Reader 2018 NFL Mock Draft: Round 1 - Picks 17-32

This is an opportunity for you, the readers, to vote on the picks in the 2018 NFL Draft. All you need to do is vote for each selection. Look for updates on Twitter @walterfootball.

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Reader 2018 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 1-16

  1. Los Angeles Chargers: Derwin James, S, Florida State
    Derwin James: 34.2%
    Vita Vea: 32.2%
    Tremaine Edmunds: 15.1%
    Roquan Smith: 9.1%
    Kolton Miller: 8.5%
    Leighton Vander Esch: 1.0%
    Total votes: 199

    Christopher F: Chargers greatest needs right now (besides a larger stadium) are RT, LB, and Safety. Welcome to an awesome draft for Tom Telesco at 17 - he can pick the best available safety in James, either of the top LBs in the draft with Edmunds or Smith, or maybe trade back and pick up Miller or another RT. Tom Telesco needs to consider these comparisons: - Joe Barksdale vs. Kolton Miller - Hayes Pullard vs. Edmunds/Smith - Addae vs. James I'm thinking it'll be Edmunds/Smith or James. Perhaps Telesco can get Miller or Connor Williams in the second round for his RT

    Romero: This is a case of what do you think the Chargers should do vs what they are more inclined to do. Historically, Telasco has not put much value into safeties. While I am in the belief that the Chargers will be going defense heavy in the draft, with the board as it is now, I see Telasco choosing someone like Miller. But James is an incredible value here; easily the BPA. He would add to what is already gearing up to be a pretty fierce secondary. I feel like they can get a pretty good DT later in the second round.

    David S: GM Tom Telesco may literally go insane if he saw this embarrassment of riches he got to choose from with the 17th pick. Seriously, I'll go with Derwin James. I think they should have taken Malik Hooker with the 7th pick a year ago. This gives them the chance to right that wrong and get a top 10 (maybe top 5) talent in this draft class. They couldn't go wrong with Tremaine Edmunds, Roquan Smith or Vita Vea, either. Linebacker help is needed and Vea would be a great add to a defensive line already containing Bosa and Ingram.

    Wanna Be Like Mike: I believe the Chargers need to continue building their Offensive Line in order to get the most out of Phillip Rivers for what little time he has left. That being said, however, there is no way they can pass up on one of the many talented defensive players that are currently on the board in this mock draft. There is absolutely no way all of these players slide this far, but perhaps just one of them can. If that's the case, I think it would be tough for the Chargers to select Miller over said defensive star. But if none of these guys are still on the board - like most of us assume - I think that Miller would most likely be the pick here. Offensive Lineman are at a premier, in both the NFL and this specific draft in general, so you know a few of them will be selected earlier than they should. Miller has been on the rise lately, so I wouldn't put it past the Chargers to nab him at #17 should none of these great defensive players still be left on the board. For the sake of this mock draft, however, I went with James. Edmunds and Smith are also great options, but the Chargers haven't been the same since losing Weddle a couple of years back, at least as far as their Defensive Backfield stands.

  2. Seattle Seahawks: Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech
    Tremaine Edmunds: 18.3%
    Marcus Davenport: 17.1%
    Isaiah Wynn: 15.8%
    Vita Vea: 14.6%
    Kolton Miller: 13.8%
    Derrius Guice: 12.5%
    Roquan Smith: 7.1%
    Leighton Vander Esch: 0.8%
    Total votes: 240

    Perry M: I cant imagine John Schneider not wanting trying and trade down here, but Pete would should be drooling over Davenport and Vita Vea. No one scouts the Seahawks properly because they do things so differently, I actually believe they have plenty of talent still on the O-line and secondary, but you can never have too many good pass rushers. The 2013 defense had a rotation of underated pass rushers in Clemons/Bennett/Avril/McDonald, and i think Clark/Jordan/Davenport and Nazair Jones could make a pretty good group as well. So Davenport gets the pick with no trades

    Wanna Be Like Mike: At this point in this Mock Draft, I honestly believe the Seahawks will simply go with who they feel is the best player available should the board somehow look like this. I know they have holes in a number of areas on offense, but I can't see them not drafting either Edmunds or Smith should they fall into their laps at #18. I know LB isn't there biggest need, but both of these guys are playmakers and will easily go in the Top 15 on draft night. With that said, I went with Smith just because he seems like a better overall fit for the Seahawks. Smith tackles basically every ball carrier that is in his radius, also having enough aestheticism and speed to go out and cover a man. He reminds me a lot like Wagner, and I think Seattle can begin their rebuild by pairing the two together in order to stop David Johnson and Todd Gurley.

  3. Dallas Cowboys: Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia
    Roquan Smith: 41.9%
    Marcus Davenport: 20.5%
    Vita Vea: 17.1%
    Jaire Alexander: 7.7%
    Isaiah Wynn: 6.8%
    Leighton Vander Esch: 6.0%
    Total votes: 117

    Titans Fan: If Roquan Smith drops downs to 19 in NFL draft the america's team should pounce all over him with this pick since hes somehow drop to 19 to Dallas hes the pick. Sean Lee is a solid ILB for the cowboys for years but he keeps getting hurt. Hitchens sign with the chiefs as a free agent. Jaylon Smith has still a lot of potential but so far he hasn't been the same player before he had that gruesome knee injury in college a few years back. Jerry Jones should be thrilled that a top 15 or maybe a top 10 pick falls to them at 19.

    Wanna Be Like Mike: If Roquan Smith somehow falls this far, the Cowboys better put in their selection for him on the double. Seriously, some think Smith could be a Top 15 or even Top 10 pick, so he would be incredible value at this point in the draft. Furthermore, the Cowboys could definitely use some help with their Linebackers Corp. They lost Anthony Hitchens to the Chiefs via Free Agency, a guy that has played virtually ever single LB Position for them over the past four years or so. On top of this, Lee tends to get banged up at some point practically ever season. Drafting Smith would be a no brainer for the Cowboys if he fell into their laps at #19.

  4. Detroit Lions: Vita Vea, NT, Washington
    Vita Vea: 44.1%
    Marcus Davenport: 19.3%
    Derrius Guice: 19.3%
    Taven Bryan: 4.5%
    Leighton Vander Esch: 4.0%
    Isaiah Wynn: 3.9%
    Jaire Alexander: 3.5%
    James Daniels: 1.5%
    Total votes: 202

    Jeff D: It's easy to reflexively feel like the Lions needs an interior defender since they never really replaced Suh, but with A'Shawn Robinson, Sylvester Williams and Akeem Spence, they've actually got a decent rotation to work with. The much bigger need is at edge rusher, where they've basically only got Ziggy Ansah, and he'll be playing on a franchise tag this year, then possibly gone next year. Considering they need someone to come in and start right away, I actually think they'd go with Harold Landry over Davenport here, but of the players listed, Davenport makes the most sense. Was anyone else surprised to see the Lions went 9-7 last year? Who knew.

    Wanna Be Like Mike: If RB Michel is still on the board, I think it would be difficult for the Lions not to select him with the troubles they have had recently. That being said, with the players listed, I think Vea is the best player available and thus should be the pick here. Vea has a real shot of breaking the Top 15, and he just so happens to fill a need (though not the highest of priority) for the Lions. It would be interesting to see Davenport be paired with Ansah, as they could be a nightmare for Rodgers and Cousins for future years. Davenport is also a raw prospect, which Ansah was in more areas than one when he was drafted. Still, I think Vea would be the pick if things shook out like this.

    Boy named Suh: Belichek has always said you build a defense from the middle of the field out. Safety, LB, DT. Which are we missing? Ngata, our defense died when he went down. With a NE GM and NE coach, I can see them going for the next Vince Wolfork. Vita Vea will be long gone in the real draft, but since he's here that's my choice.

    Lionsmack: The Lions have spent their off season assembling a lot of second-tier, mix-and-match pieces in an effort to convert to a Matt Patricia flex scheme, but what they didn't get is a big run stopping anchor in the middle. If Vea is there at 20 he's an automatic pick in my book.

    Christopher F: Theo Riddick is a great complimentary RB, and Ameer Abdullah has done nothing to show that he's RB1. Outside of Ziggy, there is no pass rush. They also could upgrade their CB2 next to Darius Slay. So the best thing to do is to think where there's depth in the draft and where there's not. They can find some good RBs in the second and third rounds, same with CBs because some will inevitably slide. So let's help out the pass rush (you know, Aaron Rodgers twice a year) and pick up Marcus Davenport, basically Ziggy 2.0 on the other side. Vita is a great option to consider as he would cement your middle, but what was said earlier, it's not a terrible rotation of DTs they have in their stable right now - and plus, they could look into Settle or McIntosh in Rounds 2-3.

    Tony W: Lions could always use D line and Vita Vea is projected to go earlier in round 1 in some mocks I've seen. If he gets to the Lions they get a player they need at a really good value.

    RDGS: Defense, Defense, Defense!!! Any other pick is foolish, especially a certain RB named Guice. I could accept a G or C, but the most pressing need for the Lions' OL is a competent OL coach that can teach them how to run block. Abdullah has failed because he is an I back and needs a leading FB or HB to block for him. Will they realize that? Who knows? Anyway the pick should be defense, as a RB doesn't make sense if the RB helps you score 28 points a game, while you defense gives up 31. Davenport, if there, should be the pick. But Vea or Bryan, Payne, or Vander Esch would be welcome.

  5. Cincinnati Bengals: Marcus Davenport, DE, Texas-San Antonio
    Marcus Davenport: 25.0%
    Isaiah Wynn: 20.8%
    James Daniels: 13.2%
    Kolton Miller: 11.8%
    Billy Price: 11.8%
    Jaire Alexander: 9.0%
    Leighton Vander Esch: 5.6%
    Ronnie Harrison: 2.8%
    Total votes: 144

    Thomas M: The Bengals O-line was terrible and thats being nice. However thier linebacking corps is quite possibly the worst in the NFL save for Burfict when he isnt suspened or hurt. At this juncture i believe Vander Esch will be the pick...he is a 1 clean prospect and 2 a versitle defender which is what Cincy can really use at the moment. also it doesnt hurt to snacth a potential prospect the rival steelers are most definetly targeting due to the loss of Shazier who quite frankly may never play football again. They could opt for James Daniels but they should be able to find viable prospects for the line later in the draft.

    Wanna Be Like Mike: Of the options listed, I think this pick would come down between Daniels, Davenport, or Wynn. Personally, I'm a huge Iowa Hawkeyes Fan, so I know just how talented Daniels is. He has all the makings of a future Pro Bowler at Center, being one of the best blockers in this somewhat limited draft for O-Lineman. Plus. the young man is only 20, so he still has room to both improve his skills and get stronger in the weight room. If I was making this pick, I would go with Daniels. But would I be shocked if the Bengals decide to go with Wynn (or Miller) or chose to pair Dunlap with Davenport? Not at all.

    Aiden: Right now, the polls down to Davenport and Wynn. I had originally pegged Daniels to go to the Bengals, but I guess that Wynn and Davenport seem to be Consensus. I personally prefer Wynn, as besides Boling and Glenn, the Bengals O-Line is weak. Fisher and Ogbeuhi never worked out and Bobby Hart isn't Starter level. The D-Line is aging with Geno Atkins hitting 30 and Dunlap hitting 29. Also Michael Johnson was poor so Davenport makes sense, so he can learn.

    Thomas M: The Bengals O-line was terrible and thats being nice. However thier linebacking corps is quite possibly the worst in the NFL save for Burfict when he isnt suspened or hurt. At this juncture i believe Vander Esch will be the pick...he is a 1 clean prospect and 2 a versitle defender which is what Cincy can really use at the moment. also it doesnt hurt to snacth a potential prospect the rival steelers are most definetly targeting due to the loss of Shazier who quite frankly may never play football again. They could opt for James Daniels but they should be able to find viable prospects for the line later in the draft.

    Christopher F: Outside of Cordy Glenn (when healthy), name me someone on the Bengals O-Line. Exactly. Get James Daniels as your Center for the next 10 years - or I mean, pick up any OLinemen.

  6. Buffalo Bills: Isaiah Wynn, G/C, Georgia
    Isaiah Wynn: 33.3%
    James Daniels: 20.3%
    Leighton Vander Esch: 19.5%
    Billy Price: 13.8%
    Jaire Alexander: 10.6%
    Taven Bryan: 2.4%
    Total votes: 142

    Romero: O-Line help should be the name of the game for Buffalo after picking their QB at #12, per this draft. I went with Wynn because of his versatility across the board but it would be hard to argue against Daniels and Price. When you lose 3/5 of your starting offensive line in one offseason, you address it. I understand that they had a "LT in waiting" but you still have 2 other spots to fill. Protect AJ, protect Lamar, and create holes for McCoy.

    Wanna Be Like Mike: No one really ever knows what the Patriots will do in the draft, but should they remain at both #23 and #31, you would have to think they would either go with an O-Lineman or the best available Defensive Playmaker. Miller will help ease the pain of losing Solder to the Giants, while Daniels could give them their next Damien Woody for the next decade or longer. The Patriots need help at Linebacker since Hightower continues to be injury prone, so Vander Esch also makes sense. Alexander could also help replace Bulter, while Bryan would pair nicely with Shelton. Out of all of these options, even though I prefer Daniels among them all, I think Miller would probably be the best option. The team is nothing without Brady, so you have to make sure to protect him as long as you possibly can.

    Ray Finkle: If the Bills keep their draft picks and don't trade, I think it would be best for them to draft one offensive player and one defensive player in the first round. It would give them another strong player of the defensive side which COULD really solidify their defense in which over the last few NFL seasons, we've seen how far just having a good defense can get you. Yes, we have a lot of work to do on the offense but that's not something you can generally fix overnight. Look at the Browns, they've made all of these offensive moves that everyone is raving about and they're still expected to finish last or close to the bottom to many analysts.

  7. New England Patriots: Leighton Vander Esch, LB, Boise State
    Leighton Vander Esch: 30.1%
    Kolton Miller: 26.8%
    Jaire Alexander: 15.5%
    Connor Williams: 11.3%
    Taven Bryan: 7.0%
    Billy Price: 3.5%
    Derrius Guice: 2.8%
    James Daniels: 2.1%
    Total votes: 142

    Wanna Be Like Mike: Since the Bills took Lamar Jackson earlier in this Mock Draft, you would have to think they would go O-Lineman with this selection. Should the Bills stay put at #12 and #22 on Draft Night (like I think they should), they couldn't go wrong with drafting an O-Lineman at both selections. Seriously, the Bills have to be worried after losing three of their starting O-Linemen in just as many months. With that said, I went with Daniels once again. However, if Miller or Wynn are still available, they couldn't go wrong with either. As long as they upgrade their fractured Offensive Line, the Bills can't fail with this pick.

    Peter: I seriously doubt New England will be picking at 23 and 31, but in this case this pick should probably be O-Line, but with the glaring hole at LB next to injury-riddled Dont'a Hightower and perennial overachiever Kyle Van Noy. Vander Esch seems like a great Belichick chess piece, he can move all around the field, and use in his multiple front D.

    Boy Named Suh: That defense last year was awful. Belichek wants to be stout in the middle of the field, and they need pass Taven Bryant is my guess. Alexander as a close second.

    Ray Finkle: The Patriots always have something up their sleeve and nobody can ever seem to get into the head of their coach and front office. I think the Patriots could really be up to something now that they gained another first round pick but in this case, they'll focus on defense as Brady tends to make it work with whatever he's given on offense. I think even though Vander Esch seems like a perfect Patriot, they'll go with Alexander for this pick as Vander Esch has a good chance of still being available at their next pick at #31 which would give them a pretty scary defense.

  8. Carolina Panthers: Jaire Alexander, CB, Louisville
    Jaire Alexander: 38.1%
    Justin Reid: 12.4%
    Christian Kirk: 11.4%
    Kolton Miller: 11.4%
    Billy Price: 6.7%
    D.J. Chark: 6.7%
    Mike Hughes: 5.7%
    Ronnie Harrison: 4.8%
    Connor Williams: 2.9%
    Total votes: 105

    Wanna Be Like Mike: This pick could go in a variety of different ways since the Panthers have so many holes to fill. WR is their most glaring need, but there isn't one of deserving to be drafted this high that remains on the board in this Mock Draft. They could also use some help on their O-Line, but, again, it is a stretch for some of the guys listed. With all of that said, I think it would be safest at this point to beef up their Defensive Backfield and look to fill those other positions in the following rounds. I've heard that Safety is more of a concern than at Corner for them, but I honestly don't like any of them, as far as first round talent, outside of Fitzpatrick and James. So, I went with Alexander, as he was superior to Hughes at the combine and also comes from a school that saw him face better competition.

    Romero: Protect your QB. With arguably their top lineman gone, their center retiring this year, and their LT not trusted to stay healthy, you have to go OL. Specifically, for the Panthers, I am going Price. The interior is the current concern and possibly a larger concern in the future if not addressed. Keep Cam upright, and open holes for McCaffrey + another RB I expect them to draft later in the draft.

    Dillon M: A lot of options and direction the panthers can go hear. WR, CB, and Safety still have glaring holes and good options remain with the 24th pick. Although Jaire Alexander is enticing choice, going with Safety Justin Reid is the better option. Reid will fill a huge hole at Safety immediately, while providing a captain in the secondary for the long run.

    Christopher F: Getting Cam Newton some offensive weapons is a need, but who would have thought that 3 receivers went in the first round before the back half? Now it's not worth it, so let's think of another position of need... cornerback. Panthers need a corner after Breeland failed his physical and Worley went to the Eagles. Best corner right now... depends who you talk to, but let's go Jaire Alexander (though I'd be fine with Hughes going).

    Rafael: Both Reid and Harrison are getting mocked to the Panthers. But safety is not a position valued high on their defense, as they could get serviceable starters on Free Agency through the years. They won't invest a high pick in a position they don't even invest big free agency money into. Billy Price, though, makes sense, as Andrew Norwell departed letting a hole on the offensive line and this is Ryan Kalil's last year.

  9. Tennessee Titans: Harold Landry, DE/OLB, Boston College
    Harold Landry: 66.9%
    Christian Kirk: 8.8%
    Billy Price: 7.2%
    James Daniels: 5.0%
    Ronnie Harrison: 4.4%
    D.J. Chark: 3.9%
    Connor Williams: 3.9%
    Total votes: 181

    Wanna Be Like Mike: When I first thought about whom the Titans should select at #25, I initially thought of another playmaker on offense of Mariota. Outside of Henry, they really had no offense whatsoever down the stretch. But then I remembered that they drafted Davis, who was injured for most of last season, in last year's draft, so I think it would be too premature to give up on him already. With that said, and because the Titans did just hired Vrabel as their Head Coach, I definitely think they will be going Defense in the first round. Clearly, pass rusher is an immediate need for them, as Morgan and others are starting to get up there in age. Hubbard and Landry will both probably be in play around this selection on draft night, and since Landry is the only one of the two listed, I'm going with him.

    Peter: In this case the Titans should go with the pure value pick here, and select Harold Landry. Their effort of putting any sort of pressure on Brady in the divisional game was pathetic.

    CGM: If LVE is on the board he'd be my pick. Hard to go wrong with Landry, one of the best pass rushers in the draft, given Morgan and Orakpo's respective ages and contract situations. Landry is a pick for the present but more importantly, the future.

    Christopher F: Titans need guards and a pass rusher - and there's no reason to pick a guard this high since you can pick up a decent one later in the draft. Get Landry. You could also get a safety, so Justin Reid MAY be on their radar... but... Landry (or some other pass rusher - maybe Hubbard in the later rounds).

    Christopher F: Sam Hubbard is a better pick and fit for the Titans than Landry, but they definitely go for the best pass rusher available here. They have a dire need.

    Daniel: The Titans have a crippling need for pass rushers, it's the only real position of immediate need, and there aren't many good ones in this class. If Landry or Hubbard is available, there's almost no way the Titans don't pull the trigger. They haven't used their first pick on a defensive player since Derrick Morgan in 2010, so they're overdue.

  10. Atlanta Falcons: Taven Bryan, DT, Florida
    Taven Bryan: 63.2%
    Christian Kirk: 8.8%
    Connor Williams: 7.4%
    Billy Price: 5.9%
    Mike Hughes: 5.9%
    Sam Hubbard: 5.9%
    D.J. Chark: 2.9%
    Total votes: 68

    Wanna Be Like Mike: It's painstakingly obvious that the Falcons need an additional WR to compliment Jones and Sanu. Seriously, whenever Julio was blanketed by a double team and Sanu was covered, the Falcons had basically no Pass Offense. It's also clear that they need a TE, not having been the same since Tony Gonzales retired a few years back. However, there aren't really any value picks at either position at this point in this Mock Draft. Because of this, I too went with Bryan out of Florida. Without Beasley for parts of last year and Clayborn in any game outside of the Cowboys Game - primarily in part of losing Babineaux to retirement - the Falcons struggled mightily last year to get a decent, consistent pass rush. With Clayborn now gone, the Falcons could use an extra man to pair with both Beasley and Jarrett.

    Thomas W: Bryan is the obvious pick, but they'd ideally like a bigger DT to pair with Jarrett.

    Christopher F: Falcons needs a DT to pair with Grady Jarrett. Taven Bryan is still on the Board in this draft - so with no trades allowed, go with Bryan. Get your Guard and Safety in later rounds.

  11. New Orleans Saints: Sam Hubbard, DE, Ohio State
    Sam Hubbard: 33.7%
    Mason Rudolph: 14.1%
    Ronnie Harrison: 13.0%
    Mike Hughes: 12.0%
    Connor Williams: 7.6%
    Billy Price: 5.4%
    James Daniels: 5.4%
    Justin Reid: 5.4%
    Kyle Lauletta: 3.3%
    Total votes: 96

    Wanna Be Like Mike: Since there aren't any QBs worth drafting at this point - as even Lamar Jackson somehow made it into the Top 12 of this Mock Draft - you have to think the Saints will do what all the best teams picking at the end of the first round tend to do by drafting the best player available. In this, I would have to think that player is none other than Sam Hubbard. Do the Saints particularly need another pass rusher? Not really. But he's the best player on the board outside of James Daniels, and since the Saints are in a win-now sort of mindset, Hubbard holds more value at this point. This may mean they lose out on Rudolph, but since I'm one of the many people that think he will turn out to be a bust anyways, I think they would be dodging a bullet in the grand scheme of things. I don't really like any QB in this draft class, but I REALLY don't like anyone outside of the Top 4 (as far as starting in the NFL goes).

    Ray F: As we get deeper into the bottom half of the 1st round, things begin to get real fuzzy. The top portion of the 1st round seems pretty clear as to the players who will be taken off of the board but I've seen a lot of mock drafts this year where in one draft someone can be taken somewhere between #20-32 and another will have that same person go in the third round. The Saints are in good shape going into next year and I don't see them losing their minds over NEEDING someone in order to just compete. I went with Billy Price here which I'm not sold on for this pick. Price is coming off of that pec injury that we're still waiting to hear how long he could be out for but he's a 4-year starter who seems like a guy who will be a high quality starter for an organization for the entire length of his career. Price is one of those guys who could go in the middle of the first round or could still be in the board in the middle of the 2nd day so it's hard to say.

  12. Pittsburgh Steelers: Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama
    Rashaan Evans: 65.9%
    Derrius Guice: 9.9%
    Mason Rudolph: 7.7%
    Mike Hughes: 7.7%
    Justin Reid: 4.4%
    Ronnie Harrison: 3.3%
    Kyle Lauletta: 1.1%
    Total votes: 91

    Christopher F: Taking a QB here now is a reach, and wouldn't address the most pressing need - replacing Shazier on the inside. The way this mock falls, makes sense to get Rashaan Evans. He has the speed to go sideline to sideline, just like Shazier. He's also a great fit for the Steelers for blitz packages.

    AJ: The options here make Evans an obvious pick. The Steelers would be stupid to take Lauletta and Rudolph this early, both might even be available when they pick in the 2nd. The Steelers obviously don't need a RB, Leveon Bell has been tagged for the past 30 years. Hughes, Harrison seems like too much of a reach, and Justin Reid isn't exactly a steal either. Shazier might never come back thanks to his hit against Josh Malone (Salty Bengal fan in the house) and Williams didn't set the world alight with his skills. Evans will slide nicely along with new signing Jon Bostic and the Steelers have had good luck with late 1st round linebackers recently.

    Garrett G: The way this mock fell, Rashaan Evans has to be the pick here. Reid, Harrison and Bates are too much of a reach at S and I don't think a QB is realistically in play in round 1. Guice is the likely other choice here, but if any of the top 4 ILBs are available, Pittsburgh will likely take them.

    Nathan T: Is this really a conversation? Alabama linebackers are usually pretty good, at Rashaan Evans is just sitting there. He is a different kind of linebacker than Shazier, more of a thumper than a speed guy, but he immediately upgrades that defense and makes them much more physical.

  13. Jacksonville Jaguars: Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M
    Christian Kirk: 25.0%
    Hayden Hurst: 21.3%
    Mike Gesicki: 12.0%
    Kolton Miller: 10.2%
    D.J. Chark: 9.3%
    Connor Williams: 7.4%
    Mason Rudolph: 5.6%
    Billy Price: 4.6%
    Mike Hughes: 2.8%
    Kyle Lauletta: 1.9%
    Total votes: 108

    Christopher F: Does Coughlin really trust Lee, Montcrief, and Westbrook as his WRs? The Jags have to replace the production of Robinson and Hurns. While I'm not sure if this is truly a 1st-round grade, why not pick up DJ Chark and stretch the field? Not sure if Bortles can throw a deep ball all that well, but it adds a danger to the play action with Fournette and Yeldon.

    Jeff D: Connor Williams is the best fit at this point. This O-line is maybe 1-2 pieces away from being very good. Short arms are a very real problem, and he'll probably never be a staritng left tackle, but this guy was a great lineman all throughout college. He can either start as a 6th lineman (which is basically a starting job in this league considering how often guys get hurt) or take over at right guard for AJ Cann for a year or two until they move on from Parnell. With better play from their line, suddenly Fournette is one of the best RB's in the league, and suddenly Lee/Moncrief/Cole/Westbrook/Sefarian-Jenkins is a formidable group of pass catchers, and this team is again a superbowl contender.

    Ray F: I think the Jags will go o-line and take Miller or Williams here. I think it's understood that Bortles isn't going to be a Brady or Rodgers in his career so their best chances of winning is their defense along with a solid run game which will need a solid line. There are no solid WR1 in this years draft and they can find a WR in the 2nd round who could easily be just as good as one of the few guys who might get picked up in the first round, same goes for TE.

    Daniel: The Jags need a receiver or a tight end. I voted Gisecki, since he's the best offensive weapon on the board IMO, but they could go Kirk, Hearst, or Chark. Just depends on what their scouts think. But their defense is set. They just need a replacement for Allen Robinson.

    Taylor: Wait? The Jaguars aren't picking in the top 5 of the draft? It's a miracle! The Jags finally have the opportunity to not only take the best player available but fill a need at either right guard or right tackle. Connor Williams has the potential to be a good right tackle in the league and can swing inside if need be. At one point, Williams was regarded as a top 10 talent in the draft process but short arms and poor 2017 film caused him to drop a bit. High upside with a safe floor here.

  14. Minnesota Vikings: Will Hernandez, G, UTEP
    Will Hernandez: 47.3%
    Billy Price: 17.3%
    Connor Williams: 8.2%
    James Daniels: 6.4%
    Mike Hughes: 5.5%
    Hayden Hurst: 5.5%
    Maurice Hurst: 4.6%
    Kolton Miller: 4.6%
    D.J. Chark: 0.9%
    Total votes: 110

    Christopher F: Well, it's going to be offensive line for the Vikings right, but can we talk about their CBs? Do the Vikings really think their CB2 and CB3 of Waynes and Alexander are stellar? Perhaps they'll pick up a good CB in rounds 2 like Isaiah Oliver. But let's stick with shoring up that o-line - get Billy Price. If he didn't hurt himself in the combine, guaranteed he'd be talked about a lot more. His draft stock should be higher than Hernandez because he can play multiple positions.

    AJ: How the hell is Billy Price on the board, at this rate, he'll slip to the 2nd round unless the Pats or Eagles take him. I'm flabbergasted, at how people can think Will Hernandez is a better Anything than Billy Price. Hernandez played for UTEP, who may I remind you lost all their games. Price played for the 5th ranked team and had to guard for JT Barrett who took a week and a half to decide when to throw, Hernandez is at best a 2nd round prospect, who was lucky in part due to a weak o-line this class. If it came down to Price and Hernandez, I would certainly take Price

    Ray F: I went with Price but at this rate it could be almost anyone on this board who is on the O-line. Vikings are obviously a good team and already has solid skill position players. They have what should be an upgrade at QB so they wont need to spend their early draft picks on more weapons for him but could use them to add some depth to their line or even go to their defensive secondary if they were too concerned.

  15. New England Patriots: Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA
    Kolton Miller: 45.2%
    Connor Williams: 16.1%
    Mason Rudolph: 12.9%
    Hayden Hurst: 6.5%
    Billy Price: 4.3%
    Maurice Hurst: 4.6%
    James Daniels: 3.2%
    Derrius Guice: 3.2%
    Kyle Lauletta: 3.2%
    D.J. Chark: 1.1%
    Total votes: 93

    Thom: Kolton Miller: they probably would've taken him at #23 (although LVE is a very good pick). If they ran the ball more I'd consider a different OL. They'd shock the world if they took Guice.

    Ray F: I went with Price here since he's a guy that I have a hard time seeing slip into the 2nd day which is what some mock drafts show. They lost Nate Solder so they could use another guy who has the ability to be a lifetime stud on the line. In this mock draft, Vander Esch was taken by the Patriots with their #23 pick which is interesting as we're now getting reports that he apparently has numerous injury red flags that are causing teams to drop him down to a day three guy if not cut completely from their list. All the excitement of the draft, right! The media loves to talk about all of the drama inside the Patriots locker room and front office even though the team never skips a beat, however, professional athletes can be drama queens and franchise owners can act as if they're the rootin tootin toughest/ smartest guy around. With that said, we've heard Gronk and Brady may not be around for long. If we see them grab Hurst from SC, something might seriously be happening. I can't imagine the Patriots draft a QB in the first round as Belichik can win no matter who he puts in that spot. (Cassel, Brissett, Jimmy G)

  16. Philadelphia Eagles:

    Vote for whom you think the Eagles will take No. 32 overall in the 2018 NFL Draft (assuming no trades) and post in the comment board below. If it's a landslide, I may end the voting early and post the next pick. Follow @walterfootball to stay updated.

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