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Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 17-32
  1. St. Louis Rams: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Sam Bradford: 90%
    - Jimmy Clausen: 7%
    - Ndamukong Suh: 2%
    - Gerald McCoy: 1%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    Leo Fender: To me, this pick has to be a quarterback. Which one of them they go for is basically a toss up for me, but since Adam Schefter (a.k.a. the almighty God of NFL-knowledge) already has said that Bradford is the pick, Bradford gets the vote. Who knows though, it might come down to the annual mini golf tournament...

    PiazzaJordan2: I think they'll take Bradford. They should take Clausen, but all signs point to Bradford. Like they'll tell you on NFLN every week, "If Bradfords shoulder checks out, he'll be the pick". I am believing that now. Also, Schefter said they'll take him. And when is he wrong? Bradford will be the pick, Rams get their franchise quarterback.

    Wraith: The Rams in the past have proven that they would rather go with the 'safe pick' in the draft and seem more keen on building their lines than getting a QB. Their last two selections were Chris Long, who was the consensus best overall player in that draft and Jason Smith, who was the consensus best player available. Just going off history, I would have to think they go for the safe route and opt for McCoy who is an elite talent and does not come with theknee trouble of Suh.

    Finally remember: the draft would not be the draft without a crappy pick from the Rams, no matter how many A pluses Walt wants to give them.

    TopazPilot: SHOULD BE: Jimmy Clausen
    WILL BE: Sam Bradford

    Rams will continue to be the Rams and take a QB with questionable arm strength, injury history, and coming from a gimmicky spread offense. Do we really expect anything more from this franchise?

    Pick6: Hopefully the right person wins an mini-putt and the Rams end up picking a QB. I'm confused as to why everyone thinks that Bradford is THE PICK if the go with a QB. I think they should pick Clausen, which means that they'll do the opposite and go with Bradford!

    Mycarman: The Rams need to take the best QB in the draft. One who is accurate, has great technique, great arm strength, good upside, good statistically, and who has experience under center. Too bad Washington is going to get that guy when the Rams actually take the guy who had his stats, accuracy, technique, and arm strength go unquestioned when he wasn't playing under center in college.

  2. Detroit Lions: Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Russell Okung: 56.7%
    - Ndamukong Suh: 36.2%
    - Gerald McCoy: 4.7%
    - Eric Berry: 2.4%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    PaddyPatriot: I think they've got enough money invested in that D-Line to rule out Suh or McCoy. It's still the Lions but I think they're ready to truly support Stafford as the face of their franchise.

    Blazedestin: Corey Williams rules out Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy. I think Delmas is good enough to make a decent safety group with anyone competent (Daniel Bullocks isn't awful, but he's not great), and thus they need to take Okung to protect Stafford's blindside.

    Cicero: The Lions showed last year that their draft strategy is to go almost purely BPA until they acquire enough pieces that this is no longer practical. I think they'll have Suh and McCoy both rated higher than Okung and that one of them will be the pick. If they were willing to pass on a LT (Oher) for a TE then I don't see how they're going to pass on an elite DT prospect.

    Finally remember: the draft would not be the draft without a crappy pick from the Rams, no matter how many A pluses Walt wants to give them.

    ArcadeParties: I don't think the Corey Williams trade precludes the Lions from taking Suh/McCoy, but I still think they'll go Okung. For all we know, all the Backus praise could be a smokescreen to try and keep the Skins/Chiefs from trading up to No. 1. But the Lions have not ruled out drafting a tackle. They've said that Backus is a good player, and I don't think they'd be opposed to having that player at guard.

    Schwartz thinking Backus is good doesn't preclude the Lions from taking Okung.

    Guru_92: Sammie Lee Hill played good enough last season to get a starting job this season. They just traded for Corey Williams who could be a great pick-up if he plays like he has been in the 4-3. They now got 2 starting caliber DT's the young guy in Hill, and the veteran guy in Williams who can teach Hill. It's just don't make any sense to me to take a DT #2 overall. If they take Okung, they could possibly move Backus to the right side and slide Cherilus inside. This looks like a smart move to me, and this is just the type of smart moves that Millen couldn't do, although they could go BPA and draft Suh, or even a once-in-a-decade prospect in Berry like they did with Calvin Johnson a few years ago.

    ClaretnBlueLad: Julius Peppers, Jared Allen and Clay Matthews coming after my quarterback twice a season each... I'd like to welcome Russell Okung to Detroit.

    HotbyYoungTurk: Russell Okung will be the Lions pick. They need someone to protect Stafford for years to come. With stafford's arm, they want to protect him b/c he can change the state of that franchise.

    Okung is the obvious choice, and was the obvious chose even before they acquired Corey Williams from Cleveland. You want to improve on defense, but this league has changed so much. There is a pass-first mentality now, and you must be able to score points at any point in the game.

    Okung, Welcome to Detroit.

  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Ndamukong Suh: 88.5%
    - Gerald McCoy: 11.5%
    - Jason Pierre-Paul: 0%
    - Eric Berry: 0%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    Colts Homer: This has to be Suh. There has never been a match so perfect. Two of the top 5 players in this draft were defensive tackles, and the #3 team needs a defensive tackle more than anything else. You don't see a match like that too often. If the Bucs don't take Ndamukong or McCoy, they should be demoted to the UFL.

    Guru_92: Suh is the better prospect than McCoy in terms of overall ability, and Bucs need someone that can be a force against the run and the pass, which is why they should take Suh. Now if they are worried by his injuires, or just think that they need a truly elite pass rushing 3-technique, they'll go with McCoy. Berry is still in this race cause like i said about the Lions pick, Berry is a once-in-a-decade prospect who really could impact their defense, and if you are facing Matt Ryan and Drew Brees twice a year you definitely need a good backfield. Still, I think that this pick will be Suh, cause they already got a good safety in Tanard Jackson, while they got absolutely nothing at the DT position.

    Chg91: Gerald McCoy is tailor-made for the Tampa Two which Raheem Morris ran last year; he is the far better penetrator of the two men in terms of technique and upside. While I understand Suh is the "sexy" pick, Gerald McCoy is the best fit for this organization, and for this defense's philosophy.

    JGatt: While Suh's knees may ruin him like Glenn Dorsey's knees ruined him, I don't see how this pick could be anyone else. Gerald McCoy will probably have a better career, but Suh is the hot topic and a monster to boot. What's really suprising to me is how it's been three months since Suh's dominating performance against Texas and his hype hasnt slowed that much at all. Suh's always been destined for Tampa, even while he was growing up in Podunk, Oregon.

    SDBucFan: I think it will be Suh the only thing that worries me about Suh is he has had knee problems, McCoy is also a great option I'd love to have either one. I don't think Paul is a good pick, definitely not at 3, he is too big of a risk for a team that needs players who can start and be effective immediatley. I like Berry he played under Kiffin and knows our system, wouldn't mind trading down with Seattle and taking him at 6 if Suh and McCoy happen to be gone.

    PantherFanInNFL: Raheem Morris is doing back flips if he gets his chance at Suh. Not only can he get Suh by staying put, he even saved his job with those last victories. Who would of thought he could of done both.

  4. Washington Redskins: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Jimmy Clausen: 85.7%
    - Bryan Bulaga: 11.4%
    - Eric Berry: 1.4%
    - Gerald McCoy: 1.4%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    PiazzaJordan2: I think they take Clausen because it's a new regime, and they probably aren't sold on Campbell. Todd Collins and Colt Brennan are defiantly not the future. BUT, one thing you have to factor into picking Clausen is that you have to make sure he doesn't bust. As a Redskins fan, I want Okung. Though I think Clausen is a great QB prospect, I want a top notch o-line man blocking for my QB. But when it all comes down to it, you have to think that franchise QBs don't grow on trees. You pick Clausen and hope Charles Brown, Rodger Saffold or some other OT falls to you in the second round.

    Chirpish: I think if Okung was available here, the Redskins might go in that direction. The team needs a good left tackle. But as the draft has played out, the team has two options: take Clausen, or trade out of the spot. There may be teams wanting to trade ahead of the Chiefs and Seahawks for certain players. Until that happens, all we can do is speculate. So, without a trade, Clausen is the latest Shannahan QB. Hopefully, for the Redskins, he's a little more Jay Cutler and a little less Jake Plummer. His first name even begins in J...a match made in heaven! This also satisfies Snyder's love of big-name players, so everybody is happy.

    VikingFan173: Jimmy Clausen should have gone #1, the Skins should thank the Rams they get the best QB, McCoy would be possible if they didnt have so much money in the DL, Bulaga is way too early, Clausen is basically only choice with Okung gone.

    Pick6: Clausen. As a Redskins fan this may be a nightmare scenario. I was really hoping Okung would fall here since I'm not sure how Shanny feels about Clausen. I picked Clausen because I'm hoping that they like him, if they don't they may have to reach and take Bulaga or fix the FS position with Eric Berry so LaRon "Double Move" Landry can move back to SS. Please let Okung be there so we have the luxury of picking who we really want!

    JerryWrasse: Clausen. Shanahan's first ever draft he took a tackle. With Elway leading the way he didn't take a QB in the first round until Cutler in 2006. Elway was retired for 7 years before Shanahan drafted his sucessor. I don't think he will want to wait that long again.

    MyCarman: Big name? Check.

    Position of need? Check.

    Positional value? Check.

    New coach wanting ?his guy? on the field? Check.

    Clausen is the best QB in the draft and the Skins steal him with the 4th pick.

  5. Kansas City Chiefs: Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Bryan Bulaga: 45.3%
    - Eric Berry: 44.0%
    - Trent Williams: 5.3%
    - Jason Pierre-Paul: 2.7%
    - Dez Bryant: 1.3%
    - Rolando McClain: 1.3%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    Jar Jar Binx: They'll reach for Bulaga. The Chiefs consider positional value too highly to take Berry, though he's such a good prospect they might still go for him. I think if Okung isn't there they may be better off trading down just a bit if they can, especially if one of the QBs will be there (a swap with the Bills who'll try to get ahead of the Seahawks).

    TeHDruiD: It has to be Bryan Bulaga. Ultimately they'd want Russell Okung, but with him off the board they have a huge question to answer. Do we take the best player available in Eric Berry, or do we take the smart approach and protect our investment in Matt Cassel. I believe Pioli will have an ear full of Kirk Ferentz and ultimately he'll talk him into taking Bryan Bulaga which would be the right choice.

    Leo Fender: The Chiefs have OLine problems and would love for Okung to be here. But now he is gone and it is very possible that they go for a Tackle to bolster their miserable line and kick Albert inside. What should be remembered, though, is that Pioli's New England was built on a solid defense and the Chiefs defense is holier than the pope. Having already invested a wad of cash in their DL (Dorsey and Jackson), they might be tempted to bolster their pass rush but I think that Pierre-Paul might be too much of a reach for them here. And considering the talk a few years back how Belichick never drafts LB's early (before Mayo that was), we mustn't forget that Pioli was there as well.

    I think that they'll come to realize that the best way to bolster there defense is to pick the best player on the board, and that happens to Eric Berry who, along with Brandon Flowers, will be the foundation of a much improved secondary.

    KCChiefs365: I voted Eric Berry, but the guy I think it will be isn't listed on here; Dan Williams.

    Walt, you said it yourself that Pioli looks at positional value. NT is at the very least incredibly close to LT as far as positional importance goes, and Dan Williams IMO is a better prospect than any of the LTs left.

    This pick CANNOT be Bruce Campbell, Dez Bryant, or Rolando McClain. I don't like Campbell's injury history. Plus, looking at him makes me think of Robert Gallery. If you wanna eschew positional importance, then I'd hope to god that Eric Berry is higher on your board than Rolando McClain, especially after cutting Bernard Pollard for no apparent reason. And with the WRs available next year, no WR this year deserves top 10 money. Plus, WR is one of 3 positions that we can't afford to address (RB and DE being the others).

    Red-Headed Step-Child: It comes down to Eric Berry and Bryan Bulaga for me. Berry is by far the better talent but the Chiefs are set on picking needs instead of BPA. They showed that by picking Tyson Jackson over Aaron Curry last year. Having said that, it will be Bulaga, though in my opinion it should be Berry.

    LuckyMan: With these options, the Chiefs will most likely trade down (maybe trade with the Giants, who might want Gerald McCoy).

    Without trade, Berry is the best player. But Pioli is a positional value *****, so the pick is Bulaga.

  6. Seattle Seahawks: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Gerald McCoy: 69.8%
    - Eric Berry: 17.5%
    - Trent Williams: 3.2%
    - Bruce Campbell: 3.2%
    - C.J. Spiller: 3.2%
    - Dez Bryant: 1.6%
    - Derrick Morgan: 1.6%
    - Jason Pierre-Paul: 0%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    Chirpish: The Seahawks would be crazy to pass on McCoy with the #6 pick. He plays a position that needs to be upgraded, and is one of the top three talents in the draft. The only other player I could see being taken here is Berry. But I think McCoy has a better positional value, and the safeties available at their #14 and #40 pick will probably be better fits for the team than the defensive tackles in those spots. This would be a good step toward improving the defense. Now, the team needs to grab an offensive tackle, safety, running back, defensive end...oye, a lot of work to go.

    SDBucFan: I think McCoy is the best option, he is the best player available and is an upgrade over their other DT's. Seattle also could use an upgrade on the O-Line so Bruce Campbell would also make sense with this pick. I don't think saftey is more important to fill here over one of their lines.

    NMD: Eric Berry. Most people have Suh, McCoy, and Berry as the top 3 players on their board, and Seattle ends up with 2 of them left at the 6th pick. As for the better prospect I call it a wash, as a positional value DT is above S, but Seattle has a huge need at both safety spots. With Brandon Mebane and Colin Cole I think they have more then solid starters, a McCoy Mebane combo would be sick but that means moving Mebane to the other spot and Cole and Big Red Bryant as backups which would be great but right now we have nada at safety with Babineuax barely a starter. Eric Berry fills a huge need and is a top prospect in this draft. Eric Berry to Seattle 2010!

    I think that they'll come to realize that the best way to bolster there defense is to pick the best player on the board, and that happens to Eric Berry who, along with Brandon Flowers, will be the foundation of a much improved secondary.

    ArcadeParties: I don't see either Morgan or Pierre-Paul as top 6 prospects, and I doubt anyone in the Seahawks organisation does either. C.J. Spiller will either be available at 14, or will bust horribly in San Francisco. Trent Williams is not a top 6 prospect and will be available at 14 if Spiller isn't. The 49ers are almost surely taking one of the tw. I think Campbell's combine performance actually lowers his stock, as people looked back and saw things they didn't like(at least from what I've heard).

    Bryant is an option, but why would the Seahawks go WR now, when they could have taken Crabtree last season and have bigger needs across the board and better prospects? The only real considerations should be McCoy and Berry. We don't know what John Schneider looks for. What we do know is that, while officially Pete Carroll isn't head of football operations, he still has quite a bit of say. We still know only a slight amount of what Carroll looks for in a prospect, but I believe he sticks to his board, and takes Berry.

    This all of course barring a trade-down.

    JGatt: I get that maybe there is need at QB and offensive line, but when youre sitting at 6, and one of the top two or three (and in this case, two have fallen) prospects fall to you, you dont hesitate. McCoy is better positional value, and while DT is uncommonly deep, safety (Berry) is even deeper. Pick is McCoy.

    Pheltzbahr: McCoy, and the pick will be in Goodell's hand before he finishes announcing, "The Seattle Seahawks are on the clo...oh. With the sixth pick..."

  7. Cleveland Browns: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Eric Berry: 76.5%
    - Joe Haden: 16.2%
    - Jason Pierre-Paul: 16.2%
    - Dez Bryant: 2.9%
    - Rolando McClain: 0%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    RPhx88: What the Browns lack is playmakers. So why not take probably the biggest playmaker in the draft in Eric Berry? With so many needs the Browns don't have to worry about positional value and can take the best player available and that is Berry.

    VikingFan173: The Browns are probably the happiest team so far, they rush up and put their pick in less than 10 seconds, Berry has got to be the pick, especially considering they need playmakers on both offense or defense. If they pause it will be to think about Dez Bryant on offense, but in the end they will take Berry.

    ChrisPepper: Quite Simply.. What is Clevelands Biggest Need? Secondary Help. Who is the best player on the board at this pick? Eric Berry. This has to be Eric Berry he has great positional value, is the best player left on the board and will be a great playmaker on a defense which Cleveland lacks.

    Blazedestin: Bryant looks like he'll be a pretty good WR. Haden looks like a pretty good CB. Berry might be the best safety prospect EVER. The Browns hand in their card in ten seconds and don't think twice.

    Couch88: For all those saying cleveland needs offensive playmakers, they can address that in the second round with the 38th pick. Going by most mock drafts the only WR's off the board will be Bryant and Tate, so they will have a heck of a lot to choose from. Instead the Browns will go with the best player available in Berry, who should kick start a defense that last year was ranked 29th in both number of interceptions and pass yards allowed per game.

    Leo Fender: The Browns have lost a safety to a cut/free agency two years in a row. And their secondary desperately needs help. Bryant might be an option, but they drafted both Massaquoi and Robiskie last year. Berry it is.

    Sean McG: Considering how talented of a prospect Eric Berry is, he should NOT be available here, but if the draft plays out like this, the Browns are getting one hell of a value by taking a consensus top three player at pick number seven. Brodney Pool never lived up to his potential due to injuries, but was an adequate starter at safety, and now that he's a Jet there's an even bigger hole in the secondary for Cleveland. There is absolutely no way this isn't Eric Berry if he's available.

  8. Oakland Raiders: Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Bruce Campbell: 79.4%
    - Taylor Mays: 7.4%
    - Jason Pierre-Paul: 5.9%
    - Joe Haden: 2.9%
    - Carlos Dunlap: 1.5%
    - Tim Tebow: 1.5%
    - Trent Williams: 1.5%
    - C.J. Spiller: 0%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    Chirpish: Al Davis is often misunderstood: he doesn't draft JUST for speed and physical presence. He also drafts based on need. His draft board will look different than every other team's because he evaluates talent differently, but he won't draft a defensive end if he doesn't think he needs a defensive end. Even if that defensive end is 6'10" and 345 pounds and runs a 4.3 40. Okay, maybe he couldn't pass that up, but the size/speed would have to be ridiculous to make him pass on a position of need for "just an amazing physical guy."

    Bruce Campbell is big, fast and strong; he's a physical specimen without parallel. The Raiders need an offensive tackle more than just about any other position. For this reason, I think they take Campbell. Plus, how can a guy people call "undead Al" pass on a guy who has the same name as the star of the Evil Dead movies? This pick is locked and loaded like a boom stick!

    Leo Fender: Over the last few years, the Raiders first round picks have been bad, but not horrible. (The horrible things have been picks in the later rounds or in FA contracts). In the first round it has at least seemed that they have been trying to fill a need even though they don't always select the player who, to the draftnik community is "the best one on the board". Since everyone is aware of Al's preferences for big, fast and strong players and since OT is a need, Campbell will be the pick.

    Pick6: No brainer on this one, it'll be Bruce Campbell. Both Taylor Mays and Jason P-Paul are also athletic freaks, but they don't fill a need like Campbell does. Of course JaMarcus 'The Lethargic One' Russell didn't perform at a Pro Bowl level, he didn't have a fast left tackle! Now the Raiders have JaMarcus, a fast LT, a shutdown corner and the best kicker in the NFL... get ready for the Super Bowl!!!

    Blazedestin: One of the most intriguing aspects of the draft for me will be how long the Browns and Raiders take to hand in their cards. I think the Browns will run up to the podium for Eric Berry. The Raiders will set a new land speed record for Bruce Campbell, who is rated #1 overall on their Big Board.

    To everyone who thinks he'll take Taylor Mays: He has three safeties he likes in Tyvon Branch (Who runs a 4.31), Michael Mitchell, and Michael Huff. Undead Al doesn't choose players in positions he doesn't have a need in.

    Hyperborean: Campbell it is. Ghoul Davis is doing everything in his power to make sure that his franchise QB succeeds. Since the RB and WR positions are already manned by "great" players the logical step is to get a "great" player to protect Qbs blindside.

    That being said, I wouldn't be suprised if Ghoul Davis takes the USC wonderchild with this pick.

    Packman_Jon: To requote what was said last year, "Hey, don't question the scouting methods of the undead."

    Yashi: This is the easiest pick in the draft. Bruce Campbell will be there, and Al Davis will continue assembling an entire roster of world class sprinters. Bruce Campbell is a great player. Get over it.

  9. Buffalo Bills: Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Trent Williams: 41.4%
    - Dan Williams: 25.9%
    - Anthony Davis: 20.7%
    - Dez Bryant: 8.6%
    - Jason Pierre-Paul: 5.9%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    Chg91: Trent Williams.

    Just for the record, I don't think they (or any other team) should take Trent anywhere in the first, and if this was me I'd do my best to trade down/for a player, but this seems like a Bills move. Hasn't Buddy Nix been talking about how keeping your quarterback standing upright is the most important part, or something? I'm sorry, but this just seems like a Bills move to me.

    PBM: Best player available versus position need is often a hotly debated draft philosophy. For the Bills, a team in a defensive transition and a team lacking an offensive identity, the distinction is irrelevant. The Bills arguably have a strong need for each of the best players available in this position. The greatest weakness which plagued the Bills last season not named Dick Jauron happened to be the offensive line.

    While Dan Williams arguably fills a bigger hole for the team, I believe Trent Williams addresses the greater weakness. As Buddy Nix astutely observed in his introductory press conference, you cant throw the football when you're lying on the ground. I think the Bills invest in Trent Williams here and pair him with Andy Levitre here to hopefully shore up the left side of the offensive line for the team. Williams also should allow Demetrius Bell to move over to the RT side to compete with newly acquired Cornell Green.

    As a sleeper pick, Keep an eye out those for a rush linebacker like Derrick Morgan or Jason Pierre Paul to sneak into the picture.

    VikingFan173: The pick comes down to Trent Williams (OT) and Dez Bryant (WR). While JPP could be a possibility, having drafted Maybin they wont draft rusher backers in back to back years, losing Terrell Owens will hurt and getting a stud receiver to team with Lee Evans would be a good direction to go. It all depends on if the Bills front office believes Kyle Williams can play nose in the 3-4 scheme. If that is the case, and in my opinion it will, the pick is Dez Bryant.

    LevanceFieldsRules: It has to be Anthony Davis. They were too weak up front. The running game was abysmal and some help up front can't hurt that....

    MiamiDolphin4Life: It's the Buffalo Bills, one of the NFL's most inept teams. In my opinion I'd say left tackle is their biggest need but with the depth of left tackles they can take another one later in the draft. Jason Pierre-Paul is whom I really see the Bills taking but as stated earlier back to back rush linebackers would be pretty stupid; even for the Bills. They could be interested in Dez Bryant but they have so many needs they should address before that I can't see them taking him. This leaves Dan Williams, who can give the Bills their NT that every 34 team needs.

    Roddoliver: You can definetely find great WRs later in the Draft. NTs? Yes, it is quite possible especially in this class. But the franchise LT not that easy to find later and the position is extremely important. Offensive tackle Trent Williams might be the answer. He has experience against top competition, showed versatility in his career and his impressive athleticism displayed at the Combine can only help.

    Chirpish: Not only do the Bills need a left tackle, but their starting right tackle just retired at age 26. That's right, they don't have a starting TACKLE on their team. They signed Cornell Green, so they've got someone short-term, but a project in the later rounds would be a good idea. This team needs to grab a pair of starting tackles in this draft, as well as a nose tackle. In the second round, they'll have a shot at Cam Thomas and possibly even Terrence Cody, two of the top three nose tackle prospects in the 2010 NFL Draft. if they pass on the third-best offensive tackle, however, they'll be stuck grabbing the seventh- or eighth-best at the position.

    When it comes down to tackles, I think they need to go with Williams. Any team that takes Anthony Davis in the first round is a gambling team. His work ethic has not looked good, he's out of shape, and didn't do the drills he was asked to do. He's not a team player at this point, and while he could certainly become that, he's not there yet. Williams has a chance at being a starting left tackle, and if he ends up just being a right tackle, guess what? They need one of those too.

  10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Dez Bryant: 29.3%
    - Derrick Morgan: 25.9%
    - Joe Haden: 15.5%
    - Jason Pierre-Paul: 10.3%
    - Rolando McClain: 5.2%
    - Tim Tebow: 5.2%
    - Earl Thomas: 5.2%
    - Brandon Graham: 1.7%
    - Dan Williams: 1.7%
    - C.J. Spiller: 0%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    Sanchez: I went Dez Bryant. This might be David Garrard's last chance, better give him a proper shot. Paired with Mike Sims-Walker and the improving Marcedes Lewis at TE and with Maurice Jones-Drew at RB they would have multiple avenues of attack.

    NMD: Jacksonville has spent 2 first-rounders on busts Matt Jones and Reggie Williams, 2 first-rounders on almost busts Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves, I fear for Eugene Monroe and Ebon Britton. To me this pick comes down to Dez Bryant and Joe Haden, I don't think they go DE again at 10. Dez Bryant gives them a true No. 1 and a scary threat to get six at any time and I think that's where they pull the trigger.

    VikingFan173: The Jaguars are terrible at drafting DE's but I believe that even with the Aaron Kampman signing they would be wise to draft Derrick Morgan. Dez Bryant will be really tempting, as will Earl Thomas but in the end they need more pressure from the front four.

    KLNgus: In the end there are 3 options for the Jaguars:

    1. Trade down: Not having a 2nd-rounder in this strong draft hurts us; the priority is to get some back. The issue is: What player would justify a trade and which team would want to give up a 2nd-rounder for the 10th spot?

    2. Joe Haden: Haden will be strongly considered: CB is a premium position, I assume Jacksonville has ton of footage on him and they might be in love with his ability. Rashean Mathis will be over 31 when his contract will be up and miss two to three games every season. There's not much depth behind him though Brackenridge didn't play that bad.

    3. Derrick Morgan: Morgan adds youth, depth and competition at DL. I hear people afraid that he is a Derrick Harvey clone who won't help the pass rush and was owned by Bryan Bulaga in his Bowl game. I haven't lost hope in Harvey yet; the DL coach just changed and hopefully he and Aaron Kampman will teach him some more moves than bull rush/speed rush. So we can also expect some production from Morgan.

    Trisoman: I'm not sure why Dez Bryant is the leading pick here - I'm pretty convinced the Jags' 1st round pick will be defense, just depends whether it's on the line or in the backfield. WRs can be picked up in later rounds, and all the more so when you have real needs on the defensive side.

    I'm going with Morgan because on my chart DE ranks the highest need, and I'm not convinced the Kampman pick changes that. The Jags took Monroe and Britton despite signing Tra Thomas. Unless Haden is higher on their board, they'll prob go with Morgan / JPP (shock horror awe die).

    Blazedestin: Ultimately, I think the Jaguars trade their 2011 1st round pick to the Patriots so they can grab Tim Tebow in round 2. With that assumption in mind, they need to surround Garrard/Tebow with more offensive firepower. Their pair of young tackles in Monroe/Britton should continue to develop, but they don't have a true #1 WR. Mike Sims-Walker is a good #2 WR, and Mike Thomas is an elite slot guy, but only an average flanker. Dez Bryant would make that WR group look formidable.

    Chg91: This is tough.

    The Jaguars showed last year that they're huge fans of BPA, and aren't afraid of over-stocking at a position of need. I am not as into Derrick Morgan as a lot of other people, but I understand my opinion's isn't shared by the majority. Some, Weaver included, may look at the Georgia Tech product as the best player on the board. Now, I know what you're saying. "But what about Aaron Kampman?" Well, let's just ignore the fact that Kampman's coming off of an ACL injury, and pretend he's going to be 100% to begin the next season. He's turning 31 during the next season, which means he only has.. what, 2 years, maybe 3 of top-notch production, if that?

    Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves are failures, and the Jaguars can't depend on them to provide the much needed pass rush they need if they want to compete with Manning (and, now, Schaub). So, Derrick Morgan it is.

    That being said, it's all about who is higher up on their draft board.

  11. Denver Broncos: Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Rolando McClain: 53.5%
    - Dan Williams: 21.1%
    - Joe Haden: 16.9%
    - Jason Pierre-Paul: 5.6%
    - Brandon Graham: 2.8%
    - Earl Thomas: 0%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    MLeuang81: This pick is hands down Rolando McClain. Andra Davis was cut and behind D.J. Williams, the Broncos have no multiple-down ILB. Wesley Woodyard is too small to be a multiple-down ILB, heck, Woodyard is almost too small to be a LB in general. Coming out of Kentucky, Woodyard was a S/OLB tweener, he'll play ILB on passing downs in the 3-4. Spencer Larsen is a special teamer and good reserve but he's not a starting ILB.

    The Broncos expressed interest in LB David Harris of the Jets last year during the Brandon Marshall trade talks. They're looking for an ILB to put alongside D.J. Williams. Drafting a DE/OLB like Jason Pierre-Paul wouldn't make sense because the Broncos have first round money invested in "DE/OLB" Robert Ayers last year. If the Broncos want to improve their pass rush, McClain can also contribute because he's a great blitzer. DE/OLB can be addressed later in the draft, but the Broncos would have nice ability to pressure the quarterback with Dumervil, McClain, D.J. Williams (who is highly underrated as a LB and is great at blitzing), and Ayers/Haggan.

    Kristoforbahr: The Broncos cutting Andra Davis sets up this pick to be Rolando McClain. He is a player who can step in right away and start for them and along side DJ Williams and Elvis Dumervil will make them one of the best linebacking corps in the league day one. If the board falls this way I feel this is a pick even Josh McDaniels cannot mess up.

    RazorStar: Going with a serious, in a perfect world situation, we realize that Jamal Williams is only a one year solution at Nose Tackle, and we need a guy for the future. Inside linebacker can wait for Denver since there are plenty to go around in this draft... which leaves Joe Haden and Dan Williams as the only real possibilities here.

    Joe Haden gives us a real threat at corner, and would work with Champ Bailey on the other end to show him the ropes. I would not be opposed to this option as it fill BPA as well as a need.

    Dan Williams is the best looking Nose Tackle in this draft, and we all know true Nose's are few and far between. this would be forsaking BPA, but will not leave us regretting our pick in later rounds when there are no Nose Tackles left. So, I decided to vote for Dan Williams here, you cannot pass up a Nose Guard if you need a Nose Guard.

    PiazzaJordan2: Josh MisHandles might think that Jamal Williams is the answer at DT and Alphonso Smith is the answer at CB (I know he's a nickel, but MisHandles probably doesn't realize that..)

    That eliminates Dan Williams and Joe Haden.

    I think they'll fall in love with Vernon Gholston... I mean Jason Pierre-Paul and they'll draft him and think that they will have the best pass rushing combination in the NFL (Along with Elvis Dumervil)

    Colts Homer: Rolando McClain is probably BPA and would be a great fit in that defense, so it is unlikely it will happen. The Broncos will probably draft Derrick Morgan or Colt McCoy with Josh McDaniels at the helm.

    Blazedestin: Andra Davis was cut, and Wesley Woodyard probably doesn't have the ability to hack it as a 3-4 Inside Linebacker full time. Spencer Larsen has the skillset, but they're employing him at Fullback (A position they can't move him out of due to trading Peyton Hillis). They need a smart, tough, linebacker to help contain a run defense that was awful in the back half of 2009. Guess who fits that bill?

    Broncofan7: With the recent release of Andra Davis, this pick is a near lock. Yes, they have Wesley Woodyard, and Spencer Larsen. But neither look like the future at linebacker. If the Broncos are fortunate enough to add Rolando McClain. They could potentially have the strongest linebacker corps with Elvis Dumervil, Robert Ayers, Rolando McClain, and D.J. Williams.

  12. Miami Dolphins: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE/OLB, South Florida

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Jason Pierre-Paul: 42.7%
    - Dan Williams: 38.2%
    - Joe Haden: 8.8%
    - Brandon Graham: 5.9%
    - Sergio Kindle: 4.4%
    - Earl Thomas: 0%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    VikingFan173: I know the Dolphins fans are going to be mad, but JPP is the best pick. They lost their top two rushers in Jason Taylor and Joey Porter(Cards). The Dolphins need to generate a pass rush and JPP while didn't put up production in college has huge potential to be an elite 3-4 backer. The idea is also that parcells gets his "L.T." in Miami.

    Boss Hogg Lou: The Tuna loves big athletic defenders. I don't think the Dolphins can pass on JPP. If JPP goes to any other team, he will most definitely bust. But I feel he can pan out for Miami. Look at what the Tuna did with Lawrence Taylor, or what Sporano did with DeMarcus Ware. I feel the upside is worth the risk to them. Plus, JPP is already used to the South Florida lifestyle. You won't have to worry about him doing a Dante Stallworth.

    Trisoman: Jason Ferguson is suspended for the 1st 8 games. That's, I don't know, HALF a season? Where Paul Soliai will get mauled and stepped on and run down by running backs stronger than him.

    I exaggerate of course, but I always saw the key player in a 3-4 as the Nose Tackle / Guard, and Dan Williams solves that need right here. Especially with all the questions around JPP's one year wonderhood (note Michael Johnson's drop last season) and Graham's size.

    Greenrider89: Let's be honest, everything starts up front. With the loss of Ferguson, Miami needs immediate help at nose tackle. Solai, is not the answer. The pick should be Dan Williams. The Dolphins can still address receiver in the second round with the glut of talent at that position. But it starts with the nose tackle.

    Pheltzbahr: I think Parcells and Co. pass on JPP, they're smarter than that. Dan Williams is intriguing at the most important position in the 3-4, but I think they may try and snag Cody or Thomas in the second. Haden restored his value with his Pro Day 40 and his tape doesn't lie. A Top 5 talent who has legit capability of being a shutdown CB in the draft at the 12 hole is pretty good value at the 2nd most important position of the 3-4.

    Blazedestin: Dolphins have to find a way to replace Jason Taylor and Joey Porter. Cameron Wake is part of the solution, but he's a liability against the run. Enter JPP, who is utterly dripping with upside. He's an incredibly raw prospect and he's as dumb as a brick, but Parcells has had some success with early rush linebackers, and with generating a pass rush easily being their biggest need, this is an easy selection.

    Mycarman: JPP has one year of experience against legit competition, and his six sacks last year were mostly achieved because George Selvie was being double teamed the entire season. JPP is also dumb as a brick and struggled to even qualify to play D1 football. But hey, he's a great athlete so he deserves to be a top-12 pick. Right?

  13. San Francisco 49ers: Joe Haden, CB, Florida

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Joe Haden: 74.1%
    - Anthony Davis: 12.1%
    - C.J. Spiller: 10.3%
    - Dan Williams: 1.7%
    - Earl Thomas: 1.7%
    - Taylor Mays: 0%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    BobLoblaw: They didn't pass on Crabtree when he fell to them, even though they had bigger needs, so I don't see how they pass on Haden at 13. If he's actually there, it will be 2 years in a row where they stole a top player in the first round.

    Leo Fender: The 49ers will hand in their card with the name Joe Haden faster than Godell can say: "The San Francisco 49ers are now on the clock"

    Zurdo81: My Vote is for Spiller. I think we can find a very good CB (and right tackle, for that matter) in the second and/or third rounds, mainly because of the depth there is in those two positions in this year's draft.

    Spiller would help the 49ers offense, giving us an instant playmaker, and a mismatch on 3rd down. AND Spiller helps special teams, a lot. he could also help our defense by giving them more rest, and making opposing teams fear punting away to us after 3-and-outs.

    Also, Kyle Wilson could be just as good a prospect as Haden. Spiller has no peers in this draft, and we would give Alex Smith another weapon... so he can grow as a QB, something that was never given to him in his first two years at the helm. Also, gore isn't going to last us a lifetime...

    Communist: Some weeks ago I hated to see mock drafts which saw us drafting spiller. but time after time I accepted that we need another versatile weapon in the offense. Yes, we have Gore and Coffee. but those guys aren't neither speedy nor they run the corners. We need speed onn our offense... we need a back who can run corners and who can surprise the defenses.

    ArcadeParties: Contrary to popular belief, the 49ers need a safety much more than they need a cornerback. Earl Thomas is an option here for his versatility. Anthony Davis wouldn't surprise me, with the 49ers taking Thomas at 17.

    But the 49ers are a BPA team, even with McCloughan gone, so Haden is the pick.

    Guru_92: I still don't like Spiller here, would much rather have Jahvid Best in the 2nd round and draft OT or DB now. Haden and Thomas is rated much higher than Davis, so it will come down to Thomas or Haden. I'd be happy with both guys, but IMO I'd take a good corner over a good safety. And yes I know there's been talk about Thomas being able to play CB, but Haden is clearly the better prospect than Thomas if we were to compare them just as CB's. Haden's the pick here.

    FrenchCharger: Sorry Walt, you don't draft a RB with Frank Gore and Coffee that you drafted last year, just because you don't want that Seahawks get Spiller (imagine a major injury or bust), you don't waste a first round pick. You need a CB and the best player on the board is... Joe Haden, let me see... I pick the guy.

  14. Seattle Seahawks: C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - C.J. Spiller: 30.0%
    - Charles Brown: 18.3%
    - Anthony Davis: 15.0%
    - Taylor Mays: 15.0%
    - Derrick Morgan: 13.3%
    - Earl Thomas: 8.3%
    - Dan Williams: 0%
    - Brian Price: 0%
    - Kyle Wilson: 0%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    FrenchCharger: Who is the QB? Hasselbeck or Whitehurst, OK we need to run the ball because throwring it will be very hard. Who is the RB to start? Nobody so we need to pick one in the draft and the best RB is on the board, the pick is CJ Spilller.

    Chirpish: When it comes down to it, the team needs a left tackle, and there won't be any great prospects when they pick again late in the second round. Anthony Davis doesn't fit the team's zone blocking scheme, and has not shown that he's willing to work to get better. Charles Brown would be a perfect fit for this team's Alex Gibbs-coached offensive line. Though Gibbs prefers to put linemen on practice squads and in backup positions for a while before putting them on the field, Brown could start from day-1 without getting an ego and causing problems.

    TehDruid: The Seahawks have nothing at Safety, for me this pick has to be Earl Thomas. He possesses the ball hawk skills that every team covets and he fills a gigantic hole here for the Seahawks. They need an OT, but I think they can wait until the 2nd or 3rd round to add one. The Seahawks have one of the better linebacking groups in the NFL, so adding DL and secondary help is the next step in solidifying that defense. Earl Thomas to me is a top 10 talent who likely will fall due to lack of a need for safety. He's an ideal fit for this team and a huge upgrade to this secondary.

    TennesseeFan10s: I think it's got to be Earl Thomas or Derrick Morgan. None of the OTs available present nearly the value the Thomas and Morgan do. Morgan could replace Kerney and is a complete all-around DE. Thomas is ultra-instinctive and a true ballhawk. These are the players the Seahawks need to consider drafting, not a RB like C.J. Spiller. If you are rebuilding, you draft on the offensive and defensive lines, not at the skill positions. I chose Derrick Morgan because I think he is the best player on the board at a position of need.

    But the 49ers are a BPA team, even with McCloughan gone, so Haden is the pick.

    Boss Hogg Lou: C.J. Spiller is sort of like Reggie Bush-Lite, and we all remember the Reggie Bush show when he was at USC under Carroll don't we? Plus if anybody is desperate for RB production, it's the Seahawks. The Seahawks had to go Dumpster Diving for another RB last year and found Edgerrin James. If Spiller is on the board for Seattles 2nd 1st round pick, the card will be in Roger Goodell's hands in no time.

  15. New York Giants: Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Sean Weatherspoon: 44.7%
    - Derrick Morgan: 36.2%
    - Dan Williams: 8.5%
    - Brian Price: 6.4%
    - Charles Brown: 18.3%
    - Brandon Graham: 2.1%
    - Anthony Davis: 2.1%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    Ckane138: Sean Weatherspoon's speed, instincts and range make him versatile enough to handle the transition to middle linebacker. Also he not only fills the big need at the position, but fills a need for a locker room leader and a "QB of the defense" for the new defensive scheme we don't have.

    Boss Hogg Lou: You can always count on one of the Giants DE's getting hurt before or during the season. There were talks of them trying to get Strahan out of retirement after one season ending injury. So the fact that Morgan is still on the board at this point makes him a great value here. The Giants pretty much won the Super Bowl thanks to great DE play so I feel they live and die with that position. This pick will use up a lot of clock time, but it has to be Morgan.

    Roddoliver: Dan Williams still available... Crazy. But so is Derrick Morgan, my #1 DE. He is probably the best choice here, too much talent for the Giants to pass. And they will need him when their pass rush and run defense start failing again. 4-3 DT and MLB can be found in the next rounds. Morgan would be a great addition to their DE rotation.

    Ceij: With Trent Williams and Rolando McClain off the board I think the pick is Derrick Morgan.

    DT is a need, but due to the NYG system I don?t think Dan Williams is a fit this high in the draft (it would be much different if the NYG ran a 3-4).

    A few years ago the Giants drafted Mathias Kiwanuka in the first with Strahan and Umenyiora on the roster. Injuries had Kiwanuka as a starter in his rookie season. The draft is about the future and the Kiwanuka pick demonstrated this.

    Last year Justin Tuck played hurt and Umenyiora was still recovering from a serious injury that ended his 2008 season.

    The Giant defense depends on edge rushers getting to the quarterback. In this scenario, look for the Giants to take Morgan here then look for DT, S, and OL depth later in the draft. Morgan is the best available player at a premium position.

    Tbod10: I went with Sean Weatherspoon. The Giants need playmakers at the LB position. They have what I think is an up and comer in Clint Sintim, but Michael Boley didn't show much last year. Weatherspoon's versatility makes him an ideal pick here. He has the athleticism to play MLB or WLB.

    While Derrick Morgan presents an excellent value, the Giants have enough pass rushers on their team. And I know that the Giants GM at the time (Ernie Accorsi) drafted Kiwanuka a few years back when DE didn't seem like a need, but this time it's a whole lot different. They have Tuck and Osi, with Kiwanuka, Canty, Dave Tollefson all providing solid pass rush options behind them.

    ReeseIsAGenius It's Weatherspoon. Maybe we would be taking him a little earlier than what his "value" says, but this is what we need. People talk about McClain's leadership..just look at Weatherspoon's. He fits inside in a 4-3 as easily as McClain does, and he is faster, and in my opinion smarter. Hearing him say that he wants to make a team better, including special teams and just by motivating players is exactly what the G-Men need.

    Maybe his rookie year he won't play inside. Maybe it will be a learning process. But he can give us depth at linebacker, and we do still have Goff and Blackburn who were decent there. Boley was hurt for the majority of last season, so we need depth outside as well. He'll play special teams and motivate our team regardless from where he is, and he can learn in a season or two to play inside. He is smart enough, and has the instincts to do that. I think it's a no-brainer due to his versatility.

  16. Tennessee Titans: Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    - Derrick Morgan: 53.7%
    - Dan Williams: 22.2%
    - Brian Price: 7.4%
    - Carlos Dunlap: 5.6%
    - Everson Griffen: 5.6%
    - Brandon Graham: 3.7%
    - Kyle Wilson: 1.9%
    - Devin McCourty: 0%

    Reader 2010 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    VikingFan173: The Titans lost both their starting defensive ends this offseason, and last offseason they lost their best player in Albert Haynesworth. Considering how much their defensive line has changed since the beginning of the 2008 season you would think it was a lock that they would take a defensive lineman, however they have several other needs. But I still think that they will address the DE position that was decimated when Jevon Kearse and Kyle Vanden Bosch left in FA, still having a top 10 talent in Derrick Morgan on the board should make the decision easier, however i think they will look long and hard at Carlos Dunlap who is a lazy Jevon Kearse clone, but in the end Morgan will be the pick.

    RazorStar: I say the best move for the Titans to take here is to go after the best DE in this draft. No whether that is Graham or Morgan is a tough decision, but I liked Graham here since his strength and run support are something the Titans find very valuable in a defensive end. A varied moveset give him the ability to move around a pass rusher and I think the Titans will find that more favourable than what Morgan offers, but only slightly. Really big toss up here, but it comes down to the DE the Titans want the most.

    PhoenixRogue: What you guys are ignoring is the fact that both Vanden Bosch and Jevon Kearse were/are both over the hill. They just signed Jason Babin away from the Eagles and will be working with Washburn to improve his technique as he become part of the rotation with Ball. Hayes the other starter this past season is showing potential with 4 sacks over 11 starts. They need DE depth, but I don't believe they need first round depth especially when one of the top 3 DT's is on the board like Dan Williams.

    Dan Williams is set up to be a beast in the NFL. He has the ideal size and can force holes in the D-Line so the LB's can get to the QB quickly with little resistance. I look it as this. Do you want a player DE that only tries to get to the QB and has to go 1-2 most of the time or would you prefer an individual like Williams that will make your whole defense better. Williams all the way.

    MiamiDolphin4Life: Every team in AFC South has one huge need: Getting to Peyton Manning. The Titans have a huge need at DE since Vanden Bosch is gone, so seeing a top-10 player left at end still avalible I can't see the Titans letting Derrick Morgan fall past them. If he's there at 16 this should be the pick.

    Stupac: Yes, you have to get to Peyton Manning. But that doesn't necessarily mean the Titans have to grab a DE here... This defense hasn't been the same since Albert Haynesworth left, and adding Dan Williams could be the first step in the right direction. Having a disruptive force in the middle allows for easier matchups on the edge, thus, improving the pass rush, thus, getting to Peyton Manning.

    BobLoblaw: The Titans should be ecstatic if the top 4-3 DE makes it all the way to 16. Morgan should help that anemic pass rush, which is a huge need in a division with the Colts and Texans.

    Boss Hogg Lou: This readers draft is almost similar to how the real draft works. Certain players just look perfect for certain teams on paper, but when the chips are down, the votes slide towards the best player available. The pick is Morgan here. I feel the Titans want some help on the defensive line and this is the option. Morgan is better than Dunlap and Graham. The only other option could be Dan Williams, who will be a steal for some team at this point in the draft. A trade could happen for a team that has watched Dan Williams slide into affordable trade range now also.

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