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2010 NBA Free Agency Signings Analysis

Memphis Grizzlies re-sign SF Rudy Gay to 5-year, $81.6 million deal
An average of $16-plus million per year for five years is A LOT to pay a player who averaged less than 20 points and six boards a game last season. I agree the Grizzlies HAD to re-sign Gay instead of letting him leave and getting nothing in return. However, why not wait a few days to see what other offers are on the table before throwing that massive amount at him?

Gay was a restricted free agent so Memphis had the option to match any offer sheet he signed. Did Chris Wallace not realize this? The Gay signing takes one of the major players off the market which has to sting teams like the Knicks, Nets, Clippers and Heat who would have been after Gay with all their cap space as a Plan B in case they did not land LeBron.

Milwaukee Bucks sign PF Drew Gooden to 5-year, $32 million deal
I really like this signing. The contract might be a little long, but to land a starting power forward who can average 12 points and eight boards a night for about $6 million a year? I don't hate it at all. Gooden can step in right away and start alongside Andrew Bogut, bringing some much needed toughness and physicality to the frontcourt which fits Scott Skiles style of play on both ends. This is pretty much an upgrade from what Kurt Thomas did for the Bucks last season.

Minnesota Timberwolves signs Cs Nikola Pekovic to 3-year, $13 million; Darko Milicic to 4-year $20 million
David Kahn just committed $33 million dollars to two unproven commodities, and in the process, shrunk the Timberwolves' cap space down to around $5 million which means they can forget about signing a big name player unless they trade Al Jefferson. Yet, nobody is honestly surprised because it IS David Kahn.

To be honest, I don't much about Pekovic, but my Timberwolves insider tells me he is a physical presence who could start right away. We'll see. As for Darko, I really have a hard time understanding this (but then again what's new with Kahn?) Because he showed promise in 24 games at the end of the season when Minnesota was completely out of contention, he deserves a $5 million per-year deal? Hasn't he shown flashes throughout his entire 7-year career only to once again prove that he is a bust? Does Kahn realize he just spent $20 million on a career 5.6 ppg, 4.1 rpg player? Somewhere Jerome James is laughing.

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