NFL Overrated and Underrated Teams

I've posted overrated and underrated NFL teams on my NFL Picks page for a while, but I thought it deserved its own section. I'll update this page every week during the season as well as periodically during the offseason. Follow me @walterfootball for updates.

Updated Oct. 26, 2020

NFL Overrated Teams:

Chicago Bears
The Bears are back on the overrated list. I'm just not buying them. I don't trust the offensive line, and the defense isn't as dominant as the unit we saw in 2018. Chicago is four plays away from being 1-5. Luck will run out eventually.

Los Angeles Rams
The Rams have beaten the Cowboys, Eagles, Giants and Redskins this year. That'd be great if they were in the NFC East, but they're not, so their competition will be much tougher going forward.

Seattle Seahawks
There is such a huge asterisk attached to this ranking that I'm actually going to write the word "asterisk" twice in this sentence. I think the Seahawks are one of the best teams in the NFL, but not at the moment. They simply have too many injuries. They're missing multiple safeties, including Jamal Adams, and they could be without multiple offensive linemen, including star rookie guard Damien Lewis.

NFL Underrated Teams:

Atlanta Falcons
Maybe I'm crazy, but I think the Falcons are underrated. I'm not saying they're good, or anything, but they're not 0-5 bad. They're two plays away from being 2-3, and they've gotten some reinforcements back into the lineup recently. They should be better going forward.

I wrote this two weeks, so it was not a surprise to see the Falcons beat the Vikings, especially with Julio Jones healthy for the first time since Week 2. The Falcons also would've beaten the Panthers had Todd Gurley not fallen into the end zone at the end.

Buffalo Bills
The Bills haven't looked good in weeks, but they've had so many injuries. However, they just got Matt Milano and Tre'Davious White back from their absences, and both should play better next week. The Bills will also be getting some other players back as well, so I expect them to play better beginning in Week 8.

Indianapolis Colts
All I heard Sunday morning was "The Colts have only beaten the Vikings and the Jets." So? They crushed both teams. It'd be one thing if they snuck out two victories, but they've demolished their competition since the inexplicable opening-week loss to the Jaguars.

I wrote this two weeks ago, and yet the Colts are even more underrated now in the wake of their loss to Cleveland and near-defeat to Cincinnati. The Colts lost to the Browns because they didn't have Anthony Castonzo or Darius Leonard available. Leonard was out again versus the Bengals. Leonard's return will fix a lot of the problems the Bengals are having right now. It would help if the Colts didn't shoot themselves in the foot so much.

Miami Dolphins
Three weeks ago, I called the Dolphins "very underrated" in my weekend update of my NFL Power Rankings. I pointed out that the Dolphins' three losses were to the Seahawks, Bills and Patriots, three teams that are a combined 11-5 right now. The Dolphins blew out the Jaguars and now the 49ers and Jets. They're very well coached, and they're extremely strong at some positions (receiver, cornerback.) I don't know how Tua Tagovailoa will affect things, but things can't change too much, right?

San Francisco 49ers
I've listed the 49ers as overrated because of their multiple injuries to numerous positions. One such position has been cornerback, as the 49ers missed four corners. However, Emmanuel Moseley's return has really helped the situation. The 49ers will improve as they get players back from injury. In fact, they might be even better than they looked at New England, where they won 33-6 despite missing six defensive starters.


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