2010 NBA Free Agents: Power Forwards

Written by Paul Banks of the Washington Times, and David Kay of the The Sports Bank.
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A list of the top 2010 NBA Free Agent power forwards.


  1. Dirk Nowitzki (ETO), Mavericks. Age: 31.
    It appears as if Dirk will opt of the final year of his deal that would net him more than $21.5 million. If that happens, there are only really two possibilities; re-sign with Dallas or agree to a sign-and-trade. I cannot imagine Mark Cuban agreeing to deal Nowitzki unless he is landing LeBron or Dwyane Wade in return, so I fully expect him to be in Dallas next season even though the sexy rumor has him once again teaming up in Phoenix with Steve Nash.

    Predicted Contract: 3 years, $75 million

    Possible Destinations: DAL, PHX, MIA, NY

  2. Chris Bosh (PO), Raptors. Age: 26.
    One of the great mysteries of this season revolves around Bosh and whether he will attach himself onto the LeBron or Wade train or go somewhere he can be the alpha dog. It has been reported that he will hitch his wagon onto LeBron and end up in Chicago. However, he can make more money and have a longer contract if he re-signs with Toronto in an agreed sign-and-trade which I imagine would be ideal for both parties involved.

    Predicted Contract: Max value (6 years, $125 if he re-signs. 5 years, $95 if he signs elsewhere.)

    Possible Destinations: CHI, MIA, NY, LAL

  3. Amare Stoudamire (ETO), Suns. Age: 27.
    It's looking more and more like Amare will choose to terminate the final year of his deal that would earn him almost $17.7 million. To be honest, I don't understand why Amare would want to leave a Phoenix team where he gets to play with Steve Nash. New York is reportedly ready to make him and Joe Johnson their number one priorities this offseason since they think LeBron and Bosh are heading to Chicago. Stoudemire will listen to what the Suns have to say and will hear the Heat's sales pitch as well. Odds are he will have to wait for the James/Wade/Bosh dominoes to fall before he finds a place to land.

    Predicted Contract: 5 years, $95 million

    Possible Destinations: PHX, NY, MIA, CHI

  4. Carlos Boozer (UFA), Jazz. Age: 28.
    Like Amare, Boozer will likely have to wait his turn to see where he calls home. And like Amare, I don't quite understand why he would want to give up playing alongside Deron Williams. The allure of playing in a bigger market will weigh heavy on his mind, but will he be the odd man left out of the marquee names? Utah may actually pass on him if he is too expensive since they signed Paul Millsap to a long-term contract last summer. He likely ends up wherever Amare doesn't between Miami and New York.

    Predicted Contract: 5 years, $80 million

    Possible Destinations: UTAH, MIA, NY, CHI, NJ

  5. Luis Scola (RFA), Rockets. Age: 30.
    With Yao sidelined, Scola came up huge for the Rockets bringing his typical physicality and workhorse mentality to the post. He had the best year of his NBA career and simply put, Houston cannot afford to lose him this summer even though they two young power forwards in Jordan Hill and Patrick Patterson on the roster. I would expect them to try and sign the Argentinean to an extension and undoubtedly matching any offer sheet he signs with another team.

    Predicted Contract: 4 years, $34 million extension

    Possible Destinations: HOU

  6. Udonis Haslem (UFA), Heat. Age: 29.
    If you are team looking for an affordable power forward who will play his butt off, rebound the basketball, and hit open jumpers; Haslem would be a good player to target. The Heat will likely be his first option since they can pay him the most, but he may be tempted to take the mid-level exception if the Heat are too busy pursuing Boozer or Amare.

    Predicted Contract: 4 years, $28 million

    Possible Destinations: MIA, NY, UTAH, NJ, DAL, SA

  7. Al Harrington (UFA), Knicks. Age: 30.
    Harrington can finally rid himself of the past two horrendous seasons he spent in New York. I am not sure what the market will for him this offseason since he is an offensive-minded power forward who is not a great rebounder or defensive player. His best bet is to accept a mid-level exception from a contender and come off the bench. If he wants to start, he may have to wait to see which of the teams with a ton of cap space strike out on the marquee free agents and try to nab him as a Plan F. New York could also try to use him in a sign-and-trade that would likely net him the biggest contract.

    Predicted Contract: 3 years, $22 million

    Possible Destinations: WAS, PHX, DAL, TOR

  8. Kenyon Martin (PO), Nuggets. Age: 32.
    Put it this way, there is a better chance of me sleeping with Megan Fox in the next month than Kevin Martin opting out of the final year of his deal that would pay him more than $16.5 million (Nuggets fans are lighting themselves on fire right now.) The Nuggets could try and use him as a trade piece for a team looking to dump some salary.

    Predicted Contract: Plays out contract

    Possible Destinations: DEN

  9. Tyrus Thomas (RFA), Bobcats. Age: 23.
    In his four years in the league Thomas has done nothing to earn a long term deal and probably doesn't even deserve the $6.2 qualifying offer the Bobcats recently extended to him. No way a team is dumb enough to try and sign him away from Charlotte this summer, right? I mean, right?

    Predicted Contract: Accepts Qualifying Offer

    Possible Destinations: CHA

  10. Drew Gooden (UFA), Clippers. Age: 28.
    It is strange that Gooden has been on six different teams in the past three seasons despite still averaging around a solid 12 points and 8 rebounds a game. He is still a very productive 6-10 player who can bring a toughness inside and would be a great asset for a contender. He just needs to land on the right team and find the perfect role which he has been unable to do. At 28 (doesn't he seem older than that?), he still has plenty left in his legs and should get several looks from teams with their mid-level. By the way, a fun one to stump your friends: Name the eight teams Gooden has played for in his NBA career.

    Predicted Contract: 2 years, $10 million

    Possible Destinations: MIL, LAL, UTAH, NO, DET, WAS

Other Free Agent Power Forwards: Chuck Hayes (TO), Hakim Warrick (UFA), Jared Jefferies (PO), Kris Humphries (PO) ( Picked up player option), Jon Brockman (RFA), Craig Smith (UFA), Chris Hunter (UFA), Matthew Bonner (UFA), Kenny Thomas (UFA), Shelden Williams (UFA), Malik Allen (UFA), Brian Cook (UFA), Tim Thomas (UFA), Josh Powell (UFA), Brian Skinner (UFA), Oleksiy Pecherov (UFA), Randolph Morris (UFA), Brian Scalabrine (UFA), Chris Richard (UFA), Alexander Johnson (UFA), Josh McRoberts (TO), Josh Powell (UFA), Steven Hunter (UFA), Brian Cardinal (UFA), Earl Barron (UFA), Sean May (UFA), James Singleton (UFA)

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