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Unimaginative 2021 Mock Draft 9.0 - Actual Final, Two-Round Mock - 2021.04.26
Published at 4/26/2021 8:02:20 PM

Hello, and welcome to my 2021 NFL mock draft! Given the uncertainty of COVID times, it's hard to make evaluations, so this is more an exercise to get feelers and feedback! I appreciate any and all comments, so long as they're civil, and encourage discussion! I do not expect Deshaun Watson to be traded until after this draft. Feel free to check out my previous mocks on my profile page as well! Thank you! Made some final changes.

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence, Quarterback, Clemson

Jacksonville's already given him a playbook. He's the pick.

Previous pick: Same

2. Jets: Zach Wilson, Quarterback, BYU

The Jets reportedly only traded Sam Darnold away because they are infatuated with Wilson. He's also the pick.

Previous pick: Same

3. 49ers: Trey Lance, Quarterback, North Dakota State

This is where the draft actually starts! It's a given that the pick will either be Mac Jones, Trey Lance, or Justin Fields. As of right now, I'm leaning towards Lance being the pick, given Shanahan's personal involvement in Lance's pro day. Honestly? I think he's a good pick.

Previous pick: QB Justin Fields - Ohio State

4. Falcons: Kyle Pitts, Tight End, Florida

Atlanta is going to try to trade out of this spot, I think, but I'm not sure anyone who has the capital to trade up to four is interested in it. Instead, Atlanta is forced to stay put and take the best player in the draft... not an awful consolation prize.

Previous pick: Same

5. Bengals: Penei Sewell, Offensive Tackle, Oregon

The most pressing need on the Bengal's offense is the offensive line. Penei Sewell is an immensely talented prospect, who profiles as a very good left tackle. He and Jonah Williams can be a good pair of NFL bookends.

Previous pick: Same

6. Dolphins: Ja'Marr Chase, Wide Receiver, LSU

The first half of the first round of this draft is going to be dominated by offensive players, especially the top ten. Chase is the top WR prospect in the class, and profiles as an excellent number one early in his career for Miami. He'll help Tua develop.

Previous pick: Same

7. Lions: Jaylen Waddle, Wide Receiver, Alabama

After Devonta Smith weighed in at under 170 lbs, I really don't think he's going in the top ten anymore. In fact, I think his teammate, Waddle, has surpassed him as a prospect. Detroit's in need of WR help, so they bring in the Alabama burner.

Previous pick: WR Devonta Smith - Alabama

8. Patriots: Justin Fields, Quarterback, Ohio State

With Fields falling out of the top five, the Patriots pounce and get their man. (SHORT WRITE-UP DUE TO LATE CHANGE)

Previous Pick: QB Justin Fields - Ohio State (Pick by Football Society)
Previous pick: QB Trey Lance - NDSU (Pick by Houston)

9. Bears: Mac Jones, Quarterback, Alabama

Chicago moves up to grab the heir to Dandy Alton. (SHORT WRITE-UP DUE TO LATE CHANGE)

Previous pick: QB Mac Jones - Alabama (Pick by Patriots)

10. Cowboys: Patrick Surtain, Cornerback, Alabama

The first defensive player of the board is Patrick Surtain! Dallas's atrocious secondary got worse in free agency, and they need to bring at least one player in early in the draft .

Previous pick: Same

11. Cardinals: Jaycee Horn, Cornerback, South Carolina

Arizona moves up for a corner! Not wanting to risk Philly snatching Jaycee Horn away, and well aware that they need to make the playoffs this year, Kliff and Keim take agressive steps to ensure they have a passable secondary. Horn is a superb athlete, and has very good upside.

Previous pick: LB Micah Parsons - Penn State (pick by Giants)

12. Eagles: Micah Parsons, Linebacker, Penn State

I think Micah Parsons is off some team's draft boards, but I could see Philly taking him. He's as physically talented as any player in this class, and is going to be a machine in the NFL. Though the Eagles have bigger needs (and could trade down if this scenario plays out), from a talent standpoint, this is a bargain for them.

Previous pick: WR Jaylen Waddle - Alabama

13. Chargers: Rashawn Slater, Offensive Guard, Northwestern

The Chargers are thrilled with how this draft is falling, as the second best tackle in the class slips to them at 13. They'll sprint the pick to Goodell, and it's a good pick - Slater can solidify any spot on the line very quickly.

Previous pick: Same

14. Vikings: Alijah Vera-Tucker, Offensive Guard, USC

While I was making this iteration of my draft, I toyed with Minnesota and NYG swapping firsts, so that the Vikings could grab Slater ahead of the Chargers. In the end, though, I decided to leave the Vikings in place, and give them Alijah Vera-Tucker. In my opinion, Vera-Tucker is a top ten player in this class, and should be given a chance at tackle. If he flares out there, he can still be a Pro Bowl guard.

Previous pick: EDGE Kwity Paye - Michigan

15. Panthers: Kwity Paye, Defensive End, Michigan

Carolina snatches the draft's top EDGE from the jaws of the Giants, making Gettleman regret having traded down for the first time. (SHORT WRITE-UP DUE TO LATE CHANGE)
Previous pick: S Trevon Moehrig - TCU (pick by Broncos)

16. Giants: DeVonta Smith, Wide Receiver, Alabama

Just kidding, Gettleman gets Smith. He's thrilled with the outcome. (SHORT WRITE-UP DUE TO LATE CHANGE)

Previous pick: CB Jaycee Horn - South Carolina

Picks 1-16


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