2021 Fantasy Football Busts

2021 Fantasy Football Busts (Feb. 4):

This is a list of my top 2021 fantasy football busts - players you should avoid unless they fall far in your draft. The Average Draft Position (ADP) is found on FantasyFootballCalculator.com.

I was dead on with some of my busts over the past three years. My top busts for 2019 were Antonio Brown and Todd Gurley. I had some misses as well, but Brown and Gurley were two players I didn't want to select in the top three rounds.

  1. Alvin Kamara 2021 Fantasy Football Busts Alvin Kamara, RB, Saints. ADP: 1.02.
    Alvin Kamara was seen as an MVP candidate at one point in 2020, as he carried the team when Michael Thomas was injured. Kamara would be a huge part of the offense as long as Drew Brees were on the roster, but Brees' career seems to be finished. Kamara didn't fare as well with Taysom Hill, the presumed starter for 2021.

  2. Lamar Jackson Lamar Jackson, QB, Ravens. ADP: 1.10.
    Lamar Jackson was not nearly the same quarterback he was during his MVP 2019 campaign. Jackson was able to greatly benefit from his elite offensive line in 2019, and the blocking in front of him wasn't good last year, especially when Ronnie Stanley got hurt. Stanley will be back in 2021, but Marshal Yanda won't be. Jackson is still a good fantasy quarterback, but he's not the elite player he was in 2019.

  3. Todd Gurley Todd Gurley, RB, Falcons. ADP: 4.04.
    How is Todd Gurley's ADP 4.04? That makes no sense. Gurley was benched late in the year and looked absolutely done.

  4. Zach Ertz Zach Ertz, TE, Eagles. ADP: 4.10.
    Zach Ertz turns 31 in October, and he may not be in Philadelphia next year because of salary issues. He seems to be slowing down, so he doesn't appear to be a TE1 anymore.

  5. James Conner James Conner, RB, Steelers. ADP: 5.09.
    James Conner began the year well with some 100-yard performances, but got hurt down the stretch and wasn't very good to close out the season. There's a good chance the Steelers will want to upgrade him this spring.

  6. Kenyan Drake Kenyan Drake, RB, Cardinals. ADP: 6.10.
    Kenyan Drake was a disappointment in 2020, in that he didn't serve as a prominent receiver out of the backfield. His touchdown total saved him, but scoring can be fluky, so I wouldn't be too optimistic about Drake's 2021 outlook.

  7. Rob Gronkowski Rob Gronkowski, TE, Buccaneers. ADP: 3.11.
    Here's another odd ADP. No one should be drafting Rob Gronkowski anywhere near the third round, given that he blocks more frequently than the other tight ends on the roster.

  8. Chris Carson Chris Carson, RB, Seahawks. ADP: 2.03.
    If you're drafting early, don't take Chris Carson at his current ADP. There's a very likely chance that the Seahawks will have a different starting running back next year.

  9. Tyler Lockett Tyler Lockett, WR, Seahawks. ADP: 3.05.
    Tyler Lockett was an incredibly inconsistent option in 2020. He'd be better if the Seahawks allowed Russell Wilson to cook all year, but they closed his kitchen around the midway point of the season.

  10. Marvin Jones Marvin Jones, WR, Lions. ADP: 7.10.
    Marvin Jones' ADP is way too high. If he remains with the Lions, he'll have a worse quarterback throwing to him than Matthew Stafford. If he goes elsewhere, he may not integrate into the offense quickly enough.


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