Reader 2012 NFL Mock Draft: Round 1 - Picks 17-32

Last update: Friday, April 20, 2012.

This is an opportunity for you, the readers, to vote on the picks in the 2012 NFL Draft. All you need to do is vote for each selection. Look for updates on Twitter @walterfootball.

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Reader 2012 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 1-16

  1. Cincinnati Bengals: Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama
    Dre Kirkpatrick: 47.3%
    Cordy Glenn: 14.3%
    Janoris Jenkins: 12.2%
    Stephon Gilmore: 12.1%
    Kendall Wright: 7.9%
    Mark Barron: 6.2%
    Total votes: 1,767

    Rob N: The Bengals are torn between the two sketchy corners, Kirkpatrick and Jenkins, with this pick. Kirkpatrick gets the nod as he fits the mold of a potential new trend in the NFL, tall corners.

    Hayden S: Jenkins and Kirkpatrick will get the most votes here, but I believe that Gilmore should be the pick. He has impressed of late and is flying up teams' boards. Wright would be the most interesting pick. Dalton would have dream toys for a developing QB in Green and Wright.

    Austin K: Okay... I'll lay it down. The Bengals best combination of first round picks would be a Guard and Corner. Guard is now arguably the biggest need for the Bengals (as they picked up Jason Allen, re-signed Adam Jones, and will be getting back Leon Hall at Corner). They still need a Right Guard after losing Bobbie Williams and Nate Livings and only replacing them with Travelle Wharton. At this point, Cordy Glenn is left, and you have two Corners (excluding Jenkins here) in Stephon Gilmore and Dre Kirkpatrick. If you pick Kirkpatrick at 17, Cordy Glenn could easily be gone by 21. Maybe he won't, maybe he will. But that's a risk of losing a chance at getting a top Guard talent. If you pick Cordy Glenn at 17, you get your starting Right Guard, then at 21 Dre Kirkpatrick might be off the board, but you will still most likely have Stephon Gilmore to fall back on. That way, you get a Corner and a Guard, filling your top two needs.

    Vinny L: Marvin Lewis has more say in decisions now, and I think he factors character more than Mike Brown, so I voted Gilmore over Kirkpatrick.

    Peter L: Corner is a need, but there are three here worth the pick, and the Bengals pick again at No. 21. So unless they're in love with one of them, CB can wait. RB and WR are needs as well, but they can wait until rounds 2 and 3. That leaves guard, and Cordy Glenn is a decent value who would get taken before the 21st pick. He'll make the Bengals' O-line a feared run-blocking unit.

    Corey P: The Bengals would be fools not to draft Cordy Glenn, then take either Kirkpatrick, Jenkins, or Gilmore with their second, first round selection.

    Dan G: Chris Crocker is terrible and this year's class of cornerbacks is very deep, while Mark Barron is the only NFL-ready safety. Therefore, he should be the pick.

    Kyle M: Stephon Gilmore. His stock is soaring and we know the Bengals will take a cb with one of these picks.

    Steve D: Jenkins fits in good with this club..........a little bit on the edge (attitude and maturity-wise) but a ton of talent. If it weren't for his troubles he'd be a top 10 pick.

    Kyle D: They will go Kirkpatrick. The Bengals rarely shy away from guys with a sketchy past and he fits a major need in their secondary.

  2. San Diego Chargers: Courtney Upshaw, DE/OLB, Alabama
    Courtney Upshaw: 28.8%
    Whitney Mercilus: 22.3%
    Cordy Glenn: 13.2%
    Mark Barron: 9.2%
    Nick Perry: 8.2%
    Stephen Hill: 7.6%
    Kendall Wright: 5.9%
    Stephon Gilmore: 3.6%
    Chandler Jones: 1.4%
    Total votes: 1,033

    Matt R: The experiment with Bob Sander's failed. It's time to put someone next to Eric Weddle who can scare quarterbacks.

    Dan A: Chargers were always known for their linebackers. his has fallen off quite a bit. They look to regain a little of that with Upshaw.

    Jonathan M: Based off the selections available, I'd say Upshaw. They really need a pass rusher, and Upshaw is probably the best talent available. They could use a receiver since I'm really not sure who Rivers is going to throw to. Honestly, I think they would just take the best player who makes sense, and that is probably Upshaw.

    Nick R: Draft Upshaw, they need more pass-rushers, they have Phillips and nothing else. They have LaBoy and other okay players but no one to get to the quarterback except for Phillips.

    Mark G: Draft Gilmore move that old CB Jammer to Safety, two needs one pick.

    Tyler E: Knowing AJ Smith they will draft Hill, just because they need a big receiver although San Diego desperately needs pass rush help.

    Rob N: The Chargers go with the "safe pick" and select Courtney Upshaw. I say "safe" because unlike Larry English, Upshaw has played the 3-4 outside linebacker position before and should make a decent transistion. Although some question his ability to cover NFL talent.

  3. Chicago Bears: Kendall Wright, WR/KR, Baylor
    Kendall Wright: 25.6%
    Cordy Glenn: 24.2%
    Whitney Mercilus: 11.5%
    Stephen Hill: 10.2%
    Michael Brockers: 7.1%
    Mark Barron: 4.9%
    Peter Konz: 4.5%
    Nick Perry: 4.1%
    Coby Fleener: 4.0%
    Stephon Gilmore: 4.0%
    Total votes: 2,299

    Jon G: People seem to forget how badly the Bears need pass rush from their defensive end spot opposite Julius Peppers. Perry probably presents the best option to fill that need, and he could step in right away on passing downs. Don't be surprised by Brockers either; the Bears have lost depth on their interior defensive line this offseason while they may not be able to retain Henry Melton in the near future.

    Timothy S: Cordy Glenn will be the pick. The Bears REALLY need to protect Cutler.

    Damien R: Bears already said they're content with their offensive line, this coming year it will look A LOT better since Martz isn't going to be calling 7 step drops with no choice of audibles for Cutler. They're going to go WR here IMO because Kendall Wright is going to be the best player on the board at 19, and he'll have a better rating than any defensive player there too (not if Coples falls)

    Nick R: I think they will pick Cordy Glenn. The Bears only lineman with potential is Gabe Carimi but he can't stay off the injured list. H could easily replace Edwin Williams or Chris Spencer.

    Kyle M: At this juncture, the Bears need offensive line help. Bad. Glenn could be used in many different ways.

    Nathan T: Does anyone remember the midseason game versus the Vikings? Cutler single-handedly won that game by throwing while backpedaling. They have to protect him if they want the Marshall trade to do anything for their Superbowl hopes.

    Rob N: The Bears have got to go offensive line with a couple of picks in this years draft to "try" and "protect" Jay Cutler. Thus this selection is the athletic Cordy Glenn.

    Doug M: I voted for Mercilus. I think at this point, a pass rusher provides much more value than a guard regardless of the need on the line. Also, the Bears most likely have decent scouting on him given he played just down the road in Champaign.

    Jonathan M: I'm thinking Wright. They're largest need is offensive line I would think, but then I realized they've been neglecting that area for a while now so why would they stop now. Plus, Kendal Wright reminds me of a rich man's Eddie Royal. Cutler made Royal look really good when he was in Denver.

    Steve P: The Bears haven't spent a first round pick on a defensive player since Tommie Harris in 2004. It's time to stop investing in right tackles, and get an elite player on defense who was born after 1981. I imagine Chicago would love to see Fletcher Cox here after moving on from Anthony Adams and Amobi Okoye. However, Whitney Mercilus is an ideal fit for the Tampa-2, and his stock has risen to the point of need meeting value. Also, new GM Phil Emery has a history with first round defensive ends (Jamaal Anderson with the Falcons, Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson with the Chiefs).

    Jason F: Now that Mike Martz is gone I really can't see the Bears passing up on Coby Fleener. They now have their #1 receiver in Brandon Marshall so I can't see them drafting another one in the first round. Mike Tice is going to utilize the TE and as of right now the Bears have no legitimate threat at the TE position.

  4. Tennessee Titans: Michael Brockers, DT, LSU
    Michael Brockers: 23.4%
    Stephon Gilmore: 20.5%
    Whitney Mercilus: 14.5%
    Cordy Glenn: 10.0%
    Janoris Jenkins: 9.4%
    Nick Perry: 7.5%
    Mark Barron: 6.1%
    Peter Konz: 5.9%
    Devon Still: 2.8%
    Total votes: 1,332

    Andrew S: With jason jones leaving town, defensive tackle, not just defensive end, is a need. brockers would fit in great in that defensive system.

    Cody M: The titans have go for a pass rusher in the draft and theres plenty of those to trade we could even wait for a second round player like vinny curry but i personally like merculius or nick perry as the best pick for round one.however ANYONE who doubts me now will see soon enough Janoris Jenkins has changed since his florida days and is gonna be a monsterrrrr in the nfl and i would be pumped if tennessee got him.

    Matt R: Cortland Finnegan left in FA, so why not draft Janoris Jenkins to take his place and fight Andre Johnson twice a year?

    Nick R: I think they should get Whitney Mercillous. The Derrick Morgan experiment failed so they just need another good pass-rusher from the edge. Then, they could have Karl Klug, Jurall Casey, Derrick Morgan and Mercillous making a feared D-Line.

    K: I'd have to go with Whitney Mercilus. We need another pass rusher to go across of Wimbley and he would be a great player to rotate with Dave Ball and Douzable. Pass rusher is the Titan's number one concern right now.

    John: From what I have seen, it seems to me that the Titans need interior offensive line help more than just about any position except possibly cornerback. Having picked up Steve Hutchinson, the Titans can wait a round or two to draft another guard, and from what I have heard, they seem to be happy with Jason McCourty and Alterraun Verner as their two starters at cornerback, so center seems to be their biggest need. That makes Peter Konz the most logical first-round pick. If he were gone, I would have said Cordy Glenn, and if Glenn were gone, I would have said probably Janoris Jenkins.

    Harrison H: This is a tough one but I think the Titans go Best player available approach. Brockers upside makes him the pick over Devon Still, and his versatility at 6'6' with athleticism makes him more appealing than Mercilus. With the right coaching Brockers could easily turn out to be the most dominant lineman in this draft and at #20 is a bargain.

    CJ: I went with Gilmore simply because the Titans lost Finnegan through Free Agency.

    J Johnson: The titans have been looking for a dominant interior D-lineman since Haynesworth left. Brockers has too much upside to let him pass.

    Derek C: I'm disappointed I can't vote for atomic bombs.

  5. Cincinnati Bengals: Cordy Glenn, G, Georgia
    Cordy Glenn: 42.9%
    Mark Barron: 20.3%
    Mike Wallace: 19.3%
    Stephon Gilmore: 8.0%
    Whitney Mercilus: 5.2%
    Nick Perry: 3.0%
    Devon Still: 1.4%
    Total votes: 1,899

    Erik N: The bengals somehow managed to have the best pass defense with reggie nelson playing?? mark barron will be the pick and solidify that back end

    Selvan T: The Bengals cut Crocker, despite having a ton of cap room and not much at safety. Barron can start right away for them, and they can always go for a guard in the second round.

    Christian T: Since they already got Kirkpatrick earlier in this mock, they have to go o-line with this pick. Livings was not good at all this past year, Dalton was very good with a clean pocket this past year, so Glenn should go here

    Soren M: I personally don't think that Barron will be available here, but if he is the Bengals could bolster up their Pass Coverage for years in this draft.

    Peter O: It could both help and hurt the Bengals to "pick" Mike Wallace. The Steelers would then have two 1st rounders. Cincinnati would have two of the best receivers in the league, though.

    Andrew B: I can't see teams in the same division trading a first round pick and a top caliber wide receiver. I say Barron, to make the defense even better.

    Joey H: They can't possibly pass on Barron, their defense would be getting the help they need in pass coverage. Since they just cut Crocker, Barron would fill the need at safety quite nicely.

    Jonathan M: The Bengals have needs, and it might be a stretch, but they really really really need some safety help. They've had poor safety play for years now, and it might really improve things. That said, back to back picks on defensive backs, and the last being a reach at safety might be a bad idea. That said, I everyone seems down on Cordy Glenn now. Maybe just go with Mike Wallace since you know what you're getting.

    Kyle M: It's a risk passing Glenn up at 17. If he's still here, they have to get him.

    Peter L: I thought it was risky passing on Glenn at No. 17, given the teams picking 18-20, so they have to get him here if he's still available. The Bengals signed Travelle Wharton from free agency, and that was a good move, but they were short two guards. Glenn is the pick.

  6. Cleveland Browns: Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech
    Stephen Hill: 41.3%
    Mike Adams: 12.3%
    Alshon Jeffery: 8.4%
    Brandon Weeden: 8.3%
    Whitney Mercilus: 7.3%
    Mark Barron: 6.4%
    Stephon Gilmore: 6.2%
    Coby Fleener: 5.5%
    Nick Perry: 2.8%
    Rueben Randle: 1.7%
    Total votes: 2,175

    Brian O: Cleveland should draft richardson at 4, and then wright or hill at 22. i know a lot of people in ohio think mccoy sucks, but he also has no one to throw to or hand it off to. in round 2, draft cousins in case mccoy is still mediocre. in rounds 3 and 4, take best wr or tight end available. richardson, wright, cousins, fleener, and mcnutt would be a helluva draft for the browns

    Ethan S: IMO, the Browns should have selected Blackmon at 4. Getting Alshon Jeffrey isn't bad though

    Mark G: Gotta go with Mike Adams, you pick early in the second and the talent differential between the tackle now, and the tackles then are much greater than the WRs now, and the WRs then. If the first three picks the Browns can walk away with a starting RB, RT, and WR then the draft is a success. Grabbing a Stephen Hill is flashy, but raw, Hill would work for say the Texans where he is a #2 or #3 in the line up, but in Cleveland he would be thrust into #1, DHB style.

    Doug R: They've gotta get someone in there who can stretch the field, move the safeties back, and possibly even draw double coverage. Even if he struggles catching the ball, Stephen Hill can help in many other ways.

    Timothy S: Has to be a WR, the Browns need weapons in the worst way. Stephen Hill or Alshon Jeffery will be picked here. Voted Hill because I like him better as a prospect.

    Zenek S: Has to be Stephen Hill. it doesnt matter whos the QB, they have no weapons and Hill is the best/most promising WR available. You could draft a replacement for McCoy but at this point theres absolutly no-one who you would say would do as good a job, let alone a better one with the weapons abailable.

    Abhishek P: This pick points to Stephen Hill, as it has great value, upside and addresses a huge need... With the first pick the Browns enhance their offense by providing McCoy with a runningback that can take the load off of the putrid passing attack. Speaking of the putrid passing attack, Stephen Hill provides young Colt someone across from Greg Little. Stephen Hill is perfect because he's big, uber athletic, has great hands and excellent speed. He can stretch the field which can open up running lanes and short passes. With that great size, he can be ab ideal redzone target. McCoy needs all the help he can get, so why not provide him with Hill...

    Charlie P: Don't forget about Reuben Randle! Hill is worthy of the pick, but Randle fits the Browns offense better. He is a better route runner, tougher and much better after the Catch; all very important traits to the WCO. Hill has slightly better speed and size, but Randle is the speedster the Browns need.

    Soren M: The Pick will be owned by the Rams as the Browns move up to get RG3... oh wait what the f**k?

  7. Detroit Lions: Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina
    Stephon Gilmore: 39.6%
    Janoris Jenkins: 23.4%
    Mark Barron: 15.1%
    Mike Adams: 11.5%
    Peter Konz: 4.8%
    Whitney Mercilus: 3.2%
    Nick Perry: 2.4%
    Total votes: 1,638

    Timothy S: Voted Janoris Jenkins because I really like the kid but I can see why most voters seem to be choosing Gilmore. Either way, the Lions secondary proved to be one of the league's worst in Week 17 and the Wildcard playoffs. They need a serious upgrade.

    Michael D: Got to vote for Gilmore here. The Lions havn't even attempted to upgrade the Corner spot with a draft pick since Stanley Wlson! Gilmore gives them a solid corner duo wth Houston and is the BPA.

    Tyler S: How is Barron still on the board? Can you say 'best player available?

    Shawljaret: Barron is a good player but he does NOT fit the Lions defensive scheme. Meyhew does not pick up players that don't fit the scheme.

    Erik N: Chris Houston is a decent starting corner,but they need a man across from him; since Eric Wright left to another team who overpaid for him with top 5 for your position type money. i think Stephon Gilmore will be the pick, to me Janoris Jenkins is just another PacMan Jones(short,fast,off the field problems). Stephon Gilmore is great at pressing at the line of scrimmage and he has high upside.

    Ryan C: The Lions are lucky Gilmore fell this far. They will sprint to the podium on this one.

  8. Pittsburgh Steelers: Dont'a Hightower, ILB, Alabama
    Dont'a Hightower: 54.6%
    Mike Adams: 19.5%
    Mark Barron: 7.8%
    Whitney Mercilus: 4.4%
    Devon Still: 3.9%
    Coby Fleener: 2.7%
    Nick Perry: 2.4%
    Peter Konz: 2.4%
    Doug Martin: 2.3%
    Total votes: 1,840

    Brian S: Hightower, every LB they draft turns out great no matter who they are.

    Kyle M: Has to be Hightower. losing Farrior opens up a huge hole next to Timmons; plus none of their other needs are within reach, aside from Doug Martin and maybe Mike Adams.

    Jonathan M: The interrior of the Steelers defense needs to get younger. Hightower comes from a pro ready defense. Hightower should be able to fit right into Dick Lebeau's defense.

    Peter O: The Steelers' defense is aging. Adding another defensive piece could be what would take them back to the Superbowl

    David E: The Steelers biggest needs are O-line, NT and LB. There is no value in the O-line or NT at spot 24, so the options are trade or Hightower.

    Timothy S: One thing for sure is that this is going to be a defensive pick. I can see why so many people want the Steelers to select Dont'a Hightower and it would be a good pick. Personally I voted Mark Barron. I don't know why Janoris Jenkins wasn't included in the poll, though. The Steelers could use a Corner.

    Tim M: The logical choice is Hightower here. Adams and Barron would both garner interest but if I had to guess I'd think that Hightower would out rank all others in terms of BPA. I like what I've heard about Hightower, but based on his lateral numbers I'm not thrilled.

    El Dopa: I don't understand Cleveland. They keep saying they need a wr and qb. But last year they could have drafted Julio Jones and this year make the trade for RG3.

    Matt R: The only logical moves I can see are the Steelers trading down and grabbing Alameda Ta'amu in the 2nd or trading up to snatch Poe from (in this draft's case) the Panthers.

  9. Denver Broncos: Devon Still, DE/DT, Penn State
    Devon Still: 26.3%
    Mark Barron: 20.9%
    Jerel Worthy: 13.3%
    Doug Martin: 10.3%
    Alshon Jeffery: 8.8%
    Peter Konz: 7.7%
    Janoris Jenkins: 7.6%
    Rueben Randle: 2.0%
    Brock Osweiler: 1.6%
    Brandon Weeden: 1.5%
    Total votes: 1,472

    David P: Early picks are usually spent helping out the QB. With Peyton coming in, they'll no doubt reassure him of his decision by taking the best offensive lineman on the board. I think with them failing to sign Saturday, they'll give Manning the best center in the class to groom so they don't have to endure the misery that is J.D. Walton again. Konz.

    Seth S: The Broncos are the team that should give up their 1st round pick to sign Mike Wallace away from Pittsburgh. The addition of Manning has put them into win now mode. None of the players available would have near the impact of bringing in Wallace. It's not even close. Besides, there isn't a great value pick on the board.

    Doug M: Clearly, the Broncos need to focus on shoring up the Quarterback position this offseason, they traded away their young starting QB that they spent a first round pick on just 2 years ago and replaced him with an aging injury prone QB that hasn't thrown a ball in any sort of meaningful game in well over a year. The best plan of attack for the Broncos would be to clearly draft the next best QB available, Weeden out of Okie State. That way, in 2 or 3 years when their QB does finally get sent to the glue factory, a fresh new arm will be able to take his place.

    Peter O: DT is Denver's biggest need. Jerel Worthy could be a good pick here

    Soren M: Wow, Mark Barron is slipping in this Draft! I think we are at the point where his value is too high for teams to pass him up, whether he fills the biggest need or not! So he has my vote until he gets drafted from now on.

    Nick L: Doug, why would the broncos take a 29 year old quarterback? that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard. if they take a quarterback it's to develop a young one

    Andrew J: Janoris Jenkins. I feel like the Broncos don't really care about past troubles and they really need a successor to Champ Bailey. Besides, Tracy Porter is overrated. In addition, let's recall how Jenkins had the second best Combine of all the corners in attendance (after Claiborne). Risky pick, but can pay dividends.

    Doug A: Got to take Mark Barron here. Even though they spent picks on Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter last year, Brian Dawkins might be retiring and Mike Adams is just a temporary fill-in. Rahim Moore played like a bonehead last year and he'll need lots of competition. I'd wait to possibly get Brandon Thompson with the second rounder.

    Andrew B: Alshon Jeffery, give Peyton a clear number two widereciever. Then select a running back in the second round. With that defense and a much upgraded offense, they should be thinking superbowl or bust.

    Gary C: I would love Mark Barron going to Denver. I think he's the best talent left on the board. How could you not like the best Safety in the draft getting taught by the best Safety to ever grace the field, Brian Dawkins, and alongside the great Champ Bailey.

    Tyler T: Peyton Manning automatically makes every offensive weapon they have better. Denver should look to replace Brodrick Bunkley by selecting Devon Still.

  10. Houston Texans: Mark Barron, SS, Alabama
    Mark Barron: 26.7%
    Alshon Jeffery: 18.8%
    Whitney Mercilus: 16.5%
    Coby Fleener: 9.4%
    Nick Perry: 8.7%
    Rueben Randle: 7.5%
    Janoris Jenkins: 4.3%
    Chandler Jones: 3.4%
    Shea McClellin: 2.6%
    Brian Quick: 2.1%
    Total votes: 1,175

    Steven L: Been picking barron for like 10 picks. he won't be here, but they'll take him if he is.

    Brian S: Could you imagine Alshon and Andre? Its matt millen's dream come true!

    Austin K: alshonnn jeffreyyyy. just because i'm drunk

    AJ M: Has to be nick perry, they lost super Mario and Ryans...they need more help on the defensive side of the ball and they need a pass rusher

    Alex J: Coby Fleener makes since here after Joel went to denver.

    Jared H: Not sure why people are surprised at the notion the Texans could consider Fleener. Two tight end sets are an integral part of their offense, and more and more NFL teams are moving in that direction. Plus, they lost Dreessen in FA, so they need to add one anyways. Top 4 receivers are off the board so why not?

    Timothy S: Voted Mark Barron. Best player available and the Texans could still use hep in the secondary. He would be an upgrade over Glover Quin.

    Tyler T: With Mark Barron still on the board, why not take the best play available?

    Mark G: Way too much value in Barron this low. Drafting Barron really stunts the growth of their rivals new QBs: Gabbert, Luck and Locker. Brooks Reed and Connor Barwin never need to leave the field, so rush linebacker isn't a huge need. With Barron the Texans can be in Superbowl conversation. What isn't listed as an option, but makes sense too is Mike Adams to fill in the hole Eric Winston left. I'd go Mark Barron 1, Mike Adams 2.

  11. New England Patriots: Whitney Mercilus, DE/OLB, Illinois
    Whitney Mercilus: 33.7%
    Nick Perry: 21.4%
    Janoris Jenkins: 18.1%
    Shea McClellin: 10.0%
    Chandler Jones: 8.6%
    Kendall Reyes: 3.7%
    Alshon Jeffery: 3.0%
    Rueben Randle: 1.6%
    Total votes: 1,051

    David P: Hopefully Rueben Randle so they get a bust.

    Joshua M: It will be Whitney Mercilus if he's there...just convenient enough to hurt the Dolphins more then they've already hurt themselves.

    Steven L: Pats take DE here, trade down with QB needy team (Cleveland? Kansas City?) who wants Weeden at 31. Mercilus is the pick in this situation.

    Bill F: If by some miracle of God Janoris Jenkins falls to the Pats, they need to take him. He's a top 15 talent, and the Patriots need to improve their secondary. The reward absolutely outweighs the risk.

    Lars P: McClellin is often compared to Mike Vrabel. They value a player like that over a pure pass rusher like Mercilus. Plus Mercilus is a one year wonder, those typically don't appeal to the Pats. Janoris Jenkins and the Patriots could be a win-win situation, because they are one of the very few teams that could take a gamble on the guy seeing they have a very strong locker room. Jeffery and Randle don't really play the way they like their receivers to do (ability to separate being the kicker here). Reyes is a personal favourite of mine, but he probably can be had later on.

    Jared H: Not sure why people are surprised at the notion the Texans could consider Fleener. Two tight end sets are an integral part of their offense, and more and more NFL teams are moving in that direction. Plus, they lost Dreessen in FA, so they need to add one anyways. Top 4 receivers are off the board so why not?

    Nathan T: This is a deep cornerback class, so they won't pick Jenkins because they do well in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. There is also a lot available as OLB that will still be available with their other first round pick. The pick should be Kendall Reyes. He is the last of the top 3-4 ends in the draft.

    Kyle B: That should basically sum everything up. There are no linemen worth taking with this pick, Belichick has only selected 1 linebacker in the first round ever (Mayo) and he loves to draft corners. If Jenkins is there they have to select him. And this pick won't get traded. Every year the Pats have 2 first round picks they have always selected a player with the first one. If Mercilus wins this it will be a joke.

  12. Green Bay Packers: Shea McClellin, DE/OLB, Boise State
    Shea McClellin: 37.3%
    Nick Perry: 29.7%
    Janoris Jenkins: 11.7%
    Chandler Jones: 8.2%
    Doug Martin: 7.6%
    Kendall Reyes: 3.6%
    Coby Fleener: 1.9%
    Total votes: 1,156

    Rob N: A couple of USC boys playing outside linebacker for the Pack. Sounds good to me.

    Jay H: I voted shea, because he has rhymes with clay. shea-n-clay hunting nfc qbs sounds pretty awesome. they have to go rush lb with this pick. i see no reason for te to even be listed.

    David P: McClellin, they need a pass rusher more than anything. Sure they could take a corner of the future but they're ready to win now; and what they need now is a pass rusher. McClellin is solid.

    Zach B: McClellin is the kool-aid pick for the Pack but I think Perry is the better all round player. Cali boys have worked nicely for the Pack under Thompson's reign

    Conor M: McClellin is a HUGE reach! Gotta be Nick Perry. McClellin played with great interior rushers, great coaching schemes that put him into position to succeed, he went against weak competition and STILL had underwhelming production. He is versatile, but we need a guy with power to attract double teams to allow Clay to work his speed rush. Get informed people, don't just listen to the Mike Mayock hype. That goes for you too, Walt! (All due respect)

    Jared H: Not sure why people are surprised at the notion the Texans could consider Fleener. Two tight end sets are an integral part of their offense, and more and more NFL teams are moving in that direction. Plus, they lost Dreessen in FA, so they need to add one anyways. Top 4 receivers are off the board so why not?

    8BB88B: I thought i would be the only one to pick McClellin over Nick Perry for Green Bay but he just seems like a better fit.

    Johnny G: I think McClellin will be the pick, but I'd love for them to get Doug Martin. This would give them a back that can contribute right away and give them a future at the position leading into Rodgers prime years.

  13. Baltimore Ravens: Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin
    Peter Konz: 52.0%
    Nick Perry: 11.8%
    Mike Adams: 7.6%
    Janoris Jenkins: 6.6%
    Alshon Jeffery: 6.5%
    Coby Fleener: 6.4%
    Chandler Jones: 5.7%
    Rueben Randle: 2.5%
    Total votes: 1,102

    Matthew E: Ravens need help at WR. Alshon Jeffrey brings the size and sure hands that we need to compliment Torrey and take over for Anquan. Anquan is regressing and gets a good amount of balls deflected from his hands/dropped, Torrey is still learning how to run more than one route, not to mention our other WRs literally did not top 4 receptions each. Everyone knew what the Ravens would do. O-Line needs to be addressed, but Flacco would take less sacks if there were more than 1? WRs on the field.

    Peter O: Peter Konz. They need a replacement for Matt Birk when he retires in a couple of seasons. Until then, he can start at Guard as Ben Grubbs' replacement

    Timothy S: I could see them go after Nick Perry if he dropped here but Peter Konz is the obvious pick if he is available. Matt Birk is near the end of his career and they want a younger guy to step in sometime soon. Konz could easily start at guard until that happens, too. At worst, having insurance for Birk (and interior OL depth in general) isn't a bad thing.

    Zenek S: Peter Conz - too good a prospect filling too great a need to pass up.

    Evan B: Konz 2012.

  14. San Francisco 49ers: Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford
    Coby Fleener: 32.6%
    Janoris Jenkins: 17.7%
    Alshon Jeffery: 13.9%
    Mike Adams: 12.8%
    Nick Perry: 10.6%
    Janoris Jenkins: 6.6%
    Rueben Randle: 6.1%
    Chandler Jones: 3.2%
    Doug Martin: 3.1%
    Total votes: 1,144

    Wayne L: Coby Fleener is too perfect in this spot. Former Harbaugh recruit from Stanford. Knows the base system the 49ers will be running, and has experience with Greg Roman. Multiple TE sets mean the niners can run or pass out of many different formations and keep the defense guessing and reacting instead of anticipating. Fleener will make a bigger impact this year than Randy Moss.

    Peter O: As smart as you would have said it: Jim Harbaugh loves using twin-TE sets. And Alex Smith throwing to Mario Manningham, Vernon Davis, Coby Fleener and Josh Morgan. That would be one of the better offenses in the league.

    Jay H: Coby Fleener is too perfect in this spot. Former Harbaugh recruit from Stanford. Knows the base system the 49ers will be running, and has experience with Greg Roman. Multiple TE sets mean the niners can run or pass out of many different formations and keep the defense guessing and reacting instead of anticipating. Fleener will make a bigger impact this year than Randy Moss.

    Wayne L: Jay, I'm not sure why you would rather have a receiver than a 6'6" TE who has hands and runs a 4.4 40 yard dash. The NFL is about exploiting mismatches, whose going to be able to cover both VD and Fleener? Safeties are too slow, corners are too small. If you double cover either of them, Randy Moss is on the outside. I don't care how old he is, he can still beat single coverage.

    Havoq: Wisconsin guard Kevin Zietler should be on this list. So should Harrison Smith, the Safety from Notre Dame. Take Doug Martin off. No way in Hell do the 49ers draft first round RB. Of these choices, Chandler Jones makes the most sense as BPA, not that fanbois pick, Fleener.

    Cory R: I really don't see fleener lasting this long....All the teams watched vernon davis, Rob Gronk destroy teams last season. TE is a valuable position. Do you really think TE is going to last until a team that already has one? There is most certainly going to be a trade.

  15. New England Patriots: Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama
    Janoris Jenkins: 41.6%
    Harrison Smith: 19.3%
    Jerel Worthy: 16.2%
    Kendall Reyes: 14.8%
    Alshon Jeffery: 3.9%
    Amini Silatolu: 2.8%
    Rueben Randle: 1.5%
    Total votes: 1,035

    Tris X: Just to clarify my choice of Jenkins - i think some team will trade up to grab him; maybe the Cowboys?

    Lars P: This should read "vote for with whom the Patriots will trade the pick." Some team will be dumb enough to trade their 2013 first rounder to snag Weeden, or a few picks for Fleener or even a guy like Mike Adams. If however they stay put they should take Harrison Smith. They desperately need a free safety alongside Patrick Chung. Smith has the intelligence and versatility to appeal to Belichick. If not him I would think Worthy would be the choice, with him edging out Kendall Reyes because they like their D-Linemen to be over 300 lbs and Reyes played his best ball at around 285.

    Gary C: Jenkins will be picked. Walt, can we close this out and move to the Giants? I want to pick the worst player available. Haha

    Steven L: Can't vote for Weeden, but i think someone moves up here for him. cleveland and kansas city might not want to wait a day to address the QB need. if new england stays put (doubtful), I think Harrison Smith is the pick over Janoris Jenkins, who the Boston Globe reports the Patriots are not interested in. Jenkins is expected by many to fall to the 2nd round.

    Mike Adams: Why am I not included on any team's list to be drafted? I could replace the retired Matt Light, heck I could have replaced the Texans Eric Winston, but wasn't listed their either. Please be sure to list me for the Giants pick at 32 so I can run away with the vote.

    Brenton S: This is killing me...I live reading walter's website but this mock draft makes literally no since. How can their be no pass rushers (de/OLB) on this list. They lost mark Anderson and Andre Carter, who will replace them?!? And everyone is voting Jenkins...really? He is def not a patriots pick. I agree with some of the comments, I expect them to trade either down or surprise the world and trade up with their 2 first rounders and make a splash in the mid first round if they see a guy they want. DeCastro would be a patriot type guy to replace Waters down the road. Then theirs Barron, Gilmore and Upshaw that would fit well on the patriots to trade up for! I just wish walt would have put a pass rusher on here to vote for.

  16. New York Giants: Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State
    Mike Adams: 33.3%
    Doug Martin: 26.8%
    Nick Perry: 15.3%
    Chandler Jones: 7.2%
    David Wilson: 7.0%
    Jerel Worthy: 5.7%
    Amini Silatolu: 3.6%
    Kendall Reyes: 1.2%
    Total votes: 930

    Ralph M: I think Mike Adams or best tackle on the board is the obvious choice.

    Peter O: They should take a tackle at 32. Offensive-line help is the most important thing for the Giants beside of Tight End and RB

    Gary C: I want Doug Martin to be chosen. I can't see the Giants passing up on a great OT though.

    Joseph N: The Giants' philosophy is "you can never have enough pass rushers." Dave Tollefson just left to free agency, Osi Umenyiora has a year left on his contract, and Justin Tuck is 29 and has struggled with injuries. The Giants will restock on pass rushers before their supply runs too low when Osi leaves next offseason and Tuck gets hurt again. The pick will be Nick Perry or possibly Chandler Jones.

    Steve: In light of the news about Mike Adams' testing positive for drugs, I highly doubt the Giants take him in the first round, and thus this poll should be reset.

    Abhishek P: ... lol at the people voting for a HB and Mike Adams

    Nick Perry would be the obvious choice, he screems of a Jerry Reese type draft pick!!!!

    1) He is by far the best player on the board. Reese would surely go value over need in this case.

    2) Very Athletic with high upside (ie. Pierre Paul)

    3) He loves stalking up on Pass Rushers.

    4) Osi Umenyiora is getting older, he's unhappy with his contract and they can get Nick Perry to replace him. (or if they do figure something out with the contract, Perry can be groomed)

    5) Tonnes of offensive line depth in this draft class (Kelichi Osemele, Zebrie Sanders, Bobby Massie ect.)

    6) People question Mike Adams work ethic and seriousness - the Giants hate red Flags, especially Tom Coughlin.

    If those reasons don't convince you that Nick Perry will be the pick, I don't know what will...

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