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2004 NFL Draft Grades and Re-Grades
NFC Re-Grades

This page is dedicated to my 2004 NFL Draft Grades and Re-Grades for the NFC. The latter is basically going back four years and re-grading how every team fared in the 2004 NFL Draft. The new analysis is in red, while all the old stuff has been preserved.

Here are my 2004 NFL Draft Grades and Re-Grades: AFC.

Grade given on 5/1/04: D
Grade given on 6/5/08: C

Good Moves: Jacob Rogers will turn out to be a solid offensive tackle. TE Sean Ryan was a quality pick in the fifth round.

Bad Moves: Dallas had Steven Jackson in their laps. Foolishly, they gave him away. Most of their other draftees won't pan out.

June 5, 2008 Update: In 2005, the Cowboys came away with DeMarcus Ware, Marcus Spears, Marion Barber and Chris Canty. They weren't so lucky in 2004. Their top pick was used on Julius Jones. Jones isn't a bad player, but I don't think he's worth the 43rd pick in the draft. Dallas' other second-round choice was used on tackle Jacob Rogers, who's no longer in the league.

The Cowboys had a bit more luck from the third round on, but not by much. Stephen Peterman (3rd round) is Detroit's starting right guard, but he's not a good lineman by any means ... Dallas struck gold in Round 7 with Patrick Crayton, one of the better No. 3 receivers in the league.

Some of Dallas' worst picks, other than Rogers, include Sean Ryan (5th round), who is Miami's third tight end ... Nate Jones (7th round) is also on the Dolphins. He's the team's fifth corner ... Jacques Reeves (7th round) was horrific for the Cowboys and for some reason was overpaid by Houston. The Texans will soon regret their decision.

Potential 2004 Starters: RB Julius Jones, OT Jacob Rogers.

Grade given on 5/1/04: D
Grade given on 6/5/08: A+

Good Moves: G Chris Snee will be a talented offensive lineman, although he was not the best available at his position. Seventh round pick DE Isaac Hilton will pan out.

Bad Moves: Giving away a first round pick was a terrible move, even if it was for a franchise quarterback. None of their other picks seemed to make any sense, and they didn't address their woeful offensive tackle position.

June 5, 2008 Update: I never said Eli Manning was going to be a bust, though I never expected him to win a Super Bowl after watching him flop down the stretch a number of times. I was more concerned with the fact the Giants gave up so much to get him. Well, they apparently knew what they were doing. Congratulations to Eli and the rest of the Giants for knocking off the invincible Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

Eli wasn't the only star New York picked up in this class. Chris Snee (2nd round), the son-in-law of Tom Coughlin, has emerged as one of the better guards in the NFL. He'll be a free agent in 2009 unless the Giants can lock him up ... Gibril Wilson (5th round) was instrumental to the Giants' Super Bowl run. Wilson was the team's top defensive back, and was awarded with a 6-year, $39 million contract from Al Davis this offseason ... Reggie Torbor (4th round) is a solid backup linebacker, though the $14 million contract the Dolphins gave him says otherwise.

No, Isaac Hilton did not pan out. In fact, none of New York's sixth- and seventh-rounders did. Jamaar Taylor, Drew Strojny and Hilton are all working elsewhere.

Potential 2004 Starters: QB Eli Manning, G Chris Snee.

Grade given on 5/1/04: C-
Grade given on 6/5/08: C

Good Moves: Philadelphia solidified their offensive line by acquiring OT/G Shawn Andrews and talented Gs Trey Darilek and Adrien Clark. Their best selection was S/CB Matt Ware in the third round.

Bad Moves: The Eagles shouldn't have given up a second round pick for overweight and lazy Shawn Andrews. They also did not address their awful run defense. Many late round picks did not make sense.

June 5, 2008 Update: Give credit to Shawn Andrews (No. 16 overall) for turning around his lethargic ways. Andrews had a few work-ethic issues going into this draft, but that's nothing but history now. Give even more credit to the Eagles for realizing that Andrews could get past his problems. They now have one of the premier guards in the league.

Andrews was clearly Philadelphia's best selection; not Matt Ware (3rd round). Ware is a deep reserve in Arizona.

At least I was right about many of Philadelphia's late-round picks not making any sense, though J.R. Reed (4th round) and Thomas Tapeh (5th round) weren't bad. Reed is a reliable backup free safety and special-teamer, while Tapeh is Minnesota's starting fullback ... Trey Darilek (4th round) is a camp body in Miami. If he can't make that dreadful team, he's done ... Adrien Clarke (7th round) is a longshot to make Baltimore's roster ... Andy Hall (5th round), Dexter Wynn (6th round), Bruce Perry (7th round) and Dominic Furio (7th round) are currently unemployed.

Potential 2004 Starters: G Shawn Andrews, CB Matt Ware.

Grade given on 5/1/04: A-
Grade given on 6/5/08: A-

Good Moves: Washington made the most of their two first day picks. S Sean Taylor might be the best player in the draft, while TE Chris Cooley will fit into Joe Gibbs' system perfectly. The Redskins only had four picks, but two of them were used to acquire Clinton Portis and Mark Brunell.

Bad Moves: A second day selection should have been spent on a defensive lineman.

June 5, 2008 Update: The Redskins definitely hit on both of their Day 1 picks, though only one of them is still with us. Sean Taylor was an excellent choice at No. 5 overall. Unfortunately, he was tragically murdered in the fall. Washington's other Saturday selection was used on Chris Cooley. I'd say he worked out, especially as a third-rounder. Definitely one of the greatest steals in 2004.

Day 2 wasn't as kind to Daniel Snyder. Mark Wilson (5th round) is buried on Oakland's depth chart, which says how much Wilson sucks, given how terrible the Raiders' offensive line is ... Jim Molinaro (7th round) is no longer playing professional football.

Potential 2004 Starters: S Sean Taylor, TE Chris Cooley.

Grade given on 5/1/04: A
Grade given on 6/5/08: A-

Good Moves: Chicago made a number of quality moves during the draft. DTs Tommie Harris and Tank Johnson will protect Brian Urlacher, much like Ted Washington and Keith Traylor did in 2001. CBs Nathan Vasher and Alfonso Marshall, as well as DE Claude Harriott will all contribute in 2004. WR Bernard Berrian was a solid third round pick.

Bad Moves: OLB Leon Joe and QB Craig Krenzel, who were 4th and 5th round picks, respectively, might not make the team.

June 5, 2008 Update: The Bears definitely hit the jackpot at No. 14 when Tommie Harris fell into their laps. Harris has been a force at defensive tackle in this league, and was definitely one of the main reasons the Bears made it to the Super Bowl two years ago. The other defensive tackle? Not so good. Well, it's not as if Tank Johnson (2nd round) wasn't talented; he simply got into trouble one too many times. The Tank is looking to revitalize his career in Dallas and has already become best friends with Pacman Jones. Things look promising.

Bernard Berrian was a steal in the third round. He drops some balls, but there's no denying that he's very talented. Berrian had 71 receptions and 951 yards despite having Rex Grossman, Brian Griese and Kyle Orton at the helm in 2007 ... Nathan Vasher (4th round) was another steal. He suffered a season-ending groin injury last September, and his absence was one of the main reasons Chicago struggled. Vasher had eight picks in 2005.

I'm glad to see I was right about Leon Joe (4th round) and Craig Krenzel (5th round); the former is just a camp body with the Buccaneers, while the latter is out of football ... Chicago's other fifth-rounder, Claude Harriott, is buried on Detroit's depth chart ... Alfonso Marshall (7th round) is unemployed.

Potential 2004 Starters: DT Tommie Harris, DT Tank Johnson.

Grade given on 5/1/04: B-
Grade given on 6/5/08: C

Good Moves: You'd think Ron Wolf was still the general manager of the Packers by looking at the way they drafted. CBs Ahmad Carroll and Joey Thomas should breathe new life into a morbid secondary. Donnell Washington and Corey Williams will fill the gargantuan void at defensive tackle, left by Gilbert Brown.

Bad Moves: Drafting a punter in the third round is inexcusable. Even if he can punt 60 yards each time. Green Bay added neither a defensive end, nor a linebacker.

June 5, 2008 Update: Ahmad Carroll and Joey Thomas breathing new life into a morbid secondary? How about breathing more death? Carroll (No. 25 overall) is no longer in the league, while Thomas (3rd round) hasn't played a game since 2005. Green Bay's other third-rounders, Donnell Washington and B.J. Sander, are also out of the NFL. Ouch. Way to whiff on all four first-day selections.

Luckily for the Packers, they chose Corey Williams in the sixth round. Williams had an incredible 2007 campaign and was consequently traded to Cleveland for a second-round pick. Williams was rewarded with a 6-year, $38 million contract ... Scott Wells (7th round) was also an excellent selection. He's the team's starting center.

Potential 2004 Starters: CB Ahmad Carroll, DT Donnell Washington, P B.J. Sander.

Grade given on 5/1/04: A+
Grade given on 6/5/08: C

Good Moves: WR Roy Williams and RB Kevin Jones will boost Detroit's woeful offense into the upper echelon of the NFL. The Lions also improved their defense by adding OLB Teddy Lehman and CB Keith Smith. Even drafting seventh round pick OT Kelly Butler was a decent move.

Bad Moves: None.

June 5, 2008 Update: This is another Matt Millen draft, so it's bound to suck, right? Well, Millen actually nailed his first-rounder in Roy Williams. It's hard to believe Williams slipped all the way down to No. 7; he had 1,310 yards in 2006 but missed four games last season.

But I guess that's where the positives end. Kevin Jones (No. 30 overall) never lived up to the first-round hype, and the Lions still haven't maintained a quality running back since Barry Sanders ... Teddy Lehman (2nd round) will back up Barrett Ruud in Tampa Bay this year. Lehman has been hampered by injuries his entire career ... Keith Smith (3rd round) will compete for a starting job in Detroit's secondary, but that's not really saying much ... At strongside linebacker, Alex Lewis (5th round) will compete with Paris Lenon, assuming Jordan Dizon is ready to start at middle linebacker. Should be good times - except for anyone rooting for the Lions ... Kelly Butler (6th round), once Detroit's starting right tackle, is out of football.

Potential 2004 Starters: WR Roy Williams, RB Kevin Jones, OLB Teddy Lehman.

Grade given on 5/1/04: A+
Grade given on 6/5/08: F

Good Moves: Every pick that Minnesota made this weekend turned out to be a good one. They had trouble with the outside of their defense, which they addressed by adding DEs Kenechi Udeze and Darrion Scott, as well as OLB Dontarrious Thomas. The Vikings made three outstanding selections on Sunday: OT Nat Dorsey, RB Mewelde Moore and MLB Rod Davis.

Bad Moves: None.

June 5, 2008 Update: This draft isn't as disastrous as Minnesota's 2005 NFL Draft, but it's still pretty bad. This class was headlined by Kenechi Udeze (No. 20 overall), who was just diagnosed with leukemia. We wish him the best, but the fact remains that Udeze had just six sacks from 2005 to 2007.

Dontarrious Thomas (2nd round) didn't contribute anything to the Vikings in 2007. He signed with the 49ers, where he'll compete for a starting job. I wouldn't expect much ... Darrion Scott (3rd round) had six sacks in 2006, and looked like he might develop into something. However, Udeze beat him out for the starting role in 2007. Last month, he was charged with assaulting his 2-year-old son. Scott's currently unemployed, and it looks like it's going to stay that way ... Mewelde Moore (4th round) had 662 rushing yards and 339 receiving yards in 2005. Since then, however, he has carried the ball just 44 times. He's behind Willie Parker and Rashard Mendenhall on Pittsburgh's depth chart.

Jeff Dugan (7th round) is the only player the Vikings drafted in 2004 who will be on the active roster this season. He's a backup fullback ... Nat Dorsey (4th round), Rod Davis (5th round) and Deandre' Eiland (6th round) are out of the league.

Potential 2004 Starters: DE Kenechi Udeze.

Grade given on 5/1/04: A
Grade given on 6/5/08: B-

Good Moves: All of Atlanta's selections were excellent. CB DeAngelo Hall will start right away. WR Michael Jenkins will provide Michael Vick with another weapon. OLB Demorrio Williams, DT Chad Lavalais, S Etric Pruitt and RB Quincy Wilson will all contribute in 2004. Owner Arthur Blank made a wise move by hiring general manager Rich McKay.

Bad Moves: The Falcons didn't need to select a backup quarterback (Matt Schaub) in the third round. They could have waited until round five.

June 5, 2008 Update: The Matt Schaub pick didn't make any sense for anyone back in 2004. The Falcons had a young quarterback who showed a lot of promise, yet they spent a third-round pick on Matt Schaub. Now, why does that sound familiar? The Packers did the same exact thing this year. Atlanta was able to turn Schaub into a pair of second-rounders, so I'd say the move was worth it. Now, if they only kept Schaub instead of Vick...

The Falcons also hit on the first of their opening-round selections, as DeAngelo Hall (No. 8 overall) is one of the league's best corners when he's not accumulating 76 yards worth of penalties on drives ... The other first-rounder was used on Michael Jenkins (No. 29 overall) who has turned out to be a bust receiver.

Demorrio Williams (4th round) struggled in 2007, so it was surprising to see the Chiefs sign him to a $16 million deal. That doesn't prove anything though, as they signed garbage linebacker Napoleon Harris to a $25 million contract a year ago ... Chad Lavalais (5th round), Etric Pruitt (6th round) and Quincy Wilson (7th round) are all out of football.

Potential 2004 Starters: WR Roddy White, DT Jonathan Babineaux, OLB Michael Boley.

Grade given on 5/1/04: A
Grade given on 6/5/08: C

Good Moves: Carolina did everything right during the first day of the draft. They drafted the best player available and fulfilled their off season needs.

Bad Moves: A few questionable second day picks.

June 5, 2008 Update: Yeah, so I guess Carolina didn't do "everything right during the first day of the draft." Chris Gamble (No. 28 overall) wasn't a bad pick; he registered 13 interceptions in his first two years. Gamble is starting for Carolina, but he's not the most reliable cornerback in the NFL ... Though second-rounder Keary Colbert is still in the league, he has been a huge bust. Colbert registered 754 receptions and five touchdowns as a rookie, but has accumulated 670 yards and two scores in the three years since ... Travelle Wharton (3rd round) was a failure as an offensive tackle and has consequently been moved inside to guard.

At least I was right about the questionable Day 2 selections. Drew Carter (5th round) didn't do much for the Panthers; 517 receiving yards was a seasonal high. He signed with the Raiders this offseason ... Sean Tufts (6th round) is out of the league ... Michael Gaines is a decent blocking tight end. He signed a 4-year, $10 million deal with the Lions this offseason. Not bad for a seventh-rounder.

Potential 2004 Starters: CB Chris Gamble.

Grade given on 5/1/04: A
Grade given on 6/5/08: C-

Good Moves: New Orleans drafted the best player available, which is a solid draft strategy. DE Will Smith, WR Devery Henderson, MLB Courtney Watson and DT Rodney Leslie will all be outstanding NFL players.

Bad Moves: The Saints did not address their top two positions of need, cornerback and outside linebacker.

June 5, 2008 Update: The Fresh Prince of Columbus, Ohio wants a new contract. Will Smith (No. 18 overall) isn't holding out, but he's made it known that he's a bit disgruntled. Smith deserves some cash; he has 18 sacks the past two years.

The Saints had a pair of second-round selections, so it's disappointing to see that the rest of their draft didn't work out so well. Devery Henderson had a horrific 2007 campaign, catching just 20 balls for 409 yards. Don't be surprised if New Orleans cuts him. Courtney Watson, meanwhile, is already out of football. So much for being an outstanding NFL player.

Day 2 was a bit better. Rodney Leisle (5th round) is a second-string defensive tackle for the Giants ... Mike Karney (5th round) is New Orleans' starting fullback ... Colby Bockwoldt (7th round), however, is out of the league.

Potential 2004 Starters: DE Will Smith, MLB Courtney Watson.

Grade given on 5/1/04: C-
Grade given on 6/5/08: F

Good Moves: WR Michael Clayton will be a better receiver than Keyshawn Johnson was. S Will Allen, a fourth round pick, could start.

Bad Moves: All other acquisitions didn't make sense and did not satisfy Tampa's needs. Clearly, they miss general manager Rich McKay.

June 5, 2008 Update: Michael Clayton was a better receiver than Keyshawn Johnson - if you only count their rookie years. Clayton had 80 receptions for 1,193 yards and seven touchdowns in 2004. I don't know what happened to him after that; since then, his numbers have declined every year. He managed just 22 catches and 301 yards in 2007.

At any rate, none of Tampa Bay's other choices made sense, so I feel good for opining that. Will Allen (4th round) was probably Tampa Bay's best pick, which isn't saying much because he's backing up Tanard Jackson at free safety ... Jeb Terry (5th round) is a deep reserve in San Francisco. I doubt he makes the team ... Nate Lawrie (6th round) is a scout team player ... Casey Cramer (7th round) is Tennessee's backup fullback ... Marquis Cooper (3rd round), Mark Jones (7th round) and Lenny Williams (7th round) are out of the league.

Potential 2004 Starters: WR Michael Clayton, S Will Allen.

Grade given on 5/1/04: A+
Grade given on 6/5/08: A+

Good Moves: WR Larry Fitzgerald was the obvious first round pick, but the later rounds are where Arizona made its mark. OLB Karlos Dansby, DT Darnell Dockett and DE Antonio Smith all will contribute in 2004. The additions of C Alex Stepanovich and G Nick Leckey will provide the Cardinals with offensive line depth. For the first time in the history of the franchise, Arizona looks like they are moving in a positive direction.

Bad Moves: None.

June 5, 2008 Update: Well, what do you know? The Cardinals actually had a really good draft. Everyone knows about Larry Fitzgerald (No. 3 overall), so let's concentrate on the other picks.

Karlos Dansby (2nd round) has evolved into one of the better outside linebackers in the NFL; he signed a 1-year, $8.1 million tender this offseason. He registered four sacks and three interceptions in 2007 ... Darnell Dockett (3rd round) was always a solid player, but had an incredible 2007 campaign and is consequently holding out for a better contract ... Alex Stepanovich (4th round) isn't starting material, but he's one of the better backup centers in the league. He just signed with Atlanta.

Like Dockett, fifth-rounder Antonio Smith also starts on Arizona's defensive line. He had seven sacks in 2007, so the Cardinals slapped a first-round tender on him ... Nick Leckey (6th round) is a second-string interior lineman for St. Louis ... Only one of Arizona's picks, John Navarre (7th round), is out of the league.

Potential 2004 Starters: WR Larry Fitzgerald, OLB Karlos Dansby, DT Darnell Dockett.

Grade given on 5/1/04: A
Grade given on 6/5/08: D

Good Moves: This was a Bill Walsh draft. Rashaun Woods and Derrick Hamilton are talented receivers who will compete for the starting wide out jobs immediately. G Justin Smiley will be a welcome addition to the 49ers' offensive line. Defensive players CB Shawntae Spencer, DT Isaac Sopoaga and MLB Richard Seigler all should get valuable playing time in 2004.

Bad Moves: I thought a better receiver could have been taken instead of Derrick Hamilton, but it's not a big deal.

June 5, 2008 Update: How many busts can a team draft in a single year? The 49ers apparently were going for the record. Let's see... Rashaun Woods (No. 31 overall) is out of the NFL ... Justin Smiley (2nd round) is a very mediocre guard the Dolphins overpaid for this offseason. They'll soon regret that move ... Shawntae Spencer, another of San Francisco's second-rounders, is a sub-par corner who is seeing his playing time diminish every year ... Keith Lewis (6th round) is still on the team, but only as a backup safety ... Derrick Hamilton (3rd round), Richard Seigler (4th round), Cody Pickett (7th round) and Christian Ferrara (7th round) are all probably hanging out at Rashaun Woods' house every day because they're also unemployed.

Two selections saved the 49ers from a Z-. Isaac Sopoaga (4th round) is starting at defensive end in San Francisco's 3-4 ... Sixth-rounder Andy Lee, meanwhile, is one of the better punters in the NFL.

Potential 2004 Starters: WR RaShaun Woods, G Justin Smiley.

Grade given on 5/1/04: C+
Grade given on 6/5/08: B+

Good Moves: DT Marcus Tubbs will fill a huge hole in the middle of Seattle's defensive line. Michael Boulware will make an impact at either the safety or outside linebacker position. G Sean Locklear and MLB Niko Koutouvides are nice players as well.

Bad Moves: Other than the Boulware and Koutouvides selections, the Seahawks drafted their players a round too early. Marcus Tubbs, for example, might have been available in the second round. Seattle should have traded down and acquired him later, picking up extra picks in the process.

June 5, 2008 Update: You can't really say Marcus Tubbs (No. 23 overall) worked out as a draft pick. Not because Tubbs isn't talented; it's just that he's played just five games the past two years. Perhaps Tubbs can bounce back from multiple knee surgeries, but expecting anything from him is wishful thinking ... Michael Boulware hasn't made the impact I thought he would. After three seasons in Seattle, he has bounced around. He's now in Minnesota, backing up Darren Sharper.

Things started getting better for Seattle in the third round, where they chose Sean Locklear. Locklear's not an outstanding offensive lineman, but he's reliable and he starts for the team at right tackle. He signed a 5-year, $32 million deal this offseason ... Niko Koutouvides (4th round) has been a solid reserve linebacker for the Seahawks the past four years. He'll be starting at middle linebacker for Denver in 2008 ... D.J. Hackett, drafted in the fifth round, always showed promise but could never stay healthy. In just six games last season, he registered 32 receptions and 384 yards ... Craig Terrill (6th round) is a solid backup defensive lineman and special-teamer ... Donnie Jones (7th round) is St. Louis' starting punter.

Potential 2004 Starters: DT Marcus Tubbs, S Michael Boulware.

Grade given on 5/1/04: C
Grade given on 6/5/08: B-

Good Moves: Steven Jackson will eventually replace Marshall Faulk as the starting running back in St. Louis. Jackson will have the luxury of learning how to read defenses from Faulk. S Jay Shivers was a great fifth round pick.

Bad Moves: Picking DE Tony Hargrove and OLB Brandon Chillar didn't make much sense. The Rams didn't address any of their needs (defensive tackle, cornerback, tight end and offensive line).

June 5, 2008 Update: Sometimes, a team's draft class is defined by one player. When the Rams took Steven Jackson with the No. 24 overall pick, critics exclaimed, "What about Marshall Faulk?" Well, Jackson silenced them and made all the teams that passed on him look like fools. In fact, Jackson was so important to St. Louis' offense that the team averaged less than 12 points per game in the four contests he missed last year.

Unfortunately for the Rams, the rest of their draft was a disaster, save for the fourth-round selection they used on Brandon Chillar. Chillar was their best linebacker last year. He signed with Green Bay this offseason ... Anthony Hargrove (3rd round) has been suspended for a year for thrice violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. Not that the Bills will miss him all that much ... St. Louis' other four picks - Jason Shivers (5th round), Jeff Smoker (6th round), Erik Jensen (7th round) and Larry Turner (7th round) - are all out of football.

Potential 2004 Starters: None.

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