the perfect pick for them. especially since they could get cody in the second.

    Ryan_Leaf: I think Terrence Cody will be the pick. Here are things we know for sure:

    They will draft a true Nose Tackle (A.J. Smith recently said that they are high on Garay, Nwagbuo and Ian Scott in a rotation... which in his language means he wants to upgrade the position) and they will draft one or two RBs in the draft.

    So there's a very good chance they go NT/RB or RB/NT in the first two rounds. However, good running backs can be found after the 1st round (Shonn Greene, Ray Rice, LeSean McCoy, Kevin Smith or Tashard Choice, among others) and let's not forget that A.J. Smith is confident he can take a productive RB late (Michael Turner 5th, Darren Sproles 4th, even Jacob Hester 3rd, but he also tried and missed with Marcus Thomas in 08 and Gartrell Johnson in 09). Therefore I think we can forget the common thought that Ryan Matthews will be the pick at 28.

    If Jared Odrick was here, I'd bet they would take him and select either Terrence Cody or Cam Thomas, whichever is available, in the 2nd at pick No. 40. But Odrick is gone here, and I think Terrence Cody is the pick - they will then take BPA in the 2nd between DE, RB, WR and CB.

    Yergsword: I just don't see the Chargers going RB in Round 1, especially now that they moved up 20 spots in Round 2. There's a good chance that no RBs are selected between now and then, it's just not a value position this high in the draft. Nose tackles are hard to come by, and there aren't too many solid ones in this draft. Cody is the pick here. Of course, Ryan Mathews will win this poll by a landslide I'm sure, you bunch of lemmings, lol.

    Mleuang81: The smart thing to do is take Terrence Cody at 28 while he is available. Running back can be addressed with their 40th pick. Many running backs (Best, Dwyer, Gerhart, Dixon, etc.) will be available at 40, but not many quality nose tackles (Cam Thomas, Linval Joseph, ..., ..., ...).

    TxMayer89: I chose Ryan Mathews here. Darren Sproles is a good player, but if he is injured, Michael Bennett is the third string. Mathews can give them a quality backup, and if Sproles ends up not being able to cut it as a starting running back in the NFL or an injury occurs, Mathews can step up and become a productive back. Taking an offensive lineman is reasonable here but Cody, and all the other guys listed there will be there next round. Mathews is the guy here.

    Professor: They have a much better shot at landing a nose in the second then getting a back as good as Ryan Mathews. They go BPA and get a huge need.

  13. New York Jets: Jerry Hughes, DE/OLB, TCU

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Jerry Hughes: 34.7%
    - Golden Tate: 30.6%
    - Demaryius Thomas: 16.3%
    - Arrelious Benn: 6.1%
    - Nate Allen: 4.1%
    - Corey Wootton: 4.1%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    LuckyDuck: Wide receiver is not the pick here.

    The Jets are a run-oriented, Defense-oriented, ball control team. That is not going to change. You don't use a 1st round pick to upgrade your slot WR position when you throw the ball less than anyone else in the NFL.

    The Jets have 2 big needs. 3-4 DE and 3-4 OLB. After that, they need a 3rd CB more than a 3rd WR.

    Given that Jared Odrick is already gone, the smart move would be to trade down. If it's impossible to trade down, you have to take a pass rusher. That makes Jerry Hughes the smart pick here.

    I could bore you with stats and numbers, but while WR might be the "cool" pick that will make fans buy jerseys, it's not the smart pick.

    PantherFaninNFL: Looking at this, it seems the only logically choices are Golden Tate, Arrellious Benn, Jerry Hughes, and Nate Allen based on immediate need. For future need, I guess Terrence Cody can be though of. But since the NFL is all about winning now, we address the most immediate need, pass rushers, so Jerry Hughes is the pick. The Jets had to blitz all of the time in order to get any pressure, they did it efficiently, but they will be much more dangerous if they can get pressure with rushing just 4 or 5 guys. Safety can wait, no position value, plus the Jets don't have a desperate need at WR, although they have no depth behind Edwards and Cotchery.

    VBSiena: As much as I didn't think the Jets should take a WR in round 1 I am leaning toward them taking one based on how their offseason has played out. Going into the offseason their primary needs were CB, Rush LB, DE/DT, and WR. The Antonio Cromartie trade and likely signing of Jason Taylor will fill 2 of their most important needs giving them flexibility to draft more toward BPA in there draft slot. I don't see the value of Dline depth with the available players on the board so why not WR? The value is there and the Jets really could use a great slot WR to take more pressure of their sophomore QB.

    Say what you want about Braylon Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery but they are their #1 and #2 on the depth chart going into this season. The Jets had a slot WR in Chansi Stuckey until they traded him to Cleveland for Edwards during the season. Brad Smith sucks too much to play WR outside of gimmick formations and David Clowney is too inconsistent. Bringing in a guy who will excel in the slot would give Mark Sanchez yet another option to make his maturation as an NFL QB easier. Plus it can take even more pressure off the running game with yet another receiving threat for the opposing defenses to worry about. Golden Tate probably has the best upside in the slot compared to Benn or Thomas and I think with how the Jets offseason played out they can afford to take him here.

    Dkpeagles: I am stuck between Jerry Hughes and Golden Tate. While both do fill a need, Rex Ryan is a defensive coach. This means that he probably thinks he can find a player later in the draft and coach him up. Factor in Ryan's ****iness and the fact he had his stomach reduced by 90% (meaning he won't be eating as much so he can actually coach up his players more), then the pick will be to give his male model some more weapons. A speedy WR like Tate who can make horrible throws by Jimmy Clausen magically become catches could be the answer. Sure the Jets are a run first team, but it is dumb to waste a top five pick on a QB if you are not going to let him throw. With Braylon dropping passes left and right and on a one year deal, the Jets need to find some young talent to help Sanchez grow. The pick should be Golden Tate, but it probably won't pan out that way. Arrelious Benn is raw and has suspect hands, and that guy from GT has no idea how to run routes and is a project. Tate offers the safer pick.

    Giantsfan6017: The Jets may give Vernon Gholston another shot, but for now, he is considered a bust. Jerry Hughes led the 12-1 TCU Horned Frogs to a BCS bowl with 11 sacks. He could be a key part of a strong Jets defense.

    Pheltzbahr: I think the Jets will address OLB, DE, WR, FS and OL depth in this draft. I have a hard time believing Jason Taylor will be a Jet next year and think these talks may be some sort of game playing by the Jets front office.

    The Jets defense was one of, if not the best in the NFL last year. While very good, they could be closer to dominant with the addition of a serious pass-rusher. Gholston is a ruptured scrotum and will be cut in preseason.

    Defensive end is possible if Odrick is around, but I think he's gone by 29. I think the second tier of 3-4 DEs are better and deeper as a group than the second tier of 3-4 OLBs.

    Receiver is a need but this is run first offense, can be addressed later in the draft.

    Free safety is less glaring as a need, but they will address this later in the draft unless they love Thomas and trade up as VB suggested.

    Cody is a legitimate choice, but I think they are happy with the way Pouha filled in for Jenkins - very good vs. the run, not really a pass rush threat like Jenkins though.

    Bottom line - Hughes

  14. Minnesota Vikings: Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Devin McCourty: 32.6%
    - Tim Tebow: 26.1%
    - Maurkice Pouncey: 23.9%
    - Brian Price: 15.2%
    - Everson Griffen: 2.2%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    VikingFan173: The Vikings could go several directions with this pick. They have a big need at corner considering we have one injury-prone and aging Pro Bowl CB (Winfield), one injured CB (Griffin), one mediocre CB (Sapp) and inexperienced CB (Allen) on the roster, so it is a position that could be upgraded.

    The interior offensive line played poor in stretches last year, especially opening up holes for Adrian Peterson, but I think the front office is going to give John Sullivan another year to find himself, considering IMO he was serviceable. The Vikings could also use a QB of the future, one where we aren't handcuffed for an entire offseason not knowing how the position will be in the middle of July (thank you Favre). The Vikings also could add a DT considering both our all-pro DT's could be suspended for the first four games, and one of them is 38 and declining (Pat Williams). The Vikings finally could draft a replacement for Ray Edwards who will garner a huge sum of money next offseason.

    Having said all that, the Vikes need to address the backend of the secondary, with arguably the 3rd-best cornerback available this late they will draft McCourty. Pouncey, Tebow and Dunlap could be possible considering the Florida connection (Harvin) but getting a prototypical cover-2 CB is just too hard to pass up.

    PantherFaninNFL: The pick I believe is McCourty. Based on the Vikings history, they like to go off need, excluding the Adrian Peterson pick, Best player in draft available 7th overall, can't argue with that. But with Cedric Griffin most likely out for a good chunk of the season, the viking need corner help. Plus this could be the replacement for Antoine Winfield, who is getting up there in age. You can wait till later rounds to fix the interior of the offensive line, most people playing there are late round picks anyway.

    Stupac: Leave it to Adrian Peterson to rush for 1300+ yards and lead the league in rushing TDs, only to have it be considered a down year... AP averaged ONLY 4.4 yards per carry in 2009, which might be acceptable for any other back. Unfortunately for All-Day, that mark is a career low, and a big part of that drop-off has to be attributed to the ineffectiveness of the interior offensive line, specifically John Sullivan at center and Anthony Herrera at right guard. Maurkice Pouncey is arguably the BPA, and he would present a major upgrade at either position.

    BobLoblaw: I think Price would be too good to pass up here. Pat Williams is reportedly considering retirement, and the William's Wall has been so central to their defense for so long that they can't afford to let the interior of the line take a big hit when he leaves. Adding Price would let Pat rest more if he plays and give him a replacement when he leaves.

    Baous: This pick will be and should be Pouncey at 30. Favre won't be here forever, and when he's gone, Childress will undoubtedly want to get back to pounding it with Peterson. It'll be tough if there are no running lanes because of inferior play from Herrera/Sullivan. The Vikings apparently like Sullivan, and he's young, so they'll probably have Pouncey start at right guard, then Herrera can take Artis Hicks' versatile backup role. Plus, the Vikings apparently like Chris Cook, who should be available at 30. There are some good CBs that can be picked up in 2nd/3rd round.

    Honestly, the only other pick I see this being is Tebow, because Childress is high on him. He once said he thinks Tebow can make it as an NFL QB, plus he always wanted to develop a QB (see the T. Jack project), and we have Tebow's favorite reciever. Tebow could learn under Favre for a year, can be used as a Vick-wildcat role in 2-3 plays a game, and can get some experience in garbage time. I actually think the Vikings trade up for Jimmy Clausen, or he falls to them here. Bills are high on Tebow too, so they may pass up on Clausen in favor of Tebow. Bills/Vikes can swap first rounders and Vikes throw in an extra pick/player, Vikes get Clausen, Bills get Tebow.

    Dkpeagles: I think this pick comes down to two players, McCourty or Tim Tebow. The biggest weakness this team has is its secondary. Sure they can upgrade the offensive line, but I think much of AP's struggles had to do with the team becoming more pass oriented. (not that he struggled that much) The Vikings can snag offensive linemen later in the draft, but I think this Rutgers prospect offers more upside than any of the cornerbacks at the end of round 2. If the Vikings brass make the right move, then this is the pick.

    Tebow is also an option given that this could be Brett's final year. Sure he has mechanics to work on, but he is a million times better than Tavaris. Chilly might fly down to whatever religious retreat Tebow is on and pick him up too. That team was five fumbles away from the Super Bowl, whereas the year before they didnt make it out of the wild card. Besides Brett, what was the difference? Leadership. Tebow offers that immediately, and training under Brett for a year could be the best thing for Tebow's career.

    All Day 28: I vote McCourty but I have a feeling that the Vikes are gonna suprise everyone and select Colt McCoy at No. 30. Rick Spielman (VP of player personel) was on the local (Minneapolis) sports talk show recently and completly avoided the question of "what do you think of Colt McCoy?" Spielman did the exact same thing last year when asked about Percy Harvin. He had no problem talking about Jimmy Clausen and Sam Bradford. He also referred to Tebow as a "true leader." We need a QB. McCoy can sit behind Favre for a year. T-Jack is not the answer.

    I am not saying McCoy is a sure-fire pick, but I believe he will be effective in a West Coast scheme.

  15. Indianapolis Colts: Maurkice Pouncey, C/G, Florida

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Maurkice Pouncey: 61.5%
    - Brian Price: 21.2%
    - Rodger Saffold: 7.7%
    - Daryl Washington: 3.9%
    - Everson Griffen: 3.9%
    - Jahvid Best: 1.9%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    Colts Homer: This is such an easy pick. It's Maurkice Pouncey. The Colts have no offensive line. Lilja is gone and Kyle DeVan was a substitute teacher before the Colts signed him last year. Pouncey is really, really good and fits perfectly into the Colts system. He's quick and athletic, smart, and can pass block. It's insane to think the Colts will take a defensive tackle in the first round after taking one in the mid-second last season. Brian Price is "carrying more bad weight than Terrence Cody" according to a scout. Does that sound like someone the Colts would take? Hell no. Pouncey is this pick.

    Dkpeagles: The Colts are a really easy team to figure out when drafting in the first round. They almost always go offense because they know that is where their strength is. For years they have ignored getting some big defensive linemen. Don't expect it to change any time soon. The offensive line is getting old and they recently released Ryan Lilja, the pick should be an offensive lineman unless no one worthy of a first-round pick is available.

    Maurkice Pouncey is probably the best option given his versatility and reputation of being the best center prospect in years. He can play guard until Jeff Saturday is released or decides to retire. This could be the best pick for the Colts unless one of the top level prospects falls. Polian is one of the best drafters in the league, and he knows a good value when he sees it. The Colts might go defense in later rounds, but this is the best time to improve the offensive line. Sure it's weird that they improve the offensive line after giving up the least amount of sacks all year, but they have no depth and need to get younger. Maurkice Pouncey is moving to Indy.

    BobLoblaw: Brian Price and Everson Griffen would both be steals at this point of the draft, but DT is a bigger need for Indy. They haven't had a dominant DT to go along with Freeney and Mathis, and Price could really help the front four get more pressure. Since failing to get pressure with Freeney injured in the Super Bowl really cost them, that need should be fresh in their minds come draft day.

    PantherFanInNFL: What a steal, Brian Price falls this far. Bill Polian would turn in his draft card, laughing at the other teams saying "no wonder I win so many games every year."

    Shake: Maurkice Pouncey and Brian Price are both solid value, but guard is much more of a need than DT. The DT rotation the Colts have now is nothing special, but it's a group they can succeed with, especially if Fili Moala comes on this year. Right now their more experienced starting guard was a rookie pulled from AFL2 last year.

    Rodger Saffold wouldn't shock me, but the Colts would have had to give him a 1st-round grade when most have a 2nd on him (like Joseph Addai in 2006).

    Professor: Colts need depth on the offensive line. Having Maurkice Pouncey who is a Pro Bowl center today still available is a dream come true for Bill Polian and company. He can play guard and once Jeff Saturday is gone then he will slide right into center and the Colts won't miss a beat. Easy pick.

    Invisbulman: In spite of popular opinion, defensive tackle isn't even on the Colts radar as a team need. The Colts run defense got pretty good while no one was watching. They are pretty thin in the defensive backfield and have several gaping holes in the offensive line.

    Have I made it clear where I am going with this pick? If Pouncey is on the board, this is the easiest pick in the draft. If he is gone, they might have to reach for Saffold or a cornerback.

  16. New Orleans Saints: Everson Griffen, DE, USC

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Everson Griffen: 34.0%
    - Brian Price: 31.9%
    - Carlos Dunlap: 19.2%
    - Daryl Washington: 10.6%
    - Nate Allen: 4.3%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    DKPeagles: This is one of the tougher selections obviously because it is the final pick of the round. I'd go with Everson Griffen because the Saints are definitely in need of an upgrade on the D line. A OLB can be grabbed in the later rounds, dont forget Fujita wasnt a huge staple of their defense, he was average and consistent. They let him go for dirt cheap because he was expendable. Dunlap has his character concerns and I don't see the Saints spending a first rounder on him. I am fairly certain the Saints spent a first rounder on Sedrick Ellis not too long ago, so I am not sure if they want to put that much money into the defensive line. A DE has more positional value, it is a need, and Griffen offers one of the best opportunities.

    Let's put it this way. Everyone on this site is gaga over Jimmy Clausen .. respects his game, his persona, and his views .. when asked who the best defensive player he has ever faced, guess who he said? Everson Griffen. Sure Clausen had nothing for an O-line, but Griffen put fear into what some consider the best QB in this class, that is saying a lot.

    VikingFan173: This one is tough, would say it is a decision between going for a replacement for Fujita or beefing up the DL. Everson Griffin, Carlos Dunlap and Brian Price would be the best player avaialbe, but Daryl Washington would fill the Saints biggest need after Fujita signed with the browns. I would think they would go after the best player no matter if a DT or DE and that would be Brian Price, but they have a good problem here because rating those three DL is tough.

    Colts Homer: I went with Bad Weight Price, but this one is going to be tough. Price is the best player left on the board, but he is also lazy and fat. He will either be a terrible bust or the biggest steal in recent history. I'm leaning towards the former, but what will GMs think? No idea. He may be worth the risk here.

    BobLoblaw: With the Fresh Prince on the right already, LE or DT makes the most sense here. Price is a safer option than Dunlap, and Price and Ellis in the middle would make a great 4-3 DT pair for a long, long time.

    Cicero: The Saints just signed Alex Brown so I don't see them going DE. Price's work ethic and endurance concerns drop him, which leaves me with Washington.

    Stmczell: Terrence Cody.

    As a Saints fan, I have been thinking more and more about this pick in terms of the versatility of the player, or how the player will allow others to be more versatile around him. Because the Saints have signed Alex Brown and Hargrove penned his tender, it becomes unlikely that the Saints address DE in the first. Brown will play LDE, but Hargrove is more interesting -- he is versatile. He is a DE, but plays DT well in passing situations. He is excellent depth, has great situational strengths, and allows Gregg Williams to show numerous different looks along the line. Hargrove is, however, weak against the run and doesn't eat blockers -- the most obvious absence from our defense. Aside from Sed Ellis, other DT's are Remi Ayodele --a big body but not much more than that-- and Demario Pressley, who hasn't proven anything since being drafted. Clearly no one currently on the roster is poised to take the other DT spot. OLB and FS positions have depth that is on the cusp of starting, DT does not; So the Saints go DT in the first.

    Sedrick Ellis was the best first round pick that the Saints have made in the last 3 years. It has worked out so well that they will pick DT again with their first selection. Ellis hasn't quite been the player the Saints need him to be because of who is lined up next to him. With a player next to Ellis and Smith that commands attention, the performance of the Saints D-line would improve dramatically. But Brian Price is not the answer. Price's limitations -- aside from being a similar player to what we have in Ellis already are a) He came out of nowhere, b) shows poor work ethic and c) to me at least-- reeks of Jonathan Sullivan. There is another DT that would optimize the productivity of every member of our D-line; that for 2 years has been considered the best DT in college football and who showed up to play in every big game of his college career. And, unlike Price who was overweight at the combine, this player showed up in the best shape of his life. This player is Terrence Cody: The 32nd pick in the 2010 NFL draft.

    The NFC South has 3 run-first teams. The Saints are not one of them. They can add the best run-stuffing player the draft has seen in a couple years while addressing their greatest need. I say go against the grain and pull the trigger on Cody come draft day. DEs, DTs, OLBs will all start to play better with Cody eating the blocks. Even if he plays primarily in rushing situations, when he is in the game the rest of the defense will improve; something that can not be said if we draft a DE for depth or an OLB.

    People say the saints need to improve their pass rush. They dont. It starts with the run. The Saints are the defending Superbowl champions in one of the most competitive divisions in football. They will get the best game out of every single team that they play. If they can stop the run they will be better suited to defend the NFC South title and keep teams from running out the clock in close games. The Saints have the most opportunistic Defense in the game with the best young DB tandem. If they can stop the run, they will more frequently put the most opportunistic defense in the NFL on the field in the situations in which they thrive. Not to mention, Gregg Williams will love the different looks that his defense could take with this behemoth in his repertoire.

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