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Reader 2014 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 17-32

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  1. Houston Texans: Blake Bortles , QB , UCF
    Blake Bortles: 58.9%
    Jadeveon Clowney: 28.5%
    Teddy Bridgewater: 5.5%
    Johnny Manziel: 4.2%
    Khalil Mack: 3.0%
    Total votes: 2,477

    Evan O: It has to be Bortles. As beast as Clowney and Watt would be on the same line, the Texans almost need to take a quarterback here. While Bortles clearly isn't the same prospect as Luck or Griffin, there is still a ton to like about him. The team will certainly be better than last year, and there's way less than a guaranteed chance they will be in the running for Mariota or Winston next year due to the sheer talent of the team.

    Christopher F: No quarterback in this year's draft is deserving of the #1 pick, as almost everyone has seen and said. There will be decent quarterbacks in the top of the second round, or the Texans can trade up later in the 1st round. This pick should pick up the best player in the draft, which is Clowney. Having players like JJ Watt and Brian Cushing in the locker room should help with his work ethic issues.

    Semineil: Not many things surprise me any longer, but with the trading of Matt Schaub, I would be absolutely shocked if the Texans didn't go with a QB at #1...And based on his workouts, interviews, and what Bill O'Brien seems to look for in a signal-caller, it has to be Bortles. Slam-dunk (assuming Houston doesn't trade out of top spot)!

    Joshua C: Clowney may have some concerns but he is still an elite talent. I wouldn't be shocked to see Bortles go here but I think Houston wants to generate a pass rush with Watt and Clowney.

    Thomas W: The writing is on the wall. Bortles starts from day 1.

  2. Atlanta Falcons: Jadeveon Clowney , DE , South Carolina
    Jadeveon Clowney (trade w/Falcons): 32.2%
    Greg Robinson: 26.5%
    Sammy Watkins: 19.5%
    Jadeveon Clowney (no trade): 12.7%
    Jake Matthews: 6.8%
    Khalil Mack: 2.3%
    Total votes: 3,375

    Walter R: The Rams sacked the QB 53 times while allowing 36 sacks. They were the 7th stingiest passing TD defense in the NFL.(21 allowed) Watkins is the pick. St. Louis has trouble converting 3rd downs through the air. On obvious passing downs, the receivers don't get open, or the Offensive Line fails under pressure. Watkins can and will move the chains.

    Michael P: The future employment of Les Snead and Jeff Fisher could hinge on the success or failure of Sam Bradford in 2014, so improving his protection should be the top priority in the 2014 NFL Draft. Jake Long is in sharp decline and coming off a devastating injury, so if the season were to start today, the St. Louis offensive line would consist of the injury-prone Rodger Saffold and a bunch of tumbleweeds. Greg Robinson offers the second -highest ceiling in this draft. St. Louis O-line coach Paul Boudreau is the best in the business and should have no problem tapping Robinson's All-Pro potential.

    David H: Clowney sent out come-and-get-me signals to Atlanta to trade up. Tradin' Tom needs no such signals to move for his guy. Atlanta went from a playoff team to a joke almost entirely based on the trenches. And the Rams have this #2 pick because of what they did with the same situation two years ago, and will be more than happy to trade down again and hand an erratic mercurial talent to someone else. It's not if it happens, it's what the Rams get in return.

    Ryan T: The pick has to be Watkins (barring a trade-down). With the emergence of Zac Stacy in the backfield and the return of Sam Bradford (for god knows how long) this offense looks like it's the most complete its been since the Greatest Show on Turf. Watkins, Austin, Bradford and Cook look pretty good together on paper.

    Funk: If Clowney isn't taken first, the Rams trade the pick. That needs to be an option for this draft to have any legitimacy.

  3. Jacksonville Jaguars: Teddy Bridgewater , QB , Louisville
    Teddy Bridgewater: 41.1%
    Khalil Mack: 30.7%
    Johnny Manziel: 14.6%
    Sammy Watkins: 6.5%
    Greg Robinson: 5.3%
    Derek Carr: 1.9%
    Total votes: 3,375

    Josh N: The Jaguars have got to pick Mack. There is no game-changing QB in this draft, not Bortles, not Bridgewater, not Manziel. None of those guys can turn the Jags into a contender overnight. Gus Bradley is a defensive minded coach and he needs to build a defense, from the trenches out, that can stop Luck and Houston's top pick. The NFL is a copycat league, we all know this, and Bradley helped build the Seahawks defense. If Clowney is gone, the Jaguars will build their defense for the next decade around Mack.

    Mike S: I know Sammy Watkins isnt the most likely pick but he may make the most sense for the long term future. With the Jags resigning Henne they should take the best playmaking WR the draft has had in a couple years then draft a QB in round 2 or 3 that needs a year to develop and start him in 2015 after learning for a year. Jags arent going to be in the playoffs overnight so why now get a huge playmaker and a QB of the future in the same draft.

    Kevin O: Jaguars are in serious need of a QB with Gabbert gone. Henne will be a decent back-up, but not a starter, and Bridgewater is the perfect fit. Bridgewater may not have as much upside as Manziel, but the Jaguars are not going to draft another "high risk, high upside" QB like Gabbert and will take the most pro-ready QB.

    Kevin R: The Jaguars are bad not only are they but they struggle with attendance. There more then one player away from winning now they have multiple holes on offense and defense. So I think manziel should be the pick he is an upgrade at QB and should bring some excitement in Jacksonville which should help with tickets sales for this franchise.

    Matt R: The Jaguars badly need a quarterback. N-E-E-D one.Passing on a future franchise quarterback would be a huge mistake as Robinson, Watkins and Mack will not make the jaguars that much better. The new regime in Jacksonville needs a quarterback to build around and also give their franchise a face and identity.

  4. Cleveland Browns: Sammy Watkins , WR , Clemson
    Sammy Watkins: 51.5%
    Johnny Manziel: 30.2%
    Khalil Mack: 8.6%
    Greg Robinson: 5.6%
    Derek Carr: 4.1%
    Total votes: 2,053

    Jake V: The Browns need offensive playmakers. Watkins is the only guy worth taking at #4.

    Thompsondetrick: The closer we get to the draft im thinking of changing my pick from watkins to mack...mingo is a possible bust and if hes not well ten we have a truly intimidating bookend 'backers rushing the qb, n our division we go against flacco and rohtlesberger both whom are over 6-5 230lb. reminds me of a90's steeler defense

    Steve V: Sammy will be the ticket here. Josh and Sammy? Jesus and Baby Jesus! How can Hometown Hoyer go wrong!?!? But just you watch, in typical Browns fashion, we will trade up for Carr of whom the Raiders are supposedly in love with as well. I honestly think if not Carr, we end up with AJ McCarron in the later rounds. Ultimately, I do not see how you can position your team to somehow wait to draft Marcus Mariota next year as many have speculated.

    BCB: Greg Davone Bess, if hes still on the team lol Two little kick returner Is there really any reason th Browns shouldnt draft Watkins, no. Thus they will take Manziel, cause Cleveland.

    Kevin R: Josh Gordon Jordan Cameron are both quality receivers add in Sammy Watkins and that sounds like a pretty scary offense. Unfortunately they need a QB to throw them the ball.

  5. Oakland Raiders: Khalil Mack , OLB , Buffalo
    Khalil Mack: 30.3%
    Greg Robinson: 26.0%
    Johnny Manziel: 19.9%
    Derek Carr: 13.3%
    Jake Matthews: 5.3%
    Mike Evans: 3.5%
    Aaron Donald: 1.7%
    Total votes: 2,641

    Neil S: This team has just too many needs to not go with the best player available. Mack will draw a lot of consideration, but they need to protect their new QB. They go with Robinson.

    Kevin O: The Raiders most likely want Schaub to start as QB, otherwise the trade wouldn't make sense. The Raiders can now grab their future left tackle in Greg Robinson, who will immediately start and improve their running game with his outstanding run blocking skills.

    Brandon J: If Raiders are going defense, couldn't agree more with adding Mack, I don't know of its the right pick because of a LT that was picked by Quinn for three sacks in one game. You don't have a mobile quarterback as your starter. So there is no way I draft Mack with this Tackle situation being what it is.

    Saman B: They should take Carr because if they take Mack then Carr could be taken by the time the Raiders pick again. If they could trade down a few pics then they could still take Carr and get another pass rusher later.

    Zahiri Sports: Reggie McKenzie has stated time and time again he's going BPA with the first pick. That's not Derek Carr, that's Khalil Mack.

  6. St. Louis Rams: Greg Robinson , OT , Auburn
    Greg Robinson: 74.0%
    Jake Matthews: 13.9%
    Mike Evans: 6.8%
    Justin Gilbert: 2.8%
    Taylor Lewan: 1.4%
    Aaron Donald: 1.4%
    Total votes: 1,505

    Matt McGuire: I could see the Rams doing something really weird at this pick. Greg Robinson just makes too much sense.

    William S: Look both there are a ton of talented WR and OT players in this draft. You can draft either position now and fill the other in later rounds. Saying that they have Jake Long already and even if he's aging and injured you can get a player to succeed him with their second first rd pick. There is no one however in rd 2 or at pick 13 that compares to Starscream (Calvin Johnson Jr) Mike Evans. He should be the pick if they trade back like this.

    Adam P: I honestly think Jeff Fisher will break the trend this year. It's time for the Rams to invest in a young monster blocker, who happens to be the best player available anyways. Greg Robinson seems like a Jeff Fisher type player, and how perfect is it for him to fall right in his lap after trading back.

    Matt P: Jeff Fisher never drafts OL early because he believes he can develop their talent better than most anyone else. In his head coaching history Fisher has drafted only 2 O-linemen in the first 2 Rds with none in the 1st Rd. (Michael Roos @ #41 in 2005 and Jason Layman @ #48 in 1996). Fisher has a tendency to draft defensive studs (majorly DL and secondary) or offensive playmakers. This was reconfirmed with the Tavon/Ogletree picks last year and Brockers in 2012 as it appears Snead is on board with Fisher's philosophy. Expect more of the same so my pick went to Justin Gilbert here, but Mike Evans is a dark horse.

    Zahiri Sports: The Rams will be extremely fortunate if Greg Robinson is still on the board at 6. He will be a franchise left tackle and is vital to improving the OL. No way they pass on him here.

  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jake Matthews , OT , Texas A&M
    Jake Matthews: 42.0%
    Mike Evans: 19.2%
    Johnny Manziel: 17.0%
    Eric Ebron: 8.3%
    Justin Gilbert: 7.0%
    Derek Carr: 3.7%
    Taylor Lewan: 2.9%
    Total votes: 1,355

    Mary G: While I think they are in a great position to secure a quarterback of the future, I just can't see them passing up Mike Evans. He'd immediately become the favorite to start as the #2 receiver, and he'd eventually replace the still highly effective , but 31 year-old, Vincent Jackson.

    William S: Jake Matthews to the Bucs makes too much sense, though I believe if they were to trade back to the 10-12 range Anthony Barr would give the Bucs a revamp on their LBs similar to how Michael Kendricks did for the Eagles last year.

    James M: Lovie is a defensive guy. Of these available players and positions, Matthews might most aid Tampa's defense. An offense that can maintain long drives certainly helps the defense, which can fan themselves on the sidelines. Matthews, as an offensive tackle, will have a large role in perserving the QB's health and making holes for the running backs. All so the defense can sip more Gatorade, juicing for their turn on the field.

    David H: QB is sorted (temporarily with McCown, perhaps long-term with Glennon), and CB can wait. It's tackle or wideout for sure here, and while Matthews is a lovely utility choice, Evans can create mismatch nightmares, like Jimmy Graham without the burden of in-line blocking. The Bucs probably also looked at some Manziel tape earlier in the draft process, and may well have come away falling in love with Evans after he bailed out RG4 on some of his circus plays.

    Stephan G: Taking Matthews isn't the best idea because they just signed Collins, and Demar Dotson is a top 5 RT. Ebron would be the best option because it gives the Bucs an interim reciever.

  8. Minnesota Vikings: Johnny Manziel , QB , Texas A&M
    Johnny Manziel: 66.0%
    Derek Carr: 13.0%
    Justin Gilbert: 8.8%
    Anthony Barr: 8.6%
    Mike Evans: 3.7%
    Total votes: 1,335

    James M: One of three invisible forces, or fates, inspire draft choices. Most picks are pushed forward by a gambler's logic. Some sprout sudddently from rabmling insanity. (But now Al Davis is dead . . . .) And, every so often, a pick yields to history or karma. In this case, all three types will play a role. The Vikings will pick Manziel because, logically, they need a quatrerback; they will also pick Manziel because Chris Spielman is in the house; and, finally, Manziel is the reincarnation of Fran Tarkenton. Manziel must end up in MN. The fates have spoken.

    David H: In this mock, the only question is which QB. After last year's omnishambles at the position, I could even see them trading up into the top three if they have a signal-caller they particularly want. I think they might prefer the more traditional Carr over Manziel, especially when they should probably be looking for a pure passer to stretch the field and open up room for AP; Manziel also comes with plenty of bust potential. However, the Packers D seems unable to handle a dual-threat QB if their three defeats to CK7's Niners are any guide (the only time they shut down his legs, they did so by leaving Boldin absurdly open), which might encourage the Vikings to roll the dice on Manziel. Probably comes down to Manziel's interview one way or another.

    Scotty G: Gilbert is the likely choice, given the new head coaches background, but they need a QB desperately. I like the depth in this draft at QB and there should be a guy they can take in round 2 to fill the 1 year backup role. Manziel does give their offense an added dimension that would catapult them right into the conversation in that division. Offensively at least.

    Gilbert: Vikes need to take Gilbert here. The secondary is garbage and the two QB's available are not worth considering at this spot.

    Kevin: The Vikings are staying 4-3 people. It is absolutely inexcusable for anyone to vote for Anthony Barr. Derek Carr is the pocket QB that Norv covets and has the arm strength to successfully run his vertical offense.

  9. Buffalo Bills: Mike Evans , WR , Texas A&M
    Mike Evans: 48.6%
    Eric Ebron: 15.4%
    Anthony Barr: 15.0%
    Taylor Lewan: 11.2%
    Ha Ha Clinton-Dix: 4.7%
    Justin Gilbert: 3.6%
    C.J. Mosley: 2.0%
    Total votes: 1,009

    Quincy M: There's a reason why Buffalo hasn't been to the playoffs in forever. 1st round WR's rarely produce more victories in their first year (Randy Moss is one of the few exceptions), but bad teams fall prey to overhyped talent. Evans will be the pick here which will allow Buffalo to stay put as a bad team.

    Kevin O: Manuel had an okay year considering it's his rookie year with a below-average Bills team. It's time the Bills start drafting future weapons for Manuel, starting with the big and physical Mike Evans.

    Kyle P: So many needs, but here you have to go BPA (Best Player Available) and whether or not Watkins is gone, Evans is the guy.

    Ryan P: Lewan for the Bills. They need to protect EJ and provide support for Spiller and Jackson.

    Scotty G: Even with Stevie Johnson and an improving Robert Woods on the roster the Bills would be foolish to pass up the extreme athlete that Evans is. He is absolutely huge, and has the speed you need. They could easily bump one of the other two WR's inside to the slot to make a formidable trio. The same logic could be used to argue for Ebron, however. In the end I think Buffalo is looking to surround Manuel with young pass catchers so drafting Evans will pave the way to a stevie johnson trade/cut next year.

  10. Detroit Lions: Justin Gilbert , CB , Oklahoma State
    Justin Gilbert: 56.1%
    Anthony Barr: 19.8%
    Ha Ha Clinton-Dix: 8.1%
    Eric Ebron: 7.3%
    Taylor Lewan: 6.1%
    Aaron Donald: 1.4%
    C.J. Mosley: 1.2%
    Total votes: 1,256

    Ezra A: Not sure why so many fans/pundits are so quick to give a CB to the Lions now. We've added several young corners over the last couple of years, as well as paid Houston. I understand that these guys aren't the LOB..but does yet another rookie make them complete?? A rookie that's not an elite, P.Peterson like prospect?? At a position that takes 2-3 years for most guys to adjust?? Take Evans, Barr, Clinton-Dix, or Ebron and get quicker production at important spots where we need the depth.

    Kevin P: I think the Lions will get a WR in the 2nd round . They should go CB a big need for them Justin Gilbert is a no brainer for the Lions.

    Dennis H: As much as it's been repeated over and over again this offseason, the cornerback position is NOT one of the Lions major needs going into this draft. With a veteran starter in Chris Houston & younger hopefuls in Darius Slay, Bill Bentley, Chris Greenwood & Jonte Green, the Lions' cornerback situation is far from dire, albeit still a shaky one. That being said, Justin Gilbert has to be the choice at #10 if both Watkins and Evans are off the board. He is clearly the best prospect at his position, and would add something the Lions DO desperately need...a playmaker on defense.

    Kevin O: Gilbert may be appealing and fill a bigger need, but Barr is simply a better prospect and player, and his pass-rushing skills will improve their linebacker corps against a pass-heavy NFC North.

    David H: Gilbert. And it's more likely to be Dennard than any of the other names listed. CB and WR are the wells the Lions keep dredging in the first, and the net result of that is Megatron and megabusts. Doesn't mean they'll stop doing it though.

  11. Tennessee Titans: Anthony Barr , OLB , UCLA
    Anthony Barr: 55.4%
    Taylor Lewan: 13.7%
    Darqueze Dennard: 11.8%
    Eric Ebron: 10.1%
    C.J. Mosley: 4.7%
    Derek Carr: 4.4%
    Total votes: 1,174

    David H: The Titans probably need a tackle more given that they have The Hurt Locker backed up by Clipboard Jesus, but they have enough other needs to pass up on someone with as many character flags as Lewan. Of those needs, edge rusher might be the toughest to fill in the second, so Barr seems a likely choice.

    Jake V: Barr isn't a great fit in Tennessee. He is a great blitzer, not a pass rusher. The Titans will the looking for the latter. He could become a great pass rusher some day, but I wouldn't use an early 1st round pick on potential alone. Taylor Lewan is the right pick at this spot. Roos is old and will be retiring soon. Kick Lewan inside to guard for a year, then kick him back once Roos is no longer with the team.

    Mark C: Why is Shazier not an option? Hes 16 on on Rangs board and is climbing on most. Better tape, measurables and vastly superior production than Mosely. Will be a better pro and is the best immediate fit for my Lions. Many people keep mocking CB's here, but Houston, while had an off year, is only 1 year removed from being our DMVP. Not sure if Slay will ever be first tier but think he can be a secodn tier guy and theres no reason to go CB at 10. Can anyone even name our WLB? Theres your first hint to where we should go.

    Kevin: I think Tennessee is ultimately where Manziel ends up. Perfection situation, and he's the 4th QB off the board like he should be. For this scenario, I guess I'll go Barr. Ebron would be the secondary option according to my sources.

    Cajun 33: As a Titan fan i'd be more than happy to take Barr at #11. Freak athelete who is also a great locker room guy. If he is off the board it makes the Titans choice so much more difficult. Obviously a trade back would be great for them considering they do not have a 3rd rounder this year. But, FAIR trades are very hard to come by. Overall, I think the Titans have a descent shot at landing who they want at #11 and Barr is one of the players on the top of that list!

  12. New York Giants: Taylor Lewan , OT , Michigan
    Taylor Lewan: 38.8%
    Eric Ebron: 27.1%
    Aaron Donald: 18.7%
    Kony Ealy: 4.1%
    Zack Martin: 4.1%
    Darqueze Dennard: 2.3%
    C.J. Mosley: 3.8%
    Ryan Shazier: 1.0%
    Total votes: 2,279

    Kevin P: DL is where Giants need to go for there 11th pick Justin Tuck sign with the raiders Joesph sign with the Vikings and Aaron Donald will be great fit with the Giants.

    Jordan M: With the addition of Schwartz the line has really solidified. Adding a top 10 talent like Lewan (most scouts agree he was better than any tackle taken in last years draft) the Giants will have an excellent starter at 4/5 positions and be able to pound the ball and protect Eli. Lewan has All-Pro ability and should step in day 1 as the starter at LT, allowing Beatty to either move to RT or LG while Pugh plays either RT or RG and Schwartz takes over the other position.

    Scotty G: The Giants need help on both lines as well as a pass catching TE. The best player available is aaron donald, and should be their choice even though I hope he falls to my Bears. The next in line of bpa is Lewan who is right on par with Jake Matthews, but doesnt have the name recognition. 3rd is Ebron, but there is reason to believe that there will be a viable TE choice in the second round with Amaro, and S-J.

    Kevin: Gonna play off your post Scotty G - The best player available is Eric Ebron, the class of the TEs in the draft, but NYG teams in the past have struggled to make full-enough use of a TE to warrant one with the 12th overall pick. (I still picked Ebron anyways) Next in Line of BPA is Kony Ealy. He could be their choice, but they also could believe Damontre Moore can step-in as the starter opposite JPP. 3rd is Aaron Donald who fills an area of need and is a legitimate option. He lacks scheme-versatility so there are limited landing spots for him, so people want to push him higher to get to the "nice" landing spots. In terms of BPA, Lewan is 6th behind Mosley and Dennard as well, the 2013 tape doesn't match the athletic talent displayed at the combine, and in 2012. Not to mention the off-field problem.

    LOL: There is NO WAY the Giants take Lewan. It's Ebron. It's absolutely Ebron.

  13. St. Louis Rams: HaHa Clinton-Dix , FS , Alabama
    Ha Ha Clinton-Dix: 47.9%
    Darqueze Dennard: 19.4%
    Eric Ebron: 15.8%
    Aaron Donald: 9.1%
    Calvin Pryor: 6.9%
    Bradley Roby: 0.9%
    Total votes: 1,056

    Brandon P: I would have slotted them Derek Carr here. Sam Bradford is mediocre at best and the sooner they dump him the sooner they make the playoffs.

    Kevin R: Eric Ebron that offence needs weapons Tavon Austin is just the start Ebron is stud and shouldnt be passed up at this point in the draft in my opinion Ebron and 13 is a steal.

    Scotty G: I do not see any WR's that are worth considering at this spot, but if they feel as though a top WR talent was more important than a safety or DT they should be able to move back again due to the top players still available in Donald, Dix, and Ebron. If there are no trade offers, Hasean is the likely choice for the Rams and fulfills a position of need with the top talent in this safety class. Ebron doesn't make too much sense given the contract they just threw at Jared Cook.

    Kevin: For the 1st time this year, the best choice for a team isn't one of the options. In a truly odd scenario, CJ Mosley should be the pick for the Rams here at 13. Instead, Dennard, Clinton-Dix, or Pryor have to be the pick. Flip your 3-sided coin.

    James C: No question here, the Rams absolutely have to upgrade their secondary. And with two starting CB's and only one starting S(SS at that) they clearly need to take the best FS available. It's just a question of whether you think it's HaHa or Pryor. Me? I say HaHa.

  14. Chicago Bears: Aaron Donald , DT , Pittsburgh
    Aaron Donald: 56.6%
    Darqueze Dennard: 12.1%
    Timmy Jernigan: 8.7%
    Calvin Pryor: 7.7%
    C.J. Mosley: 5.5%
    Louis Nix: 4.9%
    Eric Ebron: 4.6%
    Total votes: 1,056

    Dominique B: The Bears can't feel comfortable going into the season with Chris Conte and Ryan Mundy as their starting safeties. Bears fans have Aaron Donald fever, but you have that position shored up with the re-signing of Jeremiah Ratliff, Nate Collins (who was outplaying Henry Melton before going down with an injury) , and a healthy Stephen Paea returning. Not mention Lamarr Houston will see time at 3tech DT in their nickel formation in passing situations. Calvin Pryor would compliment the newly built front seven, by giving them a physical safety with ball-hawking skills and good instincts in coverage. The safety carousel needs to come to an end in Chicago.

    Adam K: The three technique DT was vitally important in the Bears old defense but may not be in their new hybrid look. With that in mind, I'd love to see Denard in a Bears uniform as he has the potential to be a shut-down corner in the NFL. Drafting Denard also allows the Bears to experiment with Tillman at FS, potentially shoreing up two positions with one pick.

    Kevin O: The Bears need run-stuffers considering they ranked dead last in the league in rushing yards allowed. With a division that includes the great AP, a revamped Reggie Bush, and an up-and-coming rookie in Eddie Lacy, Donald is the perfect choice to bolster their D-line.

    James C: With one of the top 3DT's in the draft the Bears bring in youth and shore up their biggest weakness "Rushing Yards Allowed" while also helping their low sack total as well. With the versatility of J Ratliff they can either go 3 tec or NT.

    Oliver B: The Bears D was dreadful last season and it all originated at the line. They've done a great job addressing the DE need with Houston, Young and Allen, they now need to address DT - especially after letting Henry Melton go. CB is another position of need, but having resigned Tillman and Jennings they can look to the 2nd/3rd round for a prospect who can develop over the season and become a starter next year. At DT they need someone to come in and make an impact straight away - Aaron Donald is that player.

  15. Pittsburgh Steelers: Darqueze Dennard , CB , Michigan State
    Darqueze Dennard: 32.3%
    Eric Ebron: 22.8%
    Louis Nix: 10.7%
    Kelvin Benjamin: 8.4%
    Marqise Lee: 6.2%
    C.J. Mosley: 6.2%
    Ra'Shede Hageman: 5.2%
    Zack Martin: 3.3%
    Odell Beckham: 3.2%
    Total votes: 1,640

    Troy T: Moving the ball was not an issue for Pittsburgh last year, it was stopping the opposing offense. Dennard fits the mold of a steelers corner and provides immediate help to an old secondary. There are plenty of big receivers that can be drafted later on that will help them in the red zone, but a a strong cornerback will help the most now. Unless someone drops that's on top of their draft board, I think this will be the pick

    Jim M: The Steelers have to go Dennard. You got a pressing need at corner, and the most pro ready player corner available. This is a no brainer.

    Brewskybrah: I went with Dennard, which makes the most sense. However, a trade down, with San Fran being a good option, would be better yet. The Steelers need a youth movement and this deep draft could give them a big lift in that area. Truthfully, i would like to see the Steelers add a #2 reciever, a starting D-lineman, a replacement for Mike Adams' sorry ass, and a corner...preferibly in the first 3 rounds. Not gonna happen, but illustrates my point that they need more picks.

    Common Sense: You got a pressing need at corner and you got the most pro ready corner in the draft. I don't know, seems like a really easy choice for the Steelers in this scenario.

    Steelers selection: Dennard: My first choice for this scenario. CB is a big need and Dennard is the most pro ready corner in the draft. Dennard is the best option for the team and they really shouldn't take long to decide on Dennard and hand in the card

  16. Dallas Cowboys: Kony Ealy , DE , Missouri
    Kony Ealy: 33.4%
    Timmy Jernigan: 27.1%
    Ra'Shede Hageman: 8.7%
    Calvin Pryor: 8.2%
    Dee Ford: 7.0%
    Louis Nix: 6.1%
    Zack Martin: 5.1%
    C.J. Mosley: 4.5%
    Total votes: 1,954

    Seth H: The cowboys defense has recently taken some hits with the loss of Ware and Hatcher, plus there coming off a year in which they couldn't stop anyone. You might be expecting me to take a D-Linemen, but I think the cowboys take Bama Linebacker CJ Mosely. Yes the cowboys have a stud in Lee and Carter has potential but why take him with these guys? Like I said lee is a stud, but he's yet to finish a full season while carter took a step back after an impressive season in 2012. Plus if carter ever gets his play on track again the cowboys could have a scary linebacker trio.

    Jeff K: The only real options here are Mosley, Jernigan and Martin. Ealy under-performed at Mizzou, Ford will likely be a situational pass rusher, Hageman and Nix are nice but don't fit the scheme, and the 'Boys still feel that either Johnson or Heath or Wilcox will step up at safety so Pryor seems unlikely. We could absolutely use another LB and then move Carter over; I bet Marinelli loves Jernigan's motor and he could contribute immediately; and hypothetically Martin could stack our line for another 10 years. That being said, I feel pretty confident we're gonna draft the best available wide receiver so we can allow Beasley and Harris to finish rotting on the bench. Maybe even move up to do it.

    Benjamin W: The Cowboys will take C.J. Mosely. Why? Because Sean Lee is too damn injury prone and Davonte Holloman is not someone to be starting. They juts released Demarcus Ware and need a new young face to lead the defense and Mosely is just that leader. That and he is an amazing Linebacker

    David H: It ought to be Jernigan. Which, considering Jerry Jones is drafting, is a very good sign it won't be. I can see someone taking a huge swing (and a likely miss) on Hageman, and Dallas seem as (il)logical a choice as any. In partial mitigation, he's probably going to be usable in both 4-3 and 3-4 fronts, which is an essential skill for anyone in the Dallas front seven now.

    Steven R: 16 is too high for guys like Ealy, Ford, Hagemen, Martin but would definitely like to trade back for Ealy or Ford. At 16 I'd have to take Jernigan if Barr, Donald, Lewan are gone.

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    Sorry for cutting this into two halves; I've received complaints about load times and putting the mock draft on two pages saves bandwidth.

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